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Chapter 677. You mean it as if we knew each other


When Xiaonian firmly shook his head, "today black Wang I, I will go all the way black to the end."

"Then I'm going to kill you." Gong Ou smiled, threw the chips into the chip pool and said, "red, open the card."

The waiter bent down, opened the card and read, "spade 5, Miss Xi wins 5 times of the chip pool."


When Xiaonian watched the waiter happily push her chips.

"It's impossible!" Gong Ou shouts. It doesn't make sense. He has finished the calculation. His memory and calculation ability are not wrong.


Everyone looked at Gong ou, and Xiao Nian also looked at Gong Ou without knowing what was impossible

It can't be black.

It's too evil.

The calculation will never be wrong.

Gong Ou moved his lips and stared at her with black eyes. He was holding a handful of chips happily. He just forbear, "nothing, keep going."

Make sure you win.

So many people watched. If he lost to his own woman all the time, he would lose face.

Gong Ou listens to the shuffle more attentively to see the shuffle. In his mind, he comes up with a pile of calculation formulas. As a result, he comes up with black, black or black.

His whole body is covered with black clouds.

"Gong ou, I'm so lucky."

"Gong ou, do you think I should go to the lottery?"

"Gong ou, gambling is not right, or let's stop playing."

"Gong ou, let's stop gambling. You haven't won one. This game is not fun. We won't play it." When Xiaonian watched Gong Ou's face and felt his anger, he said.

"Go on!"

Gong Ou is angry. He presses his ear with his hand. It must be wrong. It's impossible for him to pass his calculation formula. All the black cards with small probability are hit by Shi Xiaonian.

There are more and more onlookers, and even everyone is beginning to feel unbalanced for Gong Ou's black hand. When the card is opened, they shout, "red! Red! "

"Spade 3, Miss Xi wins three times the chip pool."

"Black plum K, Miss Xi wins the chip pool..."

"Black plum"


For more than 30 black cards in a row, the chips Fengde exchanged for Gong Ou were almost used. When Xiaonian saw that Gong Ou's face was black, he silently threw the chips into the chip pool. "I choose red."

"Not black?"

When the palace Europe lees to small read, looks like a monster.

"No, you can choose."

When Xiaonian looked at the chips on his desk, there were only three pitiful ones left. With so many people watching, she really didn't want to let him down.


Gong Ou coldly throws three chips into the chip pool.

Everyone held their breath and fixed their eyes on the waiter's hand. The waiter's hand moved over, slowly opened the card and read the card, "Red Square 9, Miss Xi won the nine times of the chip pool."

Gong Ou's last three chips were also moved in front of Xiao Nian.

When Xiaonian put one hand over her face, she really didn't see anyone worse than Gong ou. She enlarged her finger gap and looked forward. Gong Ou sat there, his face was so ugly that she stared at her.

I knew I would never gamble.

When Xiaonian secretly thought that there were also people around talking about Gong Ou's "black hand", they couldn't help but laugh. The black hand was so unheard of and never seen.

"Have you made a thousand?"

A voice suddenly rang out in the crowd of onlookers.

When Xiaonian turned his head, he saw a silver haired old foreigner standing there with a glass of champagne in his hand and smiled at her kindly.

He smiled back and looked at the waiter.

There was a flash of panic on the waiter's face.

All the guests around had seen the world. They knew what was going on. They pointed to him and shouted, "search!"

The pleasure of playing cards was suddenly aggravated by everyone.

The waiter was still a young man, and he was even more flustered when he saw the scene. The old man with silver hair came to the waiter and said, "I believe you dare not go out of the way. Why don't you tell me? So many of us won't embarrass you a young man."

"Yes, I'm sorry. I used to be a magician." The waiter untied his sleeve, shook out some cards and said, "Mr. Gong asked me to do this. I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

He admitted that he was too fast for anyone to see, but the chance of continuous black driving was too questionable.

Gong Ou?

When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou in amazement, Gong Ou sat there, his face calm, his thin lips tight, without a word.

"It seems that Mr. Gong wants to have a laugh at her." The old man with silver hair stood there and said with a smile. The crowd around reflected that this was a trick of husband playing with his wife.

"I didn't expect Mr. Gong to be so interesting."

"We can't match the romance of young people."

"Mrs. Gong, don't you give your husband a hug? He loves you so much that we can all feel it. "


Everyone began to make noise. Even the music of the singers on the stage suddenly turned into a romantic love song. The atmosphere seemed to be bubbling pink in the air.

When Xiaonian looks at Gong ou, he smiles, stands up from his seat and walks to Gong ou.

Gong Ou sat motionless, with a calm and atmospheric appearance. Her eyes were too bright to guess.

"Honey, thank you for giving me such a big surprise. I had a good time."

When small read to smile to say, stoop down to on his face lightly imprint next kiss, Gong Ou's thin lips shallow draw up a radian.

The onlookers clapped their hands, and the level of gossip was not even worse than that of ordinary people.

After kissing, Xiaonian and Gong Ou left the place where they spoke a lot. When they went out, they found that more than half of the guests had gathered here, resulting in no one on the dance floor or at the bar.

When Xiaonian walked out with Gong Ou's arm in his hand, the cruise was on the sea, the sea was calm, and seabirds were flying. When Xiaonian stretched out his hand and pressed it on the railing, blowing the breeze coming in.

"It's still comfortable to blow."

When small read said in the wind, in front of the gambling table play too tired, all over the fever.

Gong Ou stood by her side and looked down at her. "That's ok? I've tried my best to lose so much money to you, and you're done kissing? Kiss in the face! "

He wants a tongue kiss.

"It's true that you lost money to me. It's your adoptive father who has tried his best." When Xiaonian said with a smile, "you, like me, only when you know that the waiter is a veteran, do you know that he was instructed by his adoptive father?"

The adoptive father always guessed Gong Ou's heart, but he forgot how competitive Gong Ou was, and he didn't let Gong Ou win two.

"How dare Feng De not listen to me?"

Gong ou, don't look over, give me a cold snort.

"It was impossible before, but he has lived with me for the past four years, so now he is an atypical housekeeper." Shi Xiaonian said that Feng de must have come up with such an idea when he heard that Gong Ou was going to take her to gamble.


Gong Ou snorted again. He held his head open. For a while, he couldn't stop himself. He turned to look at her and frowned. "There's no reason. How do you know it's a private opinion of Fengde?"

How does she know that he didn't mean to please her. What he did to please her is not enough. Why don't he believe that it was he who made the waiter.

"Because of your expression."

When Xiaonian pointed at him.

"What's my expression?"

Gong Ou's eyebrows tightened even more.

"just when you found out that you had lost or not, the expression was exactly the same as the food I usually cooked for one person." When small read refers to his cheek, said, "even when the teeth are tight, the tension here is the same."


Gong Ou's face is black.

How angry does he usually see a person's share of food?

"You can't hide your emotions about what you eat, so when your expression comes out, of course, I know it's not you, it's very real." Said Shi Xiaonian.


"Let me guess, did you want to lift the table?"


Gong Ou doesn't want to talk anymore. He wants to kill her and stare at her with a pair of eyes.

Seeing this, Xiaonian smiled and threw it into his arms and pulled his clothes. "Gong ou, you are so cute."

"May, love, you, sister!"

Gong Ou extrudes four-year characters from the teeth.

When Xiaonian laughed in his arms, he thought it was funny that Gong Ou was trying to look at and listen to the cards on the gambling table. He listened to the shuffling carefully, but forgot to be more serious when turning over the cards. If so, he would have heard it.

"Mr. and Mrs. Gong, how are you?"

A gentleman's voice rang behind them.

When Xiaonian turns around, it's the old silver haired foreign man who exposes that the waiter is a veteran. When Xiaonian lowers his head to him, "hello."

"This is Mr. Ling. I'm here to meet him today."

Gong Ou introduces them indifferently. His face hasn't completely relaxed. It's as black as his card luck today.

"So you're Mr. Ling. I thought you were Chinese."

When small read some accident tunnel.

"I'm Canadian. I've chosen my Chinese name specially. I also like the Chinese name you call me, Ling Feng." Ling Feng held out his hand to her, smiled gentlely, and spoke fluent Chinese without any accent.

"Hello, Mr. Ling."

Shixiaonian reached out his hand and shook it with him. "Today, thank you for breaking the waiter's dilemma. Otherwise, everyone would think that my husband's hand is really dark. He will come to play cards later."

"Ha ha."

Ling Feng laughed heartily, took her hand lightly, bent down to kiss her hand.

When Xiaonian was stunned, Gong Ou took his hand back directly. Gong Ou looked coldly at the old man with silver hair and said coldly, "this etiquette is not necessary. Her hand is mine!"

The sensitivity of her hand is his too!

Ling Feng smiled, but there was no embarrassment. When he looked deeply at him, he said, "I don't usually watch news outside my professional field. Today I came to know that you are Mr. Gong's wife."

When Xiaonian was stunned by what he said, he didn't respond for a moment. "You mean we know each other."