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Chapter 887 the palace of mystery

"Then they will fully believe that the information that Li Qingyan took, and want to break through N.E in one fell swoop, will expose how many Eyeliner they have in N.E, and everything is in master's master."

Feng de finally understood Gong Ou's idea.

"Have all the data given by Lanting been analyzed?" Asked Gong Ou coldly.

"Yes." Feng de was a little excited. "The Lancaster family is in a mess. Their internal finance is in a mess. From the book, their internal fight is also very fierce. Young master, is it time to deal with Lancaster? "

Feng de thought Gong Ou would approve of his words, but he did not expect Gong ou to be silent.

Gong Ou sits there and looks at the information in front of him. He has low eyes, expressionless face and no words.

"Young master..."

"Xiaonian was still pregnant." Gong Ou suddenly said in a low voice.


"She hasn't been born yet."


Feng de stands there silent. This sentence includes too many things. There are worries, burdens, feelings and Afraid to.

In fact, it doesn't matter whether xiaonianhuai is pregnant or not. She is always the biggest weakness of the young master and the only one.

"Young master, it's better to start first."

For a long time, Fengde said that everyone knows this truth, but it's so difficult for him to do it on the young master. He didn't want to be so early, but he was a little slower.

Gong Ou has reversed the information in front of him. His voice is very heavy. "It will take a while for me to find out the eye liner of Lancaster cloth. Go with her again. "

It's good to go again.

As the calm before the wind and rain, as long as she is happy, only she is happy.

Hearing this, Fengde couldn't say anything, so he said, "yes, young master, everything is at the young master's command. Then I'll go back first. Xiaonian said that he would let me take the twins to the temple fair in the country. "

"Are you going to the temple fair?"

Gong Ou's eyebrows are twisted, and a touch of displeasure spreads in his eyes.


Feng de nodded and looked at Gong Ou's face.

"Go away."

Gong Ou shakes his hands and is cold.

She also knows how to arrange. A honeymoon doesn't need his existence at all. Oh, she says she loves him. She shouldn't rush out when she's desperate. Usually he doesn't feel it.

He quarreled with her. He quarreled with her just to make her focus on him. What happened?

He and Li Qingyan lie on the bed, she is not jealous, but also to Li Qingyan rebellion, really rational.

Her mind had already broken through the atmosphere.

Take the children to the temple fair, and they will lose their status. The second one will be completely lowered to the bottom of the earth.

Gong Ou stares at the computer in front of him. He looks at the program code on the screen. His teeth are clenched tightly.

When small read, I hold you up to heaven, in your place I am nothing!


A pen was rigidly broken in two in his hand.


In the evening, after the staff in the base had gone through 78-78, Gong Ou stood up and left, picked up a suit beside him and walked out of the base, out of the big gate shaped like a ring.

The bodyguards have been waiting.

The driver got out of the car, opened the door, bowed his head respectfully to him, "Mr. Gong, please get in."

Gong Ou takes a cold look at the apartment, sits on it without expression, and lets the driver drive him to the apartment. The door is opened politely. He gets off the car and looks at the top floor of the apartment subconsciously.

The floor of the apartment is very high, but at one glance he saw that there was no light in the apartment he lived in.

The driver stood by and saw Gong ou and didn't leave. He was a bit dull. Did he do anything wrong?

"To the temple fair!" Gong Ou suddenly said, and the next second he changed his tune, "no more!"

Why does he stick it on every time.

Why is his perfunctory attitude to her every time.

This honeymoon is not his own. When she was young, she couldn't step on his pride like this.

"Ah? Yes. "

The driver was at a loss.

Gong Ou walked to the apartment, stepped into the elevator, and watched the numbers go up to the top floor. He stared at the numbers with black eyes.

So soon!

What if they play till dawn?


Never look for her! Let her know how it feels to follow without him!

Gong Ou stares at the elevator door and opens it. He goes out and opens the door. He turns on the light in the porch and puts on his shoes. There is no sound inside.

No one is here.

He is the only one. She can't even talk to him when she goes to the temple fair.

Gong Ou went inside, walked into the living room and collapsed on the sofa. Suddenly, the feeling of tiredness rushed towards him. He reached out and pressed his brow.

It seems that he was not so tired after Li Qingyan had taken the medicine, but Xiaonian's attitude towards Li Qingyan and his neglect made him suddenly tired.

All of a sudden, he thought, what is he thinking about?

Is it an ordinary lover, husband, or irreplaceable.


Gong ou, you are nothing.

Gong Ou leans back, arms folded behind his head, slowly closes his eyes, and hides the desolation of his eyes.

All of a sudden, he closed his eyes and felt the change of the light outside. Gong Ou's heart tightened and subconsciously gathered strength in his body.

If you don't get the information back, you're going to sneak in?

Anyway, they were not there.

Gong Ou grabs the suit next to him and lifts it into the air. He opens his eyes and sweeps it. He stands up quickly, but stays there.

The light in the living room was dimmed, like the Yellow falling on the ground, which made all the furniture have no edges and corners. The elegant music came from the deep room.

The suit fell slowly from the air.

Then Gong Ou saw Xiao Nian standing at the wall in the distance.

She wore a secretary's ol suit, a white shirt, and a black narrow skirt wrapped around her plump buttocks. Below were still slender legs, white legs slightly bent, tiptoeing on tiptoe. Under the light like the afterglow, she was extraordinarily soft and sexy. The inch of silk attracted the man's eyes.

She had a black folder in her hand, her head slightly askew, her long black hair falling like a waterfall, her black and white eyes gazing at him affectionately with a faint smile on her face.


The suit fell to the ground.

Gong Ou stood there and looked at her. Suddenly, he felt that the air in the living room was not enough. He stretched out his hand to loosen his collar and asked, "how do you dress like this?"

Didn't she go to the temple fair?

"Wait for the president."

When Xiaonian stood upright beside the wall, bent towards him with the black folder in her arms, and the folder in her hand fell to the ground carelessly. She called out "ah", quickly and slowly knelt down on her knees, and lowered herself to pick up the folder.

The body is simple, single and low, and the button on the chest is stretched out. There is a white temptation looming in the light.


Gong Ou's Adam's Apple could not help rolling up and down, strode forward, stooped to pick up the folder, and pulled her up from the ground.

Are pregnant women still motionless squatting, not life?

"Thank you."

When Xiaonian looked at him gratefully, with a smile in his eyes.

I don't know if it's because the light is dimmed. Tonight, Xiaonian is particularly charming, with a taste of Seduction in her eyes.

"Thank you!"

Gong Ou is not comfortable. He loosens his collar again.

What's the matter? Is the air all taken away? Why he can't breathe.

When Xiaonian smiled, looked down at his white shirt, frowned, and said, "I'm so fat, even the button under the shirt is stretched."

After that, Xiaonian simply untied several buttons under the shirt, tied them under the chest, revealing a slightly obvious waist arc, which is no longer slim, but she has a kind of unique beauty.

It belongs to the unique beauty of pregnant women.

A good white shirt suddenly became a little fabric on her body. When she finished this set of movements, Xiaonian's face was slightly hot, but she still straightened up, put her fingertips on her waist, slowly raised her face to look at Gong ou, and observed his expression.

Next second, she was pushed to the wall by Gong ou.

Gong Ou pushed her to the wall and stared at her with low eyes, which could not leave her.

He never knew that Xiaonian would look so good in this white shirt. It was pure white, cool and sexy. These two feelings interweaved on her without any conflict, constantly impacting his vision.


When he saw him like this, Xiaonian knew that he had succeeded. He stood up and leaned against him, reached for one of his fingers, and realized that his fingers were as hot as the oil pan.

She Snickers in her heart, moves closer to him more actively, looks up at him, raises her hand to touch his face, a little bit of ripples, Gong Ou stands in front of her, his body is so stiff that he looks at her with low eyes, his breath becomes more and more urgent, like a young year without any experience.

When Xiaonian stood on tiptoe boldly, climbed up his shoulder with both hands, raised his face, brushed his thin lips gently, and didn't rush to kiss them, so he stuck vaguely across a little distance, until Gong Ou's breathing became shorter and shorter, and then Xiaonian kissed them.

But before he kissed her, Gong Ou suddenly stepped back and stared at her with the eyes of the devil. He shouted angrily, "what's wrong with you, shixiaonian?"


When I was confused, what was the situation? How could she be ill.

"What are you doing dressed like this? You are no longer my Secretary! "

Gong Ou pointed at her and said with a cold face.


When small read silly eyes, did not expect their own carefully arranged but in exchange for the cold eyes of Gong ou, this is what.

"Go back to my room and change! What do you look like! Change your sweater, it's the kind of clothes that can be as fat as you want! "

In a word, it's better to wear clothes that people can't hold up a little interest!

"Gong ou..."

"Change it!" Gong Ou glared at her fiercely, scanning up and down. The more he aimed, the more he breathed. He tried to control it. He snorted, "it's all like this, and he's dressed so cool!"