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Chapter 841 Gong Ou is scarred

"Holy run!"

When Xiaonian thinks all the ways she can think of, she really can't face this crazy man again, she shouts, turns around and pulls Gong Yao to run.

This time, Gong Yao did not hesitate to run with her.

The moon is hidden behind the clouds, and the light is getting smaller and smaller.

Two figures, one big and one small, ran into the woods and rushed forward recklessly.

"My watch has a location. Grandpa Feng will come to help."

Gong Yao finally talks to Shi Xiaonian.


When I was young, I didn't care how much I said. I took Gong Yao and ran all the way. They stepped on countless random branches.

The road in the woods is not clear at all.

Two people are running without direction.


Gong Yao's leg was tripped, and his small body fell to the ground at once. His hand was scratched to bleed. He didn't even cry out for pain. He quickly got up and tightened up. Xiaonian's hand ran forward again.

Both hands are cold.

But this clenching action makes Xiaonian's eyes warm. She didn't ask him if he was in pain. It's a waste of energy to say more at this time.

They have made all their efforts, but Lanting still catches up.

No one is more familiar with the forest and the flower sea tunnel than Lanting. Even with his eyes closed, he knows everything here.

He catches up with ease, holding his head in one hand and grasping Xiaonian's arm from the back in the other.

When Xiaonian looses Gong Yao's hand and pushes Lanting hard, Lanting is pushed back a step and bumps into a tree. Then Xiaonian quickly blocks Gong Yao's body like a reflex, "holy, run!"

Make sure Gong Yao runs out.

There was no sound coming from the forest. She didn't need to look back. She also knew Gong Yao would not move again.

"Here, you still want to run. None of you can run away!"

The Orchid Pavilion Yin says compassionately, rubs the head to walk toward them, when small read continues to block in front of Gong Yao, "run, holy, calculate mom to beg you, you run quickly! Run! "

In the night, a young but firm voice sounded behind her, "run together."

After the saying "I would rather you didn't give birth to me", Gong Yao said such a thing.

When Xiaonian's expression was sluggish, she was not moved. She bit her teeth and said, "if you run with me, it will only drag me down. Let's run separately. You run first!"


Gong Yao is still standing there.

Maybe he is really as Gong Ou said. When he is smart, he is stupid. When he shouldn't be smart, he is smart again. This time, he is also reading lies when he understands.

If he runs away, she will be beat to the cripple like Gong ou.


Even if Xiaonian doesn't like him, he can't.

Seeing that Gong Yao could not move, Lanting sneered, "it seems that your son is tired of running. I'll catch him first!"

If you catch Gong Yao, the woman will be obedient.

Lanting said, he pushed aside Xiaonian, who was in the way. Xiaonian rushed up to Lanting recklessly and hugged Lanting. He looked at Lanting in the night and shouted to poyin, "run! Run as far as you can! "

"Go away!"

Lanting anxiously pulls away Xiaonian's hand and throws her to the tree. Xiaonian bumps into the tree and puts out her hand to cover her stomach.

Belly, there's an unformed child here.

Sorry, baby.

Shi Xiaonian said in his heart, then rushed to Lanting again and dragged him to death, "holy, run, run!"

Be obedient, Gong Yao.


"You are really..."

When Lanting lowered his eyes and stared at her, Xiao Nian raised his legs impatiently and was about to kick her. Suddenly there was pain on his body. As soon as he turned around, Gong Yao stood in front of him. He didn't know when he had an extra stick in his hand. His young face stared at him, "go away! Don't hit me mom! Go away! "

When it comes to fighting and swearing, Gong Yao is still weak.

"You two are not finished!"

Lanting takes back his feet and kicks Gong Yao. Xiaonian rushes to Gong Yao recklessly, falls Gong Yao to the ground, and gets a lot of feet on his back.


She cried out in pain, and there was a dull pain coming from her lower abdomen. Her eyes were wet suddenly because of the pain. When Xiaonian firmly protected Gong Yao, her voice was dumb. "Why don't you run?"

Gong Yao is protected by her and looks at her with dull eyes, "why save me? You're pregnant. "

He thought that Xiao Kui and her baby would be what she liked, except her.

He knows that when adults get hurt, so do babies.

Lanting stood aside, bent down to pull shixiaonian aside. Shixiaonian hugged Gongyao and bowed his head to his ear and said, "the little baby has not formed yet, he will not hurt. His mother is an adult, and does not hurt. It doesn't matter."

Really, it doesn't matter.


Gong Yao looks at her stupidly.

When Xiaonian was torn down by Lanting, he held up his body and lowered his eyes to Shanggong Yao. "Holy, run, you are obedient, you must be obedient."

When he finished, Xiaonian rushed to Lanting.

Gong Yao watched her thin body bump into Lanting and pushed him back. At that moment, he suddenly felt unprecedented panic.

He was afraid that she would die, and he was afraid that the baby would die.


No, no, no, No.

Gong Yao once again grabbed a stick and hit Lanting. Lanting was disgusted to hit him. Xiaonian did not hesitate to block Gong Yao's face again and again to block all the damage for him.

In the tug of the two sides, Xiao Nian's body was full of pain. She couldn't tell where the pain was. She only knew that Gong Yao must be protected.

Be sure to protect it.

Lanting suddenly grabs the stick in Gong Yao's hand and smashes it down at them. Xiaonian holds Gong ou and leaves his back in front of Lanting.


Suddenly, a huge voice came.

In response, a large amount of light came into the forest, which made the whole forest as bright as daylight. Lanting could not help reaching out to block his eyes.

Then, there are countless footsteps.

Lanting nervously turned around, only to see a group of people running in two separate columns, surrounded by them, and then a silver haired old man came in and frowned at all.

Soon a familiar figure came in.

It's him.

Lanting stood there, the tree staff fell from his hand, some frustrated, ah, all failed, all failed.

When Xiaonian leaned weakly on the tree, held Gong Yao tightly in her arms, and looked forward with her eyes raised.

It's Gong ou.

Gong Ou was still wearing his clothes. There were many scars on his body. One of the scars showed a bright red color. Under the strong light, his face was pale and bloodless. His eyes were scarlet more than those of Lanting.

Gong Ou walked in step by step from the outside, each step was laborious, several steps were even shaking, and he needed to help the nearby trees.


When Xiaonian looked at the familiar figure, in an instant, she found that all her strength had been used up, and she could not bring up a little power.

It's nice that he's here.

She hugged Gong Yao, and her voice was hoarse to the extreme, "it's OK, we're safe."

Even if Gong Ou is scarred, she has such absolute belief.

Gong ouqiang walked in with his body propped up, clenched his teeth, stumbled down, and Feng De, who was standing by, hurriedly supported him. "Are you OK, young master?"

Fengde received the signal that he had come here nonstop. He happened to run into Lan's family chasing Gong ou. Gong Ou was seriously injured, but fortunately, he received it in time and didn't spread.

If I fight hard for a long time, I'm afraid I can't find another famous doctor of the regiment to save it.

"Go away."

Gong Ou coldly pushes away Feng De, raises her eyes and looks at Xiao Nian. She is in a state of embarrassment. Her face is as pale as a piece of white paper. Her sleeve is cut open by something, and the back of her hand is still stained with blood. Gong Yao leans tenderly in her arms, breathes hard and looks at him quietly.


All hurt.

Gong Ou rushes to the front of Lanting, grabs his collar with both hands, bites his teeth and shouts out, "who the hell is the woman who gives you the courage to beat me!"

Gong Ou raised his hand to Lanting's face.

Lanting was hit askew, blood overflowed from his lips, but Gong ou still didn't get rid of his hatred. He just beat and kicked him, as if to kill him alive.

Feng de frowned anxiously, trying to persuade but not knowing how.

The young master is absolutely angry this time.

When Xiaonian wanted to call Gong ou, but he couldn't make any sound. He could only watch him beating Lanting regardless of his injury.

Lanting was beaten to spit out blood. At this moment, his plan could not be realized perfectly, because Gong Ou would not let him go. Thinking of this, Lanting's angry madness surged up again and began to fight back with Gong ou.

Gong Ou was seriously injured. Lanting's thin lips were dyed red with one fist. Blood stained the pale lips.

Like a beast whose head doesn't know what the pain is, Gong Ou raises his leg and kicks at Lanting, then hits him.


Feng de hurriedly cried out that the young master's injury could not stand any more setbacks.

"Stand for me!"

Gong Ou shouts out that his woman is beaten. It's his business. He solves it by himself.


Feng de stood there anxiously, turning his eyes to see Xiao Nian, who stood there, frowning, his lips moved several times, but no voice came out.

The voice is hoarse.

How many things happened to young master and Xiao Nian this day.

The strong light shines on every corner of the forest. Gong ou and Lanting fight wildly. Blood drips on the leaves on the ground, and Xiao Nian's eyes are red.

When Xiaonian wanted to go to LA gong'o, he couldn't move a step.

She used up all her strength.

In the end, Gong ou, who was injured, pressed Lanting hard on him. Lanting lost his strength and was beaten several times by Gong ou.

"You're tired of touching my woman!"

Gong Ou roared, with asthma, more and more blood oozing from chest injury.