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Chapter 664 takes her as Xi Yu

When the engagement ceremony was cancelled, no one forced him to do anything more. He didn't have to smile anymore. Everything was over.

From now on, he can live as he likes.

That's good, isn't it?

He picked up the wine bottle and poured it into the glass. He looked up and drank it. The thick fog covered him. He brushed his eyes coolly. He hooked his lips and smiled at the fog airway all over the sky. "Are you helping me?"

So his life, which was supposed to be hell, suddenly turned around. He didn't have to support himself.


In the thick fog, no one answered him, only he said to himself.

Gong Yu poured himself another glass of wine, drank it all at once, and said in a low voice, "tomorrow, Gong ou and Xiao Nian are gone too. Here, only my mother and I are left."

The family is too big, too quiet, too lonely.

It's not interesting.

It's really boring.

Gong Yu drank wine one after another. Soon, bottles of wine were empty, and his hair was stained with mist.

It's getting late.

When Xiaonian finally packed his luggage under the interference of Gong ou, he went to Luo Qi and brought a box of gold back.

The housekeeper of the palace has always been extremely efficient. In this half day's work, Charles really bought a whole box of gold.

When it's too heavy, I can't hold it.

"These are the people you took away. I have calculated that there are 68 people in total. There are 15 tutors for twins, 6 collectors for you, and 7 maids with all kinds of skills. The rest are their families. Let Gong Ou arrange the house for them. " In the study, Luo Qi hands the book to Shi Xiaonian, planning her and Gong Ou's trip home very well.

Take 68?

When Xiaonian was shocked by the number again, he took over the book and said, "my hard-working mother worries about it. In short, I will bring twins when I have time."

This time, Luo Qi was very happy. She didn't say she wanted to keep the twins and agreed to let them take life away.

This words let Luo Qi very satisfied, Luo Qi nods, "that certainly wants, waits for the twins to be a little older also to change the teacher."

"Well." When small read a nod, way, "you these two days leave for us busy, already late, early rest."

"Nothing. I have nothing to do but to be busy with your business. I'm very busy." Luo Qi stands up from the table. "It's too late. You can go back and have a rest early. Tomorrow you have to take a plane."

"Well, mother."

Xiaonian nodded, turned around and left, looked down at the time.

At this time, I went to cook a little night for Gong ou. Gong ou, who was busy with Gong Jue's funeral, didn't have a good meal. She ate very little. People lost two laps.

What to do?

Add some red wine to help you sleep.

When Xiaonian thought so, he walked out of the door towards the cellar. The fog was heavy at night, and the light of the street lamp seemed to stab the thick fog.

She walked slowly forward alone, and suddenly a sound of staggering footsteps sounded in front of her, while Xiaonian was wondering, and a familiar figure came into her sight askew.


When Xiaonian looked at the front doubtfully, he saw Gong Yu coming over with the wall, his body was wet like a little rain. He lowered his head and walked around with one hand holding the wall.

The pungent smell of alcohol had forced people to come before they came near.


When Xiaonian came to him, Gong Yu raised his face and looked at her. His eyes were drunk and his face was red. He was drunk at first sight.

"Brother, are you ok?"

I didn't see the servant follow me.

"Xi Yu?" Gong Yu's eyes were stiff, and he looked at her stupidly. Suddenly he smiled, and his eyelashes trembled. "I know. I know you are always by my side. People really have souls."

He knew that Xi Yu had been hating him and blessing him.

When small read Zheng Zheng Zheng, way, "elder brother, I am small read."

"No way, no way." Gong Yu grabs Shi Xiaonian's wrist and says, "come with me, brother, let you see something."

Gong Yu can't bear the smell of alcohol when she is smoked. She subconsciously struggles, "brother, I'm Xiaonian. Don't do this. I'm not Xi Yu."

"Shh, don't talk."

Gong Yu put up his fingers to shut her up and forced her to move forward.

"Brother, you are drunk. Go back to have a rest." Xiaonian frowned and said that he could not fight against Gong Yu.

Gong Yu's steps were so staggering that he couldn't walk out of a straight line. When he was holding it hard, Xiao Nian went forward. "Come, you follow me, follow me."


When Xiaonian was forced to move forward, he took out his cell phone from his pocket with one hand, but didn't get through Gong Ou's phone yet. Gong Yu suddenly shook and ran into her. She was unstable, and her cell phone flew out of her hand.

When Xiaonian wants to pick it up, Gong Yu forces him to move forward.

Gong Yu felt the fog and took her to a garden. He pointed to the excited tunnel in front of her. "You see, I didn't cheat you. My home is the most beautiful garden in the world."

“……” When Xiaonian walked in the direction he pointed out, he saw only the flowers looming in the thick fog.

Gong Yu also noticed the flowers and was a little annoyed. "How can there be fog? It's beautiful when there's no fog. There's a long flower Gallery, all the way to the lake. "

"I know, brother."

She's here.

"Is it suitable for you to draw?" Gong Yu asked, looked at her and said with a smile. Then he took her and walked back in. "Come on, you come with me."


When Xiaonian was totally forced to walk in, Gong Yu was drunk and told her all kinds of flowers, grass and chatter.

At that time, Xiaonian had never seen such a palace.

All he shouted were Xi Yu, her brother's name.

"I haven't seen this kind of flower in Italy, have you?" Gong Yu pointed to a grass and said to Xiao Nian.


When Xiaonian stood there in silence, watching him keep talking, he talked all the time, it was urgent, as if a little slower, she would disappear.

For a long time, Gong Yu let go of Xiaonian's hand and looked at her with eyes. "Every time I drink, you come. I don't know how long you can stay this time. I should drink more."

"Brother, stop it. Let's go back."

Xiaonian frowned.

"Why are you wearing a skirt again?" Gong Yu suddenly looked at her skirt and smiled, "come on, draw."

Where does she draw?

Gong Yu directly broke a long stem flower branch and handed it to her, pointing to the ground. "You draw it."

When Xiaonian was pushed by him, he had to take the flowers and row them on the mud. Gong Yu was very satisfied and looked at her with a doting eyes. "It's good that you grow up and finally grow up."

His voice trembled so much that Xiao Nian's body flashed a touch of sadness.

"Do you really miss him?"

When Xiaonian asked in a low voice, he looked up at Gong Yu.

"Missing?" Gong Yu smoothed his sleeves and kept going up, showing deep and shallow scars, "do you think I miss you?"


Xiao Nian looked at him in astonishment.

I saw all the scars on Gong Yu's arms. They were thick and thick, new and old.

He self mutilated?

Gong Yu and Gong ou are really two brothers. It's terrible that they both have such actions.

Gong Yu stood there, looking at her face deeply. Suddenly, he walked slowly behind her. When Xiao Nian wanted to turn around behind her, his hand pressed her shoulder and his voice was low. "Don't move, I'll say a few words."


When Xiaonian stood there, he did not look back.

Mist shrouded the gallery. Gong Yu stood behind her, hands on her shoulders, and said, "I'm sorry."


When Xiaonian was stunned, Gong Yu was so drunk that he regarded her as Xi Yu.

"I'm a scum. You're waiting for me, but I have a car accident." Gong Yu said in a mute voice, "I'm sorry, you're still a child. I can't think about our future. I think you like it just for a while."


I listened in silence.

"I always ask myself, how old is it for you to be mature? 16 years old? 18 years old? Or 25? " Gong Yu said, "in fact, I can't wait. I'm 25. I always think so. When you are 25, you haven't changed your mind. I'll go to you."

At the end, Gong Yu choked up.


When Xiaonian stood there and closed his eyes, her brother didn't wait until he was 25.

"I think you are a complete adult when you are 25 years old. You can be responsible for what you do. At that time, no matter who opposes us, I can take you away without much thought." Gong Yu said with a choking voice, "I really think so. I really want to find you. I didn't leave you alone. I didn't really think that."


"I know why you have to put that picture on you until you die. You want to tell me that you haven't changed. I think too much about everything. I'm too cowardly." Gong Yu stood behind Xiaonian and said with tears in his eyes, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Xi Yu, I'm sorry, it's my fault, it's all my fault."

Hearing this, Xiaonian was very sad and his eyes were wet.

"Why don't you give me a little more time, even if I'm weak, even if I dare not take a step forward, but I've calculated the time. When you are 25, when you are 25, I can go to you." Gong Yu said in tears, shaking her hand on her shoulder. "It's only two years away. I've seen you in the dark for so many years, it's only two years away."

With only a little time left, he can persuade himself to find him.

It's just a little short.

Why God didn't give him the chance.

When Xiaonian opened his eyes, his eyes were red and he said, "brother, life is the most regretful thing. Now that it's gone, let it go. Don't worry about it again."