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Chapter 1084: let's go back

The guests who passed by were talking.

When Xiaonian was wearing the dress of divination banquet, his hands tightly covered his mouth, and he looked at Guan Delin's body unbelievably. A man who had been lucky enough to carry it was lying there now.

On the ground next to Guan's body is a long list of Mona's English names.

This name makes the whole thing very strange.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou, she came to Lancaster family for so long. For the first time, she saw Gong Ou's eyes showing that kind of look, cold and dignified.

The wind at night is very cold. When it's cool, Xiaonian feels cold through his heart. Especially when the guests look at her one by one, they look like a murderer and a dead man.

"What are you looking at?"

Gong Ou suddenly looked up and stared at them with black eyes.

All eyes were closed, but someone approached Gong ou and said in a friendly whisper, "Mr. Gong, I think it's unusual. Mona's name is written on the ground. I'm afraid it's not a good thing. Let your wife go first."

"Do you especially think that my palace is empty of heart?"

Gong Ou stares at him gloomily, reaches out his hand and grabs the man's collar. He clenches his teeth tightly, which makes the man change color. "Gong, Mr. Gong, I am a kind person."

When Xiao Nian wanted to go to LA gong'o, he didn't pull it.

Gong Ou turned his face, glanced gloomily at every face on the scene. When he saw two people with press cards, he opened his mouth coldly, "listen to me, including the so-called ghost, Lancaster Mona. I didn't want you at the beginning. I can't see you. There's a way to come at me!"

Now a little bit of wind and grass all people are the first time to look at the small time, has put her in the spotlight.

With that, Gong Ou pushes away the people beside him, turns around and grabs Xiaonian's hand and leaves the land of right and wrong.

A group of people stood in place, surrounded by a cold body, and stared at Gong Ou in a daze. The two reporters dared not take any photos, but quickly picked up their mobile phones and began to record the news and send it back.

The road is winding and long, as if it had no end.

The black and white ribbons on the trees on both sides fluttered with the night wind, which covered the atmosphere of the whole anniversary ceremony not only with sadness, but also with spirit.

When Xiaonian walked forward with her arms in her arms, she could not help holding on to her arms.

Next second, Gong Ou put her hand on her shoulder and put her in her arms.

When Xiaonian looked up at him, smiled a little and said that he was OK. "What did Secretary Guan find out before he could tell us? Was the other party intimidating us, saying that everything we did was in his eyes?"

This other person is not someone else, it's George.

But she couldn't understand how George dared to be so bold. Did she want to lose both sides to deal with their palace family at this time?

"The old man is really demonstrating to us." Gong Ou's voice sounded in the night wind, which was especially gloomy. "He checked Guan Delin's movements."

"I don't know if I can help you." When Xiaonian was a little worried.

Gong Ou takes a look at her, and she sees clearly the annoyance locked in her eyes. When Xiaonian stops and comforts him, "elder brother will change. He pushed Secretary Guan forward and put himself out of business, but he didn't expect that Secretary Guan will..."

In other words, it's because they don't care about Delin.

"We don't have time for sympathy." Gong Ou said.

They don't even have enough time to investigate the cause of the rumor.

When Xiaonian looks at his silence.

Gong ou and Gong Yu both want to fight back in a trap, but at present they don't know what George wants to do. Why do they make things that seem to target her and can't hurt her?

Is it just to look at her and vent anger for her daughter? But it's not like George.

Gong Ou follows Shi Xiaonian and stops, looks down at her and opens his lips slowly. "Shi Xiaonian, I want to tell you something. Don't panic."


When small read at a loss.

"Li Qingyan was sent by me to investigate the rumors. It was also her connection with Guan Delin. Now Guan Delin is dead. She..." Gong Ou didn't speak completely.

At that time, Xiaonian's face became whiter and looked at him stupidly.

Soon, she turned around and ran forward recklessly, taking out her mobile phone to call Li Qingyan while running. No, it will not.

She doesn't want to see anyone die because of her anymore. She doesn't want to, she doesn't want to.

Li Qingyan's phone is off.

At one time, Xiaonian couldn't even walk down the road until Fengde called. When she and Gong Ou returned to the east area, they rushed into the room and saw Li Qingyan lying on the sofa with blood dripping on his back, dying to be cured by Fengde and the doctor. Their eyes were looking forward without light.

"Qingyan!" When Xiaonian excitedly rushed to her, "don't be afraid, the doctors will save you, your husband is still waiting for you to go back, you support, you must support."

Gong Ou stands behind Xiaonian and looks at this scene, motionless. His black eyes sink into deep thinking.

"Little lady."

When he saw her, Li Qingyan tried to sit up, but he couldn't sit up. His bloody hand reached out to her hard. He grabbed her hand and spoke hard. "As soon as I met Guan Delin, people wearing masks rushed out. They killed her in front of me. They wanted to kill me. I ran away."

"OK, OK, I know." When Xiaonian reached out to wipe the sweat off her head, "don't say, keep a little physical strength."

"No..." Li Qingyan closed his eyes pale and his hands did not have the strength to hold her. He gasped for a long time and said, "before Guan Delin died, he always said the anniversary ceremony Anniversary I think she must have known something, but she didn't have a chance to say it. "

Li Qingyan knows what Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian need most now, and he has to say it with a single breath.

"Well, I see. You're at ease." When Xiao Nian turned to Feng de and asked anxiously, "how about the adoptive father?"

"It seems that many knives were cut in the process of escape, but fortunately, none of the wounds were fatal. Timely treatment can save one life." Feng de helped stop bleeding and said.

Smell speech, when squatting on the sofa edge small read relieved breath, nearly collapsed sits on the ground.

It's good to keep your life, it's good to keep your life.

The doctors were busy with the treatment. Li Qingyan's blood flowed from the sofa to the ground. It was shocking. When Xiaonian squatted there for a while, she suddenly realized that she hadn't heard Gong Ou's voice for a long time. She couldn't help looking for it.

At the stairs, Gong Ou is sitting on the first step. His long legs are straddled. A side face is illuminated by the light. The deep outline is handsome, but there is no expression.

Shi Xiaonian stood up from the ground and walked towards him. Standing in front of him, he saw Gong Ou's head slightly drooping. His long eyelashes brushed a light shadow, which made people not see what was in his eyes.

It was just this gesture that reminded her of two words: frustration.

"Gong ou..."

"Let's go back."

The two men spoke almost at the same time. Gong Ou looked up at her, and his black eyes stared at her deeply.

This time, when Xiaonian saw the light in his eyes, there was a sign of fear. Gong ou, who was always fearless, began to be afraid and wanted to escape.

When Xiaonian's eyes were still red because of Li Qingyan, she could not squeeze out a comforting smile when she heard this. She could only nodded obediently, "OK, I'll listen to you for what you want to do."

"I don't have so much time to find out, let alone fight back!" Gong Ou bit her teeth and locked her face in her eyes. "If George is so mad, why should I play with him?"

This is the beginning of killing, or in the eyes of the media, playing so crazy who knows what George can do!

He couldn't afford to gamble with her.

When small read nods, "well, today is too late, tomorrow I try to find a way to inform elder brother, then we go together."


Gong Ou nods his head hard. A moment later, he nods his head again. He doesn't realize that he is in a mess at the moment.

When Xiaonian looks at him, Gong Ou turns his head and looks at Li Qingyan in the emergency treatment. He is in a mess. When Xiaonian's eyes are dim, he is afraid that the person lying there will become her.

He is not a fearsome and submissive person. For her, he still has to choose to disarm and surrender.

It's better to go back. She doesn't have to stay here. She's worried that more people will be trapped in it.

When Xiaonian sat down beside Gong ou, he saw that he had been staring at Li Qingyan, then he leaned over gently, his head on his shoulder. "Gong ou, don't think too much, nothing will happen when we go back."

Gong Ou sat there, letting her lean on her.

I couldn't guess what he was thinking.


That night, everyone in the east side couldn't sleep.

In the early morning, Xiao Nian and Luo Qi began to count their luggage. Gong Kui accompanied Li Qingyan who came back from the rescue. Gong Yao poured a glass of milk for Gong Kui to drink, and tiptoed to take a bottle of milk to wash and take care of her brother. She was stopped by her companion's nanny before giving up.

"That should be all."

Luo Qi counted her luggage and said, tapping her shoulder wearily.

When Xiaonian helped her to sit down at the side table and said, "tomorrow is the official anniversary. Today, the Lancaster family will hold a small funeral for Guan Delin. I want to meet brother there. I'll find him."

"OK." Luo Qi nodded, "be careful."

"It's safe in broad daylight. George won't take offense at me in full view. Don't worry." Shi Xiaonian said that there was a sound of leather shoes stepping on the board, steady and heavy.

Step by step.

The voice is very uncomfortable.

When Xiaonian raised his eyes, he saw Gong Ou come down from the upstairs, wearing a black coat, and the color of Su Sha made his whole face feel speechless.