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Chapter 743 sexuality and asceticism

When Xiaonian wondered if he would become a colorful face.

"Must it be like this?" When Xiaonian couldn't help but ask, the makeup artist quickly and carefully said, "our manager wants to change your temperament from all aspects, so we will give you a look that is most unlike your own."


When small read some doubt ground to look at oneself in mirror, most unlike her she is what kind of?

She was just thinking about it, when she heard Gong Ou saying, "you are going to trim all my eyebrows. Are you going to draw for me with a brush?"

In fact, the make-up artist just shaved a little of his eyebrows. He's really spiteful.

Soon, when Xiaonian and Gong Ou were separated, they were taken to try on clothes and change clothes. She wore a black long skirt with slanted shoulders. The makeup artist, like a painter, began to draw under her shoulder blades, sketching out a blue rose, a blue witch.

The rose bloomed little by little, and her long black dress was particularly enchanting with her enchanting color.

When Xiaonian felt that her whole body was getting up, and her back was very straight. She walked barefoot to the floor mirror and was stunned by herself in the mirror.

The make-up artist gave her a monster but not a pretty make-up. She wore beautiful eyes, and her long hair was designed to be a little messy but unique, which would not make people think that she was a very direct bad woman, without any wind and dust, but she stood here, without opening her mouth, without deliberately creating a sexy gesture.

Xiao Nian stood there for a long time.

If she didn't know that it was a mirror, she would have guessed who the man was. She looked at several female staff members aside, and a group of them carefully looked at her. "Are you satisfied, Mrs. Gong?"

"It turns out that I'm the most sexless in your eyes."

When Xiaonian said frankly, it's really different from her before. She hasn't tried such a beautiful make-up since she was born. With this long skirt with sloping shoulders and this blue witch on her shoulder, she can call the queen on the spot.

"Mrs. Gong." The staff carefully waited on them. "The most direct feeling that Mrs. Gong's previous image gives you is that you are really beautiful, clean and comfortable. You are right with Mr. Gong. Mr. Gong is very fierce in the media, and you are the kind of woman who softens steel in everyone's mind."

This compliment is very powerful.

"So in order to subvert it, you've designed me to be sexy?"

When small read does not blame meaning, they are to see a doctor, as long as not recognized by people on the line.

"Doesn't Mrs. Gong like it?" "This is the sexy goddess we designed," the staff asked, clenching their fists nervously

"Yes, thank you."

When Xiaonian mentioned the skirt and said with a smile, she was more concerned about another thing than these. "These cosmetics really won't have any impact on my body?"

"Don't worry, Mrs. Gong. How dare we deceive you?"

The staff said.

"Thank you." When Xiaonian raised his feet and walked forward, he asked, "how about gong'ou? Has gong'ou been replaced?"

"It should be all right."

The staff led her to go forward and opened the closed curtain. With the sound of "Chi La", the arch curtain on the opposite side was also opened.

Then Xiao Nian saw Gong ou.

Gong ou, sitting on a golden crown chair, sat there in the opposite shape of her, a pair of light colored trousers with straight trouser lines, a shirt and vest, and a refined scholar atmosphere.

Gong Ou's eyebrows have been trimmed a little. As expected, Gong Ou has lost a lot of fierce and domineering feelings. Inexplicably, she is wearing a light flax wig. The sea almost covers her eyebrows. On the bridge of her nose, she is wearing gold rimmed glasses. A pair of black eyes look at her from the inside of the lens. Her lips are thin and tight, unlike the usual domineering and irresistible taste, leaving a sense of asceticism I feel it.

Looking at him, people can't help but want to take off his glasses and see how much fanaticism there is in his eyes.

Gong Ou sits on the chair and looks up at Xiao Nian. He looks at her for several seconds. He stares at her and at the blue witch on the white skin.


How could shixiaonian have such wild sex appeal?

He suddenly found that his woman is quite suitable for variety. It seems that this role-playing game can be played by her more in the future, which is interesting.

"It's really different."

When small read does not have palace Europe so many ideas, said with a smile.

One side of the staff reminded her, "Mrs. Gong, if you want to talk to people who don't recognize you, smile coldly, with the corners of your mouth slightly down, not so warm."

"Oh, yes."

When Xiaonian was taught modestly, he pulled the corners of his mouth, and then he couldn't help laughing, "I feel like I'm not myself."

She didn't mean it.

Gong Ou is not a palace either.

"Come on, follow me, Mrs. Gong. Raise your chin a little. It can't be too much. No, it should be." The manager came up and squeezed Xiaonian's chin.

This action doesn't have any meaning. When Xiaonian was stunned for a second, he took a step backward conditionally, but a lion named Gong Ou had already blown up his hair.

"Let go! Where are you touching? " Gong Ou suddenly stands up from the chair, takes off his glasses and falls to the ground. He grabs the manager's collar and stares at him with black eyes. "Where do you touch? Uh huh?

"Mr. Gong and Mr. Gong, I didn't mean to. I just need to work. I'm sorry."

The manager was so frightened that he apologized.

When Xiaonian stood by and watched Gong Ou's fried hair with elegant and ascetic atmosphere. He was helpless. This Gong Ou really went back to before liberation.

What about the male god of abstinence?

"I want you to work!"

Gong Ou stares at him fiercely, raises his leg and kicks him, with a deep voice.

The manager was kicked to the ground, and the staff on one side begged for him. When Xiaonian grabbed Gong ou, he said softly, "OK, Gong ou, let's go. It's too late."

At this time, she can't plead for the manager, or he will die miserably.

Hearing that time is too late, Gong Ou's black eyes are deep. In order to catch up with Xiaonian's heart disease, he can't bear to register, let alone delay for a classic image store.

"Let's go."

Gong Ou snorts and reads to leave when he pulls.

A staff member immediately handed out a pair of glasses to him again. Gong Ou picked up his glasses with cold face and put them on. When Xiaonian found that Gong Ou had also been made up, but it was very light. No wonder he felt the whole edges and corners were soft.

Today's make-up technology is really fascinating into the hair, a fried lion can be converted into an ascetic male god.

Gong Ou drives with a black face. When Xiaonian sees that he is not happy, he starts to say, "the makeup technology is amazing now. I believe that Dr. naluo can't recognize us."


Gong Ou is silent.

"Do you think I look so good?"


Gong Ou is still silent.

"Let's go back after the visit. I don't want to change the visit into a honeymoon." Her last experience on Borg island has left her with a lingering fear.


Besides silence, Gong Ou is still silent.

When Xiaonian understood that he was angry and suppressed his failure to break out in front of her, he closed his mouth silently, sat quietly and counted with his fingers bent for seconds. When will the anger of Shugong Ou burst out.

Sixteen seconds.

When she counted to sixteen seconds, she heard an angry voice roaring in her ear, "what is he? Even dare to touch your chin. Does he think he can touch the chin value of Gong Ou's wife? Shit! Mr palace, call the owner of the shop just now and fire the manager! If the boss doesn't fire me, he will bring me down the shop in bad faith! "

The more you think about it, the more angry you are!

His Gong Ou's woman was touched to the chin!

"They just want to teach me how to be a little more cool." Shi Xiaonian said that he would not get people fired.

"You still speak for him? Xiao Nian! You should not be touched by him to feel it! "

Gong Ou often has a shortcoming when he is angry and angry. That's to say nothing.

Smell speech, when the face of small read is cold come down, look at him coldly, "Gong ou, what is to have feeling? Can't you do that? I'm a pregnant woman! "


Hearing this, Gong Ou suddenly seems to calm down, glancing at her with thin lips, holding the steering wheel in both hands and driving obediently without shouting at her.


When Xiaonian was stunned by his sudden silence, the original pregnant woman's trump card was so easy to use?

Gong Ou was her full-time driver all the way. He didn't get angry any more, but his face was always gloomy.

Big vinegar VAT. When

, Xiao Nian secretly Tucao a sentence, turn the eyes and Mr palace together to see the scenery, so that Mr palace will be photographed along the beautiful scenery.

When we arrived at little Chinatown, it was one o'clock in the afternoon.

It's already close to some British border.

They hurried over before they even had time to eat Chinese food. When they got off the bus, Xiao Nian looked at the scenery in front of them in amazement.

She always thought that the small Chinatown in Gongyu's mouth was a bustling Chinese street, but it was a class 6A scenic spot at all.

There is no fog, but even the wind is immortal.

The point of view is that the river borders on the house, which reminds her of Venice's water world. The architectural style here is mixed with the West and the East. There are pure Chinese style buildings, there are pure western style buildings, and there are half West and half middle style buildings, which are totally a unique landscape.

In the distance, you can see a very large amusement park. The ferris wheel is almost towering into the cloud.

In the distance, there are all kinds of high-rise buildings with different shapes, which are full of wonderful ideas of designers.

In the distance, Xiaonian heard a yacht passing by the lake. The road was clean and spotless, and there were all luxury cars on the parking line.