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Chapter 269 is a blind date

"Of course."

When Mona saw him coming back, she had a deep smile on her face, and her eyes were as beautiful as the sea water.

"Come here, shixiaonian!" Gong Ou turns her eyes and looks at her.


When small read nods, walk to sit beside Gong ou.

Mona also sat down, opened a stack of materials, looked up at them, and finally her eyes fell on Shi Xiaonian, with a kind smile on her face. "By the way, I hope you don't have any misunderstanding, Miss Shi. There's nothing between me and Mr. Gong, even if it is How can I say that? Dating. Yes, it was a blind date. "


When Xiaonian sat there and listened in silence.

"It's not a boyfriend or girlfriend to have a blind date in the world. I hope you don't mind. I'm very professional." Mona said.

"Well, let's start."

When small read some farfetched to show a smile.

A blind date.

The blind date between nobles, like ordinary people, involves all kinds of interests. If it is not for Gong Ou's unwillingness, the marriage has already become.

But Mona said that, and she listened.

It's important to treat Gong ou.

"OK." Mona opens a nearby laptop, taps it, and says, "watch a video first."

Mona adjusted her laptop so that Gong ou could see it.

When Xiaonian didn't pay attention to the content of the video, she just looked at Mona and saw that she began to take notes on the documents, with a meticulous look on her face and beautiful handwriting, just like her.

An aristocrat's eldest lady actually liked to study psychology, and she came to China alone.

Although I haven't said a few words, Shi Xiaonian has seen in her that she is strong, independent and confident, as well as her inborn noble spirit and grace. She is a perfect woman.

It's so much better than her. It's good in all respects.

When Xiaonian looked at Mona's time, the video played out.

Mona raised her face and ran into shixiaonian's eyes. Shixiaonian didn't know whether she was ashamed or something.

Mona gave her a friendly smile and asked Gong ou, "Mr. Gong, can you tell me what you see in the video?"

"The white man with golden hair is honest, kind and tolerant. The black one is a villain, treacherous, insidious and calculating." Gong Ou looked at the computer screen and said coldly, analyzing all the characters in the middle.

"Mr. Gong, is that what you see?" Mona smiled helplessly, and then looked at Shi Xiaonian. "Miss Shi, your boyfriend is deliberately concealing his illness. What he said is the same as what normal people see, but I believe that this is not his real idea."

Words fall, Gong Ou's hand when he clenches it.

Ten fingers clasped.

When Xiaonian takes a look at Gong ou, he holds him back and gives him strength.

"Mr. Gong, you are a person with a high IQ, so you know what a normal person looks like and know the test results of a normal person. But here, I hope you can admit it, otherwise I can't give you effective treatment. " Mona said.

"I've long said you're just a big lady."

Gong Ou gave her a scornful look.

"Are you challenging me, Mr. Gong?" Mona asked, the corner of the lips raised a curve, and then looked at Shi Xiaonian. "OK, even if you don't cooperate, I can also treat you. Miss Shi, why don't you talk about Mr. Gong's symptoms?"

When Gong Ou clenched again, Xiao Nian did not immediately pull her away.

He still wants to be treated.

When Xiaonian thought of this, he put aside the disorderly ideas in his mind, calmed down and confessed to Mona, "Gong Ou's temper is more irritable."

Mona nodded, opened the recording pen, and then wrote down the content on the paper. She said, "he can't control the small emotions that ordinary people can control very well. Once angry, he can't stop himself, can he?"

It's a psychiatrist. It's like seeing it with your own eyes.

"Yes." I nodded.

"Miss, please go on."

"In addition, he believed in the truth he thought. Sometimes he put all the evidence in front of him. He didn't believe it. He only believed in himself." He continued.

Mona nodded as she remembered, "typical paranoid personality disorder."

"And..." When small read purses lips, turn Mou to see to palace Europe, some difficult to speak.

Gong Ou stared at her, black eyes deep, reached out and pinched her face, "what are you doing to stop talking? What else do you want to say about me? "


I was embarrassed.

"It's not a bad word. Miss Shi is clear about Mr. Gong's symptoms, which proves that she cares about you very much." Mona sat there, smiling and interposing.

When small read some surprised, did not expect Mona will speak for her to solve the siege.

"Of course, my woman cares about me. I need you to say that?" Gong Ou snorts, and black eyes look at Mona displeasantly. "Are you finished? Is there any treatment after asking? "

"Did Miss Shi just want to say that Mr. Gong would doubt your loyalty? For example, he will interfere with your interpersonal relationship, especially the opposite sex. "

When Mona didn't answer the questions, she read.


When Xiaonian only blinked at Mona, but didn't say it, which would make Gong Ou angry.


But obviously, Gong Ou is angry.

Gong Ou slaps the table and stands up, staring at Mona with gloomy eyes. He says, "are you here to inquire about your privacy? If you can cure it, get out of here! "

"Because these are typical symptoms of paranoid personality disorder, I must ask." Mona was not surprised by Gong Ou's anger. She still smiled and said, her sea blue eyes are very beautiful. "Since Mr. Gong doesn't cooperate with her, I hope I can integrate into your life."

Hearing this, Xiao Nian's eyes jumped.

"What do you say?"

Gong Ou is also stunned, and her black eyes are especially gloomy.

"I am different from other doctors. I will make different treatment plans for each patient, so I have a 100% success rate." Mona stood up at the writing table and said earnestly, "I need to watch you closely to make the best and fastest treatment for you."


Asked Gong Ou coldly.

"Yes, it took me only three months to treat a patient and there was no sign of recurrence." Mona said.


When Xiaonian sat there in silence, her heart sank inexplicably. She didn't know why she was like this, just talking about treatment. She was thinking about something.

Gong Ou stood there without saying, a pair of black eyes in thinking.

It will be cured in three months.

Three months

"Of course, I know that my identity is a little bit awkward. In this way, I can follow Mr. Gong's trip every day. I won't follow him at home." Mona said, looking at shixiaonian, with a friendly smile in her eyes, and asked, "Miss Shi, do you have any problem? I just want to see the patient better. "

Observe the patient.

After all, what else can she say? After all, she hopes Gong ou can be cured better than anyone else.

"Of course I don't mind." When Xiaonian smiled, he got up from his chair and asked, "can it really be cured in three months?"

"I can't guarantee this, just that I have such a precedent, but I promise that I can cure Mr. Gong." Mona's face showed absolute confidence.

"Good! I'll give you three months! "

Gong Ou stood there, cold and clear.


When Xiaonian stood beside him and watched Gong ou, he decided to accept Mona's treatment.

This is a good thing.

He accepted.

"That's great." Mona smiled and said to shixiaonian, "by the way, Miss Shi, you can give Mr. Gong more vitamins, but during my treatment, don't touch alcohol, and don't eat too much spicy food."


I nodded.

Now Gong Ou doesn't touch alcohol at all. At least she makes food anyway. She can control it.

"Tell my housekeeper! This is my woman, not my nanny! "

Gong Ou said coldly to Mona as soon as she hugged Xiaonian. Then when she hugged Xiaonian, she turned around and walked out. She didn't even say hello to her, and the meteor left.

"Goodbye, Mr. Gong, Miss Shi."

Mona spoke politely, without a hint of anger.


When Xiaonian looks back at Mona in Gong Ou's arms, she stands there smiling.

When I came out of the private club, Gong Ou held Xiao Nian and walked to the car. As soon as they got into the car, Gong Ou heard the cold voice, "Feng De, check Mona, is she really qualified to be my doctor?"

"Yes, sir."

Feng de sat in the passenger seat, turned around and nodded.

When Xiaonian looked at miyou's handsome face in surprise, "do you doubt her?"

"Doubting, of course, who knows if she's trying to seduce me with a fake doctor's license?" Gong Ou said directly that he was arrogant and arrogant.


When small nianmo, she was also concerned about this problem in her mind. He said that, she didn't know whether to worry about it. She couldn't help saying, "Gong ou, I just left out the same thing. You are too arrogant."

"Why can't I be arrogant?" Gong Ou asked bluntly, "don't you think I'm a man worthy of being seduced?"


"Just you! No woman has ever made me so hard! " Gong Ou's black eyes stared at her deeply and reached out to pinch her face.

She's especially cute with the head of a ball, just as cute as she was in a maid's costume.

"Do I make you work hard?"

Asked shixiaonian in amazement.


“……” When hearing this, Xiaonian lowered her eyes and her eyes were dim. Her hands were unconsciously twisted together. For a while, she said purposely and pointlessly, "do you want to go to find my biological parents and say that they are aristocrats? Then I won't let you work so hard."

"Who said you didn't have a background for me?" Gong Ou glared at her displeased, reached out and twisted her ear. "What are you thinking all day long in your head?"