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Chapter 597. I don'st think he likes us

Gong Ou looks at the ring in the box, reaches out and takes it out, stands up from the desk and walks towards a standing image of Xiaonian.

"Yes, here you are."

Gong Ou hands out the ring. Is this too casual?

Shi Xiaonian said, "what can I say?".

"Take it away, throw it away, and then buy it."

Gong Ou hands the ring out again. Xiaonian smiles at him and her lips are soft as if waiting for him to kiss.

Gong Ou stood there, his black eyes staring at her, at her lips.

Then he lost his mind.

The mobile phone suddenly vibrated. Gong Ou rushed to his desk and picked up his mobile phone. His black eyes were just bright and dark.

It's not Xiaonian's cell phone.

It's from England.

"What is it?"

Gong Ou picks up the phone and says coldly.

"Gong ou, guess who I am." The voice of a young boy in a thick suit sounded at the end of the phone.

"What do you do, Gong Kui? What do you call me?"

Gong Ou uncovers her coldly and directly.

"Do you hear that?" Gong Kui was very disappointed at that end. He sniffed, "I just lied to mom with this voice, and she didn't guess."

That's because she doesn't guess.

"Why do you have my number?"

Asked Gong ou.

When did Xiaonian ask her to call?

"Hey, mom said we should call you more." Gong Kui said sweetly, "Dad, do you want to miss me? Do you want to Holly? Do you want mom? "


"Dad, do you want to? If you want to tell me, Xiaokui will be very happy! " Sunflower's mouth is as sweet as honey.

Gong Ou stood there, his black eyes glaring at the hologram in front of him. His voice was low. "Is Xi Xiaonian beside you?"

This tone is too similar to the last one.

"Ah? how did you know? Dad, you're so smart! As smart as holly! "

Gong Kui's words fell, and Xiaonian's low voice sounded, "you little fool, exposed me."


Boring mother and daughter.

Gong Ou sneers when listening to Xiaonian, but doesn't hang up. He still listens.

Soon, when Xiaonian took the phone from Gong Kui, the voice rang in his ear, with a trace of caution, "Gong ou, excuse me, are you busy? I'll hang up if I'm busy. "

She didn't want to disturb his work.

"Then what's your call?"

Asked Gong Ou directly.

"I just saw you and the twins haven't seen each other for a long time, so I asked them to call you." As he said that, Xiaonian shouted over there, "holy, do you want to talk to dad?"


Gong Yao is crisp and neat.

"Oh." When Xiaonian was a little lost, he said to Gong ou, "well, Gong ou, you are busy. I'll hang up and call you later."

As he spoke, Xiaonian hung up like a broken thief in a hurry. Gong Ou was about to say something when he heard the strange voice of Gong kuigu.

"Dad, mom is waiting for you to marry her!"

What else did Gong Kui say? Gong Ou didn't hear it. The phone has been hung up.

Gong Ou looks at his mobile phone.

She is waiting for him to marry her.

A woman in a hurry.

Now I know he's OK. I had a quarrel with him before. Now I can't bear it for a month. I count down the wedding with him explicitly and implicitly every day.

Gong Ou lowers his eyes and stares at the ring in his hand. The ring radiates a little light, and his thin lips show a doting arc.

I'm sick of this woman.

Gong Ou puts the ring back in the box, grabs the ring box with his fingers and goes out, picks up the coat on the hanger and puts it on to leave.

"President, several bosses of Tengsheng have agreed to sign the contract."

The secretary came forward.

Gong Ou's five fingers clenched the ring box and strode away. There was no expression on his handsome face. His black eyes glanced coldly and said, "I don't have time next. I'll put it all back."

"Push back? What time? "


Gong Ou shook his hand and walked into the elevator to leave.


How casual is the Secretary standing there at a loss?


Britain, the lofty classical palace, servants are busy, the air is floating a light fragrance.

In the living room, Xiaonian hangs up the phone and pinches Gong Kui's nose. "Well, you little Kui, you betray me."

"Hee hee, dad is too smart."

Gong Kui slid down the sofa with a smile and ran behind Gong Yao.

Gong Yaozheng kneels on the ground and meditates. His sister shakes him around.

"Then who said I was waiting for him to marry me?" She thought of Gong ou, but she was afraid that he was working. Only Gong Kui could beat her.

I didn't expect Gong Kui to betray her in minutes.

"You're just waiting." Gong Kui was jumping there. "I also know you are getting married. I don't have to study on your wedding day. I can play!"

"Little man is big."

I know how to play.

When Xiaonian shook her head helplessly, and was about to say two more words to her. When her cell phone rang, she looked down and saw that it was Mr. Y's call.

She quickly stood up and walked out. "Hello, sir, is it Mona and what's the matter?"


Gong Yao, kneeling on the ground, suddenly opens his eyes. His black eyes look straight at Xiao Nian's figure.

He heard the name again.

"Why are you opening your eyes so wide?"

Gong Kui suddenly sat in front of Gong Yao, his eyes fixed on him and asked doubtfully.


Gong Yao's face is still cold, and he kneels straight and sits there.

"Ah." Gong Kui put his hand behind him and looked at Gong Yao like a little adult, shaking his head and sighing.


Gong Yao is silent.

"Holly, holly, it's too much fun for you. You don't look like a child at all. Your childhood is pale." Gong Kui seriously taught him, "I'd better wait for mom to give birth to my little brother and little sister. They must be more lovely than you."


Gong Yao closes his eyes and continues to meditate.

Seeing this, Gong Kui began to pucker up his mouth and continued to sigh beside him. After a while, she blinked a pair of big, playful eyes and asked, "holy, will someone come to ruin the wedding? You can't get married in TV series. "

Gong Kui sat there thinking, as if the TV was not married, and the TV was not married, so pitiful.

Hearing this, Gong Yao slowly opens his eyes and looks at Gong Kui. "Do you want them to get married?"

"Of course, then I have a little brother and a little sister!"

Gong Kui and chicken pecked at rice and nodded desperately.

"Do you really like dad?"

Gong Yao asked again.

Hearing this, Gong Kui couldn't help being distressed. Holding his face in his small, fleshy hand, he tilted his head and thought, "I can't tell. I feel so scared when he looks like this, but he's dad. He said he likes me."

With that, Gong Kui made a long face expression.

"I don't think he likes us."

Gong Yao sat there and said in a cold voice.

The man seemed to take care of them, but in fact, he didn't care. The only thing that really cared about them was a little thought. Only she would get up in the middle of the night to cover them, and only she would store their things one by one.

"But he's dad." Gong Kui blinked and said, "he is going to marry mom and have a baby."

This is how it is.

Whether I like him or not is Dad.


Gong Yao looks at Gong Kui. His voice is cool. "Well, I think you're right for the first time."

That man is Dad. No matter how he doesn't care about them, he wants to marry shixiaonian. It doesn't matter. In the future, he can protect shixiaonian and Xiaokui.

"Of course, I'm right. I'm my sister!"

Gong Kui is addicted to being a sister.


When Gong Ou appeared in England, it was a week before the wedding.

He arrived early and didn't tell anyone.

He alone carried his suitcase and stepped on the road covered with fallen leaves, watching the towering ancient castle reflected on the water, the forest was very deep, the sun fell on him, and his features were handsome and sexy.

"Second young master, this way, please."

The servant led the palace into the woods.

In the open space deep in the woods, Luo Qi is meeting the guests with shixiaonian. Gong Ou goes inside and hears a burst of laughter. He looks up.

The sun fell on the hollow ground of the forest. Three ladies who were related to them sat on the long classical sofa, dressed luxuriously, and their jewels were dazzling in the sun.

Luo Qi sat on the other side and tasted tea.

The maids stood by to serve.

On the opposite side of them, when Xiaonian stood in front of the easel and painted, she was wearing a long blue dress, her hair was curled up and put on one side of her shoulder, her makeup was retro, and her smile was full of the flavor of the past.


Gong Ou stood behind the tree and looked at them. When he saw them, Xiao Nian raised his head to smile at the three ladies from time to time and then drew pictures.

Get along well.

He thought that he initially hoped that shixiaonian could get along well with his family, which took so many years.

Gong Ou looks at Xiaonian, and the look revealed in his black eyes is more and more obsessed.

Suddenly, Gong Ou's face sank.

He found something wrong with his mind.

She stood in front of the easel and kept holding her right hand with her left hand. There was a little gauze on the cuff of the long sleeve of the skirt. Every stroke she drew, her lips had to be pressed hard to give a pale touch.

She hurt?

Gong Ou's eyebrows curled up.

"Haven't you finished?" One of the ladies asked discontentedly, "I heard that your painting skills are excellent. Is it not in vain?"

Gong Ou's face was ugly again.

Shi Xiaonian poked out his face from the easel and smiled at them. He couldn't see the angry meaning at all. "My painting skills are really difficult to achieve, but it's just to smile at several ladies."

She's going to laugh?

"I also understand that you can't compare with my painter." One of the ladies sneered, her words were full of disdain.