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Chapter 285. He's just paranoid about you

She had never met anyone more hypocritical than Mona.

"I'm not hypocritical. I'm trying. I want to catch up with Gong ou." Mona said, with absolute pride and confidence on her face.

"I think your plan will be overturned. How about five years' hard work and 50 years' hard work? Gong ou will not fall in love with you, the eldest lady of Lancaster. "

Shi Xiaonian returned her with the same contempt.

The only chip in Xiao Nian's hand is Gong Ou's feelings for her.

Smell speech, Mona's face embarrassed again several, but soon adjust to come over, sneer look at her, "small read, you can show off is not the feelings of Gong Ou?"

"That's enough, isn't it?"

When small read lightly said.

"When Xiaonian, you are really pitiful. It's not clear why Gong Ou falls in love with you when he has a big stomach." Mona stood in the most sunny place, blocking her sunshine, a pair of blue pupils with a sympathetic taste.

"Are you going to start scaremongering?" When I was young, I asked myself.

"I'm a psychologist. I use my most professional knowledge to tell you that Gong Ou is not in love with you at all, but is paranoid about you."

"Do you think I will believe you?"

When small read sneer.

"You'll believe it, because you know I'm right."

Mona turned her eyes to the window sunshine, compared her hands to a camera, and controlled a grid of sunshine. She said slowly, "I'm afraid that even Gong Ou himself doesn't know why he loves you. He just looks good, like this grid of sunshine, like a dog, like a straight money, like a puppet In the world of the world, when he sees it, he feels comfortable, likes it, and feels at ease with it. That's all. "


Smell speech, when the face of small read does not have what expression, the hand under the quilt has been clenched by the quilt, dig out a hole to come.

She is actually loved by her rival, the psychologist, who is here to analyze why Gong Ou loves her.


Why is she paranoid.

It's just like seeing a dog with good eyes A dog.

"This is the world of paranoia. When you are paranoid about something, you will be crazy. If you want to have it completely, you will be satisfied. Otherwise, you will not be satisfied."

Mona put down her hand and turned to look at shixiaonian, "so Gong ou will take you 24 hours, only eat the food you make, worry about your safety, he has a strong desire for you It's just his illness. "

When Xiaonian sat on the bed, suddenly he couldn't hear a word.

"Please go out, I'm tired."

When small read cold tunnel.

"I'm not finished."

Mona refused to let her go. She went to her bed and leaned down slowly. She put her hands on the bed and stared at her with sea blue eyes. "You should know why you let a man scream for him all over the world look at you

Who is shixiaonian?

Who is Gong Ou?

There is no fairy tale in the world.

"Have you said enough?" Shixiaonian said indifferently, looking at Mona, "well, even if what you said is right, he is paranoid to me, so what, he is paranoid to me alone, I also think that is love."


Mona looked at her, stunned.

When small read looked at the soft weak, did not expect to be a woman who refused to admit defeat, a little interesting.

When small read to continue to say, "paranoid affection is a disease, is not love?"

"The feelings of the amnesiac are sickness, not love?" Mona said suddenly.


When small read stupefied.

"I've never done enough in exams." Mona said with a smile, "I know your family very well. When mu qianchu lost his memory and was with your sister, didn't you have been pestering for six years?"

When I was young, I didn't expect Mona to find out all these things clearly.

As expected, they are ready to come.

"It seems that your information is not very clear. I just want to restore the memory of qianchu." When small read lightly said.

"So what, don't you want to see if Mu qianchu recovers his memory, and will you still love your sister?"


"The answer is they're gone. They're dead and gone." Mona sneered. "So now, what's your right to say that paranoid feelings are love?"


I can't argue with this person who fully understands himself.

She sat there, silent as well as silent.

"Don't you want to know if Gong Ou's illness is cured, will he still love you?" Mona asked, with a certain brilliance in her blue eyes.


"Is it true that the purest Gong ou will love your adopted daughter who is abandoned by everyone?" Mona said with a sneer, "don't deceive yourself. I'll read it."

Adopted daughter abandoned by everyone.

One of the purest palaces.

"Mona, I have to admit that you're a very talkative woman, but now you can get out of here."

When small read coldly say, drive her to leave again.

"Psychologically, you are deeply upset that I am standing in your area." Mona stands up straight, shrugs at will, puts one hand on her sexy thin waist side, full of self-confidence.


When Xiaonian looked at her indifferently and shouted, "Feng..."

"OK, I'll go." Mona interrupts, "in fact, Xiaonian, I didn't regard you as my opponent at all, and you don't need to take me as your opponent. Your opponent is Gong ou."


When Xiaonian no longer wanted to talk to her.

Mona went out, reached out to open the door, and suddenly looked back at shixiaonian. "Of course, you can tell Gong Ou today's conversation, but I also have a way to let him keep me. Do you know why? Because as long as I don't hurt you, as a proud and conceited man as Gong ou, he won't feel anything if he keeps a woman who loves him around as a doctor. "


When small reads silently to hang down the eye, does not go to see her.

Then Mona opened the door and left.

When I stayed, Xiaonian was sitting on the bed alone. She was sitting there, holding the quilt tightly with one hand, and her face became pale.

The night was deep and peaceful.

In the garden of the hospital, the bodyguards stood around and Fengde stood in the long Pavilion.

At the end of the long white Pavilion, Xiaonian was sitting alone in the pavilion, leaning against the pillar, looking at the dense flowers under the light. The white sick suit seemed to be broad on her body, making her body appear particularly thin, unlike a pregnant woman.

When small read looking at the front, eyes a confused.


A man loves her because he is ill and because he has mental paranoia.

So today, even if she is a puppy, even if she looks strange, even if her character is in a mess As long as Gong ou can see it, it doesn't matter.

Shixiaonian recalled all kinds of things he Gong Ou had known up to now.

From the beginning, Gong Ou seems to be interested in her. In fact, she guessed how an outstanding figure like Gong Ou took a fancy to her.

Later, she can't get the answer, and she won't guess. Anyway, love is love, isn't it?

Now, the problem is back in front of her.

"Don't you want to know if Gong Ou's illness is cured, will he still love you?"

"Is it true that the purest Gong ou will love your adopted daughter who is abandoned by everyone?"

Mona's words echoed in her ear.

It can't be denied that shixiaonian wants to know the answer, but she doesn't know if she can afford it


A voice suddenly exploded in her ear. It was domineering and unreasonable.

When Xiaonian turned his head in amazement, he saw Gong Ou standing outside the pavilion with one hand on the pillar and a suit on his arm. A handsome face fell into the light, and he looked down at her with black eyes.

At first sight of Gong Ou's face, Xiaonian suddenly feels strange.

She doesn't know if the man in front of her is the real Gong ou.

"What are you doing with a dull face?" Gong Ou reaches out and pinches the soft meat on her face. Black eyes stare at her steadily. "What do you think when I'm not thinking?"


When small read to force up spirit, said softly.

"Are you thinking about other men?"

Gong Ou asked, suddenly feeling this possibility, a handsome face immediately darkened, black eyes staring at her, "shixiaonian, do you dare to think of other men for me?"

"I don't have any. I can see a few men all day and I still want to."

All she thought about was him.

"There are many, many!" Gong Ou stood outside the pavilion and stared at her with low eyes! There are housekeepers! And the doctor! All men! "

"Yes, I've thought it all over."

When small read skin smile meat not to smile to say.

"How dare you think about it all?" As soon as Gong Ou lost his suit, he put out his hands and grabbed her by the neck, bent down and stared at her with black eyes! You are my own, if you dare to think of others, I will kill you! "


When Xiaonian sat there leaning against the pillar, he looked at junpang in front of him with some consternation.

She clearly felt that Gong Ou's fingers were really strong, and a pair of black eyes were floating with anger.

In the past, she may only think that Gong Ou's exclusive desire is too heavy, not too much, but now, she finds that even this is a kind of paranoia.

Women are like this. They know that their rivals are deliberately stimulating themselves, but they will still be stimulated.

"Hello! Do you think of others

Gong Ou grabbed her by the neck and shouted.

When Xiaonian was pinched, he cried out with a "cough".

Seeing her expression painful, Gong Ou's face crossed a little flustered, hurriedly let go of his hands, stared at her and said, "are you ok? If you are stupid, you should shout earlier! What are you doing all the time! "


Xiaonian coughs twice, covers his neck with his hand, and shakes his head. "It's nothing. It's just a moment of distraction. You don't need such a heavy hand."

"Who let you say you miss other men! No way! "

Gong Ou snorts and looks at her.

"Gong ou, you must be the reincarnation of Marshal awning," he asked, covering his neck