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Chapter 1059 is this also called love?

When Xiaonian looked at him speechlessly, he rearranged his mood and went on, "after biter was born, they had a very happy time, but Enid said it was drunken to maintain George's image. For this reason, George's wife often secretly sent someone to make it difficult for her, and she suffered a lot."

"It was made by myself. It would have been better to escape marriage at the beginning?" Gong Ou sniffs.

When Xiaonian finally found that it was a mistake to tell a story to Gong ou. She couldn't get into the state more and more. Mingming was still filled with emotion at the beginning.

"In fact, George also has his own ambition. He has a strong desire for his present position. The less he gets from Enid, the more he wants to get." Shi Xiaonian said, "at this time, the Lancaster family was divided. George's wife began to make a fuss to drive Enid's mother and son away. George moved his heart again and decided to take them away."

Gong Ou sneered, "and then he was controlled by this woman again?"

Well, good guess.

When Xiaonian nodded, "Enid fled alone for George and left bit. After the split family incident was solved, George found Enid here in zone 13 to take her back. Well, do you know why District 13 has flowers all night? "


Gong Ou asked, her fingers wrapped around her long hair.

Shi Xiaonian sat up in his arms and looked up at the big tree with flowers in the courtyard. "Actually, ten years ago, one night's blooming was the romance George gave Enid. With a kind of liquid medicine specially developed by Enid plus numerous artificial flowers, one night's blooming was formed."

"This woman is really going through every side of the road."

Gong Ou said coldly, it's not only the medicine for blooming, but also the medicine for drowsiness. It's really nothing to idle about.

"To be honest, it's romantic just to think about that picture, isn't it? The flowers are blooming all over the city. Enid is not unmoved when a man tries to keep him. When he nearly shakes, a lot of people died in zone 13. George sent them to protect Enid. " Shi Xiaonian said, "it seems that she was killed by a local gangster, but Enid knows that it was George's wife who warned her."


"She knew that it would not be peaceful for her to go back, and George's position would still be in danger because of her, so she refused to go back and poisoned all the flowers." Said Shi Xiaonian.

One of the two is busy with blooming and the other is busy with flower failure.

"George listen to her?"

Asked Gong Ou disdainfully.

"George had to listen to her." At this point, Xiaonian's heart was heavy, and her fingers slowly scratched down her face. "She cut her face with a knife in front of George's face."

Hearing this story, Gong Ou's expression is finally different. His eyes are tightened and he stares at her deeply. His voice is heavy. "She scratched all the wounds on her face?"

"I think she's a terrible woman, so even a person like George who can manage a big family can't take her for granted."

If what kind of courage, will be in front of his beloved man, a knife a knife cut his face, straight cut to the other side to admit defeat, hands up surrender.

"Female pervert."

Palace Europe summary.

"She said that George was in great pain at that time, and finally could only promise her that he would not force her to come back until she came back. He also allocated money at her request for her to build underground waterways." "In fact, Enid built the underground water channel to leave a back road for herself. The internal route of the underground water channel is extremely complex. There are too many entrances and exits, so George and his wife can't find her."

"I see."

Gong Ou replied in a deep voice that this was the way the underground waterways came. Everything was Enid's means of self-protection.

When Xiaonian turned around, leaned back on his leg, looked at Gong Ou's eyes and said, "the story is not over here, the following Some cruelty. "

"Go on."

Gong Ou said that he would not be surprised by what this pair of wonderful men and women have done.

"George kept asking Enid to come back to him, but he couldn't break his promise, so he did one thing." Shi Xiaonian paused and took a deep breath, "he began to abuse bit."


Gong Ou's eyes were sharp.

"His contempt and disdain for bith is well known. Everyone knows that he looks down on this son. He wants Enid to surrender to him because of his son." Shi Xiaonian said, "but Enid is a woman with a strong belief. She has suffered for George for so many years and has never compromised. Therefore, in 12 or 3 years, she has not seen George once."

Wen Yan, Gong Ou's eyes are cold, "you mean, they regard their son as a chip for emotional recombination?"


I nodded.

"It's really the luanlun family. They have straw in their heads!" Gong Ou said indifferently, his face turned iron blue, and his black eyes swept aside to shake his son in the bed.

Gong Ou spoke extremely, but Xiaonian agreed with him this time. When she heard that the reason why George abused bit was just to force Enid to come back, she felt strange.

She can accept even if she intentionally gives a false message to excite Enid, but George has actually abused bit for nearly 13 years, which she has confirmed with her own eyes.

13 years.

How many 13 years has a person been in the most ignorant growing up period of bit? These two adults completely abandon this child for their own feelings.

Is this also called love? I didn't understand when I was young.

She sat up from Gong Ou's arms, looked at the little pumpkin sleeping in the cot, reached out and gently shook the cot, and said, "I think it's natural for parents to love their children, and sometimes they may use it in the wrong way, but in any case, it must be love in the heart, and it's protective. Why don't George and Enid do this?"


Gong Ou stared at her without speaking.

"George can abuse his son for so many years in order to get Enid, and Enid can ignore his son's status for so many years." When Xiaonian blinked and sighed, "if bit knew all this, what would he do?"

From the beginning to the end, he was nothing. His parents' love had nothing to do with him, even destroyed him for nearly 13 years.

Gong Ou gathers her and rarely says a human word, "then don't tell him."

Even his mother couldn't speak.

No wonder Enid can commit suicide so decisively.

When Xiaonian looked at the little son in the shaker and smiled bitterly, "you know, the most important thing is that Enid doesn't think she's wrong at all. She thinks she's great. She's dedicated to George's life. George's position is what she's desperate to protect. She even said that if you stand in George's position, you will do such a thing."

Enid has always been compared with her and Gong ou, which makes shixiaonian more uncomfortable. It seems that she is also involved in this extraordinary and extreme story.

"Compare that old man with me? Does he deserve it? "

Gong Ou snorts, full of disdain.

"You won't, will you?" When Xiaonian looked up at Gong ou, he seemed to be looking for an accurate answer, "he can't reach you, he can't reach you forever."

"What are you afraid of? I'm afraid I'm the same person? "

Gong Ou sees the fear in her eyes.

"No." When small read immediately said, followed by low eyes, "just by her said I fell into the story, I feel afraid."

Hearing this, Gong Ou sneered, reached for her chin, lowered his face to her, and stared at her with black eyes. "Listen, first, I won't give you any chance to escape; second, even if there is one day, I will only abuse myself, not our children, because they are born to you, and I will hate that they occupy too much of your time, but At the same time, I cherish their existence. "


Gong Ou used these two words.

When Xiaonian seems to be shot with a strong needle, people close to gongou's arms, holding his clothes tightly with their fingers, showing a relaxed smile, "I knew that they can't compare with us, and we won't love so much."

There is only love between George and Enid, not as a parent.

It's hard to hear people like that really don't deserve children.

"Their love is not extreme, it's abnormal." Gong Ou said coldly, reaching out and pinching her nose. "You don't have to worry. As you said, George will surrender to me."

"Really?" When Xiaonian was a little unsure, "George is also ambitious. If he could really do this, there would have been a hundred ways to elope with Enid."

She didn't believe George was just a straw bag.

"No one wants him to give up ambition, just to give up revenge for Mona." Gong Ou said coldly, "do you think Mona's revenge is more important than Enid's life?"

This man can't get Enid for so many years, even if the other side becomes ugly, this kind of absence will make his desire even more inflated, and nothing can stop him.

When Xiaonian is slowly understood by Gong ou, "yes, but in this way, George has never had any feelings for his wife, so how can he fall in love with Mona among the children?"

George was so shocked by Mona's death that he almost fought with the whole family. Does that make sense?

"You asked when he surrendered."

Gong Ou stared at her.

When Xiaonian blinked, suddenly a flash of light flashed in his head and said, "I may know."

"What?" Gong Ou is not interested in the answer, but she still works with her.

"Mona is a very intelligent person with a strong learning ability. She also specially studies the treatment course of paranoid personality disorder for you, and learns very fast." Shi Xiaonian said, "her ambition of swearing to human resources is like her father's, and her learning ability is like Enid. Do you think it's because of this?"