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Chapter 213 battle in the morning

Anyway, she has sunglasses and masks. No one knows her.

She just thought she was an ordinary audience, watching a high-end conference.

Words fall, she found a magic claw attack her body, began to move, when small read helplessly hold the hand that quickly explored her chest, "is not that I can't move it?"


Gong Ou doesn't say anything. He takes back his hand and finds out what he wants.

Maybe he was really tired. He closed his eyes holding her, put his head on her shoulder, and soon fell asleep.

Doesn't it mean she's a refresher?

Why, she seems to be a sleeping pill.

If you fall asleep, go to bed early. You will have the spirit to deal with the press conference tomorrow.

On this night, Xiao Nian took the initiative to stay in Gong Ou's bedroom for the night, but the two did nothing. Gong Ou took her as a pillow and slept all night.

When Xiaonian is hard, he has no space for himself even when he is entwined with his hands and feet. His posture is very uncomfortable. He sleeps and wakes up all night.

In order not to wake him up, she could only bear it. Her neck and shoulders were so sore.

Finally, it's dawn.

Sunlight comes in through large French windows, reflecting light on the floor.

"Knock knock knock knock"

the door was knocked three times, with a polite voice.

When Xiaonian was lying in Gong Ou's arms, he opened his eyes and endured the pain of his body. When he heard the voice, Gong Ou suddenly opened his eyes and looked at her directly with black eyes. The eyes were deep, as if they could bite people.


When Xiaonian tried to squeeze out a smile.

Today is a big day for him and she can't bring him any negative energy.

Gong Ouding stared at her, as if she was not awake. "When Xiaonian, I seemed to forget something last night."

"What is it?"

When Xiaonian froze, is it about the press conference? Isn't it all right?

What about that.

Gong Ou stares at her directly. Suddenly, he grabs her hand and puts it in his mouth to open his thin lips.


when Xiaonian is sensitive, he draws his hand directly, and a numb sensation surges up from his fingertips, and then runs all over his body.

What does he do? Take the wrong medicine early in the morning.

Gong Ou looks at her, and her thin lips suddenly catch up with an evil radian. Her voice shows a lazy character. "I was too sleepy last night. I forgot to do this!"

With that, Gong Ou let go of her and went to the bathroom.


When small read speechless ground looking at own finger, fingertip still has a bit shallow tooth mark.

She's a dog, isn't he?

Bite when you get up early in the morning.

She was worried about him.

When Xiaonian dumped his hand, but he was in the mood to quarrel with her, which should show that he was very confident in today's press conference, right?

In this way, Xiaonian doesn't care about this and sits up from the bed.

Back ache.

Gong Ou really used her as a pillow all night, which made her feel uncomfortable at all. It seems that her neck was leaning to one side.

When she got out of bed, people were still sleepy. She went to the door and opened it.

Feng de was standing at the door with a group of servants, each with leather shoes, shirts and suits. Even the watch was held in a box.

The position is exaggerated.

"Good morning, Miss Shi." Feng de bowed to her in spirit, "the clothes are ready."

"Oh, Gong Ou is washing in there. He will come out in a moment."

Xiao Nian stood at the door and said, "I didn't let them in.".

Gong Ou doesn't like outsiders coming into his bedroom.

"Here comes Fengde?"

Gong Ou comes out of the bathroom with a very good spirit. He is tall and long. There are water drops on a handsome face. He has deep facial features. He looks at her with one eye. The pupils are dark. There is a drop of water on his long eyelashes, which is very sexy.

"Well, here we are."

I nodded.

Gong Ou looked at her and said, "why do you have black eyes?"

"Is it? Maybe I didn't sleep well last night. " When Xiaonian touched his eyes, it was worse than not sleeping that he slept for a while, woke up for a while, and then slept for a while.

She had been suffering so much last night.

"Not sleeping well?" Gong Ou stares at her, and suddenly thinks of something. His eyes are evil and vaguely staring at her

When I read the black line.

He's funny. If he didn't hold her together, she wouldn't dare to disturb him and force herself to stay still. Would she be like this now?

When small read very want to say, but finally still way, "yes ah yes, your face is unique, do not peep a few eyes how can I sleep."

In any case, she can't give him negative energy today. We should bear it.

Today is his big day.

"I like your honesty!" Gong Ou is very satisfied.


When I was young, I said nothing.

Gong Ou went outside. Feng de and the servants immediately bowed their heads and shouted respectfully, "good morning, young master."

"What time?"

In front of them, Gong Ou's voice was cold.

"It's half past seven in the morning, three hours later." Fengde is respectful.

"Site ready?"

Gong Ou asked coldly. As he asked, he untied the lace of the bathrobe at his waist and directly took it off. The bathrobe fell to the ground. He only wore a pair of narrow pants, revealing the sexy and attractive male figure. At a glance, the texture was clear and the lines were like perfect cutting. Every point was perfect.

When he suddenly came here, Xiaonian was stunned for two seconds and turned away.

"What? It's like you haven't seen it. "

Gong Ou looks at her discontentedly, reaches for her chin and forces her to turn around.

When Xiaonian's face burned, his eyes wandered around but he didn't look at him. He whispered, "you don't need to. There are maids."

Foreign countries grow up in different ways. They are not so open.

In front of a group of maids, I took off my bathrobe and showed off my figure in the morning?

"How dare they see it?"

Gong Ou let go and squinted coldly.

All the maids closed their eyes at once, holding only the things in their hands.


When I was small, I was silent.

"When small read, you rest assured, my body only lets you covet!" Gong Ou said to her, in a high voice, as if she were giving something.


When I was young, I didn't want to understand him at all.

Feng De is obviously familiar with this scene. He takes a shirt from a maid and begins to serve Gong ou.

The shirt was ironed straightly. Wearing it on Gong Ou's body highlighted his great stature. There was a sense of instant vision when he was standing there.

Put on trousers, shirt and suit.

Gong Ou opened his arms and stood still, proud and served by Feng De.

Feng de carefully put on a watch for Gong ou and compared time.

"I don't see you waiting for clothes at ordinary times." When small read to see appearance cannot help but say, this pair of eldest young master's work is very frightening.

"In the palace, servants usually serve when there is a big event. To ensure that every detail is perfect."

Fengde compared to the end of the time to look up when small read explained.

"I see." When Xiaonian suddenly realized.

Gong Ou stands there, and glances at Xiao Nian in black eyes. The long hand takes the tie from the servant's hand and hands it to Xiao Nian. He picks up her eyebrows.


When Xiaonian was not a fool, he understood his meaning, so he took the tie around his neck and tied it to him.

The tie is black and blue. At first, it doesn't look very impressive, but there are a little dark lines inside. It's embroidered.

Even a tie is so well made.

When Xiaonian was shocked, he continued to tie.

Feng de stood aside and looked at it. His eyes were startled. He hurriedly said, "this bow tie is too simple to attend formal activities. Go to an individual and bring the spare tie."

"Ah? I'm sorry, that's all I can do. "

When Xiaonian hurriedly takes back her hand, how can she tie a complicated bow tie.

"Don't take it!" Gong Ou opened his mouth, and the slender hand pulled the leader's knot in a handsome way, saying, "this knot is good, that's all."

Feng de frowned, "but..."

"You are the young master, I am the young master?"

Gong Ou stares at Feng de displeased.

Feng De quickly lowered his head and stopped talking. He buttoned the sleeve of Gong Ou's cuff and did everything carefully and in place.

Shi Xiaonian felt the seriousness of the matter from Fengde and said, "I think this knot is too simple. Anyway, there is a spare tie. Please try it again."

It was, after all, an appearance to the eyes of the world.


Gong Ou said indifferently, took up a diamond necktie clip and handed it to her, gesturing her to clip it for him.

When Xiaonian took the tie clip and pinned it to the tie for him, this time she was careful and carefully adjusted the angle.

Finally, everything is in order.

Gong Ou stood in front of shixiaonian in a neat manner, with his head held high and his head held high. He was full of high spirits and pretentious air.

"Young master, the image designer is waiting in the room beside him. He can do his hair." Said Fengde respectfully.


Gong Ou goes forward.

And hair? When small read stupefied next, want to follow up, Feng de stops her, "when miss, your clothes are here, first pick clothes to do hair."

"My clothes? I want my hair done? " When Xiaonian was stunned, he shook his hand and said, "no need, I just want to be an audience, no need to make any hair."

It's not like going to the red carpet. Do you want to be a spectator?

"This is what the young master ordered. Anyway, when the image designers arrived, the young lady would do it. Don't girls like to dress beautifully?"

Feng de said and clapped his hands.

Like a signal, a group of maids heard the signal coming and stood in rows.

The maids in the first row are all holding skirts, the maids in the second row are all holding shoeboxes, and the third and fourth rows are all jewelry.

It's exaggerating.

It's not that she's hosting the conference.

"Miss Shi, please choose." Said van der.

When Xiaonian bit her lips, she looked at the skirts and picked out a skirt full of Chinese flavor blue and white porcelain, which is fresh and atmospheric, with white skirt and blue ink inlaid in it.