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Chapter 353 three months, you finally show up

Wen Yan, Xu Bingxin shook his head. "I don't know. I still don't know what kind of business the Xi family does. Your father won't let me know. At that time, I had to come out just to arrange for me to escape to China and say that if I didn't escape again, I would be poisoned. "


It's like this.

When Xiaonian holds the milk tea cup, and then whispers, "it's the same with qianchu. He's helping the Xi family, but he won't tell me what the Xi family is doing."

She has also searched the Internet for Italian Chinese.

As a result, there was no information.

The Xi family is very mysterious. It's so mysterious that as the daughter of Xi family and as the hostess of Xi family, her mother doesn't know what Xi family is doing.

"The Xi family has always attached great importance to men over women, and their family business has always passed on from man to woman."


Indeed, no daughter knows what the Xi family is doing.

It's a bit of a bad thing.

When Xu Bingxin sat there and looked at it with a smile, he said, "your father only urged you to marry qianchu last time. When you get married, qianchu will take over the seat more smoothly."


When he mentioned this, Xiaonian frowned.

Compared with mother's stickiness to her, father seems very calm.

The first sentence of her father's son preference for daughter was, "Xiaonian, I have checked your data. The palace family is of noble origin and is superior to others. It's not even. Don't think about it any more. Mu qianchu is very capable. I also value him. With his deep love for you, you can get married as soon as possible, so that he can change his name and enter the core of the Xi family smoothly. "

She doesn't even know what her family business is.

My father wanted her to get married and let his son-in-law take over the business.

But now she has only one daughter and her son is still in the palace. How can she be in the mood to talk about marriage.

Besides, how can she be worthy of admiration now.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa."

A soft voice came.

When Xiaonian and Xu Bingxin looked down at each other, they saw that their little daughter was lying in the baby carriage, smiling happily, and her little tongue was popping out, her eyes were wide open, like stars hidden inside.

"Are we hungry

Xu Bingxin saw the situation and said that he would go to get the bottle again.

A person was imprisoned for half a year, and then came out, the life of Xiaonian was dark, and her daughter was her only light.

So she named her daughter Xiaokui.

"She's just eaten it. She's too greedy to support it." When Xiaonian stopped his mother, he put down the cappuccino in his hand and held Xiaokui in his arms. "Mother, I'll walk around with her in my arms."


Xu Bingxin nods.

When Xiaonian was walking in the airport with her daughter in her arms, Xiaokui blinked with her eyes, licked and licked with her tongue. She was obviously greedy.

Being so greedy at such a young age, I will follow the palace when I grow up

When she thought of that name, Xiaonian's breath was just one smothering. She walked forward with her daughter in her arms.

Far away is a wall mounted TV with a large screen.

The advertisement of intelligent robot under N.E is playing on TV. The advertisement is full of sense of technology and high-end atmosphere.

At the end of the day, add a slogan -

N.E. just go ahead.

's arrogant and overbearing tone is exactly the same as that of its owner.


I don't know how Mr palace is now.


In her arms, Xiao Kui turned her little head and looked at the TV screen with great care.

"Do you understand?" Xiaonian smiled at her daughter.


Xiaokui makes a little voice, which can't be translated at all.

"First lady."

There's a voice coming.

When Xiaonian turned around, several bodyguards stood there and bowed their heads to her, respectfully saying, "eldest lady, the car has arrived, you can go."


I nodded.

She took her daughter back to the pram and pushed the car forward.

Xu Bingxin walked beside her with grace and handed her a pair of sunglasses. Xiaonian took them with a smile and put them on the bridge of his nose. He had a lot of temperament than before.

They followed more than ten bodyguards, and the line was vast, which attracted many people's eyes.


Five Rolls Royce business cars are on the road, and many people are looking at them.

The business car stops in front of gway's new building.

The front of the building is covered with red carpet. The staff are waiting on both sides of the red carpet, all smiling.

Xia Yu and his wife stood in front of the staff and waited anxiously. When they saw the business car stop, Xia Yu moved forward eagerly.

The driver got out of the car and opened the door.

A pair of slender legs stepped out of the car. When Xiaonian came down from the car, he was slim and tall. His windbreaker turned over in the wind. The famous watch on his wrist reflected light in the sun. It had some scattered long hair. His face was small and white, with light makeup. The black sunglasses were printed with the face of summer rain crying with joy.

"Summer rain."

When Xiaonian stood there, reached out and took off his glasses, his eyes with a smile looking to the summer rain.

Time is a wonderful thing.

Last time I met, Xiaonian had a big stomach; this time, in summer rain, she had a big stomach.

When Xia Yu saw her tears, he immediately fell down and ran towards her. Xiaonian immediately reached out and hugged her.

Summer rain's belly is separated from them, which makes their hug posture a little strange.

"You still know to come back, you have no conscience."

Summer rain beat her back while crying.

"Don't cry, pregnant women can't cry, it will affect the baby." When small read to smile to say, the eye also has some acerbity.

"That is, I can't cry, you know to provoke me." When Xia Yu heard this, he immediately released her and wiped her tears. "Let's go. I'll show you around. We've moved into the new building now. The rent here is precious."


I nodded.

She got off the plane and went straight to Xiayu.

Xia Yu is a rare confidant in her life.

After her stable life at Xi's home, her first thing was to find out Xia Yu's phone call. Xia Yu suddenly burst into tears.

On the phone, Xia Yu said something that Xiaonian can't forget until now. "Xiaonian, do you know how many calls I made to you, but Your cell phone is in my hand. "

Her heart was shaking.

Therefore, she has more unhappy memories of this place in s city. When she heard Xia Yu invite her to go back to China for development, she resolutely came back.

Gway comics has moved to a new building with a bigger structure than before.

Things are not the same.

After the visit, when Xiaonian and Xiayu entered the reception hall, the whole reception hall was arranged in a simple atmosphere, with her comics and posters of online dramas and big movies on the glass wall.

Xia Yu is really spare no effort to push her. Mingminggwei has many excellent cartoonists.

"Come, Xiaonian, this is the breakfast I promised you. Although it's not the morning now, it's a little late."

The voice of summer rain rang behind her.

When Xiaonian turned his head, he saw a common and light breakfast on the glass conference table.

Promised her breakfast.

She almost forgot. At that time, she was in hospital. Xia Yu said she would bring her breakfast. As a result, she was bound to a far away UK.

When Xiaonian looked at the breakfast, he was deeply moved. "Thank you, Xiayu."

This breakfast will never be late.

"Then you'd like to eat a little. I can't keep this breakfast in my mind."

Xia Yu said and looked out of the glass wall. She saw Xu Bingxin pushing the pram to join the company with brother Li. She immediately said, "your daughter is so beautiful. I will be very happy if my child has one eighth of her."

"It's only three months old to see what's beautiful or not." I can't help but say.

"It's just beautiful. I don't think Mr. Gong's mixed blood feeling is so heavy. The mixed blood outline of Xiaokui is heavier than him." Xia Yu said frankly.


Smell speech, when the face of small read looked ugly a few minutes, "summer rain, can we not mention him between us?"

Now she doesn't even want to hear Gong Ou's name again.

Those two words got into her ears and cut like blades, which hurt her bloody.

Xia Yu stood there and looked at Xiaonian like this. He frowned shallowly and held his hand to his waist and said, "Xiaonian, I know a lot has happened, but I think Mr. Gong..."

Before she finished, Xiaonian's cell phone vibrated.

"I'm sorry."

When Xiaonian looks at Xiayu apologetically, and then takes out her mobile phone. She thinks it's mu qianchu or her father's phone, but the result is an unknown number.

When Xiaonian didn't think much, he hung up.

It's too late to put the cell phone back. It's like the phone is calling again.

Who is it.

When Xiaonian frowned, thought for two seconds, then connected the phone, put it to his ear, "hello."

"Hello, Miss Shi, do you remember me?"

A gentle and noble voice rang in her ear.

When the face of small read gradually cold down, a pair of beautiful eyes show a strong hatred, a word way, "madam, your voice I will never forget in my life!"

Her voice was cold, angry and hateful.

In the impression, when Xia Yu heard it for the first time, Xiao Nian spoke in such a tone and couldn't help but look at her more.

"Three months, Miss Shi, you finally show up." Luo Qi chuckles on the phone. There is no threat in her tone. It sounds uncomfortable.

"Madame is really concerned about me."

When small read coldly said, people went to the French window, looking at the outside scenery.

No matter how beautiful the scenery is, she can't bear the resentment in her heart.

Three months.

As soon as she returned to China, Luo Qi's phone call came immediately.

"Miss Shi returned to China with such a high profile. The Internet has already spread. My people just swipe the web page for the first time."

Luo Qi said.


When Xiaonian turned her eyes to the glass conference table on one side, there was a flat phone on it. She went over and brushed the web page. The headline was that her ex girlfriend Gong Ou was out of the scene with a good brand spirit.

I didn't expect that for such a long time, she hasn't got rid of the hat of "Gong Ou's ex girlfriend".

In the picture, she is standing on the escalator by herself, and someone is secretly photographing her from a distance.

Fortunately, she didn't take a picture of her holding her daughter, otherwise, rumors would be around again.