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Chapter 709 all men are fickle

Although Xiaonian didn't like her woman staring at her husband, Su Yaoyao looked like a young girl just admiring Gong ou and didn't act excessively.

This kind of behavior makes shixiaonian think that he can't be too disgusted.

"I just don't like living people following us!"

Gong Ou said coldly, no matter what, in his eyes, their honeymoon has already begun. He just doesn't like to be disturbed.

He was so dazed that he didn't want to have a third party around when he only accompanied Xiaonian to see a flower.

"Miss Su is still a student. She has a very thin face. Don't do that again." When small read lightly said.

"You want me to be passionate about her?"

Asked Gong Ou discontentedly.

"I didn't mean that."

When did she make him warm to Su Yaoyao?

"Since that's the case, leave me alone. I never like to be Fawny. If she is cheeky, she can restrain herself. Why should I restrain her? Why should I pay for her admiration? "

Gong Ou asked in a cold voice. He was in a mess, but Xiaonian could only stare at him, and could not refute a word.

He can always be so upright.

When Xiaonian shook his head, he didn't want to say that he was led by Gong ou. Gong Ou led her to the seaside. "Let's go to the seaside."


Shi Xiaonian happily agrees and follows Gong ou to leave.

The sea water surged to the Bank of Shanghai. It was very calm. The call of seabirds was like a song. The ghost was moving. The sea wind gently brushed the hair of two people. When Xiaonian accompanied Gong ou to step on the beach one by one.

It's an isolated island. There are no concrete and steel bars, no tall buildings, no bustle and bustle. There's only quiet and fresh air.

Time seems to be slowing down.

When they were walking quietly by the sea, Xiaonian wanted to ask about Mr palace. When he looked back, he saw a row of footprints they stepped on, and couldn't help falling into memories. "Gong ou, do you remember that when you were in the resort, you stepped on my footprints all night?"

It's all good memories to remember.

"Remember!" Gong Ou said, staring at her with black eyes, "I said I'll take you to the sea, but I haven't dived yet."

When Xiaonian turned around, walked backward, looked at the longer and longer footprints, and smiled, "then when we find Mr palace, we go diving?"

"Not here. The sea is too deep. It's not suitable for a novice like you."

Gong Ou vetoed her proposal directly.

"Where can I dive?" Xiaonian asked as she walked backwards.

Gong Ou looks up at her, "bathtub."


When Xiaonian was shocked, he looked down on her like this? She can also comfort you by saying a swimming pool.

She's so bad.

Dive in the bathtub.

Gong Ou stared at her white face, deep eyes, thin lips, and said, "that's the lowest risk you'll encounter."

I don't know why. As he gets along with shixiaonian for a long time, he becomes less and less worried about her. He wants to eliminate any possibility that may endanger her safety.

His voice is very low and sexy, without any sense of joking. When Xiaonian looks at him quietly, he suddenly understands his meaning.

He's worried about her, that's all.

When Xiaonian looked at his black framed glasses and smiled lightly, he suddenly ran to Gong ou, jumped up and hung it on his back, "uncle, take me to step on the footprints again."

Gong Ou's body was askew when she jumped, and his black eyes were deep. He immediately stood firm and held her body. He asked coldly, "who is your name, uncle?"

"You, Professor Shi." Xiaonian said with a smile.


Gong Ou carried her on his back and walked forward. His feet stepped one after another on the beach, as if they had been measured with a ruler.

A gust of wind blows, Gong Ou's thin lips draw up a arc, holding up Shi Xiaonian on his back and saying in a deep voice, "Shi Xiaonian."


When Xiaonian hugged his shoulder and looked down at him, his eyes fell on his ears, where there was always a slight scar, which made people feel uncomfortable.

"That's how we keep going." Gong Ou said, with a deep voice, "shixiaonian, you are not allowed to be sick, injured or dead. Do you understand?"

In this way, he has always been around him and will never leave. Even if he has to walk with her for several lifetimes, he is willing to, and will not cry tired.

Gong Ou suddenly says this, which makes Xiao Nian stunned. She looks at the scar on his ear, her eyes move. She leans her head on Gong ou and lets him carry her.

She will.

Gong ou, she will always be there. She will walk with him all the time.

In the warm sunshine, when Xiaonian closed his eyes and said with a smile, "Gong ou, how can you also say the euphemism? Do you just say that you want to live with me forever?"


Gong Omo.

Women who don't understand the customs.

When Xiaonian lies on his back and listens to the sound of the waves, she is almost ready to sleep. For a long time, she opens her eyes and says, "OK, Gong ou, let me down. We should go to Mr palace."

The business is always to be done.

"Who said we were going to find robots?"

Gong Ou said, stubbornly continue to carry her forward.

"When small read a face to ask inexplicably," we go to the island is not to find Mr palace

They don't dress up to find Mr palace.

"Yes, but not now."

Gong Ou said.

When Xiaonian blinked, he said, "do you mean it's dangerous to enter the Berger family in the daytime? Also, it's better to go in the evening. It's not easy to be found out. "


Gong Ou carries her on his back and goes on, no doubt.

"Let me down, I'll go myself."


"Then when are you going to carry it to me?"

"Back to sleep!"

Gong Ou said that he continued to carry her on his back and carried her very steadily. When Xiao Nian couldn't fight against Gong ou, he could only lie on his back honestly.

He has a broad back and a steady strength.

When Xiaonian lies on his back, she falls asleep as she walks. Her pale pink lips have a light smile all the time, and the sunlight has stained her eyelashes.

Little by little time passes.

When Xiaonian wakes up, it's Dusk outside. The sea at dusk is so beautiful that it seems to be another mirage. When Xiaonian lies on Gong Ou's back and stares at the sea like gold.

And Gong Ou is still carrying her on his back. He never cried out tired or put her down.

The journey ended with the sound of "hungry" from shixiaonian. They walked back hand in hand.

Back at the small hotel, the sharp nosed landlady and the red eyed Su Yaoyao were standing outside at the table to arrange dinner.

Seeing them coming back, Su Yaoyao rubbed her eyes and lowered her head so low that she could not lift it up. "Mr. and Mrs. Gong, wash your hands and have dinner."


When small read nods, with Gong ou to go inside.

"I don't want to see that old woman. You can eat it and cook it for me." Gong Ou said after washing his hands, and without waiting for Xiaonian to respond, he turned and went upstairs.


When small read helplessly looked at the back of Gong ou, then walked out.

Su Yaoyao is setting a dish, when Xiaonian comes to help, and whispers, "Miss Su, don't worry. If my husband hurts you, I'll apologize for him."

Hearing this, Su Yaoyao looked up at shixiaonian, then shook his head desperately. "I'm sorry. I know I'm not good. He should scold me."


"I don't know what happened to me. Maybe I saw such a handsome man for the first time. I can't control myself. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Su Yaoyao bowed to Xiao Nian and apologized.


When small read hurriedly pulls her up, "you don't like this, Miss Su, I didn't blame you anything."

Su Yaoyao looked at him gratefully and said, "don't worry, I promise, I won't blush any more!"


There's a guarantee for this.

When Xiaonian can't help laughing, "it's OK, don't do that."


Su Yaoyao's eyes were red again, and she rubbed them desperately. The landlady beside her couldn't understand their Chinese. After reading more, she read it carefully and asked, "what about your professor?"

"When small read to smile a way," he some acclimatized, I will boil some soup to send him to drink, let's eat first

When Xiao Nian sat down with Su Yaoyao, the landlord's wife also sat down, three people quietly using dinner, the background is a golden sea.

"Your school doesn't know that, does it?"

The landlady asked suddenly.

When Xiaonian and Su Yaoyao look up at the landlord's wife at the same time. They don't know what they have. The landlord's wife cuts a piece of cake on the plate and looks at shixiaonian and says, "he is too old for you. You are still a student and should not be deceived."

When Xiaonian realized that the landlady was talking about Gong ou and her, she was embarrassed and said, "madam, we really love each other."

"You are so young, you know what is true love?" Said the landlady with a serious face.


I was educated.

When Xiaonian can't tell the truth, he can only hold up a glass of water to cover up his embarrassment.

The landlady looked at her anxiously and said, "don't say that old men will cheat young girls like you, even those of the same age will cheat you. I have met a lot of heartless men in this hotel."

"My wife said so."

When small read embarrassed smile.

Su Yaoyao said in a low voice in Chinese beside Xiaonian, "the landlady didn't marry because she had seen too many people in this hotel."

This hotel is the only one on the island. If there are islanders who fall in love or cheat in private, they will come here for the night. Therefore, the landlady has seen a lot.

No matter what they whispered, the landlady looked up at the golden sea in the distance and said, "just now I saw you strolling by the sea, which reminds me that decades ago, there was a couple of little lovers walking there every day. The boys kept walking with the girls on their backs, but they were not in a good mood."