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Chapter 104 she decides to leave gongou

"Mr. Gong must be interested in your wonderful bed skills."

"Come on, don't talk about it. I mean it, OK?"

"Yes, you are. What's on the bed? I understand..."


A group of women were talking hot.

When Xiaonian stood behind the pillar, his face was as white as paper.

The next second, she opened the door and walked out of the jewelry store. The salesman shouted behind her, and she didn't turn back.

A gust of wind came in front of us.

The long hair of Xiao Nian was blown back, a little scattered.

She walked alone in the street, bumped into the pedestrian and didn't realize it, so she walked forward with such a face.

It turns out that Gong Ou went back to England for marriage. No wonder he didn't say the reason why he went to England on the phone.

How can she forget what kind of person Gong Ou is.

He is the world famous president of N.E. after the British aristocracy, he is the richest man in the world, the master of the imperial castle, and the man who has a lot of lovers.

He's high and destined to be extraordinary.


Today, when she knew Gong Ou had a child, she didn't think of her own way as mu qianchu did, but she felt bored.

She's so funny.

It's nothing strange for someone like Gong ou to have a child, even if he has a bunch.

There are so many women in him. He can give a little money to his children and grandchildren.

This is the real Gong ou.

She's so strange. What's wrong with her?

Are you confused? No, you are crazy.

She scolded herself fiercely in her heart, and the hand holding the bag tightly clenched the strap of the handbag changed shape.


Shixiaonian, wake up before you are completely confused.

Jump out of this game. That's what you always want, isn't it.

Yes, what she wants is not anything else, but to jump out of the current situation and return to her own life

Firm belief, when small read to decide to block a car again to Tang Yi live in a foreign building.

At present, the only way she can leave Gong Ou is to bring Tang Yi's mother and son in, as mu qianchu said.

It must be implemented.

She stood in the street and looked at the traffic. Gong Ou's voice suddenly sounded in her ear, "when Xiaonian, did you choose the gift?"



When xiaonianmo reached out and pressed the headset.

"You haven't chosen yet, have you?" Gong Ou's voice sank down and shouted at her displeasantly, "what's the matter with you? Pick a gift and swallow it slowly. Do you have the heart to pick it for me?"

He has so many women. Do you still care about her present.

Shi Xiaonian thought about it in his heart and said, "I'm still picking."

There is a bit of background noise in Gong Ou's side. The sound of Symphony comes from far away. It should be at the banquet.

Are you at the party with your partner.

So busy and free to urge her to choose gifts.

"I don't care. You can pick it right away! I'll tell you, I'll be back early! " Gong Ou shouted at her.

"Ahead of time?"

When small read stupefied next.

Why is it suddenly ahead of time.

"Yes, I'll be there the day after tomorrow. You have to pick up the plane and bring your gift! Do you hear me? " Gong Ou orders her.

A week's separation cost him his life.

Not satisfied with just talking on the phone, he had to go back to see her at once.

"Oh, oh."

When small read to answer in a dull way.

She will be back the day after tomorrow. How can she set up the office? Once Gong Ou comes back, she has no chance to do anything.

When Xiaonian was a little confused, she thought that she had no time, so she had to rely on that person

"Are you still wandering in the street?" Gong o asked her.

"Well, I'm choosing a gift."

When small read absent-minded tunnel.

"Then I can't hear you walking. It seems that you've been stopped in one place." Gong Ou Dao.


He still needs to listen to the sound of walking. Do you want to do that.

When small read helplessly answer a, aimlessly go forward, take out mobile phone from bag.

With a flick of her finger, she exits the call interface, switches to the SMS interface, pulls in Mu qianchu's contact number, and then stands on the street and inputs it word by word --

mu qianchu. I want to ask you to persuade Tang Yi to join in this plan. As long as I can successfully leave gongou, I will not pursue what she does.

Tang Yi, she thought, should not be wanted.

Let's get along with each other.

"Where are you?" Gong Ou asked her on the phone.

When Xiaonian pressed the earphone on her ear and looked up, she and Gong Ou had come to the import supermarket.


He answered honestly.

"You go to the supermarket and choose a gift for me?" Gong Ou's tone is clear. Did you take the wrong medicine?

"It's the import supermarket I went to last time. There are not only vegetables in it, but also many special things. Let me have a look first."

When Xiaonian was gossiping, he walked in, pushed a shopping cart and pretended to walk, deliberately making a little noise, holding his cell phone all the time.

She's waiting for a response.

She has no time. She can only ask for help, even though she doesn't want to.

Shixiaonian is a person who will not change easily once she has made up her mind. She must leave.

Miss this opportunity, she doesn't know when she can leave Gong ou. Maybe when Gong Ou gets married and her grandchildren are full, she is still an underground lover he can't see.

"What can I have in the supermarket?" Gong Ou is discontented and says, "get out!"

For the first time, did he hear that he chose two cabbages from the supermarket?

"Oh, I see."

When small read absentmindedly answer a way, push shopping cart to go back.

"Why are you so perfunctory?" Gong Ou was very unhappy. "Did you choose with your heart? I don't think you can do anything without me. "

Always oh oh oh, who wants to listen to her oh oh oh.

"Are you still beside me? I've only got your voice in my ear these days. "

When small read helplessly say, push shopping cart to leave.

Hearing this, Gong Ou said, "I don't just want you to have me in your ears, I want you to have me in your heart! That's what I want! "


When small read bite lips.

Listen to her don't talk, Gong Ou is a little fidgety, "why don't you talk, say something to listen to."

"I don't know what to say."

"Whatever, I just want to hear your voice!" Gong Ou Dao, the voice is magnetic.

This sentence, across the ocean to her ears bullying extremely.

I just want to hear your voice!

Is this his confession again? Gong ou can be rampant in every confession, which makes people feel less sincere.


When Xiaonian walked in the huge supermarket, she was silent, with no expression on her clear face, and was not moved.

When we married, we didn't forget to tell her. This man is really good at it.

"Why don't you talk?" Gong Ou doesn't like the tunnel.

"I don't know what to say."

He was very honest.

"Say you miss me a hundred times." Gong Ou made a point and ordered her, "hurry up and say you miss me."


"Hurry up, let alone the consequences." Gong Ou is very dissatisfied with her silence.

What an unreasonable man.

How can you be a father like this

When small read eyes dim down, stop in the supermarket lighting the brightest position.

The man who is begging for her is the father of a child.

At the thought of this, Xiaonian felt that a lump in her throat made her uncomfortable.

She bit her lower lip, biting it hard, to wake herself up and stop thinking.

One thing she wants to think about right now - to leave.

Nothing else should be her idea.

"Say it quickly. I don't have that good patience. Tell it to me quickly." Gong Ou continues to force her to miss her.

"When small read a sigh, push shopping car side walk," OK, I say

"Well, say you miss you." Gong Ou is satisfied.

"You think of me, you think of me, you think of me, you think of me, you think of me, you think of me..."


Gong Ou is thundered there.

There was a loud noise over here.

She pushed the shopping cart to the side, only to see the supermarket aunt with watermelon piled up in her side of a Skytower fell, scattered on the ground, rolling all over the ground, some are broken, showing the bright red flesh.

Several supermarket salesmen stood by and looked at her reproachfully.

When Xiaonian stood in the middle of the watermelon, a round watermelon hit her directly on the instep, and then broke, and blatantly grinned at her, which was similar to Gong Ou's, and was very arrogant.

Watermelons in this area She's in charge.

I'm afraid the rest of her money can't even afford a lighter.

When Xiaonian reached out and pressed the earphone on his ear, he said to Gong ou, "Gong ou, I think I have chosen the gift for you."


Gong Ou asked, did she really choose a gift for him in the supermarket?

What's so special about the import supermarket?

"I'll give you a surprise when you come back." She kept the last peace.


Wait for him to come back and yell at her. Let her be quiet for the last time.

On the other side, the majestic moose cosmetics group building stands in the prime area of s city.

The decoration style of the 32nd floor president's office is simple and clear modern style, clean and fresh, with a light fragrance in the air.

Mu qianchu sat at his desk and looked through the documents in his hand. There was no expression on his soft face.

"Mr. mu." Young male assistant Alan came in from the outside with a glass of water in his hand to remind him, "it's time for you to take your medicine."

Mu qianchu looks at the time, takes out the medicine box from his pocket, pours out two pills, and pours them down with water.

"How do you feel? Your headache seems to be more frequent since the dressing change."

Alan asked, standing at his desk.

He is mu qianchu's confidant. He has not concealed the fact that mu qianchu recovers his memory and changes his medicine. Many things are handled by him.

"It's OK. I'd rather have frequent headaches than be under the control of previous drugs."

Mu qianchu said coldly, holding the medicine box in his hand, a pair of narrow eyes showed a touch of hatred.

"Let's go to the doctor's again in a few days." Mr. mu, is it a little risky for you to give Shizhong full power to deal with the stock market? Once he gets along well, he will be stable in the board of directors

Alan knows, mojichu now