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Chapter 1039 interaction between Gong ou and her baby

This is really strange.

"I don't need a doctor to tell me about this." Gong Ou is indifferent to the tunnel and has a deep meaning in his black eyes.

"What do you mean?"

At that time, Xiao Nian looked at him.

Gong Ou looks at her and draws a curve from her thin lips. "I'll tell you later."

"After?" "You already know the reason, don't you? Is there something wrong with you? What did the doctor say about the discomfort? "

"I'm fine now, except for my back."

"Really?" I was skeptical.

"Well, soup." Gong Ou takes her bowl and fills her with a bowl of soup. Then he puts his chopsticks in front of her. "Come, eat all the rice."

It's all medicine diet and blood tonic ingredients. How can I eat them.

When Xiaonian picked up his chopsticks and dialed the dishes on the table, she really had no appetite. Gong Ou watched her eat, so she had to find a topic to escape, "by the way, when shall we go back to the castle?"

"Don't worry. We haven't solved the problem in zone 13. Don't worry about going back." Gong Ou's deep tunnel.

The fragrance of the flowers in the hospital is so strong that they can't be melted.

When Xiaonian looked at him puzzled, "do you mean brother? In fact, it's such a big thing now. He should receive the wind and know that bith is by our side. It's time to come back. "

It's strange to say that Gong Yu hasn't heard from him.

"He may have something else to do." Gong Ou said in a deep voice, picked up the chopsticks and took a piece of food for her, then said, "if he had fallen into the hands of the other party, they would have been moving."

Lancaster has lost the trump card of bith. If there were hostages in his hand, he would have jumped out.

It sounds that Gong Yu is not in danger for the time being, but he doesn't know where people have gone, what they are thinking and what they are doing It's clear that I went out to find bit.

When small read is dialing the rice in the bowl, thought to ask again, "is Lancaster because morale is weak dare not move toward us further?"

"Not necessarily." Gong Ou takes the last sip of soup from the bowl, wipes his mouth, and says, "a man who has been in power for decades is going to lose his family. What do you think he will do?"

"Fight to the death."

That's what people do when they're pushed to the extreme.

"You're so good. It's a dog jumping off the wall." Gong Ou sneers.

This mouth is poisonous

When Xiaonian put down his chopsticks, plucked his hair and asked earnestly, "why is George so calm now?"

"Maybe I'm worried about something."

Gong Ou's eyes are full of meaning.

"Concern? He has any concerns about us. " When Xiaonian didn't understand, he suddenly thought of bith's clear blue eyes and hurriedly said, "Gong ou, don't let bith become a victim between the two families, OK? Let them stay with us in peace. He has great abilities in the field of science and technology. Maybe in the future, he can help you to achieve his own world. "

At that time, bith's label was no longer the humble blood of servants and nobles.

Smell speech, Gong Ou's face is cold down, look at her quietly, "so afraid of what I do to him?"

"Obviously I don't mean that."

"Is it? How to prove it? " Gong Ou said with a cold face, "you still think I'm a person who needs nothing."

He's changed. She doesn't believe him?

When Xiaonian looked at him innocently, she only said something about bit. "I really don't mean that. How do you want me to prove it?"

Gong Ou turns his head to Feng De, who has been standing beside him, and says, "add two fried dishes to replenish blood."


Finish saying, Gong Ou grabs her hand, puts chopsticks into her hand, black eyes stare at her deeply, "don't you think you can skip the meal next day?"

Seen through.

When Xiaonian was a little embarrassed, he said with a smile, "I eat it. I didn't say I don't eat it. The two dishes are..."

"Punishment for focusing on only other men."

“……” When Xiaonian said something, "I look at bit as my brother."

"I also told him not to disturb you. In your eyes, he is not a man at all." Gong Ou is deep and deep, and he puts vegetables in her bowl.


When I was reading the black line, when did she mean that again? God, how many mental attacks did bith suffer from Gong Ou in these days when she raised her body?

Is it better to send bit back to the castle?

Gong ou, with vegetables in his hands, suddenly turned to her with black eyes, and asked aggressively, "do you miss him again?"

"No." How dare I admit it.

"And who are you thinking about?"


"Oh? What do you think of me? "

"It's said that marriage is made of firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea. It's just as good as our family's production. It saves money." After that, Xiaonian buried himself in his head and began to eat. He dared not say more than half a word.

"I don't seem to be running a grain and oil company." Gong Ou glanced at her and continued to put food in her bowl. Suddenly, his chopsticks stopped in the middle of the air. He understood that his face sank down and said in a loud voice, "Feng de! Add another ginseng soup! "


When Xiaonian almost bumped into her job, she would sooner or later mend her bleeding.


Gong Ou is more honest. When Xiaonian stuffed his stomach round and rolled, he led him to see the pumpkin.

She holds her round stomach and can't walk. Gong Ou holds her hand and presses the switch on the wall. The door is opened from inside.

Inside were some doctors in sterilization suits, either sitting there looking at the documents or mixing something. When they came in, everyone stood up and bowed to them.

Such a battle?

"Do we need to wear sterilization clothes?" When Xiaonian stood behind Gong ou and asked, why is it so rigorous? Can't little pumpkin bear the outside world at all?

"No matter, the baby is very good in the incubator, but we usually accompany the baby, be careful." The doctor explained with a smile.

When I heard this, I felt more comfortable.

Gong Ou presses the button on the wheelchair to go inside. When Xiaonian follows him in, he sees the little pumpkin in the incubator. It's a small, small lump. He's sleeping. He doesn't move under the quilt. A small hand is exposed outside. There's a small medical circle around it.

This is her baby? How could it be so small.

When Xiaonian knew that the baby born prematurely was very small, but she didn't expect it to be so small. At the beginning, Xiaokui had made her think it was small enough, and the baby still wanted to come.

She went over and looked at the baby with some heartache, "is he really healthy when he is so small?"

The doctor came over and said, "don't be nervous, madam. We always observe the baby's health. He is a little weak, but still healthy. He has grown up a lot in just a few days. I believe that he can come out of the incubator soon."

Has this grown up a lot?

When Xiaonian was more distressed, the doctor saw that she was nervous, so he said again, "as long as we take good care of the baby, there is no difference between the premature child and the ordinary child. The second young master still comes to interact with the baby every day."

Gong Ou?

"Interaction?" When small read some surprised to see to Gong ou, he comes to see the child every day? His own injury was so serious that he was reluctant to stay in bed for a moment.

Gong Ou is in a wheelchair, and his black eyes are fixed on her. "What kind of eyes are you looking at?"

The eyes are aching.

He didn't know how to have a good rest, take care of her and accompany her children, and rush to be a model student?

When these words small read didn't say, just light tunnel, "I can't imagine how to interact, small pumpkin so quickly will interact?"

Words fall, hear the doctor surprise tunnel, "look, the baby opened his eyes."

When Xiaonian hurriedly looked into the incubator, and sure enough, the little pumpkin was lying there with some wrinkled skin, reddish skin, small nose and small mouth, which was not very good-looking, but this meeting, he suddenly opened his eyes, dark eyes, very beautiful.

At this moment, Xiaonian felt that he had given birth to a smart little life, and he survived safely.

"His eyes are like yours."

Gong Ou said, even with pride.

When Xiaonian leaned against the incubator and focused on the children inside, "really, how do I feel like you?"

Her eyes are not so dark. None of the three children's eyes are very similar to her.

"He looks like you the most. You can't understand him." Gong Ou looks up at her with her eyes raised. The corners of her mouth are slightly raised. She seems to be in a particularly good mood.

Does little pumpkin look like her best?

When Xiaonian looked at the baby inside, he still couldn't tell who was more like the five features, who was good, as long as he was healthy.

Sorry, pumpkin, it's hard for you.

When small read stare at his eyes silently in the heart said, Gong Ou magnetic voice into her ears, "look."

She looked over and saw Gong Ou lift a finger and stick it to the incubator.

When Xiaonian looked at it incomprehensibly, she did not understand what he meant. She looked at the little pumpkin in the incubator.

Little pumpkin just opened his eyes and didn't consciously look at them. He just opened his eyes. Suddenly, a little mouth of pink powder yawned, making the whole face more wrinkled. It was obviously not good-looking, but it was very cute.

When Xiaonian couldn't help laughing, little pumpkin yawned and seemed ready to go to sleep again. She said, "are you hypnotizing little pumpkin?"

The moment your finger touches the incubator, it yawns.

"If I can do this special function, you must be the object of hypnosis."

Gong Ou squints at her and raises her eyebrows.

In his eyes, when Xiaonian received the idea of red fruit, it was clear that he was hypnotizing her, so he could do whatever he wanted.

The man can't do anything in his wheelchair now. He likes to flirt with her more and more.

When the doctors were all there, Xiaonian had to bear it and didn't break it. She looked down at the incubator, and the pumpkin closed her eyes vaguely. Her fist clenched hand suddenly moved and stuck it on the wall of the incubator.

It's right on Gong Ou's finger.