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Chapter 986 you'sve been waiting for me?


Mu qianchu is always quiet.

When Xiaonian couldn't figure out a way, he began to think more and more, "but I can't let Dr. Luo say it. It will only make Gong Ou more angry. We two shouldn't have a third party say it, right?"

She confided her struggle to the man in the hospital bed, but mu qianchu lay there without giving her any voice, and he lay still all the time.

When Xiaonian leaned back, put his hands on his aching head, and whispered, "I really don't know how to face it. Qianchu, I hope you can get up and teach me."

He can always speak so softly and quietly, but now he can't help her.

The infusion dripped in drops.

When Xiaonian looked down at mu qianchu's sleeping face, she didn't dare to think about how she could survive another hill incident or 910 explosion.

"If only I lay here, I don't have to think about that much." When small read said in a low voice, and then laughed wryly, "this is also a very selfish idea, for their own relief, can not worry about other people's feelings?"

The feelings of others.

When the eyelashes of small read quivered, soft voice way, "if one day, I can't support, to me is relief, but to Gong Ou?"

As soon as the words came out, Xiao Nian suddenly understood. She looked at mu qianchu on the bed and pulled his lips. "Qianchu, it's not good for anyone if I sink like this, isn't it?"

If one day, she really can't hold on, she's sorry for the two children, the people who died for her, the mojichu lying here, and also sorry Hysteria for her gongou.

"Yes, I can't go on like this." When Xiaonian pulled back his hair, he said, "knowing it's a cancer, but he didn't cut it because he was afraid of the pain. It's harmful to others and himself, isn't it, qianchu?"

She didn't expect mu qianchu to respond to her. Suddenly, one of the sunlight outside the window became very bright, so it fell in, fell on the bed and shone on her.

It's dazzling.

When Xiaonian felt less uncomfortable, as if the fog around her for a long time was being distributed by the sun. She looked at qianchu and whispered, "you agree with me, right?"

This sunshine must be his voice.

When Xiaonian got up, he took a cotton swab, dipped it in some water, and put it on mu qianchu's dry lips. While dipping it, he said, "qianchu, don't worry about me. I want to stay for a while. I feel very calm here. It must be stormy when I go back."

I don't know how to communicate with Gong ou. How can I make him understand and understand her?

Their channels haven't been together for a long time.

When Xiaonian stayed in the hospital until the evening, until mu qianchu hung up all the infusion, he covered his quilt and left.

Walking in the heavily guarded hospital, Xiaonian's fingers were unconsciously squeezed into a ball. She thought it through, but she didn't think about how to talk to Gong ou.

When she went to the hospital hall, she suddenly remembered that Gong Ou seemed to have said something to her before she came to the hospital today.

"That's how you want to see him? Well, you go. I'll go to England as soon as you go! "

When Xiaonian thought of it, she couldn't help being shocked. Damn it, she was dizzy by the sun in the afternoon and forgot what Gong Ou said.

He went to England, so how can she talk about it? It's not that she can only be sent to other countries for protection, and then encounter another hill incident or 910 explosion.

When Xiaonian pinches her hand, she hates why she thinks so late. She can speak well, but she is in the mood of self pity again and again.

After thinking about it, Shi Xiaonian found that he jumped out and became more aware of his problems.

But it's too late.

No matter how clear she is, she can't save anything.

Maybe it's time to try to make a phone call. If Gong Ou is willing to hear her voice, Xiao Nian secretly thinks and walks out of the hospital gate with a dejected head.

The light comes on at night.

The open field in front of the gate is full of cars. Many bodyguards stand by the car and watch. The lights fall on those valuable cars and float a layer of quiet light.

How can there be so many cars and bodyguards at night?

When small read stupefied for a while, suddenly understand come over, heart suddenly jump up, she has forgotten how long she did not have such a happy mood, like a moment dark night sky fireworks are bright.

She rushed over, ignored the bodyguards who bowed to her, reached out and knocked on the window? Is that you? "

The windows don't look in from the outside.

When Xiaonian knocked for several times, he continued to knock on the next car when he saw no response, and asked, "Gong Ou? Gong Ou? Are you in there? "

Apart from him, she could not think of anyone with such a big position.

There was still no response, so Xiaonian had to go on to the next car. Just after knocking, there was a cold voice behind him, "I can't feel it when I'm so close to you? You're really good at it! "

The familiar rage, however, sounds very pleasant.

When Xiaonian looked back, she saw that the back window of one of the cars had been put down. She retreated and looked in with her head lowered difficultly with her hands on her waist.

Gong Ou was still sitting inside in his daytime clothes. His collar was pulled so badly that he lost two buttons. Under his short hair, a face with a deep outline was taut. His face was livid and his eyes were glued to the front. He didn't look at her.

When Xiaonian looked at him, he was very surprised. "Didn't you leave?"

Smell speech, Gong Ou looks like the dynamite of the lead. He immediately explodes. He turns his head and stares at her. His eyes are a little red. He can't help swallowing her. "Why, do you want me to go? You'll be with that blind man forever! "

"If you don't leave, you are afraid of me and qianchu. How about that?" Shixiaonian asked, "then why don't you come up and have a look?"

"Out of humanitarianism, I don't want to blow up the hospital!"

Gong Ou sits in the cold tunnel.

"You know you have a bad temper?" Shixiaonian joked. Hearing this, Gong Ou suddenly blew up again. "Shixiaonian, what do you want? I can't blow it now! "

When Xiaonian looked at the anger between his eyes and eyebrows, her mood had calmed down a lot. Instead of answering his words, she turned to the front and said softly, "you've been waiting for me downstairs?"

Look at his state. I think he waited when she came.

It is estimated that he is also particularly aggrieved. He is suffering hard below, waiting for his woman to come out from another man.

"Don't put gold on your face, I'm free to come here!" Gong Ou glanced at her, but she still didn't have a good face.


He's really free.

When Xiaonian nodded his head clearly, straightened up his aching waist, and asked, "I'll take this car, or..."

"Go back to me!" Gong Ou doesn't wait for her to finish, interrupts her words, and then kicks hard to the driver's seat in front, "drive!"

"Yes, Mr. Gong."

How dare the driver delay? Turn the steering wheel and drive away with one foot of accelerator. The moment the car flies out, Gong Ou's curse comes from the air, "shit! Who made you drive so fast! "


When listening to the classic cursing of Gong family, Xiao Nian thought it funny. In fact, Gong Ou has always been that Gong ou. It's him who is annoying, him who is sticky, and him who is autocratic. It's him who eats hard and soft.

In fact, neither of them has changed. Only when did their communication become so difficult.

Step by step, she backed away, watching the cars go one after another.

When Xiaonian sat down on the steps in front of the hospital gate and sat quietly, waiting for the light in the night.

A cool wind blew and raised her long hair.

I don't know how long it took for Xiaonian to hear a loud emergency stop before he could see clearly. The dark car stopped in front of her.

The rear window was lowered.

Gong Ou sits inside and stares at her angrily, "why don't you go? Eight lift cars? "

"I'll have a rest before I go."

When I was young, I was understating.

"Rest what?" Asked Gong Ou coldly.

When small read lower head to rub their calves, said, "I don't know if it is because of pregnancy, calves are always some pain, walking is not very comfortable."

Words fall, she raises Mou, the stupidity on Gong Ou's face reflects into her eyes very clearly.

She thought his expression would be heartache, but she didn't expect to be so dull. Suddenly she remembered that she had not talked about the state of pregnancy in front of him for a long time, and he was a little silly.

It was agreed that he would accompany and experience the role of father all the way, but he still couldn't do it.

Seeing him stay, Xiaonian suddenly couldn't bear to think about it. He said lightly, "you go first, I can go after rubbing for a while. It's not far from the palace. I can get there before dawn at my speed."

Then she heard a curse from him.


Gong Ou pushes open the door, gets out of the car, grabs her arm and says, "get in the car for me!"

His movements seemed to be very strong, but they melted into her arms.

When Xiaonian looked at him deeply, and then stood up with him. Gong Ou first pulled her, and then put her in his arms. He wished he could carry her with one arm, so that she could not reach her legs.

He shoved her into the car, sat in by himself, slammed the door shut, and stared straight at her leg

"Much better."

She still can't bear him to worry, which has become a kind of inertia.

Gong Ou turns her body in a direction, lets her lean against the locked door, holds her legs up and puts them on her thighs, and gently rubs her calves with slender hands.

His eyes are low, his face is serious, and his anger is gradually disappearing.

"When small read quietly stare at him, chuckle chuckle chuckle way," I think you are angry really will go to England

"Do you care?" Gong Ou gives her a fierce look, and continues to rub her shins on her hands.

"I'm afraid there's something I can't say to you."

Said Xiao Nian softly.