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Chapter 768 sweet as honey

Red eyes are not her own.

When Xiaonian sat there and looked at him quietly, Gong Ou's face was sharp and handsome, and there was no trace of her beating on it.


Gong Ou picks her chin and starts to talk domineering.


When Xiaonian couldn't laugh.

"Are you still angry if you don't laugh?" Gong Ou frowns.

"You know why I left when I was angry?"

When small read voice some hoarse ground to ask a way, she thought she was angry he always scruples a little, did not expect him to turn around to leave, did not have a little hesitation.

"I can make you angry." Gong Ou naturally said, "I thought it would be the same when I came back to coax."

"Is that how I coax?"

I can't help but ask.

Is that the reason? So is it hard for her to coax her? Next time, he can pay a little attention to her anger?

"You are my woman. You gave birth to twins for me. You still love me. Who can you coax?"

Gong Ou sits next to her, embraces her in her arms, looks at her with low eyes, and the corner of her lips draws up a proud arc.

He has a thorough analysis.

When Xiaonian looked at him speechlessly, then he stood up and went to the bedroom. He was a little tired and wanted to rest, but suddenly he didn't want to rest.

"Where are you going?"

Gong Ou is stunned.

"I'll cook." When Xiaonian was talking, he went out.

"Did you just do it?"

Gong Ou frowns and stands up to catch up with her.

"I just didn't eat."

When small read light tunnel, continue to go forward, around the ground has not swept up the debris.

Gong Ou follows behind her and shouts, "there are fragments! Be careful Oh, don't be careful, just walk, fall down and I'll follow you! Just be careful! "

You can't force her will too much.

Yes, No.

He has to remember that, well, he does.


When little thought walked forward, listening to Gong Ou's voice, her eyes were inexplicably sour. She purposely walked towards the corner of the handrail at the stairway entrance, only listening to Gong Ou's voice of breathing backwards. He rushed over at once and put his hands on it.

She looked down at his hand, fool.

She went down, and the little thing like going down the stairs was worth nervous in Gong Ou's eyes, so she heard him breathing a little fast all the way. Several times she heard that he wanted to say something, and finally stopped.

When she reached the bottom level, Gong Ou walked behind her step by step. He put his arms around her waist subconsciously and let her go down the stairs smoothly in his protection circle city.

Instead of going forward, Shi Xiaonian turned around.


Gong Ou is stunned. Next second, Xiao Nian stands on tiptoe and kisses his thin lips. He looks up slightly. His hands slowly climb up his shoulders. His soft lips touch his warm thin lips.

Gong Ou's body is a little stiff, but there is only a half second pause. He quickly turns his head and kisses her. He kisses her tenderly, describes her lips in a shallow way, and then goes deep and domineering.

Shi Xiaonian doesn't let him kiss deeply. He retreats slightly and kisses his face.

Gong Ou is naturally dissatisfied with such a kiss, and goes to capture her lips. When Xiaonian moves away again, he continues to kiss his face. Gong Ou catches her again, and she moves away again.

Several times down, Gong Ou dissatisfied with the tunnel, "when small read, you stare at my face is not it?"

He kisses with pride.

When small read stand on tiptoe on his face gently kiss, once kiss, smell speech, her lips close to his face froze, the vision is some dim, the voice sends out from the throat difficultly, low dumb fierce, "still ache?"


Gong Ou looked at her with low eyes, put his long fingers on his face, and realized that what she said was that slap, and his corner of his lips rose up in an evil way, "how, heartache?"

When Xiaonian stood in front of him and stared at his face, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. I really don't want you to leave. "

Even though she still doesn't know what Gong Ou is going to do, she can't let him go. He has done enough for her.

"It hurts! It's very painful! "

Seeing this, Gong Ou immediately pointed to his face and said, "are they all swollen? How can your man have the face to go out and meet people? "


When Xiaonian's nose was sour and astringent, he raised his hand and stroked his face, "I'm sorry, Gong ou, I'm really sorry, I know you're good for me, but I......"

Her eyes grew so sore that she could not speak.

Gong Ou's eyes slowly sink down, "shixiaonian, you are so sad. What are you sad about! Don't you just slap me, just the meat in your hand, can you hurt me? "


When small read slants over the face, the eye is astringent badly, force to hold back the tear meaning.

"It's hard to play so crisp?" Gong Ou put down his hand and put her in his arms. He held her firmly. His voice was low and sexy. "Well, I didn't cry. What are you doing with your red eyes?"

"I didn't mean to."

When small read repeatedly choking to repeat this sentence.

"I know." Gong Ou said in a deep voice, hugging her tightly, "I'm not going now. If you don't let me go, I won't go!"

Hearing this, shixiaonian looks at him by accident. "Really?"

What Lori said to him made him so obedient.


He has to do what she wants to do.

"Then who is up and who is down?" When small read red eyes to ask, this question is he has been asking.

Dare to join him.

Gong Ou picked up his eyebrows and said, "you mean when you're in bed?"


When Xiaonian looked at him speechless, his eyes were still red, but he had a smile on the corner of his lips. He leaned his head against his chest, and his voice was still choking. "Gong ou, I'm so tired."

I'm really tired.

"Tired? Let's go. I'll take you to bed. " Gong Ou picked her up and walked upstairs. "Go to bed, I'll cook and serve you."

When small read in his arms silently thought, and then said, "Gong ou, I suddenly not tired, I'd better cook my own food."


Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian have made peace.

The private feud between the palace family and the Lancaster family did not spread much in the water Luo house.

In the kitchen, there are several small pots specially for boiling traditional Chinese medicine. Luo lie stands in the middle in simple clothes, grabs the herbs one by one and puts them under his nose to smell, so as to ensure that every kind of herbs can be given to Xiao Nian.

"This medicine is refreshing. It shouldn't be boiled too long. If you pour it out without mint, you can boil it again. Only when the fragrance is released can you bring it to Mrs. Gong."

Lori said to the medicine maid.

"Young master, there are too many rules in this palace. Every time someone has to test the medicine, it seems that you will poison them. Do your best to prescribe the medicine?" The maid took care of Lori.

"What do you say about normal things?"

Said Lori with a cool face.

Gong Ou valued shixiaonian more than anything else. No matter how much he believed in him, he would definitely guard against it.

"They are enemies to your benefactor." The maid could not help saying.

"I'm not treating her. I'm not betraying Lancaster." Lori said indifferently, "don't even talk to me when you tell me."

"Yes, sir."

"Boil your medicine well."

Luo lie said coldly, holding a medical book in his hand and thinking in his eyes. When he looked up, he saw Gong Yu standing not far away looking at himself.

Gong Yu is tall and leaning against a pillar not far away, with his hands in his pocket. He is wearing a valuable windbreaker, a brand watch he likes on his wrist, a short curly hair, and a black mask on his face. He can still see some elegance and nobility between his eyebrows.

Gong Yu looked at him with no anger in his eyes.


Lori's eyes were a little cold, then he raised his legs and left him.

"Sorry, I misunderstood you." Gong Yu leaned against the pillar and made a noise. He turned to Lori and apologized to him.

Luo lie stood there indifferently, sniffed at Yan and sneered, "don't be sorry, I didn't cure anyone, I still hate the palace."

After that, Lori was about to move forward. Gong Yu's voice stopped him once again, "are we still friends?"


Lori turned to him coldly and said sarcastically, "you treat me as a friend. You have been anonymous in front of me for many years. You treat me as a friend. Don't you take your real identity away from me and the disk?"

Hearing this, Gong Yu's face sank and his tone was peaceful. "I have my own reasons. Please forgive me for that."

"I'll forgive you for your compelling reasons." Luo lie said coldly, with lonely eyes, "then if I don't want to cure the disease, will you break up with my friend? Don't you know my identity? Don't you know that if I help the palace family, it will be like betrayal? Isn't that a compelling reason? Why don't you understand? "


In the face of Luo lie's aggressiveness, Gong Yu stops talking.

"I didn't leave you because of you. I have no friendship with you." Lori said indifferently, and left calmly.


Gong Yu looks at his back in dismay and goes farther and farther. He grabs his hair with a headache. As soon as he turns around, he sees Xiaonian coming down the stairs. She is wearing a white coat, gentle and quiet. Her small face is beautiful and moving. Without the previous sadness, her eyes are even as bright as plating.

With Gong Ouyi, the whole person's aura is different.


When small read to walk toward him with a smile, and looked at Luo lie to leave the back.

Seeing this, Gong Yu put up his stall, embarrassed, and said, "he is so aloof and arrogant that he always goes his own way. I apologized to him and asked someone to search for antiques to send him. As a result, he still had to teach me a lesson."

In the end, Gong Yu's tone was a little irritated.

Xiaonian stood there when he knew the internal situation, and looked at Gong Yu's face and said nothing.