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Chapter 152 growing feelings

Her eyes were stagnant. "Is this intentional injury?"

Gong Ou's eyes are awe inspiring, and he clenches them into a fist


If she had not seen Gong Ou's ability to cut vegetables before, she would have thought that he was playing the bitter meat scheme.

She couldn't believe that someone who could develop N.E. system could make the kitchen look like a war scene.

Gong Ou grabs the notepad in her hand, tears it up and throws it out.

The pieces of paper were flying in the air like snowflakes.

Gong Ou stood under the wooden eaves, hands on the railings, back slightly bent, face difficult to see the pole.

When Xiaonian looks at him, compared with the attitude of those staff members who can't avoid her, Gong Ou tries her best to please her, which makes her feel inexplicably warm.

Gong Ou used to be so bad to her that she almost burned herself to please her He was also the first.

The only one.

"Let me see your hand." When small read to open up.

"What's good! I like to have injuries on my hands! "

Gong Ou didn't get angry. He stared at the paper and clenched his hands on the railing.

Show her and laugh at him.

What should he say? To admit that he hurt himself on purpose is to make a pretence, not on purpose, he is an idiot.

He has never been so embarrassed.

"You can't hold it like this. Let me check it." When small read frown way.


"Show me." She tried to be soft.

"I won't let you see it!"

"Will you give it?" When Xiaonian lost the heart to argue with him.


"Give or not love! Pull down! "

Xiao Nian frowned and shouted at him.

With that, she left. As soon as she turned around, a strong arm stopped her. The slender hand slowly spread out in front of her, and the palm was bloodstained.


So she has to be fiercer than him and louder than him before he can hear it. Is this man's M attribute coming out again.

When small read helplessly to look at him.

Gong Ou stretched out his hand in front of her, and a face with black marks turned away, desperately maintaining his height.

"Let's go to the medical room."

When Xiaonian took his hand and walked to the side.

When her soft fingers touched him, Gong Ou's eyes lit up, and some of them lowered their heads in uncertainty.

She took his hand.

She took his hand!

Gong Ou looks at Xiaonian walking in front of him. His heart beats violently and he almost jumps out.

This woman must be in love with him this time!


When Xiaonian takes Gong ou to the medical room of the resort, a doctor in a white coat will come forward to treat him. Gong Ou stares back several steps and directly hits the wall.

"You get it for me."

Gong Ou looks at her with a domineering tone. The pupil is tightening because he looks at her more.

"I won't."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"You teach!" Gong Ou stares at the doctor.


When Xiaonian sighs silently, how does Gong Ou always like to do this superfluous thing.

Gong Ou sat on a chair, raised his leg and raised his hand with pride and dignity.

When Xiaonian saw the black mark on his face, he couldn't help laughing. He really wanted to remind him not to show his dignity It's quite illegal.

Under the guidance of her doctor, she stood there to disinfect Gong ou.

The blisters on his fingers are getting bigger and bigger. It's amazing to see them. Xiaonian can't help but say, "don't go into the kitchen later."

"Why, do you love me?"

Gong Ou's black eyes fixed on her.

"I love the kitchen and the food." Shixiaonian quickly answers.

"When small read, you say a heartache me you will die!" Gong Ou clenches his teeth and stares at her fiercely. "I see all the heartache on your face!"

Listening to his words, Xiaonian's heart was sluggish. He jumped and missed a beat inexplicably. He couldn't help but look down more and didn't want him to see the expression on his face.

Gong Ou saw through what she was thinking and said, "bury your face in the earth, I can see it!"


When small read no longer speak, only concentrate on healing for him, pack a thin layer of gauze, "OK."

As soon as she raised her eyes, she ran into the deep vision of Gong ou.

Her heart shook fiercely. When she was

she pretended to naturally lower her head, took out a piece of wet tissue from her pocket, tore open the packing bag, took out the wet tissue and handed it to him. "You have a dirty left face."

"You wipe it for me!"

Gong Ou sits there and stares at her deeply. Her face is only reflected in his pupils. There is nothing else.


When Xiaonian had to wipe his face.

In the process of wiping her face, she will inevitably meet Gong Ou's eyes. His eyes are so deep that she can't avoid them. An unspeakable delicacy overflows in her heart.

Restraint, restraint.

Don't be moved by a little bit of trifles.

Shi Xiaonian tells himself desperately in his heart.

Gong Ou stares at her, suddenly raises the corner of his mouth, and his eyes are full of pride. He opens his thin lips and says, "when I read, you blush!"


Smell words, wet paper towel slip from her hand, fall on his body.

When Xiaonian stood there stiffly, feeling his face in the heat, a flash of fear in his eyes.

She's afraid, something It's really overwhelming.

Gong Ou did not understand her tangle, and gazed at her with a complacent and pretentious face.

When Xiaonian stood there, standing as a statue.

It's night.

The sound of the waves outside spread into the wooden house.

In the quiet bedroom, when Xiaonian was lying on the bed, resting on Gong Ou's arms, his eyes were wide open and staring at the ceiling.

Gong Ou hugs her and falls asleep.

She can't sleep.

Turning her face around his arm, she saw Gong Ou's injured hand in front of her eyes, and the white gauze was particularly eye-catching at night.

Looking at the gauze, Xiaonian's heart pricked.

"Don't do so much for me." She said in a low voice, "why can't you understand?"

She speaks to herself.

Words fall, the sleeping Gong Ou suddenly hugs her more tightly, obviously is sleeping, but suddenly touches her face, kisses on her face, then relies on her to continue to sleep.


When Xiaonian closed her eyes, her long lashes were quivering.

She really didn't know what to do with Gong ou. His frequent courtesies made her more and more vulnerable.

After ordering three kitchens in the resort, Gong Ou finally makes a plate of fried rice with eggs for her.

Although the burnt eggs and grains of rice have been removed, Xiao Nian is still full of burnt fragrance when he eats them. At last, he can only give praise under his coercion.

In the following days, Gong Ou seems to have kept her pulse, made constant advances to her and stabbed her in the softest part of her heart.

Knowing that the staff alienated her and didn't take her to surf, Gong Ou personally taught her to rush in the shallow sea;

when she fell asleep at night, sometimes she felt cool, and the quilt on her body would be covered in time;

everything is a small thing.

But they are also small things that can not be ignored.

Gong Ou must take her heart off, she thought.

Gong Ou's heart is precious when everyone alienates her.

Two more days later, Mr palace, a distinguished guest, was welcomed on holiday.

After the correction of that angle, the MR palace looks much better in gongou, but in Xiaonian's eyes, there is no difference.

"I made fried rice with eggs and asked Mr palace to accompany you. I'll go to work."

Gong Ou handed her a plate of fried rice with eggs and left with a long kiss on her lips.


When small read with this dish of fried rice eggs, lower his head smell, bath cry without tears.

It's all burnt incense.

Needless to say, Gong Ou must have fried a lot of rice, then took out the uncooked ones one by one, and put them into a plate for her.

Can this craft stop hurting her stomach.

"Let's go, Mr palace. Go to the seaside with me."

When Xiaonian looked at the robot and said, use some beautiful scenery to eat, or she really didn't know how to eat.

"Yes, master."

The palace readily agreed that electronic sound seemed to have been processed to be more pleasant than before.

When Xiaonian takes Mr palace to the seaside, the sun is very good.

She's been suntanned a bit these days at the resort.

Shi Xiaonian sat down in the reclining chair under the sun umbrella and began to eat fried rice with eggs facing the sea. She ate hard and stressed every time she ate.

It's not only because of the smell of burning incense, but also because of Gong Ou's feelings for her.

The R palace walked aside, glanced at her face, felt her heartbeat at the moment, and asked, "master, what are you thinking?"

When Xiaonian looks up at it, it is worthy of being an intelligent robot, and even actively chat with her.

These days, Gong Ou's kindness to her has brought her pressure to a peak.

She needs to talk, even if it's a robot.

"Thinking about feelings, Mr palace, do you understand?" I don't know how intelligent the robot is.

"Master, wait."

The R palace stood there, his eyes were shining, rows of blue words were brushed through his eyes, and he opened his mouth, "emotion refers to a relatively strong psychological response to external stimulation, the expression of action, the emotion generated by the human brain for a specific thing, and the subjective reflection of the value of a specific thing in the human brain."

When Xiaonian listened to the laughter, he said, "do you want to recite the interpretation of the Internet encyclopedia to me?"

"Master, I'm stupid. I can't help my master."

The r-house makes a look down.

"It doesn't matter. I just want to talk to someone." When small read light tunnel, continue to put eggs into his mouth fried rice.

"The master and Mr. Gong are very kind and affectionate." Mr palace suddenly said.

"Is this what Gong Ou implanted for you? You are a real replica of him. "

When small read helpless.

The R palace intelligently asked, "does the master love Mr. Gong?"

"I don't want to think about it." When Xiaonian put the plate aside and looked at the boundless sea, a pair of black and white eyes were bleak. "Gong Ou is not in a normal mood any more. He is also such a high-ranking person. Qi Da Fei is not even. I am doomed to be a third and second Nai beside him."


The R palace didn't speak, and listened attentively with head askew.

"In this case, I have stood in such an embarrassing position, why do I want to love or not?" When small read a wry smile, "do you say that a love can not principle, do not morality?"? I can't do it. "