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Chapter 670 sweet family day

The two started a tug of war.

"Stop eating." When small read close to the palace Europe side, low voice serious tunnel, "you eat again I will not register with you."

She's really afraid that he'll spoil her stomach.

"How dare you threaten me with this?"

Gong Ou stares at her.

"Do you have any?" When I was young, I was serious.

Gong Ou stares at her severely. He still slaps chopsticks back on the table and says angrily, "no more!"


When small read smile, tone with coax a child like.

Gong Ou watched as the maids collected the dishes little by little. His face was so ugly that he could hardly breathe. He pointed to the maid and said, "this, this, this, you guys won't go to work tomorrow!"

Yes, this is the legend of anger.


The maids stood there in a daze, wondering what they had done wrong.

"It's OK. Gong Ou is joking with you." Shi Xiaonian stood up from the dining table and pushed the unhappy Gong ou. "Let's go, let's decorate the teachers' rooms and have some activities to eliminate food."

It's about to be arranged during the day, but it hasn't started yet.


Palace Kui immediately jumped up, happy tunnel.

"Why should I decorate the room for my paymaster?" Asked Gong Ou displeased.

"This is to teach the children to respect their teachers, and to work together!"

When small read is to pull up Gong ou, Gong Ou reluctantly follow her to leave.

A family of four started their activities after dinner. They began to decorate the room for teachers, design the door number of the room, distribute bath products, and make gifts by themselves. They were very busy.

On the second floor, Shi Xiaonian and Gong Ou hang the doorplate for the room. Gong Ou is not interested in this kind of activity of respecting the teacher and respecting the way. One hand touches Xiaonian's waist, and the thin lips are slightly open, saying that they are on Xiaonian's lips.

Gong Yao squats on the ground to do his hand work.

Gong Kui, on the other hand, sprawled in the hallway and wrote on the cards.

"Mr. Smith!" Gong Kui held the card and waved it to the adults. "Dad, mom, do you think I wrote Chinese?"

When Xiaonian is being held in his arms by Gong ou, they decorate a doorplate with ten fingers. The efficiency is slower than that of two children.

Hearing Gong Kui's voice, Xiao Nian hurriedly breaks Gong Ou's arms, squats down to see Xiang Gong Kui, and says, "Xiao Kui writes very well."

Gong Ou glanced down and smiled mockingly. "There are two wrong words in five words."


Sunflower spits its tongue.

"I'll teach you!"

Gong Ou goes to Gong Kui and squats down, encircles her small body in her arms, and holds her small hand with her big hand to teach her to write correct Chinese characters.

"Wow, look at Dad's handwriting." Gong Kui exclaimed, "I want to say to the teachers, copy the words of dad."

"My Gong Ou's daughter is promising!"

Gong Ou is very satisfied with the worship of sunflower.

"Dad, write a few more. You write Mr. Smith. I like you very much. If you don't always face me, I like you better." Gong Kui said.


Gong Ou is in a good mood, so she grabs her little hand and helps her write down the words one by one.

When Xiaonian looks at the two of them, smiles on his face, turns his eyes to Gong Yao, and sees him squatting there with a small stick and inserting a black ball to match something.

She went to Gong Yao, squatted down beside him, and asked softly, "what are you doing? Can I help you? Are you putting together a house for the teacher? Why do you use black balls instead of colored ones? "

The color is more beautiful.

Gong Yao put up his handiwork, looked at her and said, "I'm doing molecular structure."


"This is the molecular structure of diamond. Look, did I do something wrong?" Gong Yao hands her the work and waits for her to give the answer.


Molecular structure.

She gave it back to her chemistry teacher as soon as she graduated from high school.

When Xiaonian received Gong Yao's works with some embarrassment and tried to find out a little memory of his study in that year, "holy, do you teach chemistry now?"

She remembers that she started in junior high school.

"The teacher said that we don't learn according to the outside teaching materials, only depending on our own learning progress." Gong Yao replied earnestly, "the progress of Xiaokui and I is not the same."



When Xiaonian silently holds the molecular structure in his hand and is stunned.

As soon as he heard Gong Yao's voice, Gong Kui, who was surrounded by Gong ou, immediately shouted, "Oh, my teacher also said that learning is not important, but interest is the most important."

"My interest is learning."

Said Gong Yao without expression.

"My interest is playing!"

Palace Kui immediately said.

When Xiaonian smiles, Gong Ou looks at her, grabs the framework of molecular structure from her hand, takes down a few small balls and reassembles them, which is fast and confusing.

The next second, Gong Ou put the molecular structure in front of Gong Yao and said, "now do you know what's wrong?"


Looking at the modified molecular structure, Gong Yao looks at Gong ou and nods, "HMM."

"Not too stupid."

Gong Ou Dao.

When Xiaonian squatted aside, blinked his eyes silently for two times, and asked weakly, "do you still remember that?"

Do n. e's business have to touch these?

"Why don't you remember?" Gong ou could not help asking, "if you have learned, you will forget. What's the use of learning?"


When Xiaonian was speechless, well, it seems that she has to go to class with Gong Yao and Gong Kui. She can forget what she learned.

She rubbed against Gong Yao's side, learning to spell all kinds of molecular structures with him. Gong Yao didn't remember very well, and almost one of the three needed to be adjusted by Gong ou.

In a short time, there was a row of molecular structures in the corridor.

Four members of the family have completely deviated from the activities of respecting teachers and respecting the way of teaching. They are all fighting for molecular structure.

"I think we are so happy!"

Gong Kui's tender voice suddenly sounded, and she squatted there, a pair of small hands holding a small face of meat, and her voice was as refined as a small adult.

Xiaonian smiles and continues to piece together the molecular structure.

Gong Kui suddenly sighed again, "ah."

The remaining three people all looked at her. Gong Kui squatted there, with a beautiful little face showing the expression of worrying about the country and the people, which was very funny. "We are so happy, that Bob brother doesn't have any pain from his father and mother, and he doesn't have a brother like Xiao Kui. I think he is so pitiful. He must hide and cry secretly."

Smell speech, when small read lifting eyes to see palace anemone, into meditation.

That child is really poor, others are a family reunion, but he can only be lonely in the welfare home, and his character has also caused deviation in the past four years.

"What brother?" Gong Ou frowned.

"Bob, don't you remember?" When Xiaonian looks at Gong ou.

"Who? I want to remember? "

Gong Ou asked as he adjusted the molecular structure of Gong Yao. There was no impression at all.

He really forgot these things very quickly, when he read: "it's the child that Tang Yi left before, and now it's quite big. Do you remember?"

"Who is Tang Yi?"

Gong Ou forgot all about it.

It's the person you once had a spring night. When Xiaonian was sour, he choked it back and whispered, "come on, I'll talk to you when I go back to the room."

She can't tell him in front of her two children that Tang Yi is the one who gave you medicine.

"Shall we live with him?" Gong Kui asked, a little anxious. "Dad, he is very poor. He has a biting disease in the welfare home. They still keep him locked. Now they drive him away."

"You have only the right to suggest."

Gong Yao said.

“……” Gong Kui stands up and shakes Gong ou. He shakes back and forth. "Dad, you can promise. We have a lot of family and rooms. We can let him live."

"All right, I'll think about it."

Gong Ou is frowned by Gong Kui.


Gong Kui jumped up with joy, and there was a glint of cunning in her eyes.

It turned out that all she said about happiness was to pave this.

Gong Kui and Gong Yao have very different personalities, but they are also very smart. However, they don't need to study at all. It seems that she really cares about Bob.

Back in the bedroom, with the reminder of shixiaonian, Gong Ou remembers the woman, "it's the bitch."

When Xiaonian sat in front of the piano and nodded, "what are you going to do? Xiaokui is quarreling to live with him. Holy doesn't want to. It's not easy to weigh. "

Whatever decision you make will hurt one of the children's hearts.

Gong Ou sat on the bed and said coldly, "why should I raise the woman's son? I was afraid that I would retaliate against her and run away without a trace. My son didn't care. He wanted me to raise his son for her? "


No way.

"At that time, I thought that Tang Yi really loved this child at least. I didn't expect that she could ignore it for so many years." When Xiaonian sighed, "it's Bob's sorrow to meet such a mother."

"I asked Fengde to send someone to find her and ask her to take this son back!"

Gongou cold tunnel.

This time, Xiaonian agreed with Gong Ou's method. "Well, I've thought about it. I'm worried about Xiaokui and holy's safety when I pick up the child. I'm worried about putting him outside and worrying about his bullying again. The psychiatrist said that the child's lack of maternal love and autism had a bad effect on him. It might be better to return to his mother. "

Tang Yi is an irresponsible mother, but now only her appearance can make Bob better.

"You think so much." Gong OULIN hissed, "whose son will take it back! There's Tang or something. He will have to suffer when he finds me! "


"She dared to give me medicine and cheated me to have a son. After so many years of free life, can I give her some color?" Gongou cold tunnel.

It's all over.

It's a memory that can't be recalled. It's hard to remember. I cherish the present and don't want to complain about the past. It's not a good thing to remember that the negative energy is full.