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Chapter 721 Gong ou, not perfect

"How do you ask? It's said that Su Yaoyao has nothing to do with it. He has been invited by heaven. Bergler will listen to you? " Gong Ou said with a sneer, "saying that Su Yaoyao is your sister's daughter, it's related to that when you sent the child away secretly, your whole family will be finished."


"My sister is the daughter of destiny, and the master will forgive our family," said ichela

"Forgiveness?" The curve of Gong Ou's lip angle is deeper. "Are you sure it's forgiveness?"


"To put it bluntly, you can't even agree with tiannv. Are you really proud of your sister? If so, when I reviled your sister just now, you would not rush out and say those words in front of Fengde. " Gong Ou said in a cold voice, "do you really think your sister's soul is connected with heaven? You are wrong. Her soul is still in her body. She is just bound by you. "


Ekla stood there, paler and paler. "You're nuts!"

In the cold prison, several of them are in a state of mind. Feng de looks at Su Yaoyao's direction. Su Yaoyao turns his head, and Xiaonian and Gong Ou sit together.

She looked at Gong ou and said coldly, "since you think I'm bullshit, you can go."


When he said that, ekla hesitated and didn't know what to do.

One thing Gong Ou saw through was that he didn't agree with tiannv in fact. He witnessed his sister's pain with his own eyes. Even if everyone said that those steps to heaven were inevitable, he couldn't stand it.

Gong Ou's black eyes glared at Su Yaoyao. Su Yaoyao was afraid of his eyes and stepped back. Then he looked up at ekla and said, "that's not really a fairy. It's just a medical vegetable."

"Vegetable man?"

Ekla has never heard such a talk.

"Yes." Su Yaoyao nodded, "if it's all tiannv, there are too many tiannv in the world. Outside, the doctors are all committed to saving and waking up the vegetative people, but here they turn my mother into a vegetative person alive."

Ekla took a step back. "You mean, my sister didn't connect with heaven?"

"Of course not. Perhaps, when mother wakes up, she will tell you whether she has heard the providence. " Su Yaoyao said with tears. She looked at ekla, knelt down abruptly on the ground, and looked at him and said, "according to the Chinese saying, I should call your uncle. Please don't let your mother stay there anymore. She needs treatment. Uncle, she really needs treatment. I just want to take her away."

When yikela saw her kneeling, she hurriedly pulled up suyaoyao and reached out to untie the rope for her. Then a strong man's face was full of hesitation. "If I can't accept what you said, how can my sister's soul still be in her body? If so, she should have been awake."


Gongou cold tunnel.

"You..." Ekla glared angrily at Gong ou. Before he could say anything, a large number of guards ran in and bowed their heads to him. "Chief guard, we are ready. The master asked to take him there."

Yikela grabs Su Yaoyao and says, "OK, I know."

The guards immediately came forward, untied the rope at the foot of Gong ou, Shi Xiaonian and Feng De, forced them to go out and embark on their own path of extinction.

Gong Ou stopped when he came to ekla's side.

Ekla looks at him.

When Xiaonian stood there quietly, Gong Ou stood there straight, his black eyes cold and fierce, and he said word by word, "guard chief, let me help you find a solution."


According to Clara subconsciously, he is really flustered now. He can't watch the child he sent out die in front of him.

"Anti." Gong Ou said in a voice heard by two people, "since you are the guard chief, you have absolute strength to fight against your master. At that time, I will send the palace family to support you and make you the master of the island. How about that?"

"You think I'm crazy?"

Ekla was furious. If he didn't have weapons in his hand, he would have rushed to kill people.

He should betray his master. The people outside are so arrogant.

"Are you not mad?" Gong Ou sneers, "you have been crazy since you saw your elder sister trampled by crazy horse. Don't beautify yourself."


"If you don't, you'll see your sister's daughter die just as you did in those days." Gong Ou said indifferently, but he didn't wait for yikela to answer. Then he walked away. His black eyes looked at his side, and his eyes softened. "Be careful, the ground is too wet."


When small read nods, follow them to go out, she looks to Feng De, Feng De is injured is dragged out completely.

His tiptoe across the ground, red blood drop down, that touch of red let when small read think of that crystal woman's veil, is so red.

Red to the eye.

Red to despair.

Red to hysteria.

Outside, there were several old carriages parked. When Xiao Nian was urged by them to get on the carriage, the treatment was not bad. He even gave them a carriage before he died.

It's past afternoon, and the sun begins to cool down.

The carriage slowly started to move forward little by little. Xiaonian raised her eyes and looked at the sky. She looked at the light and her long hair was a bit messy.

Will this be the last time she sees the sun.

"Gong ou, will that guard captain turn against you?" Asked shixiaonian.

"I don't know." Gong Ou sat beside her, with no expression on her handsome face. She looked at the distance coldly. Her body was bumped by the carriage, and her thin lips were pursed. "His servility is too strong, so I don't think it's good in such a short time."

To betray his master, ekla must have never thought about it in his life.

Smell speech, when small read no accident, a wry smile, "I think so."

Ekla didn't save her sister at that time, let alone her sister's daughter now.

"If he doesn't, we'll have to wait to die." Gong Ou said, "I never thought that Gong Ou would die in such a cowardly way."

Tied up and thrown into the sea.

It's ridiculous.

When Xiaonian looked at the sun in the distance, she wanted to appease him, but she couldn't say. Her hands were tied, and people slowly leaned against Gong ou and whispered, "Gong ou, I think holly and Xiao Kui are doing their homework now, aren't they?"

"You're scared, aren't you?"

Gong Ou lets her lean on them. Beside them are a large number of guards, escorting them to the execution ground.

"I don't know why, with you by my side, I don't feel the fear of death at all." "Up to now, I'm not so flustered. I'm just thinking that I can't die. We have twins to take care of. We have to register. We haven't really started our honeymoon yet."


"Gong ou, it's not perfect."

When Xiaonian sighed, it was not perfect. How could it be perfectly executed by a group of feudal superstitious people.

Her new sweets haven't been given to Gong Ou yet;

her new cartoon with twins as the leading role hasn't been finished;

she hasn't had a good time with Gong ou, hasn't gone to those honeymoon sites, hasn't found new inspiration with him, hasn't Accompany him to old age.

It's not perfect.

Hearing her gentle sigh, Gong Ou's body froze and stood beside her like a stone.

Yikela's attitude became their last straw, as long as he was willing to counter.

But that's too hard.

Before the execution of the sea throwing punishment, Bergler forced them all to kneel in front of the altar to watch them perform a ceremony. The sun was getting colder and colder, and the crystal on the altar seemed to lose its light. The beautiful woman seemed to be frozen and never woke up.

In the creepy music, Feng De's blood had dyed his half side red, like wearing a red armor. He wanted to rush to the altar again and again, and was stopped again and again.

He was stabbed several more times.

When Xiaonian called out to him a few times, Fengde seemed to hear nothing but walk towards the altar and fall down again and again.

When small read can't bear to see, can only close eyes.

Ekla stood and watched, his face cold and manual for several times, but when he saw Bergler's laughter, he dropped again.

"Master, how about offending the palace family like this?"

Asked ekla.

"What are you afraid of? That's what tiannv means. I've made it clear to the people from Lancaster family. Lancaster will double our supply." Bogler looked at Feng de with a smile, and laughed happily. "You see, he doesn't look like a dog, he's still moving. I like this kind of fearless death best!"


Yikela's brow was frowning, he looked at Fengde, who was covered with blood, and his hand was clenched into a fist again.

There will be a time when the ceremony will last.

they were sent to the seaside. When they arrived at the seaside, they were already beautiful, just like yesterday when she was with Gong Yu.

Yesterday evening, they strolled along the beach together, stepping on the footprints row after row.

Today's evening, they are waiting to be buried in the sea.

A large number of guards were gathered at the seaside, and more and more islanders were surrounded. Even the sharp nosed landlady stood among them and stared at them.

When Xiaonian stood by the sea, her long hair was blown up by the wind, and she bowed her head to the landlady apologetically.


The landlady looked at her deeply, said nothing, and turned away.

Several grandiose sofas were moved to the seaside. Bergler and the emissary from Lancaster had a drink and a laugh together. The emissary came to Gong ou with a glass of wine and smiled contemptuously. "Gong Er, I still remember the last time I saw you in the police station, you killed our Miss Mona, but left so arrogantly. I didn't expect you can't get up today."

Gong Ou stood facing the sea. Hearing this, he didn't even move his eyebrows. "Then you remember to go back and tell your master that the Palace won't let them go."