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Chapter 627 hide! Why don'st you keep hiding?

Mr. y was still standing in front of the sofa, tall and stiff, motionless. A piece of broken glass hit the ground in front of him.

With this loud noise, all the people in the square were stunned, and the music stopped immediately and looked this way.

Fender drove back.

Gong Ou stood there, his eyes fixed on the inside, stooped suddenly to pick up a stick as long as a golf club, and in his hand he knocked the debris on the floor window.

Another glass snowflake fell.

He smashed it so hard that his eyes were scarlet.


After smashing, Gong Ou bends over and walks in, stepping on the debris of the ground with his feet. When Xiaonian rushes over anxiously, "Gong ou, be careful."

The ground is full of broken glass.

"Are you willing to come out?" Gong Ou stared at the front and shouted hysterically, "hide! Why don't you keep hiding? "

He roared wildly.

The voice can almost tear the eardrum of Xiaonian.

"I didn't hide, I just saw..."

When small read to say half stopped, because she found that Gong Ou is not roaring at her, his eyes across her stare at her behind.

When Xiaonian slowly turned his head, there, only Mr. y stood, he stood straight, motionless, hiding his true face without any emotion.

Did Gong ou tell Mr. y?

"I've been hiding for more than ten years, and I don't want to hide for decades anymore?"

Gong Ou roared. His face was livid. His red eyes almost looked at Mr. y hatefully, and he smashed it with a stick. Mr. y passed with the stick.

Mr. y stood still, not even dodging.


Gong Ou smashes the coffee cup on the ground. The coffee cup breaks in response. The hot coffee splashes all over the ground. It's a mess.

When Xiaonian stood there, he realized that Gong ou and Mr. y had known each other for a long time.

But how do they know each other?

Isn't Gong Ou unable to find Mr. Y's identity all the time?

Mr. y stood there and looked at Gong ou. There was no voice. The two men stood face to face. They were of the same height. Gong Ou's anger seemed to burn everything.

"What? When else do you want to cover up with this ghost look? "

Gong Ou smashes the stick in front of Mr. y and stares at him with his eyes, which are eager to tear him apart.

When Xiaonian stood there, her long lashes trembled twice and she looked at them blankly.

Mr. y stood like a piece of wood. After this sentence, he finally made a move. He raised his hand and slowly took down his sunglasses. Under the sunglasses, there were deep eyebrows and a pair of narrow and long deep eyes. The color of the eyes was black and gray, and the sockets were very deep. He looked at Gong ou like this, with guilt in his eyes.


When Xiaonian looks at Mr. y and takes off the mask on his face. At the moment when the mask is removed, he opens his eyes in shock, covers his lips with his hands, and looks at him unbelievably.

It was a face that looked very refined and mature. It had a deep outline, a vague and mixed feeling. It had clear edges and corners. Its five features were not as outstanding as those of Gong ou, but they were similar.

She has seen this face before.

At that time Gong Ou showed her a picture of his brother and Xi Yu. The young man's side face was very handsome, and she always remembered the smile in his eyes.

Gong Yu.

He is Gong Yu, the elder brother of Gong Ou who died in a car accident for more than ten years. The young man in the picture is young and handsome. The man in front of him is mature and steady, but he is the same person.

Gong Yu stood in front of them alive, intact, not to mention the burnt body. He had no burns on his face or hands.

As Gong Yu took off his mask, the air seemed to be stagnant, leaving Gong ou with a heavy breathing sound. He stared at Gong Yu's face, his eyes became more and more red, and his breathing became more and more heavy.

He lives, always in this world.

"Gong ou, long time no see."

Gong Yu stands there and looks at Gong Ou's angry face, squeezing out a smile.

The next second, Gong Ou reaches out and punches him in the face, presses him onto the sofa, holds his collar with both hands, and shouts, "you've been hiding for more than ten years, and you're willing to show up!"

He hit him in the face again.

Gong Yu sits on the sofa without any resistance. She lets Gong Ou beat herself violently. Her face turns to the past, and a bloody color seeps from her lips.

"Gong ou, stop fighting!"

Seeing this, when Xiaonian was shocked by death and rebirth, he rushed forward to hold Gong ou. "You'll hurt him, don't hit him."

"He's been dead once, and it's just another time!"

Gong Ou roars, as if he is not satisfied, he is beating Gong Yu violently again. Gong Yu is beaten by him. He spits out blood without backhand, let alone dodge.

Two people from the sofa entangled to the ground, in the ground full of broken glass, Gong Yu was beaten black and blue, biting his teeth without saying a word.

When Xiaonian anxiously tried to persuade him to fight, but he couldn't move Gong ou. He was in a hurry. "Gong ou, you will kill him. You let go. That's your brother! He's your brother! "

She cried out.

When hearing the voice of Xiaonian, the evil in Gong Ou's eyes slowly dissipated, and his eyes still stared at Gong Yu, who was sitting under him with hatred, breathing heavily.

Gong Yu was lying there, dying. His eyes were dead. The blood from the corners of his lips kept seeping out. His voice became dumb. "Have you solved the hatred, Gong Ou?"


Another punch.


Gong Yu was knocked out and fell to the ground.

Gong Ou comes down from him and sits on a piece of glass. His long fingers are buried in his hair. The back of his hand is full of blood. Some are bruised by the glass, some are Gong Yu's blood.

Feng de rushed in from the outside, saw the shock, looked at Gong Yu's face again, and cried out in amazement, "big young master? How could it be a young master? "

Just now, the young master suddenly asked him to drive and smash the floor window. He didn't know what was going on. It was for the big young master.

But didn't the eldest young master die long ago?

They have seen it with their own eyes. Why are they here again?

When Xiaonian stood there, looking at Gong Yu, who was beaten to the skin, and then at Gong ou, who was sitting by breathing heavily, he felt sad.


Gong Ou saw his brother who was born again after more than ten years. He beat him to hospital.

When Xiaonian and Fengde accompanied each other all the way, Gong Yu was lying in VIP single ward, receiving infusion, and a handsome face was full of pain at the moment.

When Xiaonian stood there watching, he didn't know how Gong Yu insisted. Gong ouxia's hand was so fierce, but he didn't even hide.

The doctor stood aside and said a lot of proper terms that he could not understand even when he was reading them. Then he said, "the patient needs to take good care of his injury now, and can't be injured any more."

Then the doctor turned and left.

Yuli and Fengde are standing on one side of the hospital bed, while Xiaonian is standing on the other side, looking at the comatose Gong Yu, turning her eyes to Gong ou.

Gong Ou sat on the sofa in the corner, with a little blood on his overcoat and a band aid on his slender hand. He refused to let the doctor take a good look at it.

His face was livid, his black eyes were staring at the ground, his thin lips were tight, his outline was tight and his breath was heavy.

When Xiaonian motioned to Fengde that they would go out first, then go to Gong ou and stare down at his handsome face, "when did you know that?"

Gong Ou looks up at her, but she doesn't speak. She looks back and feels tired.

When Xiaonian sat down beside him, he held his hand and stroked the band aid on it with his fingertips.

Now I want to come. In fact, everything is a clue. Mr. y helps her very much. If I really love her, I can't even help her husband and his relatives.

Mr. Y's London accent was so heavy, and he had curly hair from the palace. Wearing a mask and sunglasses, she obviously didn't recognize it. She didn't even notice it.

She never thought about that.

It's Gong Yu. Mingming was in a car accident. He was so anxious that he couldn't recognize the human shape. How could he appear to them without any damage?


Gong Ou has a deep voice.

"You found it on the yacht that time?" When small read stunned to look at him, "you are not even his appearance has not seen?"

At that time, Gong Ou followed them all the way, and the back palace disappeared quickly. How did he recognize it?

"His voice, let alone more than ten years, I can hear it even in more than twenty years."

Gong Ou's cold tunnel, a pair of black eyes stare at the man on the hospital bed, the face is more gloomy.

"Then why don't you stop him on the yacht?" When Xiaonian asked in bewilderment, smelling the words, Gong Ou's eyes were filled with burning anger, biting his teeth and saying, "he thought he was a dead man. Why should I stop a dead man?"

"Then today..."

"To be a dead man is to be responsible. Since he refuses to be a dead man, what's wrong with me when I unmask him?" Gong Ou stared at her and said in a cold voice, "what am I doing wrong?"

"I didn't say you did it wrong." "Shi Xiaonian said," but you are too heavy. You haven't seen each other for more than ten years. Just after the reunion, you beat your brother to the hospital. "

This practice is so fierce that it can break through the sky. It is only Gong Ou who can do such things in the world.

"Reunion?" Gong Ou sneers scornfully, "he didn't want to meet me again at all. Why should I start lightly? Well, he has been sent to the hospital. Let's go! "

"Go?" When small read surprised to see to Gong ou, "wait for him to wake up?"

"Why wait for him to wake up?"

Asked Gong Ou coldly.

"He is your most respected brother. He disappeared for more than ten years and suddenly reappeared. You don't want to know the inside story?" When small read to ask, even she is curious, she does not believe that Gong Ou does not want to know.

Just, he resisted to know.

"Respect? I can't think of any reason to respect him! " Gong Ou stands up from the sofa and stares at her with low eyes? If you don't go, I'll go! "

With that, Gong Ou raised his legs and left her alone.