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Chapter 284 love Gong Ou years ago

Hearing this, Mona chuckled.

For a while, Mona turned off the water, got up straight, and raised a beautiful face. The friendliness and generosity on her face disappeared in a flash, leaving only the pride on her face. "I'm not trying to seduce Gong ou, I'm trying to chase him."


The question of doubt got a positive answer.

When Xiaonian looked at them in the mirror, the two faces in the East and the West had totally different styles.

"This is not the place to talk. Let's go. I'm just tired. I don't need to pretend any more." Mona shook off the water mark on her hand and said.

When Xiaonian stood in front of the sink and turned off the water, the soft voice cooled down, "I just need one answer, I don't care about the others."

With that, Xiao Nian turned around and left.

Walking behind Mona, Mona's voice rang in the bathroom. "I think we should talk. After all, my job as a psychiatrist is not fake, right?"

Mona is in the hint of small read, her body is still carrying Gong Ou's disease.

"You are not the only psychiatrist in the world."

When small read said coldly then walked forward, no longer paid attention to Mona.

But Mona is still following up. Shixiaonian doesn't immediately break Mona's purpose.

Gong Ou needs to hold a meeting, send Shi Xiaonian to the ward, take her to the hospital bed, and say, "lie down well, don't run around again! I'll be back in full swing! "

"I don't want to lie down. I'm tired of lying all the time."

Said Xiao Nian in a low voice.

"No, you must lie down!" Doctors have said before that lying down can recover.


When Xiaonian was lying in bed, he had no choice but to agree.

"Then I'll go to the meeting first!" Gong Ou said that she lowered her head and kissed her on the lips, then turned around and left, strode away and walked out of the ward.

Feng de stood aside and looked doubtfully at Mona, who was still in the ward.

Mona stood against the wall and smiled at him. "Mr. Gong is going to a meeting. I have nothing to follow. Stay here to accompany Xiaonian."


When small read to look at her silently, did not speak.

"Then I'll go out first."

Fengde didn't doubt her. In his eyes, shixiaonian and Mona are the young master's girlfriend and the young master's doctor. They have a good conversation, no problem.

Feng de goes out and closes the door.

When the sun outside came in, it happened to shine on both bedside tables. When Xiaonian was bathed in the warm sunshine, she sat up from the bed and propped up a pillow behind her to rest comfortably.

"It seems you want to talk to me."

When small read lightly said, look indifferently to Mona, "well, I want to know, from the beginning you are deliberately to approach us, right?"

She's got a good relationship with her.

"It has to start five years ago." Mona went to the chair beside her bed and sat down. Her eyes were blue with reminiscence. "Five years ago, I accidentally saw a news paper about Gong ou, and then I fell in love with him. I fell in love at first sight."


When Xiaonian sat on the bed, covered with a white quilt, a long black hair fell down, his face was more white by the sun.

Five years ago.

Mona fell in love with Gong Ou five years ago because of a newspaper? Because of a piece of news?

"I think he is very powerful. He is wise and intelligent. He can develop the N.E system at a young age. He is elegant and noble. He is the future heir of the palace family. Although one third of his body is of Oriental origin, it doesn't hinder my fascination with him, "Mona said confidently, falling into memories with a longing smile on her face." at that time, I knew that this man was mine. "


Really confident enough.

Xiao Nian's face was cold and indifferent. She said nothing.

"My family's background is higher than that of Gong family, but I want to be able to match Gong ou, so from five years ago, I have been learning all the things that can improve myself."


Speaking of this, Mona suddenly smiled and looked at her contemptuously. "By the way, just like you are now, you are trying to learn language and turn over various books to improve your inner cultivation. Unfortunately, you will always fall behind me."

Smell speech, when small read retort, "who is left behind, now is not clear at a glance?"

She is Gong Ou's girlfriend.

"It's just a temporary backwardness." Mona's beautiful face was full of self-confidence, and she continued, "five years ago, I began to collect all the news and videos about Gong Ou crazily. I would watch every report of him dozens of times, and I would watch every interview of him hundreds of times."


When Xiaonian heard this, he was not surprised.

It turns out that Mona is a Star chaser of Gong ou, but Gong Ou is not a star.

"Just because of this, I found some of Gong Ou's little habits and some of his habitual tone of voice. I applied for psychology. At that time, I spent a long time looking for various materials, and finally let me confirm that Gong ou Suffering from paranoid personality disorder. " Mona said slowly.


When Xiaonian put his hand under the quilt tightly.

Gong Ou's disease has never been publicized, and no one doubts it, but Mona found it out five years ago with some reports and videos.

Mona sat there and looked at her with a smile. "Now do you know why I'm so specialized in paranoia?"

"For Gong ou."

The answer is obvious.

"That's right. I have decided from five years ago that one day, I will cure Gong Ou's paranoia." Mona stood up from her chair and said, "so I haven't stopped working hard in the past five years. I treat every paranoid patient just to do a good experiment first."


When hearing this, Xiaonian's eyes flashed a shock.

She didn't expect that Mona had been studying paranoia for 5 years for Gong ou.

"At first, I thought everything was going well. My family didn't oppose my association with Gong Ou or even arrange a marriage with us." Mona was walking slowly by her bed, and there was another look on her face. "I thought that would be a good start."

At this point, Mona's face changed, and then she said bitterly, "but I didn't know how much I was going to prepare, but I was still a little late in Gong Ou's life. When I was still thinking about how to approach him, he announced to the world that he had a girlfriend!"

In the end, Mona's tone was clearly jealous.

"In that case, shouldn't you let go?" When small read light tunnel, "as you said, you just had a blind date, no other."

"Let go?" Mona didn't seem to understand her words. She stood at the end of the bed and looked at Xiaonian's clear and soft face. "I'm sorry, I never let go of two words in my life."


Is that to fight her to the end?

Xiaonian's eyes become more and more indifferent.

"If I come late in his life, it doesn't mean I miss it." Mona said, then smiled, "like now, when I'm not close to him, he'll invite me to be his attending doctor. This is the fate between my palace and Europe. Nothing can stop it. "


It's funny to hear a westerner say that this is their fate in Chinese.

"I finally came to Gong Ou's side and could be with him every day." Mona said, "Xiaonian, you don't want to say anything when you hear me say so much?"

The story of her struggle for love?

Sorry, she won't be moved.

When small read sits on the bed, coldly says a sentence from the mouth, "the so-called love at first sight, is to see the color to start."

Mona stood there and was beaten back to the superficial position by her words. Her face was embarrassed. "What kind of feelings do you think Gong Ou has for you? Not even love at first sight! "

"What do you want to say?"

He asked coldly.

"Did Gong Ou say what he loves you?" Mona asked, then answered herself without waiting for an answer. "He's never answered that question, has he?"


Xiaonian's eyes darkened.

Indeed, Gong ou never said why he loves her and what he loves her. If he loves her, he loves her. There is nothing else.

"I'm right?"

Mona knew she was right when she saw her face. She walked slowly on the floor with a pair of shoes. "Actually, when I know your identity, I don't think you deserve to be my opponent."

Mona's face was filled with a kind of pride, and her whole body exuded a kind of noble and incomparable breath.

That kind of breath, when Xiao Nian saw it in Gong ou, and in Gong ma.

It's as if they live nobly in this world.

Xiaonian looks at her in silence.

Mona went on, "you and we are like living in the two extremes of the pyramid. Even Gong Ou said that he is up and you are down, right?"


Shi Xiaonian never felt that Gong Ou was in the upper position and she was in the lower position.

"As for the background, you are just an adopted daughter, without biological parents, and even your adopted father's family has broken off." Mona said contemptuously, "as for personal self-cultivation, which is not better than you? I grew up in an aristocratic atmosphere, with a higher vision and a wider experience than you


When Xiaonian looked at her coldly.

"Even in terms of the feelings and contributions to Gong ou, I have more than you." Mona said with a sarcastic smile and a graceful pace in the ward, "can't you cook two dishes a day? I can, I can learn. Nothing I can't learn."


"By the way, and I'll eat the dish of burnt rice for you. You should be very grateful to me, right?" Mona said with a smile, with a pleasure in her eyes.

From the beginning, Mona came with a purpose.

Her every step seems to be random, but it is deliberate.

When Xiaonian looked at her beautiful face coldly, he said indifferently, "Mona, you refresh my understanding of the word hypocrisy."