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Chapter 320. Who are you talking about

"Just a moment, please."

Said the man over there.

Then there was a long period of silence. After a while, a soft voice sounded in her ear, "how are you, Miss Mona?"

Luo Qi is also an oriental woman.

Mona has always disliked the looks of Oriental women, but Luo Qi appreciates her very much. Luo Qi's temperament is noble, and the charm that comes out of her body is beyond that of many women. Even she has to learn more.

"Hello, aunt. This is Mona."

Mona politely opened her mouth and sat on the red sports car. Her blue eyes of sea water flashed over her calculations in the night.

"Miss Mona, we haven't seen each other for a long time."

"Aunt, don't be so polite. Just call me Mona." Mona said with a smile, "it's a rude request to call you. I'm just proposing that if you and your uncle don't accept it, I can understand it."

"Oh? I don't know what it is. "

Luo Qi asked with some doubts.

"Auntie, I love Gong Ou very much. I hope I can get along with Gong ou for a long time." Mona said methodically.

Luo Qi smiles. "That's what our elders want."

The strong combination of the palace family and the Lancaster family is bound to keep the next generation prosperous.

Mona continued, "but Gong Ou has paranoid personality disorder, which makes his life difficult. I wonder if you and your uncle can agree to treat him?"

"Treating paranoid personality disorder?" After a moment of hesitation, Luo Qi said, "Miss Mona, it's not as serious as illness."

Every mother, noble or poor, doesn't like to be directly pointed out that her son has mental illness.

"Aunt, to tell you the truth, I'm studying paranoid personality disorder. I think that Gong Ou's many directions are affected by this disease, including the initial treatment of Xiaonian." Mona said.

"What does that mean?"

"I also recently learned that when Xiaonian was insulted and pregnant, Gong ou still wanted to be with her before." Mona said, "although I broke up now, gong'ounanbao will not have this kind of excessive paranoia on the next woman, and lose his real influence judgment. So, I think... "

"Who do you say is pregnant?"

Luo Qi interrupts her in a daze.

Mona frowned. This Luo Qi was born in a noble family. Although she was no better than the Lancaster family, she didn't even have the basic courtesy of not interrupting others.

"Xiaonian was pregnant." "When she signed the break-up contract, she admitted that the child was committed by Qiang," Mona said


Luo Qi didn't speak for a long time.

Did shixiaonian admit it?

"Auntie?" Mona said, "are you still there?"

It took a long time for Luo Qi's voice to sound, "Mona, it's like this. I have something else to do here. I'll contact you later to discuss Gong Ou's matter."

Said, Luo Qi then hung up the telephone.


Mona looked at her cell phone speechlessly and hung up like this.

When discussing marriage, isn't the palace very satisfied with her? Why did she hang up when she didn't finish listening.

Mona frowns. What should she do now?

There is no other way, but to keep it, step by step to capture Gong Ou's heart? I'm afraid that if his illness can't be cured in a day, I won't be moved by her in a day.

Mona left her cell phone and fell on the steering wheel. She was very upset.

Gong ou, it's really her doom.

But she won't give up. The more difficult it is, the more competitive it will be.


When Xiaonian stayed in the rental house for a long time, he didn't wait for the police to come.

She sat on the sofa, her cheeks in one hand, her eyes suspicious.

It's just baffling.

Didn't Gong Ou say the police came to arrest her? The police didn't come to the door, so to speak.

When Xiaonian picked up her mobile phone to call Gong ou, she didn't know why. When she thought about Gong Ou now, she could think of Mona who was inseparable from him.

What call.

Better not.

She doesn't have to be planted to pay for the headphones, whatever he does.

"Master, it's late. Have a rest earlier." Mr Palace's silver body stood beside her, reminding her.

"All right."

When small read nods, stands up to walk to the bedroom, the hand holds waist.

I don't know if it's because of pregnancy. Now she occasionally feels low back, and her abdomen is obviously bulging.

When Xiaonian reaches out to touch his stomach, two babies.

She has no time to worry about love and love and strive for her baby.

Sleep well.

Fight hard.

In this way, when Xiaonian opened the quilt and went to bed, he suddenly thought, "Mr palace, do I have anything important tomorrow?"

After she was pregnant, her memory deteriorated.

"Let me see." Mr palace stood there, a pair of black eyes turned out row after row of data, the electronic voice sounded, "master, you are going to exclusive actor audition tomorrow."

That's right.

That's it. Xia Yu sold her the copyright of online drama. The company acted quickly. So she began to audition for actors. Please give her some advice.

"I see." When small read nod, lie down on the bed, pillow on the pillow way, "put some light music suitable for prenatal education."

"Yes, master."

The soothing music is playing slowly in the bedroom.

When Xiaonian slowly closed her eyes, as soon as she closed her eyes and listened to the music, she gradually fell asleep. In her dream, she went back to a dense forest.

Looking at the starry sky in the forest.

Another, deep in the forest.

A tall figure lies on a broken tree on the ground, with long legs overlapping and arms behind his head. His face is handsome and his pupils are dark.

It's Gong ou.

Countless beams of light fell from above and hit him one by one.

He opened his eyes and looked at the sky above his head, which was beyond reach.

Gong Ou lies on the broken tree, slowly raises his hand, stretches out his long five fingers, the stars fall between his fingers, he suddenly holds his fist, but nothing.

His eyes were full of fatigue.

Suddenly, a low sound of footsteps came.

A man in a suit came to Gong Ou's side, looked down at Gong ou, who was lying on the broken tree. He lowered his head. "Mr. Gong, I have secretly found out what you want me to check."


Gong Ou's eyes were cold, and his eyes did not move, but reached out to him.

The man immediately respectfully presented the information in his hand.

"Go on, nobody will talk about it. I'll tell you what to do next." Gong Ou said coldly.

"Yes, Mr. Gong. I'll go down first."

The man bowed his head and turned away.

Gong Ou takes the data in his hand and slowly opens it. The first thing that comes into his sight is a typeset of data records of the whole process of Xiaonian's abandoned baby safety island.


The next day, it was not very good.

When Xiaonian went out, the sky began to drizzle. She wore a wide version of clothes and trousers, tied up her long hair, and dressed casually.

When I got out of the taxi, Xiao Nian opened an umbrella and went inside.

This is a high-end hotel. A staff member met her at the door of the hotel and said, "Miss Shi is here. Please come inside. The audition will begin immediately. I'll show you the way."

"Thank you."

When Xiaonian took off his sunglasses, he was grateful.

The staff took her umbrella attentively and supported it for her with good service.

When Xiaonian was a little surprised, in addition to being around Gong ou, she had never been treated so politely. Now she is not Gong Ou's girlfriend, and the people in this drama group are so polite to her.

It's a really good crew.

Shi Xiaonian thought, then walked into the audition hall, and the directors, writers and producers sitting in front of the judges all stood up and said hello to her, which was very polite.


When Xiaonian was a little flattered.

It's said on the Internet that such a common person as her has finally fallen out of the rich family, and they are gloating at each other's indifference. People here don't mention anything about her feelings or look down on her at all. They all discuss the contents of comics with her in depth.

Xia Yu is very reliable this time. He can find such a good cast for her.

"These are all the actors who came to the audition this time. Look at them, miss." The director put a stack of documents in front of her in a polite tone.

The files of the documents are all well marked, and men one, women one and men two are clearly distinguished.

As soon as Xiao Nian opened up, she saw that the candidates of men's first place were all the popular fried chicken in the entertainment circle. They were all the first-line male stars. She asked incredulously, "director, do we invest a lot this time?"

If you invest less to hire big stars, you'll spend more than half of the money just to hire stars, and the production will be much worse.

That's not as good as inviting a little star.

"Don't worry, we've got a big investment this time. I heard that the boss's daughter is a super fan of Miss Shi." The director said with a smile.

So it turns out.

No wonder the director and other staff are respectful to her. When Xiaonian sips her lips, she asks, "I don't know how much to invest?"

The director put up five fingers.

"50 million?" When small read ask.

The director smiled and shook his head. "Five billion."

“……” When Xiaonian was shocked to open his eyes, an investment of 500 million yuan in a teleplay was terrible. Can the investment recover the cost?

Layman like her will have this worry.

Just because her daughter is a fan of her, she has invested 500 million yuan? The boss is too generous.

When Xiaonian turned over the information on his hand and turned to the page of the investor of the final product, the first company name was a City West Building Co., Ltd.

A very simple company name.

When Xiaonian looked at the name of the company, the pen in his hand fell down, his face was pale and his eyes were shocked.

A City West Building Co., Ltd., the company's name she met, in Gong Ou's office, in his trash can.