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Chapter 692 theme three at the end

When the firefighters and police rushed up, Gong Ou was in a coma. The whole man was trapped in the air cushion. The sun was not warm enough to fall on him. His clothes were a little embarrassed. His face was still handsome.

Gong Ou is immediately taken to the ambulance.

Bob was over stimulated and went to the hospital.

The light hit the white walls of the hospital. In the quiet corridor, Gong Yao and Gong Kui stood hand in hand at the door of the ward, followed by Alisha and bodyguards.

In such a large ward, Gong Ou is lying on the bed receiving infusion. The liquid drips down in a transparent tube. His short hair is a bit messy. His sharp face is pale at the moment, and his thin lips are not bloody.

The doctor stood by the bed and put away the file folder.

"Uncle doctor, will my dad die?" Gong Kui stood there, holding Gong Yao tightly in his small hand. His big eyes were red with tears, and he looked at the doctor in fear.

Being looked at by such a little Lori with such eyes, the doctor's heart was adored, and immediately said, "don't worry, your dad will be OK."

"Then why does he lie still?"

Gong Kui points to Gong OU on the bed, and Dou Da's tears fall down again.

Gong Yao did not have the tears of Gong Kui, but a pair of dark eyes also looked at the doctor closely, waiting for his answer.

"He passed out, and when he woke up, there was no danger to his life." The doctor stood in front of them and said, "I can't help looking at them more. They are really two beautiful children. They are too delicate.".

"When can he wake up, please?"

Gong Yao asked.

"Well." The doctor opened the file folder in his hand and squatted down in front of them. "This time of waking up is not good, maybe it will wake up in a while, maybe tomorrow. I just looked at your dad's medical history. He's had a car accident, concussion and fainting. It's not long. "

"I think he'll wake up now."

Gong Kui choked and stood in front of the doctor.

"If you want dad to wake up, why don't you talk to him here? Maybe you'll wake up later?" The doctor gave hope to the two children, then stood up and said to Alisha, "please take good care of the patient."

"Thank you, doctor."

The doctor lifted his leg and left.

Gong Yao pulls Gong Kui to the bed, and Alisha immediately brings two chairs for the two children. They sit on the chairs hand in hand. Gong Kui looks at Gong OU on the bed and says, "Dad is a great hero, right?"

In order to save Bob's brother, Dad went down.

Gong Yao sits there and doesn't move. Alisha hands Gong Yao's cell phone and whispers, "master holly, seal the Butler's phone and say he wants to talk to you."

Gong Yao turns her eyes to look at Alisha, reaches for her mobile phone, and comes down from her chair to the door. Her voice is tender but calm. "Hello, Grandpa Feng."

"What's the matter, young master?" Asked Fengde.

"He's in a coma, waiting to wake up." Gong Yao told the doctor's words truthfully, and Feng de said, "it's OK. When did the doctor say he would wake up? Can you wake up before 10 o'clock tonight? Forget it. It's OK before 11 o'clock and 12 o'clock. "

"The doctor said not necessarily." Gong Yao said that the doctor could not wake up at exactly what time. "What about mom?"

"Xiaonian is still on board. She doesn't know what happened. The news on board is blocked." Feng de said, "although the young master wants me to wait for him to come, but now the young master is in a coma and needs a good rest, I'd better inform Xiao Nian to get off the ship."

Feng de said this to himself. He didn't discuss it with a child. He couldn't get on the boat tonight.

As Feng de was about to hang up, he heard Gong Yao's voice, "why don't you listen to my dad?"


Feng de was stunned.

"He said he would make it, so he would. Why don't you believe him?" Gong Yao asked. He wanted to believe Gong ou, because Gong Ou believed him today.

Only then did Feng de understand the meaning of Gong Yao. Gong Yao's tone was so solemn that Feng de could not feel that he was discussing with a child. "Little young master means not to tell Xiao Nian, and wait for the young master to wake up?"


Gong Yao said, because this is Gong Ou's own idea.

"But the young master fell down from that height and fell into a coma. It's impossible to wake up for a while." Feng De road.

"I'll wake him up. Please believe me."

Gong Yao stood at the door of the ward and said solemnly, firm in the black pupil.

“……” Feng de was silent for a moment on the phone, and then said, "well, I won't make it clear to Xiao Nian for the moment. I'll follow the master's plan."


Gong Yao hangs up the phone, turns his face and looks at the hospital bed. Gong Kui has climbed to the hospital bed and sat on Gong Ou's leg. Her long natural curly hair is loose. She lies on Gong Ou's leg across the quilt. Her little hands pat her gently and murmur, "Dad, you will wake up soon. As long as you wake up, Xiao Kui will never eat sugar again."

Alisha and the bodyguard stood there and sighed. They didn't know when the young master would wake up.


Time back a few hours ago.

When the sun is shining, Xiaonian sits in the car and holds the clothes in the bag. The whole person is stunned there.

It's not a gorgeous evening dress, but a uniform. It's a waiter's uniform, a black jacket, a black skirt, a red belt, and a variety of accessories. It's not conspicuous but beautiful and youthful.

This uniform was worn when she and Tang Yi went to be waiters at that time. If it wasn't for that time, she wouldn't have so many intersections with Gong ou. Everything was just a matter of time.

"Why give me this dress?"

When Xiaonian looked at Fengde in confusion.

Feng de smiled. "You will know when you arrive."

That's another sentence.

When Xiaonian didn't know what riddles Gong ou and Feng de played in their hearts, the car slowly drove to the seaside, which she was too familiar with, because she had accompanied Gong ou not long ago.

She looks out of the window. OK, it's more familiar.

I saw a huge cruise ship parked by the sea, which was the one before, magnificent and incomparable, many guests were on it, blue sky, blue sea, infinite scenery.

"It doesn't mean that there will be a banquet once every three years. Even if the time is not right, it will be held continuously."

When small read puzzled ground inquires a way.

It's so fun to have a party. It's only once in a while. Doesn't the cruise ship cost money?

The car stopped steadily at the seaside. Fengde got off quickly. He opened the door for shixiaonian. When Xiaonian got off with a bag, he saw several bodyguards standing in front of him. He quickly set up a temporary dressing room and stood on the beach.

"Xiaonian, give me your cell phone. Go in and change your clothes."

Said Fengde.

"Why should I change this dress?"

"You'll know if you change it."


Do you have any other lines?

When Xiaonian looked at Fengde in bewilderment, out of trust, she handed her mobile phone to Fengde, walked into the temporary dressing room, changed her clothes and put on the uniform of the waiter.

As soon as the uniform is put on, Xiaonian feels a sense of time confusion. He looks at his skirt and is stunned. More than seven years have passed in a flash.

Time flies.

"Father, can you tell me why now?"

When Xiaonian walked out of the dressing room, he asked. When he went out, he didn't see Fengde or the bodyguards. The huge seaside was empty as if everyone had disappeared.

Only the cruise ship is still there.

What's the matter?

"Adoptive father? An adoptive father? "

When Xiaonian shouted loudly, but he didn't get any response. Did she flash too fast and take away her mobile phone? Today, her adoptive father is just confused.

When Xiaonian turned around to put her clothes back on, she heard a sound of running to this side. When she looked back, she saw Tang Yi, who was skinny and skinny, running to her.

Tang Yi now has a standard face, a ponytail, and the same uniform as seven years ago. She looks thinner in black.

"Tang Yi?"

Shixiaonian looks at her in amazement. Shouldn't she be forced to quit now?

As soon as Tang Yi saw her, he took her and ran, "Oh, what are you doing here? I'll sail soon. The foreman is shouting. Let's go. Let's go."

"What to sail? What foreman? "

When small read inexplicably looking at her, resist to want to struggle.

"I don't want you to make any trouble. We'll try our best to get this chance. Don't miss it in vain. Let's go!" Tang Yi took her and ran to the cruise ship.

"What chance?"

How can Tang Yi suddenly be so close to her? It seems that it is the same as before.

When Xiaonian looked down at his waiter system, the whole person was stunned and suddenly understood what was going on. This trance was grabbed by Tangyi and ran forward.

"You slow down."

When Xiaonian was grabbed by Tang Yi and boarded the boat, he walked all the way through the gorgeous guests. When Xiaonian watched the clothes on them for a moment, didn't it look like it was a few years ago?

Is it retro again?

Shi Xiaonian is forced to run forward with Tang Yi. Turning her eyes around, she suddenly finds that the arrangement on the boat is different from before. It seems that she has repainted it, a little like Like a few years ago.

How is it? Cruises play retro, too.

"It's almost here. Hurry up. Don't look left and right."

Tang Yi holds her in one hand and opens a small door in the other. The bronze door opens in front of Xiaonian's eyes. Xiaonian feels that his time has passed.


The door closed behind her, making a noise. When Xiaonian was stunned, she turned around and saw many boys and girls in their uniform standing in a square array.

At the front is a foreman talking.

A familiar scene.

"Some of you are not strongly trained, they are all college students, so I have to emphasize again. These three days, we are going to serve a group of top figures in the world." The leader's voice came out of the microphone, "so, I want zero error service! Zero error! Do you understand? "