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Chapter 331 cruise to the UK

Listen to her nausea.

She was forced to hold back. Once she was found out, she was injured a little, and the two babies in her stomach were killed.

But the condition of nausea was not that she could bear it if she wanted to. A few minutes later --


When small read to turn head to vomit a ground, painful unbearable, brow frown tightly.

The men who were dancing were all looking at her in the corner. When Xiaonian looked at them in fear, his body shrank.

“oh,shit! Wake up again! "

A blonde foreigner with blue eyes pushed away the waitress beside him and walked towards her discontentedly.


When Xiaonian looked at them in fear, would he come to hit her again.

"No." Someone came out to stop the foreigner. Looking at him, Xiaonian said, "it's already on the cruise line. She can't escape anywhere, and she can't send messages. There's no need to knock out."

Just spit, when small read's mouth bitterness is severe, heard this word slightly relieved.

She looked at them warily. "Who are you? What do you want to do? I have no money for you. "

"Money?" Smell speech, a group of men standing in front of her laugh, "of course we know you have no money, but your worth is enough!"


Is she valuable? Maybe before, now she has been abandoned.


When Xiaonian wanted to talk, a tall man came to her. "Enough, miss, we refuse to answer your questions. If you want to be comfortable, don't resist. Listen to us obediently. We won't hurt you."

"What do you want to do?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"What's the rush? You'll know when you get to the destination." The man smiled and pulled her up directly from her seat. Her movements were not gentle.

Xiao Nian's hands were tied back and pushed forward by him.

The man pushes her into a room on the cruise ship, "Miss, you stay here, don't try to do unnecessary things, otherwise we will knock you out again, it's not good, you say?"

When he said that, Xiaonian was pushed into the room by them.

The room was exquisite and gorgeous, without any dust, and there was a big bed. She stood there, went to the cabinet, turned her back, and opened the drawer.

There are scissors and other things in the drawer.

If these people don't guard her, it means that she can't escape.

When Xiaonian picked up the scissors and cut the rope clasp painstakingly. The scissors cut her wrist skin and gave out some blood.

She went to the door and looked out of the cat's eyes. A few men were standing outside, chewing gum and talking excitedly.

If she is alone, maybe she can fight for help and run to the place where there are communication tools on the cruise ship. But now she is pregnant and will easily hurt two babies.

What to do.

When Xiaonian opened a pack of paper towels on the cupboard and wiped the blood, he sat on the bed and stared at the blood on his wrist, which was gloomy.

If it was before, Gong Ou would find her first time.

But now, he should be staying with Mona all day. How could he want her.


At that time, Xiaonian couldn't figure out why those people were grasping themselves, and didn't know where their value was.

After a while, a waitress in cheongsam came in. The waitress was a blonde foreigner. Wearing cheongsam had a strong sense of disobedience.

"Would you like to have dinner?"

The waitress came in with a plate in her hand and asked in English.


When Xiaonian looked at the plate, he saw that the dishes were rich and delicate, including steak, foie gras, truffles and so on.

Give her a meat ticket to eat so well?

He looked at her doubtfully and asked, "who are you?"

The stewardess stood there, looked at her sympathetically, thought for a moment and whispered, "I'm not with the people outside, I'm just the stewardess of this cruise ship. Those people may be robbers, I don't know."

I see.

When small read nods, then looks to her imploringly, "you are a good person, can you help me to ask for help?"

The stewardess immediately shook her head like a rattle. "No, our whole cruise ship is under control. There are many of them. We can't ask for help. They will let us down when they talk about the place. They won't kill us."

They can't mess around.

So it turns out.

When Xiaonian sat by the bed, he looked down with some frustration.

"Hurry up and eat something. I heard that you are a pregnant woman. They specially told us not to give you food that is not suitable for pregnant women." Said the waitress kindly.

Did the robbers know she was a pregnant woman? Thinking about her?

Then he looked at her and asked, "do you know where the cruise will go?"

"We'll come down to the island not far in front of us. It's said that there's someone else to take care of them." The waiters whispered, glancing at the injury in her hand and sharing sympathy.

After thinking about it, the waiter looked at the door and said more quietly, "but I overheard them saying that they are going to take you to England."


When small read stupefied next, the Mou son revolves in the eye socket, her low Mou looks to the rich delicacy in the dinner plate.

She thought she knew who had kidnapped her and why.

Knowing this, shixiaonian realized that his and his baby's life safety can be guaranteed, so he was not so afraid.

She should eat and sleep.

Because she was at sea, and her illness was not completely cured, and she was tossed and turned again. Xiaonian had to vomit several times a day, and then fell into a coma on the bed.

I don't know how long it has been. When Xiaonian felt the illusion of several days and nights, those people kept changing her cruise ship and ship.

She was sick and sleepy all the time.

When I woke up last time, Xiaonian saw that the room in front of me was not a room on the boat. The whole room was circular arc-shaped, with a large area, elegant and quiet decoration, and the air was still floating with a light fragrance, which made me feel comfortable.

Where is this?

She was lying in bed with her eyes open, sitting up from the bed, looking at the layout of the room in disbelief.

The window is very small, and the window is so small in such a large place.

Looking out of the window, it seems that the water blue sky is where she can touch her hands. When Xiaonian stood by the window and looked down, he saw a circle of arc-shaped balcony outside.

Looking out, you can see the boundless sea with white flowers.

This is not the point.

The point is that the sea and the rocks are so far away from her that at a glance she feels like she's going to fall from the sky.

She didn't have acrophobia. She felt that she was going to be forced out of acrophobia.

When small read palpitations, involuntarily back a step, the door was opened from the outside, a brown short haired foreign man stood there, see her way, "you wake up?"

Men with brown hair and brown pupils are about the same age as Fengde. They wear standard housekeeper's clothes. They are very polite

Why is this room so high.

"A tower by the sea." The man replied politely, "in the future, the young lady will live here to raise a baby."

A tower by the sea?

Foster care, so she has arrived in England now?

When small read to look at him in astonishment, then way, "I want to see palace madam."

Smell speech, that man stupefied for a while, did not expect when small read already guessed who brought her to this place, the way, "madam is below, I take you past."

"You are?"

"I'm the housekeeper of the palace lady. You can call me charles." Charles has a style of etiquette.

This is very similar to Fengde.

Also, they are all housekeepers from the palace, which are naturally similar.

With that, Charles turned and left.

When small read no other way, can only follow him down, step on the stairs down.

It's obviously for a pregnant woman, with thick blankets under the stairs and shoes on her feet.

After walking down the stairs one floor, Charles took her into the retro elevator and went down to the bottom floor.

The elevator door opens slowly in front of Xiaonian.

Looking forward, she saw a lot of bodyguards standing there, one by one holding hands, expressionless.

"Miss Shi, this way, please."

Charles helped his glasses and politely took Xiaonian out of the tower.

When Xiaonian walked out for a while, he turned back and looked up. He saw that the cylindrical tower was so high that he could control her to raise a baby on such a high tower.

There was a flash of resentment in Xiao Nian's eyes, and then he followed Charles on.

In the distance, the bodyguard stood around to observe the surrounding situation. A slim and slim figure stood on the highest rock. She was wearing a long grey blue slim dress, which was dragged to the side of the shoes to show her beautiful lines.

It's Luo Qi.

She wore an elegant sun hat with a wave like curve on the brim. Her long hair was carefully combed. The sea breeze was so big, and her long hair was just a few strands.

When Xiaonian looks at her, it can't be denied that Luo Qi is a graceful and noble woman like a painting.

The sea is beating against the rocks, and the wind is cool.

When Xiaonian walked forward under the guidance of Butler Charles and stood behind Luo Qi, he chuckled his lips, restrained his anger and politely called her "madam"

Luo Qi turned around, looked at her, a unique face with a kind smile, "when miss is good, I didn't expect that we met again so soon."

The tone was peaceful and kind, as if she had not been bound, but invited by the hospitality.

"Madam, please allow me to go back to China. I'm not used to staying here."

When small read lightly said, a white face without expression.

Now she doesn't know how to face the people of the palace.

"I've worked hard to get you here. How can I make you leave easily?" Luo Qi smiled and said, her eyes fell on her stomach, and her eyes were very gentle. "It's an unexpected surprise for me. You can rest assured that I've arranged everything in this tower. You can have a baby at ease, and there are doctors here all the time. I'll have the delivery room ready in two days."