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Chapter 176 the disintegration of Mr Palace

There was an uproar at the press conference.

"When our family adopted, Xiaonian came first, and after giving birth, everyone who knew us knew that we were in the same pain with our two daughters! Even we prefer our older daughter! " As a result, she robbed her younger sister's husband and forced mu qianchu to drive me out of Mu's family. She still swaggered in front of us. I don't want this daughter


When Xiaonian stood there, the saleswoman's aunt was still scolding her, but she could not hear.

She only hears the sound in her cell phone.

So clear.

Clearly watching her family scold her all over the world.

Shi Zhong talks about her bad things one by one to the camera. Shi Di and his adoptive mother min Qiujun just cry there and keep crying.

Someone asked min Qiujun to say something.

When I was young, I looked at my adoptive mother on the screen of my mobile phone. She had loved her adoptive mother.

Min Qiujun is the standard appearance of hundreds of episodes of drama, beautiful but not dazzling, a tear is particularly pitiful.

Min Qiujun wipes his face with a tissue and sobs to the camera. "Xiaonian envied Xiaodi everywhere since she was a child. She has some Xiaodi, but she doesn't have some. We always think that she was adopted. Maybe she has a little deviation in mind, so we never blame her. Unexpectedly I didn't expect to encourage the jealousy of the children. "


Listening to min Qiujun's words, Xiao Nian's heart cooled completely.

Shizhong shouts, "I'm not afraid to expose the domestic clown a little more today, so I'll catch the traitor. When I catch them, Xiaonian and mu qianchu are in bed three times! When the flute was pregnant, she was so excited that she even lost her child! "

There was another uproar at the scene.


When Xiaonian stood there, her body was inch by inch cold, so cold that she could point.

She finally knew why she was spitting when she was walking in the street.

Her family, the parents who once raised her, are trying desperately to smear her in the media to wash the white Shidi

That's her parents who raised her for years.

Just because it's not a natural person, can you beat black and white in front of the media?

How can they

Seeing her pale face, the salesgirl's aunt thought that what she said had played a role, and she also grasped her education. "Little girl, I think you are young too. You should know something about life. If you are not your own, don't rob. If you don't want, don't rob! How can she not get back at you if you have killed your sister and children? "

"I'm right, I'm right."

I murmured in a low voice.

"Hey, you're right. Do you want to have a look at the interview? All the relatives of your family have come out and said that you bullied your sister since childhood, but your parents haven't sent you away." The salesgirl's aunt said excitedly, "besides, you have all the photos, dare you deny them? Isn't it you who kisses in the alley? "

"I'm right. I didn't do it..."

When small read mutter tunnel, stare at the news on the mobile phone has been repeating me right.

Said, she did not know which strength to shake off the salesgirl aunt.

"Ah..." The saleswoman was angry and rushed to the crowd of hundreds of thousands of people, shouting, "look, this shameless little girl, dare to say she is right!"

"No shame at all."

"You really need to go back to check your own parents' bloodline. You must be sick. How could you have such a thing?"

"The third! White eye wolf! No shame! "

"Is it really cool to have sex with my sister's husband? Is it really cool to have sex? Let's share it!"

"Are you upset if you don't make a man? My two dogs are very lonely. Do you want to?"

"Go away, junior! Xiaosan is killed by a car when he goes out! Little three went out and was killed by a car! "


When Xiaonian turned around, she saw a dense crowd in front of her. She couldn't walk away, and her mouth was all moving rapidly, saying many righteous and awe inspiring words.

She tried to explain but couldn't insert a word.

Everyone's talking.

Everyone stood on the moral high ground and accused her.

She just stood there, looking at the faces endowed with justice, and suddenly felt that her ears were ringing and her head hurt badly.

It's hard.

Save her, Mr palace, save her.

When Xiaonian stood in the center of the crowd, took out the mobile phone in his bag, quickly turned on the phone, and made an alarm call.

Suddenly someone came up and took her cell phone.

The next second, I don't know who threw a bag on her. All of a sudden, everyone seems to find a way to punish the bad guys and smash everything they can.

When Xiaonian constantly back, surrounded by the crowd, she could not escape, extended her hands in front of her face.

Things hit her one by one.

Someone poured milk, soda and juice all over her and drenched her whole body.


When small read has no counter attack ability, can only hold the head to squat down.

Someone is kicking her.

Someone is beating her.

Someone was spitting on her.

There was chaos.

Her body trembled so much that a picture of the press conference appeared in front of her eyes, and her heart was as cold as death.

I don't know how long it took, the security guard of the shopping mall finally stepped in and shouted to call the police. Thousands of people almost spread out in a flash. Several brave people still took their cell phones to shoot her and shouted, "hurry up, upload the Internet, the vicious third party was beaten, which made people happy!"

When Xiaonian squatted there with wet dada's head in his arms, all kinds of strange smells came from the tip of his nose.

For a long time, she slowly stood up from the ground, wet all over, clothes were splashed with various colors of liquid.

The shopping mall is a mess.

Shi Xiaonian picked up the bag and mobile phone from the ground and walked forward like a walking corpse. With each step, the water on her body fell down in a murmur. She was in a mess and her face was pale without any blood.

She went out step by step. Along the way, many people took photos of her, and some people scolded her for her deserved.

When Xiaonian takes out his cell phone and dials mu qianchu.

Will he be troubled now.

She walked on the road, in the reproachful and disgusted eyes of all people, her eyes were empty, and one finger held the mobile phone tremblingly.

The phone kept ringing until no one answered.

She called a second time. This time, someone picked up Alan, mu qianchu's assistant.

Before Shi Xiaonian spoke, Allen said, "I'm sorry, Miss Shi. Mr. Mu told me not to let Mu meet you again. Mu will be under house arrest until the storm passes."


When Xiaonian was stunned, it turned out that Alan came to pick up mu qianchu today with a task.

Seeing that she was silent, Alan sighed and said, "I hope that the next thing will not hurt you too much. I'll tell you first, because it's useless to explain anything at this time when the public opinion is on the other side. You have been labeled as a cheater and a third party. Therefore, moose group will announce to the public that it is time for you to seduce Mr. moose and turn all your eyes to you. "


"It's better to hurt you than everyone else."


When Xiaonian stood there stupidly, the milk and juice on her hair dripped in her eyes, which fascinated her.

For a long time, she asked, "what's going to happen in qianchu?"

"At that time, you can rest assured that Mu is the only son of Mu family. House arrest is just to avoid your meeting." Ellen said goodbye and hung up.


When Xiaonian stood alone on the street.

Nearby, passers-by pointed at her, and someone said, "the news just came out again, Murphy group made a voice, saying that this woman actively seduced Murphy Prince and fed him Chunyao all the time. I said she was too silver!"


All the dirty water all over the world poured on her alone.

Shidi, adoptive father, adoptive mother, relatives of Shijia, Mu group

In the face of public opinion, she could not even explain a word, so she was crucified.

She has finally tasted what it's like to be spoiled.

She was followed by the eyes of criticism.

When Xiaonian didn't see it, people went to the underground parking lot, the whole person was like a body without soul. She went to the parking lot, her face was numb.

She walked to the RV step by step, raised her eyes, and suddenly saw a group of people standing in front of the RV, at least hundreds of them, all kinds of smashing.

R house!

When Xiaonian was shocked, he left his bag and rushed forward recklessly, shouting, "get out of the way! Get out of my way! "

She pushed her way through the crowd and rushed in.

"Ah ah, how dirty --"

let's scream out.

When Xiaonian rushed in, he saw that the door of the RV had changed shape, the window had been smashed, and the ground glass had been broken.

But Mr palace has been broken up. His upper body has been pulled out of the window and fell to the ground. His eyes are black and no light can be turned over.

R house.

Finally, she stayed in Mr palace beside her.

"Why do you do that?" When Xiaonian turned around and looked at the group of people, he cried out hysterically, "Why are you? You think you are just. Do you know me? Do you know the truth of the whole thing? Why are you! "

She screamed so loudly that the whole person went mad.

"Little three was sent by heaven! This is retribution! People with a sense of justice will do it like us! "

"Yes! Don't think the law can't rule you, no one can rule you! "

"Xiaosan was struck by thunder!"

"What kind of robot do you want? It's bought for you by the prince mu. It's going to hit people. It's not broken up by us!"

"Be careful, don't walk on the road, you will be killed sooner or later!"


The group opened their mouths in awe.

"Then come on! Kill me! I'll kill you if I can't When Xiaonian roared wildly, he took a look at the robot that had been disintegrated, picked up a stick that had fallen on the ground and hit them recklessly.

"Crazy. This woman is crazy. Let's go. The police are coming."

When a group of people saw her, they immediately made her look like a bird or a beast.

Empty underground parking lot, only a moment of confusion when small read.