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Chapter 330. It's a complete panic

Fengde and Xi are normal, but a few police officers and Xia Yu's husband and wife are confused, only to see the police system on the computer screen.

The little policeman grabbed his hair and took his password to log in. He couldn't see anything. At most, he saw a trivial case. What is Mr. Gong going to do?

They all stood there, staring blankly at the rapid changes in the screen of the computer. All of a sudden, they all entered the city police system. Gong Ou quickly logged in another account, entered a deeper system again, and then entered a system

In a short time, the whole screen is full of small monitoring frames.

At a glance, it is actually some of the main traffic arteries of the whole city.


Several policemen were completely shocked. They took one of his accounts as the starting point, and then hacked the whole city's monitoring system.

It's the power of science and technology.

It's amazing.

The police swallowed their saliva involuntarily, but it's too late to see the dense real-time picture. We need to check the car at the hospital gate.

But that car can't use the real license plate. It can't use the fake license plate.

A police officer said his idea truthfully and was blocked by Gong ou. He snorted, "when can I find it?"

If the time is delayed, it will not be safe for me.

Must be in the shortest possible time to lock the place of small read.

Gong Ou implanted a software in the computer. His long fingers began to tap again, his body moved around with the swivel chair, and his hands operated on three keyboards.

Come on, one hand, one keyboard, one heart, two uses.

Several police officers felt that they had seen the monster.

Gong Ou uses the software to analyze everything about the car at the side door of the hospital. Every small detail is captured, including the skull details of the doctors, and then thrown into all the real-time monitoring.

The software scans quickly.

Using this software to capture the specific location of Xiaonian is the fastest.

"Fengde! Where are they? "

Gong Ou asked coldly that at the moment when he noticed Xiaonian's accident, he had sent a large number of cars from the hospital, no matter how many fork roads there were cars.

"All on the way, just waiting for the news." Fengde said, "the license plate must have been thrown away as soon as it left the hospital. It can't be traced. Maybe even the car has been changed."

"Let them all wait!"

It will be analyzed in a minute.

Even if the car changes, the software can scan out.

Gong Ou sits there, watching the software on the screen running fast and the sound of high-speed movement in the computer.


He can find it right away. Shi Xiaonian, don't be afraid of you timid woman, come to save you right away.

Come on.

More quickly, this software was designed by him. It's not perfect. It's not fast. Damn it.

Gong Ou sits in a wheelchair, his body weight is pressed down unconsciously, and he rubs his thumb and index finger again and again. For a moment, he holds his thumb in his thin lip.

This nervous but childish action made Feng de all stupefied.

Young master seems to be very nervous when young lady, then why break up?


Come on.

Gong Ou's eyes are fixed on the computer screen. Why is it so slow? Can't he scan a little detail in so many monitors?

Gong Ou's impulse to smash the computer is all there. Suddenly, a row of dense monitoring grids on the screen are all spent. Gong Ou stands up from his position and stares at the screen with his eyes fixed.

How could this happen.

He was almost able to lock the position of Xiaonian!

Gong Ou immediately starts to press the key desperately on the keyboard. It's a virus, which is not particularly hard to crack, but it's not simple.

Even with his ability, it will take at least half an hour to an hour.

For such a long time, it's too late for anything.

It's too late!

"What's the matter, young master?" Feng de stood aside and asked perplexedly.

"Someone poisoned the whole city's surveillance system!"

He can't see where Xiaonian is. He can't see anything. He can't see anything.

Gong Ou picks up a keyboard and smashes it hard to the ground. His face is blue.

The keyboard was smashed to pieces, and the little keys fell into pieces.

Who is it, who is against him!

"Find someone to shut down all the airports, trains and bus stations right away! No one is allowed to give me out of s city! " Gong Ou stood there, almost hysterically shouting.

"I'm afraid it's difficult, young master."

Feng de frowned. It's too big to block the traffic in the whole city. It's hard to achieve. I'm afraid when they do, Miss Shi will be taken away.

"Then tell me what to do?" Gong Ou stares at him with red eyes, furious, "you tell me how to save Xiaonian, ah? I don't know who she's in. What's her purpose? Did you threaten me with her? Will you tear up the ticket? You tell me, will she die? Will it? "

Gong Ou roars out in a rage. The whole person is completely flustered.

If he had some assurance just now, at this moment, he was totally uncertain.

What should shixiaonian do? What should he do if she is torn?

She can't die, she can't die!

How can she bear the pain of death when she is such a timid woman who is afraid of the dark.


Xia Yu sat aside, trying to be brave enough to accuse Gong ou, but now it seems that he is also nervous, so she can't speak.

Gong Ou is better than them in finding a way to read.

"Don't worry, young master." Feng de looks at Gong ou and frowns to comfort him. "If you kidnap for money, you will contact us. However, Miss Shi and the young master have broken up openly to the whole world. How can someone kidnap Miss Shi? "

This second, Feng Derby palace Europe sober.

Gong Ou's eyes are awe inspiring, who will kidnap Xiaonian.

"Mona!" Gong Ou clenched his teeth. "I'll get Mona right now!"

"Yes, sir."

Feng de nods, strides away, and leaves the meeting room with several policemen who have been shocked by Gong ou.

Gong Ou is the only one left in the spacious conference room.

Gong Ou sits down again and knocks on the keyboard with both hands. He can quickly repair the monitoring system of the whole city and input a string of codes.

His face was ugly and thorough, his thin lips pressed tightly, without any blood color, and his eyes glared angrily at the computer screen.

He must save her.

He must get her back.

Gong Ou input very fast, a pair of eyes stare at a string of codes on the screen, and suddenly a picture of Xiaonian being brutally ripped appears in front of her eyes.

He can't fix it.

Gong Ou looks at his hand. His fingers are trembling. His eyes are full of images of Xiaonian struggling and crying his name.

Just thinking about it, he can't do anything.

She can't die. She can't.

He hit the table hard, his eyes full of panic and fear, his thin lips trembling.

After a while, Gong Ou called the technology department and asked them to repair the monitoring system of the city's main roads.

He can't sit down like this any more.

When he wants to find Xiaonian, he must find her. She is afraid. She is waiting for him!

Gong Ou stands up and runs out. He has no purpose to go anywhere. He only knows that shixiaonian is waiting for him. He can't sit down like this anymore.

Be sure to find her as soon as possible!

Gong Ou rushes in on the corridor of the hospital. Desperate, he holds his fist tightly.


When Xiaonian didn't know where she had been taken, she was confused in the whole process. For a while, she woke up and just saw some foreigners in the car. She didn't have time to look at them carefully, and was severely knocked unconscious by others.

Her neck hurt badly.

When she woke up again, she dared not open her eyes, but pretended to be dizzy.

What is this? Kidnap.

What's the use of kidnapping her as a caricaturist? She doesn't have money. Why she is kidnapped? She doesn't understand.

When Xiaonian faintly felt like she was on the boat, she was very happy when she heard the foreigners clinking glasses to celebrate.

"It's good to come out of China. It's peaceful on the high seas. Fortunately, everything is ready."

"Of course, thanks to the thoughtful consideration of the above, the monitoring system of the blackout has been hacked, otherwise how can we escape so smoothly?"

"Cheers! This time our brother will get another huge sum! "

"This cruise ship is fantastic. It has all kinds of facilities. It's perfect. We can have a good time before we arrive at our destination!"

They celebrated happily, had a party in the cabin, and played loud music.

It turns out this is a cruise ship.

It's a cruise again. Every time she gets on a cruise, nothing good happens.

When Xiaonian was thrown in a position, she felt that the voice of those people was a little far away from her, so she tentatively opened her eyes slightly.

It's like a gorgeous cruise ship built in here. A group of people who take off their white coats are dancing with the music. There are yellow people, white people and black people It's all here.

They celebrated with great joy, then danced together with the white waiters in cheongsam, palms touching their slender bodies.

The waiters are reluctant, but they dare not offend them. They can only let them eat tofu.

Who are these people? Where are they taking her.

Is it Mona's hand?

It's impossible. Mona has successfully driven her away. There's no reason why she should be tied up with Gong ou.

When Xiaonian was afraid of being beaten again by them, she continued to close her eyes and pretended to be faint. Anyway, on the cruise ship, she could not escape.

She can't swim out of a deep lake or deep sea.

At present, it seems that these people don't want to kill her for a while, or they will take her for such a long time without meaning. They also mentioned the destination. Is it to kill again at the destination.

She couldn't figure out who would kidnap her.

Who do they mean by "up"?

When Xiaonian sat on the seat, her hand was tightly clasped by the rope, unable to break free, she pressed her lips, and her ears were full of loud and harsh music.