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Chapter 183 don'st blame me for not letting go

"Come back with me, you love to be dumb, you love to be puppet, I'll raise you for the rest of my life!"

Gong Ou picks her up horizontally, puts her in the passenger seat, looks coldly to Mr palace, "you wait for Feng De to pick up. .

sports cars are two door.

"Yes, Mr. Gong." Mr palace nods.

Gong Ou turns around the car, opens the door, sits on the driver's seat, starts the car, and pulls his sleeve.

He turned his eyes, and when he saw it, Xiaonian pulled his sleeve and looked at his side with empty eyes.

Gong Ou lowered his eyes. He didn't wear a seat belt.

This woman

"You won't tell me in words?" Gong Ou stares at her. "Is it fun to play dumb?"


She didn't want to say it before, but now she wants to say it, but it's hard to say it. She will probably become really dumb.

But it doesn't matter how dumb you are.

In her life, it doesn't matter whether she can speak or not. Anyway, there is no hope.

When Xiaonian sat on the copilot in silence, thinking of abandoning himself.


Gong ou can't open her mouth, fasten her seat belt, start the car and come here. Black eyes glance at the blood still pouring on her fingers, and a strange feeling swells up in her blocked chest.

He said that he didn't want to see her running to the man, but he was still uneasy about it, so he changed his sports car and went around to catch up with him.

As a result, what he saw.

She didn't look for mu qianchu! She didn't go to Mu qianchu. She didn't go to Mu's Manor!

Did she know that he had made up his mind to let her go.

She bumped herself in!

"Don't blame me for not letting go!" Gong Ou suddenly blurted out a sentence, and there was a touch of joy in his low voice that was hard to hide.


When Xiaonian looked at him in silence, his eyes darkened.

"Who let you not look for mu qianchu?"


"Who told you to bite your fingers!"


"Shixiaonian, you asked for it! You dare to leave me for any reason later, I will kill you! " Gong Ou roars wildly.


When Xiaonian listened to his voice and lowered her head silently, she now has no expectation of freedom.

It's the same everywhere she stays now.

Just, she doesn't want to be around him like this, which will only make him tired.

Gong Ou drives the car back to the imperial castle. Along the way, the corners of his lips slowly rise and the radian rises higher and higher.

He is more and more happy.

I don't know why he was so happy all of a sudden.

When the car enters the castle gate, Gong Ou stops the car in front of the fountain, gets off the car, pulls Shi Xiaonian out of the car, looks down at her bleeding fingers, and the smile in her eyes is stronger.


She's hurt, just make him so happy?

Gong Ou hugs Xiaonian and walks in. Along the way, a servant asks him. Gong Ou hugs Xiaonian and rushes to those people. He looks like a king who wins and triumphs

"She broke her hand and bit it for me!"

"This wound is mine!"

"Give me big eyes, when small read back!"

"From today on, shixiaonian is another master of the imperial castle. What she said is my words!"

"Wait, she doesn't talk. Learn to understand eyes and actions! "

"She didn't go, my woman didn't go!"


The servants all looked at Gong ou with a dull face, and joined them with trepidation.

What's the matter today, young master?

Too much medicine?

"Remember it all! Also, bite chopsticks and practice smiling for me. Don't let my woman see you drooping! "

Gong Ou orders everyone, and then Xiao Nian goes upstairs.

When Xiaonian is pulled into the bedroom by him.

As soon as she went in, she was pushed to the wall by Gong ou. Gong Ou bullied her. She stared at her eyes with low eyes, thin lips and magnetic voice. "Tell me, I'm not that hard for you to accept, am I?"


When Xiaonian was silent, her lips moved, and something stuck in her throat made her speechless.

Seeing her like this, Gong Ou twisted his eyebrows and held her head in one hand and said, "if you don't talk, you won't talk. It doesn't matter if you don't love me. If you are dumb, I will! I want you to be a puppet! "

If you are dumb, I will!

You are a puppet and I want it!

When Xiaonian was already hurt and broken, his heart was severely shaken.

"In the future, I will be more patient with you!"

Gong Ou said to her, more like speaking to himself.

This week, he thought that he had exhausted his patience with her, but when she chose not to go into the Murdoch manor, his heart was in full swing.

Not again.

To her, he was always ready to move.


I watched him with determination.

"However, should you give me a little response first? If there is no response, it's OK. You don't have to struggle!" Gong Ou said to her, like talking to himself.

He said, with his head down, he kissed her on the lips and forced her to kiss on the wall.

When Xiaonian looked at him, he moved it manually. Gong Ou thought she wanted to resist. He immediately grabbed her hands and pressed them on the top of his head. He pressed them on the wall and continued to kiss her. The kiss was crazy and obsessed.

For the past week, he slept in the same bed with her, but did not touch him.

It's too much for him.

He kisses her recklessly, when Xiaonian sticks to the wall, does not resist, lets him kiss, her lips and nose are full of his breath.

Suddenly, Gong Ou let her go, with his head resting on her shoulder and breathing heavily, "no!"


When small read Zheng ran.

"Damn it, I can't touch you now!"

With a low curse, Gong Ou turned around and hurried to the bathroom. Soon a sound of water came.

The psychiatrist said that she can't do what she doesn't like to do for the time being, or it will cause a rebound. She should wait until her mood is calm and the situation turns better.


A plate of delicious food was put in front of him, but he was forced to stop.

How long will he endure it!


When Xiaonian looked at the figure he left, he put his hand on his heart, where the heart was jumping very violently.

What happened to Gong Ou?


For a big stomach king, it's the most painful thing to lose sight of.

What's more painful is that Gong Ou is not sure when the time will be long. He can only force himself to live the most pure life in front of a puppet like time.

In the study, Gong Ou sits in front of the curved desk to do things.

His long fingers were pounding on the keyboard, commanding, "ice cream."

Then a white hand brought a scoop of ice cream to his mouth.

When Xiaonian stood beside him, standing there quietly, his eyes were still like a piece of stagnant water.

Gong Ou swallowed the cold mouthful and continued to knock on the keyboard.

He found that although Xiaonian didn't speak day by day, he didn't have no feelings for the outside world, nor was he indifferent, nor would he resist him.

What he told her to do, she would do, except to speak.

It seems that she is not interested in anything, nor interested in it. She lives the same life day by day.

"All right."

Gong Ou suddenly said, unplug a U disk from the computer.


When Xiaonian looked at him with a blank face, he fed him another ice cream.

"Let's go and play a little game for you." Gong Oula took her to the carpet aside, asked her to sit down, and then went to the huge wall TV to plug in the U disk.

Put the game in.

The psychiatrist confused him with some specific treatment plans, one of which was to let her play.

Gong Ou takes two game consoles and sits next to Xiao Nian.

When Xiaonian holds the handle, he has no expression, just looks at the TV screen.

The sound of the game slowly sounded, and soon the name of the game appeared in the screen, four big green characters -- the pill nvxia.


Xiaonian's eyelids jumped.

Only a fresh prairie appears on the screen.

This color is very comfortable.

When Xiaonian watched quietly, a valiant female Xia appeared on the prairie, riding from a distance. The camera was getting closer and closer, and she saw her head on a small person.

She combed the head of the ball.

It was cut from her picture and made into a 3D effect.

The picture becomes rough in an instant.

"How about, is my design exquisite? An hour of results. " Gong Ou proudly picks her eyebrows and looks pretentious.


I don't think it's exquisite.

When small read silently think, but he can actually make a game in an hour, really powerful.

She continued to look at the TV screen, only to see the subtitles slowly appearing on it to introduce the game plot.

There is no innovative story of dog blood

heroine's husband is the most beautiful man in the world. On her wedding night, her husband was caught by the enemy's female leader, and then the heroine wants to break through the barriers to save people.

It's a straightforward and rough plot.

"I'll show you how to play."

Gong Ou sits to her side, embraces her body from behind, holds her hand in both hands, and holds the swimming handle.

His chest is warm.


When Xiaonian stared at his face on the screen, Gong Ou also designed many expressions, from tears, laughter, happiness and sadness.

It's sad to be hit by a monster.

Kill the monster and you will be very happy.

When Xiaonian looks at herself on the screen, her eyes are dim, and she will laugh and cry when Xiaonian is in the past.

Now she has nothing but numbness. She can't laugh or cry. She's so disillusioned that she can't even think about what happened before.

"Why are you so stupid? It's going to the right, not up." Gong Ou holds her hand and teaches her.

"Don't look at the monster. If you cut it three times, it will be released. It's a soft hearted monster."

"When I was young, I knew everything. Now you can fight well."

See her gradually, Gong Ou let go of the grip on her hand, to just hold her and watch her play the game.

When Xiaonian was not interested in the game.

When he asked her to do it, she would press it casually. The level in front is simple, and the more difficult it is later.

When small read not mind do not use brain, so one time to die, one time to come again, always play the simplest first few customs.