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Chapter Dare to think of another man in front of me

Gong Ou stepped out of the car with long legs, heard the words, and the curve of his lips was deeper. He glanced at Feng De, "she likes student uniforms very much. She should prepare more sets. It's better to have one set for middle school students all over the world."

I want to change a student uniform every day.

I'm in a good mood.


Feng De is still in a fog, student uniform?

Miss Shi is quite conflicted with the uniform. How did she like it again?

When Xiaonian walked into building a in a huff, he tightened his coat and hurried to change his clothes.

When she came down from the top of the mountain, she wanted to change her student uniform, but Gong Ou refused to let her wear it again. She could only cover it with her coat.

She hurried to the inside, suddenly, out of the front corner of a slender figure.

When Xiaonian almost ran into it.

"Xiaonian." Mu qianchu stood in front of her, with no pleats on his shirt and trousers, and elegant temperament.

Face to face, there was an accident in his eyes, then he whispered out her name, showing a smile, it was like spring breeze.

“……” When small read did not expect to meet mu qianchu at this point in time, the expression on his face is a little stiff, "it's you."

Since she found that she lived in building a together with mu qianchu and Shidi, she usually avoided it deliberately and occasionally came down from another elevator or direct stairs.

Today, she was so worried that she ran into building a without thinking about anything.

"Coming back from the outside so early?"

Mu qianchu looked at her doubtfully, and his eyes fell on her neck. A seductive face suddenly turned pale without any blood.

When Xiaonian noticed his vision, he quickly covered his neck with his hands.

I don't need to see her to know that her neck is full of kisses printed by Gong ou



Both were silent.

She stood there, silent, her hands firmly on her neck.

Although she knew the abnormal relationship between Gong ou and her family long ago, she was suddenly hit by mu qianchu and an embarrassment penetrated into her bones.

Mu qianchu didn't speak or move away, so he stood upright as if he was nailed.

The air in the corridor was frozen.

"Pedaling --"

a low footstep suddenly rings behind Xiaonian.

It's Gong ou.

When Xiaonian stood there, a heart inexplicably tense, the whole person tense.

The sound of footsteps disappeared beside her.

"What to do so fast." When Gong Ou left, Xiao Nian stood by her side, crossed her shoulder with one hand, put her in his arms, and noticed the tension of her body. He couldn't help chuckling, "what are you doing? I didn't touch you in the car. What are you afraid of now?"

The body is as stiff as a stone.

Worried that he would continue to eat her?


When Xiaonian lowered his face, he couldn't lift his head at all.

Gong Ou's straightforward words are stepping on her dignity, but she can't resist. She doesn't even have the courage to see mu qianchu's expression.

"Mr. Gong." The voice of Mu qianchu suddenly sounded, and there was no tone.

When Gong Ou hugged him, he read, then looked at Xiangmu qianchu and sneered scornfully, "it's you, brother-in-law."

"Brother-in-law" two words he said very smooth, also very harsh.

Muqianchu has always been a person who doesn't care about his own business, and doesn't like to argue with others. When Xiaonian thought that he would leave at will.

As a result, she heard mu qianchu smile and say, "it seems that the relationship between Mr. Gong and Xiao Nian is not suitable to call me brother-in-law. Mu didn't have the honor to be related to Mr. Gong."

Mu qianchu said it with a smile, but the provocation between words filled the air of the whole corridor.


When Xiaonian looked at qianchu with some consternation.

Seeing mu qianchu standing there still smiling, he could not see any intention of attack. His sight fell on Gong Ou's hand on her shoulder.

When Xiaonian didn't understand whether he was attacking her, he could only be regarded as Gong Ou's love Ren, or whether attacking Gong Ou didn't deserve to call him brother-in-law

She admitted that she was stupid. At this time, she couldn't understand mu qianchu.

But she could feel the big hand on her shoulder tightening slowly.

"Of course you don't have the honor." Gong Ou sneers, full of ridicule, "it's up to your family to play with cosmetics, how can they be qualified to have family ties with Gong Ou?"

Mu qianchu smiles.

When small read to hear the depressed anger in Gong Ou's tone, hurriedly reached out to pull his shirt, "let's go in."

She doesn't want to stay here any longer.

Gong Ou looks at mu qianchu in a gloomy way, and says nothing more. When he holds her, Xiao Nian leaves.

The elevator door opens.

As soon as they were about to enter, they heard murmur behind them, "Mr. Gong has no idea that cosmetics are the closest thing to a woman. A woman can leave any man without cosmetics. So don't look down on cosmetics. "

If the provocation just mu qianchu is not obvious, then in this sentence, mu qianchu clearly highlights the strong provocation.

Gong Ou holds Xiaonian's body straight, his face sinks inch by inch, and turns his head to look coldly at Xiangmu qianchu. "What do you mean? Who do you suggest will leave who? Who do you suggest is better at cosmetics? "

Gong Ou's search for the key points is straightforward.

"Mr. Gong is a wise man, so he can understand." Mu qianchu looks directly at Gong ou, with a smile of understatement on his lips.

"I don't understand!"

"It can only be said that Mr. Gong may not really understand women." Mu qianchu said with a smile.


When Xiaonian felt the tension between the two men, he was shocked.

She doesn't understand. How can Gong ou and mu qianchu compete for cosmetics?

They are fine on the island of cloud. Gong Ou is a little angry. There's no way to fight with anyone. But mu qianchu's cultivation has always been very good. How can he provoke Gong Ou again and again today.

Gong Ou's face is livid and he is staring at mu qianchu. Suddenly, he laughs angrily, and his voice is cold. "Mu qianchu, I really know you today!"


Originally, when the family was in a bad time, it only attached to the Mu family. This time, the Mu family was the only one.

"My pleasure."

Mu qianchu smiled.

Just a few words of cold and noisy communication, mu qianchu took the upper hand. He took a look at the small read beside Gong ou, carefully put away the gloom of his eyes, and turned to go out.

Now he, looking at her in other people's arms, he can only show off a few words of interest.

"If a woman can't live without cosmetics, I will burn cosmetics all over the world!" Gong Ou's arrogant voice sounded behind him, "I have this ability. Including burning all of you

Different from the hidden murders of Mu qianchu, Gong Ou is directly cruel.


Mu qianchu's steps stopped, and then went on, as if he had not heard.

When Xiaonian stood there, looking at the back of Mu qianchu, he had doubts in his eyes.

Mu qianchu It seems that it's really changed. He never liked to argue with others before. Gong Ou didn't offend him. How could he talk so violently.

Gong Ou stares at mu qianchu coldly and leaves. Suddenly, he looks back at her. In his black eyes, there is a piece of sinister food. His voice is cold and fierce. "Does this man like you?"

Does the man like you?

Does the man like you?

When small read hang in the body side of the hand suddenly clenched, the face was too stiff to squeeze out a little expression.

"Ask you, does the man like you?" Gong Ou slaps her on the head, dissatisfied with her silent response.

When Xiaonian was photographed to be numb, he reluctantly pulled his lips for a long time. "What are you talking about? You know he is Shidi's husband, and you went to the wedding."

She didn't forget that Feng de told her not to let Gong ou know her past entangled with mu qianchu.

That would violate one of the most terrifying lines of paranoia.

"His reaction was obviously to take me as a rival." Gongou cold tunnel.

"You think more."

When Xiaonian tried to maintain his normal tone, he walked towards the elevator and was pulled by Gong ou.

Her heart went up to her throat.

Gong Ou holds her arm and looks at her with low eyes. Her eyes are like sharp cold blades, trying to see something in her face.

When Xiaonian felt that he was being stabbed by a knife.

She almost held her breath, and her black and white eyes stared at Gong ou, silently.

She is not a liar. Mu qianchu does not like her. She has nothing to be guilty of.

Two people stood still, the elevator door closed automatically.

Make a slight noise.

Gong Ou stares at her face tightly, never letting go of any tiny place on her face. After a long time, Gong Ou releases her and says in a cold voice, "did he go after your sister when he couldn't catch up with you?"

There was no sign on her face. He had another hypothesis.

Mu qianchu's hostility to him will not come for no reason.

"How could it be." Shi Xiaonian said that his lips were too stiff to help himself, and there was nothing abnormal in his voice.

Do you want to chase her?

How can it be that she can't catch up? She has been pasting backwards in recent years. Now she has given up.

"It's impossible. Your sister is so ugly. He can see it. It must be because he saw you first and couldn't catch up with the result. Then he went back and asked for the second place." Gong Ou believed in his conclusion and put her in his arms with disdain. He said, "what you built with your family is really nothing. The farther away you get from them, the better!"

In this way, he was quite satisfied with the fact that Xiaonian and his family had broken off.

Shi Xiaonian is hugged into the elevator by Gong ou. After getting an answer, Gong Ou doesn't care any more, and his face gradually gets better. He holds her in his arms from time to time and takes advantage of her.


When Xiaonian let him do what he wanted, he had no strength to struggle, and he had the illusion of having to survive for the rest of his life.

She escaped from Gong ou.

Although she had never seen Gong Ou jealous, she thought she would never see it.

Gong Ou hugged her and leaned against the corner of the elevator. After playing with her fingers for a while, he saw that she did not resist, frowned, and looked at her pale face displeased, "what do you think absently? Don't you miss your brother-in-law? "

"I didn't." When Xiaonian shook his head.

"No best." Gong Ou lowers his head, puts his chin on her shoulder, and his thin lips are close to her face. His voice is deep and wild. "If you dare to think of another man in front of me, I will"