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Chapter 1006 cursed 13

"Yes, when we get back, we'll go on holiday together, and then we won't be afraid to be thrilled." When small read to smile to say, sit down beside Luo Qi, "OK, mother?"

Smell speech, Luo Qi looks at her deeply, "my sons have never proposed."

"It's normal for the family to play together." When Xiaonian smiled quietly and looked down at the photo in his hand, "this time, it must be the last time. We will have a lot of opportunities to play in the future."

There will be.

All their family can play.

"Well, I will guard the palace side and take care of the two children. I will never let them have any danger. You can go at ease." Luo Qidao.


Xiaonian nods with force.

Seeing that she was still holding the picture, Luo Qi raised her hand and patted her hand, saying gently, "don't worry, Mr palace will come back, you will all come back."

Smile in return for small thoughts.


When they left the palace castle at night, Xiaonian spent a day with the two children, and finally left after they fell asleep.

Gong Yao doesn't believe the words of "honeymoon", but he can't help them.

Several cars stopped at the gate of the castle. Gong Ou opened the door, and Xiaonian walked towards him. Luo Qi's voice sounded behind her. "We are all waiting for you at home."

"Take good care of yourself."

When Xiaonian turned around, Luo Qi stood in front of a group of servants. She was as noble as a flower in the night, but her figure was a little thin.

At that moment, she looked like an ordinary mother.

When Xiaonian was about to leave, he saw Lori standing alone under the Roman pillar in the distance. He didn't come out to say goodbye. This time, he also took care of the twins.

She looked back and saw that Gong Yu had got into the car early.

When Xiaonian didn't say anything, he walked forward. A night wind came, with a little fog, which was very cold.

All of a sudden, she suffered a little. She didn't feel so strong every time she left, and the parting became very heavy.

When Xiaonian was sitting in the RV, Gong Yu was sitting alone in the opposite side seat, shaking the red wine in the glass. Some of them were absent-minded and didn't know what they were thinking.

"What's in your hand?"

Gong Ou sits in the car and finds that Xiao Nian is holding a basin of soil.

"It's from my mother. It's called moonlight flower. She planted two, one for me to take away." Xiaonian looked down at the basin in her arms and said, "she said that the flower is very wonderful. There is no specific flowering period. It seems that it blooms just by its own will."


Gong Yu looks up at them and is attracted by her topic.

"My mother cultivated these two flowers with great care. She said that the moonlight flower has spirit. When the flowers open, we can go home." Shi Xiaonian said with a smile and looked at the two men in the car and said, "isn't it wonderful?"

There was no expression on Gong Ou's face. When Xiao Nian looked at Gong Yu, the face of Zhang Junyi was heavy. She understood that the trip was very dangerous, and no one could give an accurate return date.

"I will take good care of this potted flower." Shi Xiaonian said, "by the way, I heard that the place we went to is full of flowers. It must be very beautiful, isn't it?"

She said, pretending to be relaxed, breaking the silence.

"Yes, it's a good place for pregnant women. You will like it very much." Gong Gu laughs and cooperates with her, drinking all the red wine in the cup.

Gong Ou suddenly lay down, put a pillow on Xiao Nian's leg and close his eyes. "I'm sleepy. Call me somewhere."


When Xiaonian put the basin aside, she leaned back to make Gong Ou sleep better. She leaned her head to the window and looked out.

The castle has been further and further away from them. Luo Qi and a group of people have not left yet. They are still standing there. There is a weak light in a room upstairs, where Gong Kui and Gong Yao live.

The light is warm at night.

I don't know when I can come back. When I come back, is it all over? Can they really have a honeymoon

These answers, when small read all don't know, really don't know.

Suddenly, her hand was clenched, and Xiaonian looked down. Gong Ou was lying on her leg, his long fingers tightly holding her.

She was relieved to be held by him.

When Xiaonian leaned back and slowly closed his eyes.

Gong Yu was the only one in the RV who was still drinking, and soon two bottles were empty.


When they arrived at their destination, it was the darkest time before dawn. When they got off the bus, they couldn't see anything but a little light on the road.

The fog was so heavy that it felt cold.

Before Xiao Nian could pull the tight clothes, Gong Ou hugged her and drove away the chill.

When no one spoke, Xiaonian sniffed hard and said, "I can't see anything, but I can smell the flowers. It should be a good place."

"It's really beautiful here, but there's an unlucky nickname, more famous than its original name." Gong Yu came down from the car and leaned against it.

"What other name?"

Asked shixiaonian curiously.

"Zone 13." Gong Yu replied, pointing to the road ahead, "I don't know when this nickname came into being. It has been handed down all the time."

"13?" When small read frown, "is row 13?"

"Of course not. 13 is a taboo number." Gong Yu came over with his pocket in his pocket. "It's said that flowers often bloom overnight and fail overnight, just like being cursed. That's why it's so famous."


When small read Zheng ran, a flower full of the city where there are curses? What's the point of Lancaster sending bits here.

"Well, where is the place to live? Let's go." When Gong Ou hugs, Xiao Nian says, interrupting their chat.

Gong Yu pointed to the front. "It's not far ahead. Bit has been transferred secretly, but we don't know where to live. We need to investigate. But area 13 is in our hands."

"Shall we come in like this and not be found?"

When small read to ask, the palace will master 13 District, Lancaster will certainly.

"I've arranged for a house to be bought in secret by local residents and will not be found for the time being." Gong Yu answers her doubts.

Gong Oula walks forward with Xiaonian, and black eyes stare at her in the dark. "How about getting tired by car?"

"It's OK, not tired." When Xiaonian shook his head, looked at the blood in his eyes to ask, and then stopped.

Gong Ou didn't fall asleep all the way in the car. Obviously, he had a lot to worry about. She couldn't help her by asking too much. She could only accompany him.

The two men walked along side by side, and the fragrance of flowers came along the road. The car slowly followed them.

For a long time, Xiaonian asked his doubts from the bottom of his heart, "Gong ou, why do you bring me here with you? I'm afraid that if you don't bring me, I will be mentally ill."


Gong Ou gives the answer to the dichotomy of modules.

"Probably?" When Xiaonian looked at him with some consternation, he was, was not, what is probably.


Gong Ou takes a deep look at her, but she doesn't speak. When Xiaonian doesn't know how to continue to ask, she has to stop.

They continued to walk forward, and suddenly, the dark night sky seemed to be delimited together, breaking into a little light, which lingered in the mist cool and soft.

"It's dawn." Shi Xiaonian said, turning around, he saw a bush. Deep there is a wide lake, very quiet.

It's beautiful.

Gong Ou looks at the past along her line of sight. Her black eyes become dark. She grabs her hand and walks towards the bush. She strides towards the lake.

"Where are we going?" He asked in surprise.

"Look at the sunrise."

Gong Ou Dao.

"Sunrise?" When Xiaonian was stunned, people were taken forward, cars and bodyguards stopped at the side of the road, waiting far away.

When Xiaonian was brought to the lake by Gong ou, there was a row of low guardrails on the bank. There were many weeds. In the dark light, a small flower was blooming with dew.

The air is fresh and beautiful, and the sky is gradually brightening, which makes people feel relaxed and happy.

When small read involuntarily outspread double arm, stretched stretch stretch waist, "here air is really good, breathe very comfortable."

Gong Ou stood beside her and stared at her with black eyes.

At dawn, a bright red light appeared from the end of the sky, shining softly on every corner.

Shi Xiaonian carefully appreciates the rising direction of the sun. After a while, he can't help but look at Gong Ou beside him. "What can I do if you don't watch the sunrise?"

"You're my woman. I want to see it. Do I have to pay?"

Gong Ou said arrogantly, holding her hand to play, when Xiaonian broke away from him and spread out his palm to him, "yes, one yuan coins, Chinese ones."

The words fall, when small read then intentionally encircles difficult ground to look at him.

She knew that he would never have coins in his hand.

"Let you down." Gong Ou put his hand into his pocket and put a one yuan coin in her palm. "I have money in Gong ou, but I can't afford it."

The silver coin lies in shixiaonian's palm. She looks at him in shock. "How can you have it?"

He doesn't even have money when he goes out. He actually has 1 yuan coin.


Gong Ou looks at her and says nothing.

"Where did it come from?" When small read to ask a way, the red sun climbs up slowly.

Gong Ou turned his face, looked up to the sky, the curve of the outline was taut, there was no expression on his handsome face, and said, "in the hill tribe, your blood drops are falling on a coin beside the beverage vending machine."


When Xiaonian looked at him, hill tribe? Bloodstains?

She suddenly remembered that, at that time, she thought Gong Ou didn't know where she was locked, so she squeezed the wound with all her life to leave traces of blood for people to check.