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Chapter 216 face the world's open love


How about showing his bullying in front of people all over the world?

When small read frown think.

You should be happy if you have cheers.

Gong Ou walked forward, only to hear his low footsteps on the scene. He walked to the front edge of the stage, and his black eyes swept to the position of Shi Xiaonian, passing by in a flash.

At one glance, Xiao Nian felt his heart beat faster.

How did she become like this.

"What does mrwho mean? It's a customization." Gong Ou said in a cold voice, "who is who? Who is who? Whoever you think it is, it can be! "

As his words fell, a line appeared on the big screen: mrwho -- is equal to customization.

Everyone held their breath and listened, and finally began to introduce the product.

Gong Ou takes the black card in his hand, glances at it, and then says, "what else is it? It's a high-speed computer; it's a personal doctor's assistant; it's a teacher; it's a company, an eternal company..."

Gong Ou said one lost a black card, said one lost a black card.

He said, he lost, he lost, and soon there were black cards all over the stage.


Isn't it the highest standard conference? Why does he want to be so unrestrained.

When Xiaonian sat down and thought silently, he turned his head and looked at Xiayu beside him. Xiayu sat there and was completely stunned. His eyes were round and his mouth was wide.

But in this way, she dare not make a sound.

So is the scene.

It's amazing that Gong ou can intimidate tens of thousands of people.

Gong Ou said a bunch of functions, threw all the cards in his hand, and turned the subtitles on the large screen behind him.

It's scary.

But those are the ones that I experienced when I was young.

It's boasting to come out of other people's mouths, but it's a miracle to come out of Gong Ou's mouth. It's impossible to become a possible miracle.

"We have made a statistics. In recent years, the indifference of human nature has gradually increased. People are no longer dependent on people, but on a variety of scientific and technological products, resulting in a variety of bow headed, flat-panel and game families..."

Gong Ou said coldly.

Generally speaking, there will be a turning point.

When Xiaonian listened quietly, Gong Ou said, "our product is to continue our dependence on technology products! And unlimited expansion! "


If Xiaonian was drinking water at the moment, she would surely spray it out.

How can I introduce my products like this.

"Now, let's invite mrwho on the stage." Gong Ou opens his mouth.

Then, a holographic image appeared on the scene. Slowly, a robot image with Mr palace shape appeared beside Gong ou.

Gong Ou stood there with a cold face.

The intelligent robot began to perform its functions in the silence of the whole audience, each of which was enough to make people laugh.

It's a long time here.

The function of the demonstration made people marvel. When Xiaonian had seen it, he felt OK. He turned his head and looked aside. Don't say Xia Yu. Even brother Li was stunned and his mouth was very wide open.

The acting is over.

Gong Ou suddenly swept his hands, and the robot of the hologram exploded into countless pieces and flew in the air in an instant. The sense of technology is cool and full, making people feel like watching a 4D movie.

Gong Ou said coldly, "I never like a conference without material objects!"

Words fall, a sound of footsteps from the edge of the stage.

Looking at the past, everyone saw a tall silver body walking towards the stage. It was Mr palace, the first finished product made by Gong ou.


When Xiaonian sat under the sunglasses with a happy smile in his eyes, he had the illusion of watching his children stand on the podium.

The appearance of R palace is far better than all the robots on the market, and its intelligence is unique.

The R palace stepped onto the stage, and the gentleman bowed his head to Gong ou, "Mr. Gong."

The scene was quiet.

Shixiaonian turns around again to see the reaction of the audience around him.

she found that most of them were the same as Xia Yu. They covered their mouths with their hands and did not allow themselves to make a sound. Both eyes were staring at the stage.

It seems that everyone is shocked by the birth of this advanced intelligent robot.

So she can rest assured.

The press conference was a success.

Gong Ou stood on the stage and looked at the silver body of the robot indifferently, "what do you want to say? Or something to show? "

R palace stood there, facing all the audience, "I don't like to talk nonsense, and I don't like to perform! I am only loyal to my master. I will do whatever he asks me to do. "

When Xiaonian sat down and smiled.

This is really the derivation of the pure character of Gong Ou from the robot.

All of a sudden, a camera flashed past. She quickly lowered her head and covered her face with long, hot curls.

Gong Ou stood on it, turned to face the audience, and said, "this is a robot that imitates my character. Mrwho has completely customized everything from name to character to content program."

Fully custom robot.

Summer rain has been paralyzed to sit on the seat, hands firmly cover the mouth will not scream.

"This is the new product, a custom intelligent robot."

Gong Ou summed it up in a simple sentence.

Such a simple sentence is enough to regret the global vision. Apart from Gong ou, who dares to say that he can create a self defining robot

The scene is still very quiet, because everyone is afraid to speak.

Gong Ou is standing there. Obviously, he has finished the introduction. He can go to the backstage to see the effect of the shock he made.

But it's strange that Gong Ou is still on stage and hasn't left.

Under the holographic image, the fragments are flying around him, enveloping him in an illusion.

"A preview conference can be finished here, but I know that there will be countless people asking why they want to develop robots. I don't want to be spoken by the public relations department, and I will make it public today."

Gong Ou opens his mouth again, and his words are not half nonsense.

When I heard the words, I was shocked.

The reason for developing robots, isn't that because of her?

However, Gong ou will not talk about this at the press conference. It must be about making contributions to mankind

Shi Xiaonian thought so.

Gong Ou stood on the stage and walked slowly to the edge of the stage again. Her black eyes swept coldly to the front. "I remember that a few months ago, I saw a science fiction love movie with a woman, in which there was a robot named Mr Jiang that she loved very much."


When Xiaonian completely stopped.

What did he say about this?

Suddenly she had an impulse to run away, and her eyelids began to jump up inexplicably.

"She told me that robots can always be on the side, and people can't do that!"

Gong Ou stood on the edge of the stage and said in a low voice, "I want to tell her today that if you like robots, I will make them for you! The company you want, I'll give it to you! "

In the end, Gong Ou's voice is more like a kind of oath.


When Xiaonian was shocked.

What is he talking about? Are you crazy?

All the audience could not help hearing this sound. The whole scene was like a tsunami coming. The boiling sound was terrible.

Everyone is more excited than Mr palace, a real robot standing on the stage.

Gong Ou didn't stop everyone's roar this time. His voice rang in every corner of the scene, "this person is Gong Ou's girlfriend, the owner of Mr palace, and the owner of my first finished robot!"


When Xiaonian stood up and wanted to go, Gong Ou stood on the stage, his eyes suddenly fixed on her, black eyes deep and fierce.

It seems that there is a knife flying to her, when Xiaonian stands there, he is too stiff to move.

Knowing that she was going to flee, Gong Ou looked aside at Mr palace and made a quick decision. "Mr palace, tell everyone what your master's name is."

"My master, miss shixiaonian!"

R Palace said, the body toward the direction of small read, a pair of black eyes in scanning small read.

Words fall, a light toward small read.

When Xiaonian quickly covers his face with his hands and turns his head, his eyes behind the sunglasses are all restless.

Gong Ou must be crazy.

He even announced that she was his girlfriend in front of the world at such an important conference.

Does he know how many scandals she has?

Xiaonian's figure appears on the big screen. She desperately hides from the camera and wants to leave the scene quickly, but her wrist is suddenly caught.

She froze. Looking back, she saw Gong Ou standing in front of her, his long hand firmly holding her.


Shixiaonian desperately pulls back his hand.

Gong Ou stares at her, and then forcibly drags her to the stage. When Xiaonian struggles, his strength is no match for him.

In front of the public, shixiaonian is dragged onto the stage by Gong ou.

The whole audience was boiling, more than half of the people were screaming, and the scream almost lifted the top of the science and Technology Museum.

"In order to avoid all kinds of speculation in the news after I went out, I'll show you my Gong Ou's girlfriend now!" With that, Gong Ou once again forcibly takes off the mask and sunglasses on Xiaonian's face.


When Xiaonian stood there with a pale face and looked at him stupidly, his face completely exposed everyone's eyes.

When her face appeared on the screen, the scene was eerily quiet for ten seconds.

It was the silence after everyone recognized who she was.

A vicious woman who slept with her brother-in-law when she was a junior and was so angry that her sister slipped her child -- sister Shidi.

Ten seconds later, someone was screaming, someone was drinking.

The two voices are intertwined.

Shi Xiaonian has never been placed in such a situation. She doesn't care if someone scolds her and applauds her, but she is afraid of Gong Ou's embarrassment. How can he do this.

"Don't want to say anything?" Gong Ou holds her hand tightly and looks at her cautiously.

When Xiaonian's eyelashes vibrated, he raised his eyes and looked at him. He couldn't believe it. He blurted out, "what wind do you smoke?"

He had a microphone on him, and her voice was heard clearly in every corner of the scene.