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Chapter 507 miss Xiaokui went to find the young master

When small read wry smile, "I like this is not very promising?"

She used to be careful when he was ill; now that he is well, she is still careful.

"It's not that serious, it's just that you put your self-esteem too low, which affects your charm as a woman." Gong Ou has a deep voice.

Put your self-esteem too low.

His mouth is very poisonous. It's very poisonous.

Shixiaonian looked at him, took a sip of milk and said, "you still know women now?"

"What are you alluding to?" Gong Ou picks up her eyebrows and looks at her with sharp eyes. "Don't worry, I only have you as a woman, and you are the only person I want to live my whole life."

"I didn't mean that."

When Xiaonian frowned, she just answered a sentence like that, really didn't think so much.

Gong Ou seems to think more complicated now than before. Is emotional intelligence also higher?

"Is it all right. I have dinner, go to the company, you and I together? " Gong Ou stands up from the table.


She's going to the gallery, too.

When small read nods, puts down the chopsticks to stand up, the vegetables on the table almost did not move.

This is a sight that has never been seen before.

"On New Year's Eve, my process is also full. I can't accompany you in the daytime. Let's wait for the evening. I'll stay with you in the evening." Gong Ou said as he walked out.

"OK, we'll wait for you."

When small read a way, in addition to say this sentence and so do not know what else to say.

You can't be jealous of his work.

"After the new year, the gallery will be closed. The painter should keep some sense of mystery properly." Gong Ou's tone is full of the official tone, as if he was giving his secretary orders.

"After the new year? Why is it so fast? I like galleries very much. "

"Isn't it good to stay at home and be a little grandmother?"

"Can you come later?"

"When N.E gets on the right track, our wedding will also be put into the process. I don't have so much time to prepare for the wedding. Then you may have to pay more attention. Close the gallery and you will have time." Gong Ou spoke faster than before.


When Xiaonian is silent behind him.

His illness was cured, but his desire for control was much stronger.

Gong Ou looks back at her, reaches for her hand and pushes her to the wall, pinches her chin. "Why, don't you want to marry me? Don't want to have a home with me? "

He was very close to her, black eyes staring at her eyes, some burning illusion.

When small read to his line of sight, breath slightly stagnation, "think."

How can I not think about it.

How many years has she waited for him.

"Then close the gallery." Gong Ou lowered his head and held her lips and kissed her gently. "When we get married, I will officially take over the twins for your care."

Smell speech, when the eyes of small read a bright, "the palace side will be willing?"

"You've been waiting for me for four years. It's known all over the world. If they don't let me marry you, my reputation will fall." "They won't stop us from getting married now," said Gong, clinging to her lips. "And as long as I'm willing to inherit the palace, there's no reason why they won't let us pick up the twins."


It's strange to hear that.

"What's the matter?"

"Nothing." Shixiaonian pushes his chest open. "Let's go to work. I'll tie for you."

"No, I don't know that you can only play the simple one. I need to receive foreign guests today. I need to be more solemn." Gong Ou said casually, in a flat tone, without any repugnant meaning, but objectively narrated the facts.

He turned and picked up a tie around his neck. His long fingers were tied with complicated ties.

Gong Ou looks at the mirror by the door, but doesn't notice Xiaonian's lonely eyes.


Shi Xiaonian tries hard to get closer to Gong ou, but Gong Ou doesn't seem to need it.

He has plans for their future.

He clearly divided the roles of the two of them. He was responsible for making money and supporting the family. She was responsible for taking good care of the family and being a well-off young grandmother.

takes a natural course, just like every couple, just like many couples who are in normal love.

It's normal.

It's normal to find no fault.

She and Gong Ou get along with each other without any hesitation. Gong Ou becomes normal, and their relationship becomes normal. They are no longer so vigorous, no longer dead without love.

It's new year's Eve. It's a sunny day.

In front of the gallery, there is a big red Chinese knot. The fringes are floating in the wind. The inspiration of looking for people from the glass door is torn down, and the crooked window flowers are pasted by Gong Kui.

When Xiaonian stood in the shop, wearing thick clothes, he took down the pictures on the wall and put them into the packing box.

The gallery needs to be ready to close.

All these paintings should be put away.

Gong Yao is sitting on the ground in the center of the gallery. There is a low table in front of him. His little hand is holding the brush and copying the simple brush words without expression and concentration.

"My flowers are going to break again."

Gong Kui kneels on the chair in front of the table, holds the small glass water tank with his little hands, and looks at the flowers floating in it with a gloomy face.

"Xiaokui, do you need me to tell you some ways to maintain flowers?"

The R palace walked towards Xiao Kui and asked with a low head.

"Thank you Mr, but I'd like to see Dad."

Gong Kui held the small water tank and sighed.

If she doesn't send out her flowers, they will be completely destroyed.

Gong Kui's mouth was shriveled and she was very sad. All of a sudden, she thought of something. Her eyes were rolling. When Xiao Nian was busy hanging pictures, Gong Yao was practicing calligraphy. No one paid attention to her.

Gong Kui holds the small water tank up.

Well, hold on.

She carefully climbed down the chair, arms as hard as possible to hold the small water tank to climb down.

I'm so tired.

Gong Kui was biting her teeth, struggling to hold the small water tank and crept out. Her mother wouldn't let her disturb her father's work, so she went to see him and gave him the flowers.

Just one look.

Gong Kui walked out of the gallery with a bow like a shrimp, and was stopped by the bodyguard outside. "Where are you going, Miss Kui?"

"Shh! Don't let people hear you! " Gong Kui whispered, holding the small water tank in her arms, "take me to Dad, or I'll ask grandma to dismiss you."

"Miss Xiaokui."

The bodyguard's face is blue with capital letters.

"Let's go. I'm so tired." Gong Kui opened a pair of dark eyes and looked at him plaintively. "I will come back when I give the flowers to Dad."

"I'll be back after delivery?"

The bodyguard hesitated.

"Right. Don't let mom hear you. Let's go." Palace Kui ghost spirit ground says, holding small water tank to go to the road.

The bodyguard was frightened and hurriedly followed her.

Step into the N.E building, the gallery is only one road away from N.E. everyone knows that the president's twins are always on the opposite side. See Gong Kui come in, and the front desk will let you go.

"Thank you beautiful sister."

Gong Kui apologized sweetly and walked inside holding the small water tank. She didn't want the bodyguard to take it for her.

It's time to see Dad.

Dad will love her flowers.

When Xiaonian stood in the shop and collected her paintings, one of them fell down and the other corner was sunken. She jumped down from the chair and picked up the paintings.

"Are you ok?"

The voice was tender but cold.

When Xiaonian turns his head, Gong Yao sits there and looks at her with a brush in his hand.

Care for her?

"Nothing." When Xiaonian smiled and lifted up the painting, he glanced over the table and found that there was no water tank on the table. "Holy, did you see Xiaokui?"

Gong Yao shakes his head.

"Little anemone?"

When Xiaonian hurriedly put down the painting and went inside. There was no one in the room. She immediately became anxious and rushed out to look at the guard. "Have you seen Xiaokui?"

"Miss Xiao Kui has gone to find the young master."

The bodyguard replied truthfully.


When Xiaonian was shocked, Gong Ou told her that when he was working, he would not go to him and disturb him.

When Xiaonian ran out, Gong Yao ran after her, "I'll go with you."


When Xiaonian took Gong Yao's hand to cross the road and ran to the N.E building opposite, the front desk naturally dared not stop her.

When I press the elevator, Xiaonian and Gongyao walk into it. They have anxiety in their eyes. I hope they can stop gongkui.

Gong Ou is a workaholic now. He doesn't like to be interrupted by others.

When I came out of the elevator, Xiao Nian hurried to Gong Ou's office. Before I got there, I heard Gong Kui's cry.

It's from the conference room.

Shi Xiaonian and Gong Yao walk by.

I saw the door of the conference room closed tightly. Gong Kui stood there crying very sad. A charming figure stood in front of her. It was Mona. She was wearing a delicate and elegant long dress, carrying a bag on her hand, and her eyes looked at Gong Kui helplessly.

Among them, there was a broken glass water tank on the ground. The water flowed all over the ground, full of glass fragments. Several flowers fell on the ground, lifeless.

"Can you stop crying? How can you just cry. "

Mona looked at the sunflower with a headache.


When Xiaonian's heart sank, he shouted, "Xiaokui."

"Mom!" as soon as she saw Xiaonian, Gong Kui ran towards her crying and grabbed her hand and pleaded, "woo, she broke my flowers. My flowers are all broken. My father won't ask for them. Woo woo."

"It's boring."

Mona's face was gloomy.

"Why are you here?" When small read a hand palace Kui draw close to side, eyes see to Mona coldly asked.

"Naturally, let's see Gong ou and how he adapts to the society." Mona said, glancing at Gong Kui, "is this your daughter? You have to teach yourself that as a lady, you should walk gracefully, not in a rush. If you fall, you still depend on others. "

"As an adult, sometimes you need to know how to apologize."

Said Xiao Nian coldly.

"My sister doesn't depend on people." Gong Yao stood out and looked up coldly at Mona. "Please apologize, this is the most basic courtesy."

Mona looked at Gong Yao and was stunned for a few seconds.

It looks like Gong ou.

"She hit me on purpose. She's a bad person!" Gong Kui cried to Mona. "Bad aunt, bad aunt, whine."

"An ungrounded little fellow."

Mona snorted scornfully.

Smell speech, the eyes of small read catch a touch of anger, around gathered a few secretary that hear the news to come, each looking at them with fear.