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Chapter 620, Xiao Nian is punished to kneel


Feng de looks surprised.

"Nothing." When small read light smile, don't know if Gong Ou is coaxing Gong Yao, she looked to one side of the Feng De, "the guests are settled? Prepare some gifts for them. "

They all came to the wedding. No one had ever thought of such a situation.

The wedding ceremony was not seen as a violent incident.

"I will prepare it." Feng de nodded, and his eyes fell on Shi Xiaonian, who was still wearing the white wedding dress. He couldn't help saying, "Hey, this is a good wedding."

"It doesn't matter." When small read is very open to this, smile way, "as long as everyone is OK, the rest is not important."

"That's right." Fengde said, nothing is better than everyone's safety. "It's OK to postpone the wedding. I'll clean up here first."

"It's hard to be a adoptive father." Shi Xiaonian said, turning around and walking inside, he took off the ornaments on his head one by one while walking. Just about to change clothes, he heard the maid come and report to Gong Kui that he was awake.

When Xiaonian gave the ornaments to the maid, she hurried to Gong Kui's room. Gong Kui was lying on the bed, with her eyes open to the chandelier on it. There was no expression on her forever sunny face at the moment.

"Little anemone."

When Xiaonian walks in.

At the sight of Xiaonian, gongkui immediately sat up from the bed, her eyelashes trembled and tears fell down, and stretched out her little hand, "Mom."

When Xiaonian sat by the bed, Gong Kui immediately threw it into her arms, leaned on her arms and rubbed her head against her.

"It's all right, Xiaokui. Don't cry or not, darling."

When Xiaonian understood that her daughter was also greatly frightened this time, she reached out and patted her back.

"Mom, there are bad people who want to hurt my brother. I'm so afraid. Wuwu." Gong Kui cried and said, "dad doesn't want his brother. He asked the bad guys to kill him."

Gong Ou really scared the two children with one sentence this time. When Xiaonian gently patted her daughter's back, she said softly, "the bad guys have been beaten away. Xiaokui doesn't have to be afraid."

She doesn't tell her daughter that the bad guys are dead. Children should understand the meaning of life and death later.

"And my brother?" Gong Kui raised his face and looked at her. He cried and asked. His eyes were full of fear and fear. "I don't want my brother to die, mom. I don't want him to die. I will let him be my brother later."

She's scared.

She didn't dare to ask. She just woke up and couldn't see holy.

"Holy is fine, too." When Xiaonian urged her, "didn't Alisha tell you?"

Gong Kui sat on the bed, his fleshy little hands wiping his face. The fleshy little faces were shaking and choking. "I'm afraid that Alisha would cheat me, but I didn't see my brother. Would he die?"

When Xiaonian found out that the two children were twins, Gong Kui looked at the innocent appearance of xinwuchengfu, but also wanted to have more.

"Holy is really OK, Xiao Kui. Shall I take you to see my brother?" Said Shi Xiaonian.

Hearing this, Gong Kui just cried and nodded and slid down from the bed to follow her.

"Xiaokui, are you ok?"

A worried voice came, Luo Qi walked in with several maids, and her face was haggard. When Gong Kui saw her, she ran to her again crying, "grandma."

"Little anemone." Luo Qi squats down, embraces Gong Kui into her arms, looks at her up and down, and worries in her eyes, "I heard that you were at the scene, were you hurt?"

"I didn't." Gong Kui cried and shook his head. He rubbed his eyes with his little hands and said, "mom said, holy is fine, not dead."

"Yes, grandma knows. Grandma is going to see him. Let's go. You come with me."

Luo Qi takes Gong Kui's hand and leaves.

When Xiaonian heard this, she stood up to leave with her. Luo Qi looked back at her, and her eyes fell on her torn wedding dress. She said coldly, "you don't have to follow me. Change your clothes now!"

Finish saying, Luo Qi pulls palace Kui to leave.


When Xiaonian stood there inexplicably, was she blamed? Why? What did she do wrong?

As soon as Luo Qi left, Xiao Nian had to go back to the room and change her wedding dress. She didn't like the binding of the skirt. She took a long loose sweater and put it on her body, tied up her long hair, and her eyes fell on the wedding dress hanging there.

She went to the wedding dress. The white wedding dress was torn by her. It was stained with grass leaves and was in a mess.

This is the dress that she was going to wear for the wedding ceremony.

When Xiaonian took the grass leaves off, the sky outside the window slowly darkened, and her empty stomach silently protested against her hunger.

Because she wanted to be thin, she didn't eat anything since last night's supper. Today, she was so hungry that she wanted to eat some cake and was told not to do well by Charles.

Already hungry, it will start to protest again.


There was a knock at the door.

When Xiaonian opened the door, Charles stood there politely and looked at shixiaonian and said, "little madam, madam, please come downstairs to have a talk."

"Talk?" When small read stupefied next, immediately nod, "good, I know."

When Xiaonian went out, she went down the stairs. Standing in the middle of the stairs, she saw the sofa area in the hall. Gong ou, Luo Qi and twins were all sitting there.

The light is a little cold and quiet. With the rich and brilliant specifications of the ancient castle, the atmosphere is especially depressing.

This battle is not a simple narrative.

When Xiaonian went down, Luo Qi sat on a piece of Changsha hair in the middle. She was wearing a home clothes, and the patterns on the sofa were outlined by gold, majestic and lofty. Gong Ou sat on a double sofa on her right hand side, and Feng de stood behind him, and the opposite sofa was filled with twins.

Gong Yao's face and neck are almost gauze. When his eyes look at him, Gong Kui sits there holding him tightly. His hands are still patting him gently. He says something from time to time, as if he is comforting.

There are many maids standing around.

"Madame." When small read to walk past, hand on own arm, toward Luo Qi low head.

"And you call me Madame?"

Luo Qi sat there with no expression on her beautiful face.

When Xiaonian stood there, today was her wedding to Gong ou. It would be inappropriate for her to call her wife again, so she quietly changed her voice, "mother."

Gong Ou sat there with a sinister gesture. He crossed his leg, leaned on the back of the sofa with one hand, and when his black eyes swept towards him, he said, "come here."

When Xiaonian was about to walk by, he heard Luo Qi's indifferent voice, "kneel down!"

As soon as the voice fell, there was only the sound of breathing in the whole hall.


When Xiao Nian looked up at Luo Qi, she saw that Luo Qi's face was ugly, and her eyes were full of cold resentment.


Gong Ou sits on the sofa, smells the words, smiles at his lips, and looks at his mother with black eyes.

When Xiaonian is pushed by Charles on one side, Charles signals her to kneel down. She looks at Gong ou and Feng de. Feng de stands there frowning and looks down.

Seeing this, Xiaonian bit her lip and knelt down in front of LUOQI.

With her kneeling, Gong Ou's eyes are even colder, her thin lips are pursing, and there is no voice, waiting for Luo Qi's next words.

"Now that you have changed your name to mother, I have the right to discipline you." Luo Qi sat on the sofa and said coldly, "look at what you have done. Since you fell in love with Gong ou, when did you shine for Gong family?"

Gong Kui and Gong Yao are sitting together. Gong Kui is frightened by Luo Qi's anger on his face and dare not move. Gong Yao looks at Gong OU on the opposite side and doesn't speak.

The rest of the people looked at shixiaonian. The aristocratic young lady was not easy to do. She was kneeling.

"I don't know what I did wrong."

When small read kneels on the ground to say, not humble not high ground to see to Luo Qi.

Under the dim light, Luo Qi sneers, "I don't know what's wrong? Your engagement is a farce, and marriage is a kidnapping. It's all because of Mona and you. It's not because of the quarrel between you. "


When small read silently kneels there, does not make a sound, in the eye has stubborn.

To say Mona's problem, if you don't arrange Gong Ou's blind date at first, there is nothing more, isn't there?

Who wouldn't say butterfly effect.

In this way of thinking, Xiaonian still didn't say it. Luo Qi is also shocked today and needs to vent. She can only think so.

Bear it, for Gong ou, she must bear it.

"Do you think I'm wrong?" Looking at her look like that, Luo Qi knew that she was not taught, and could not help but say coldly, "in this period of time, some of you don't mean that you do well. I'll talk about your mistakes today."


When Xiaonian kneels and doesn't speak, his face is a little pale.

Gong Ou sits aside, his black eyes sweeping toward Luo Qi, and his fingers and thumbs on the sofa are rubbing each other.

"How much did you learn about etiquette in the palace?" Luo Qi asked, "you don't know when your son is kidnapped in full view of the public. Everyone cries and hesitates in front of you. They don't want to save their son immediately. In addition, after the incident, you still walk around wearing the wedding dress torn by you. How many people see it! Do you know that you will become the laughingstock of the clan? "


When Xiaonian fingers to grasp their arms, nails deeply into.

"I have told you for a long time that there is only one thing to do when I marry into the palace family. I will give everything for the glory of the palace family, but your performance has let me down!" Luo Qi criticizes her in a clear and orderly way, "how can you compete with Gong ou and rely on you two to bear the future of Gong family?"

The palace will only fall into their hands.

When Xiaonian was accused of becoming paler and paler, Luo Qi's meaning was very clear. She couldn't reach the height of a young lady at all. She didn't know about her son at the first time, killed herself at the first time, and walked around in a wedding dress that ruined her image. She was busy.