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Chapter 300 I agree to break up

Knowing that she was waiting outside, Gong Ou refused to come out earlier.

When Xiaonian took a sip of the cup, then put it down, stood up and went inside. Fengde stopped her. "Where is Shi, miss?"

"I'll walk around."

When small read light tunnel, and then walk to the inside, open the thick curtain to walk.

This is an outdoor hot spring. It is quiet around. There is a cobblestone road on the ground leading to the deep place. The bamboo in the deep place is lush and green. The hot air slowly floats out of the bamboo forest, as if it were a fairyland on earth.

When Xiaonian continued to walk in, only to hear Mona's voice, "isn't the environment good here? This stone has been dripped through. It's beautiful. "

Who is Mona talking to?

Aren't hot springs for men and women separated?

On the other side of the cobblestone road is the female guest hot spring, which should be

When Xiaonian's face suddenly turned white, he quickly ran to the inside, stood on the high rock pile and looked down, only to see the big hot spring smoke shrouded, and the surrounding bamboo formed a natural barrier.

In the hot spring, the water is clear and there are some tea wares.

Gong Ou stands on the edge of the water, with Luo's chest exposed. Sweat drips down his face. Sweat oozes from his solid chest, which makes his whole body radiate a kind of sexy blush and heartbeat.

Mona was sitting on the bank in a red bikini. Her back was slim without any fleshy, perfect curve, concave and convex. Suddenly, she turned to Gong ou, her chest was full of surging, as if that little piece of clothing was about to fall off.

Mona's face was askew, and a pair of them slowly stretched out from the water, and her toes slowly raised up along Gong Ou's body. She approached his body intentionally or unintentionally, but she did not fully stick up, leaving a little dangerous distance.

Mona's body tilts back, and her blue eyes are enchanting to see miyou's handsome face. A jade foot continues to lift, and the water drops on her feet fall into the water all the time.

A drop.

Another drop.

There are many ripples on the water.


Bath together.

It's actually a bath.

When Xiaonian didn't expect that she had just waited outside for three hours, but the two of them were ambiguous here.

At that moment, Xiaonian felt her head explode and her heart was frantically twisted. Someone cut her heart one by one with a knife. Later, she was tortured to death.

Even if she's an emotional pet, even if he's almost cured and doesn't need her, she's still pregnant, can't he think about the baby?

Oh, yes.

He never believed that the child was his.

She was going to prove it to him when she could do amniocentesis. It seems that it's not needed now.

At that time, Xiaonian's face was pale without any blood color. Her eyes looked straight at the scene in the hot spring.

She took a step back, and Feng de stood there, looking at the two people in the hot spring in shock, so shocked that he could not be born.



Six days is enough for her. She hasn't suffered so much in those six years.

It turns out that some pain is not compared with time.

When Xiaonian turned around and wanted to go, he suddenly saw a row of water tanks beside him. There was a roll of water pipe under the water tank, which should be used for cleaning at ordinary times.

When Xiaonian's head suddenly filled with blood, she walked forward, picked up the water pipe and plugged it into the tap, then opened the water, picked up the water pipe and rushed down.

The cold water rushed down from top to bottom to two people in the hot spring.


Mona screamed first. Her long blonde hair was wet and stuck on her face. She jumped into the hot spring and looked up.

At the sight of shixiaonian, Mona cried excitedly, "shixiaonian, are you crazy? What are you doing? "

The water in the pipe is as cold as snow.

The water in the hot spring is warm.

The combination of the two feelings is a kind of inhuman torture. Gong Ou's side is hit with cold water. He slowly opens his eyes and turns his face. When he sees Xiaonian standing on the top of the rock pile, he holds the water pipe and shoots it at them.

The water splashed in the sun.

Across the water, he saw her face, a pale, desperate face, and her eyes even looked at him with hatred.

Gong Ou's chest is shocked severely. He stands in the hot spring and stares at her


When Xiaonian didn't make a sound, he continued to spray at them with the water pipe, but his hand was shaking.

She must be crazy now.

"When reading! You stop right now! Otherwise don't blame me for being rude to you! " Gong Ou roared. He was angry and his chest was pounded by cold water.


Then don't be polite.

When Xiaonian kept spraying cold water at them, the water column was very strong, and the bikini on Mona's body was quickly loosened and almost fell off. Instead of leaving Xiaonian's attack range, she quickly threw it into Gong Ou's arms, "Mr. Gong, protect me."

Gong Ou turned over, just blocking Mona's attack with his back.


It's just a simple action. When Xiaonian's heart suddenly cools, she suddenly doesn't know what it means to spray cold water like this?


There's nothing to get back at.

A man who doesn't love you may be able to recover, but a man who has changed his heart How can we get it back?

The plush rabbit was still thrown into the garbage can.

The Sona boy still returns to his companions, that's his world.

From the beginning to the end, who cares about a plush rabbit.

So think, when small read to smile, lip Cape draws up a self mocking arc, tears suddenly follow fall.

Mona leans firmly in Gong Ou's arms in the water and reaches for him, almost in red.

Gong Ou's face is hard to see.

The water in the pipe is getting smaller.

It's Fengde who can't watch it and turns it off.

When Xiaonian dropped the water pipe to the ground and looked at the two men and women who were hugging together in the hot spring, he said word by word, "Gong ou, you win."

Her voice, heart as cold as death.

When Xiaonian turned around and left, his eyes were gray and there was no light.

"When I read it!"

Gong O'Shea growled and stared at her back. He saw a fluster in his eyes. He pushed Mona away and ran up on the stone steps.


Mona was pushed into the hot spring. Her bikini was completely loose. She fell into the water. She reached for it in embarrassment and looked up suddenly. She saw Feng de standing above looking at her.

Four eyes are opposite.

Feng de turned around in some embarrassment.

When Xiaonian walked all the way out, she didn't want to cry, but the tears fell out uncontrollably.

Six days.

She thought they were treating diseases. She didn't know what she was doing until now. It turned out that every time she was alone waiting, they were all flirting.

"When reading! What are you running for? "

When Xiaonian's hand was caught by someone from behind, the whole person was pulled back.

Gong Ou stood in front of her, casually wearing a bathrobe without even a belt, revealing a large sexy and wet chest, and stared at her fiercely, "where are you going? You make it clear! What makes me win? What do you mean? "

What do you mean.

He had the face to ask her what she meant?

When Xiaonian looked up at his angry face with tears in his eyes, "as you said, we broke up, and I agreed."


Gong Ou holds her hand and suddenly it's stiff. In the black pupil, there's a dull and fast flash.


That's agreed?

When Xiaonian struggles to release his hand, Gong Ou holds it tightly and stares at her fiercely, more furious than before, "do you agree? When Xiaonian, it's only six days now, so you agree? "

"Yes, I agree." When small reads desperately struggles, the voice chokes but refuses.

What else can she do if she doesn't agree?

How can I make a fool of myself again, when he and Mona go to bed?

Gong Ou stared at her, and a nameless fire broke out in his chest, which he could not control. He shouted angrily, "you've been pestering her for six years! Six years! "

Six days for him?

She gave up in six days? Isn't she in love with him? Isn't she in her heart that he has never been more than admiring?

Hearing this, shixiaonian looked at Gong Ou incredulously. "Gong ou, do you want to be shameful? Now it's you who are messing around. Why don't you question me for six years? "

Is this the so-called male chauvinism.

Even if you don't love her and don't want her, you can't let her feel more for others than him.

He's so funny.

Gong Ou didn't look embarrassed at all. She stared at her with hatred in her eyes, and her voice was strong. "You said that you love me, but now you give up in six days! You've been pestering me for six thousand years! "

"Pa --"

when Xiaonian raised his hand and waved his face with a slap, he beat him hard and stared at him with tears in his eyes.

"Dare you hit me?" Gong Ou stares at her, furious, "when Xiaonian, did you rebel?"

When Xiaonian stood there, his eyes stared at him hatefully, and said word by word, "yes, I have been pestering for six years, but those six years are far less than my heartache of this second."


Gong Ou's body is frozen, and black pupils stare at her.

What did she say?

Six years is less than a second of heartache.

After Shi Xiaonian finished, he turned around and left without looking back.

"Where are you going?"

Gong Ou roars after her, black eyes stare at her back.

"Since I broke up, I won't stay in your sight and get in the way of you. In the future, you can do whatever you want. I won't bother you or wait for you." Said Shi Xiaonian, then walked out.

She would never wait, never want to insult herself.

Gong Ou's voice sounded behind her. "No way!"


When I was young, I stopped.

"Since it's a break-up, it's necessary to have a clean and clear break-up, as well as the ownership of things, as well as a break-up statement. Do you think it's easy to break up with Gong Ou? Everything must be done in place! " Gong Ou roars after her, and the tone is extremely domineering.