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Chapter 567. He was looking at that


The driver looked at her and asked.

"Fengtai Road."

When Xiaonian got on the bus, the driver drove in the dark to Fengtai Road.

Under the guidance of Shi Xiaonian, the driver stops at a crossroad, which is the place where Gong Ou stops every day when he returns.

was sitting in the back seat of the car, even in the same location as Gong Yu.

She slowly pressed down the window, looked up, recalled the angle of Gong ouwang, she looked forward.

Sure enough, it's the front door and the glass window of the cafe.

Nothing special.

The only special thing is that there is a picture hanging in the glass window, full of maple leaf red oil paintings, quietly hanging there.


When Xiaonian sat in the car and looked at her stupidly, her eyes were so astringent that she couldn't speak. Tears fell from her eyes, flowed across her cheeks and into the corners of her mouth.

Bitter taste.

The oil painting It's her painting. It's one of her works.

When Gong Ou just came back, he didn't go to see her. Instead, he came here every day to see her paintings for half an hour?


How could there be such a person.

When Xiaonian reaches out to wipe away tears, he has always cared about her, just changed a way, so thinking, when Xiaonian laughs again, tears drop more, can't stop.

The driver looked in the rearview mirror and cried and laughed. He thought it was strange.

What's the matter, Miss Xi.

"Go back."

Said Shi Xiaonian.


The driver drives away from Fengtai Road. On the way, Xiaonian sits in the back seat and wipes her tears. She cries and laughs for a while. Her heart seems to be caught by something. It hurts a little, but she enjoys the pain.

It turns out that he has never been so indifferent to her.

As the car slowly drove into the imperial castle, Xiaonian put out his hand to wipe away his tears, picked up the small mirror and looked at himself. His eyes were swollen like walnuts.

It's ugly.

Finally I came back here and cried like this. Gong Ou didn't know what to say about her for a while.

When Xiaonian took out some cosmetics, she quickly put on makeup in the car and applied lip gloss to make the whole face bright and moving.

It looks much better.

Just after putting on makeup, the car stopped in the fountain.

When Xiaonian pushes the door open and comes down, Fengde and several servants come out. When she finally moves back, Fengde is also very happy to help with the luggage.

"Just come back, just come back." Feng De's voice was very excited. "Now it's called a family reunion."

The family of four finally got together.


Feng De's voice was still falling, and an excited childish voice came out of it. Then Xiao Nian saw that Gong Kui was like a bee coming out of her arms all the time. "Mom, I miss you so much!"

When Xiaonian picked up Gong ou and leaned on her little head with her forehead. He said happily, "I miss you so much, and have a good time with my brother these days?"

"Happy, holy is my brother. My brother is very happy, too."

Gong Kui said solemnly, striving to be a sister.

When small read smile touch her head, "OK, let's go in."

She took Gong Kui's little hand and walked in. Gong Yao stood at the door. His face was cold and his clothes were not neat like those of Gong Kui. He was as clean as he had just put on.

"You are back."

Gong Yao's words are respectful and cool.

When Xiaonian found that she was used to Gong Yao's appearance, she walked over, crouched down, stared at his face and said, "holy, I miss you very much. How are you doing?"

"I'm fine. Thank you very much."

Gong Yao nodded.

Then, Fengde and the servant came in with their luggage. Gong Yao and Gong Kui looked at each other. Gong Kui was like an octopus on Shi Xiaonian's body. The voice line asked sweetly, "what is that?"

"It's my luggage. I'll live here with you and dad." When small read to smile to say, the eye still has some red.

Smell speech, palace Kui excitedly jumps up, "really? Mom, do you want to live here, so I can sleep with you, right


Xiaonian smiles and nods.

"I'm so happy." Gong Kui happily pours on Xiaonian and holds her up. "I can sleep with mom. It's great."

When Xiaonian smiles and pats her, it's so healing to see Gong Kui's brilliant smile. Everything looks very beautiful.

"Where's dad?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"The young master works in the study." Feng de stood aside and said, looking at him kindly, he said, "dinner is ready. Why don't you ask the young master to come down for dinner?"


Shi Xiaonian happily agrees to let Gong Kui and Gong Yao play for a while. He goes forward, takes the elevator upstairs, and walks step by step to the study.

In the study, Gong Ou sits at the desk and looks at the documents. He is distracted.

Why not?

She changed her mind again? She began to be fickle again. She said she would marry or not. She wanted to play with him?

What if she really changes her mind?

He has to change himself back? Is he better or not? What should he do if he becomes irritable again? Will she dislike him again?

Damn it.

Gong Ou smashes the documents in his hand on the table. What can he do to satisfy her?

Outside, there was a slight step.

It's time to read.

Gong Ou's black eyes lingered, and finally came. He immediately picked up the document and began to read it. No, it was not this, but another data report.

Gong Ou finds the right statement on the desk and starts to read it. He is quite straight unconsciously, with his hands on the desk.

When Xiaonian went to the door, he saw Gong Ou reading the documents.

Workaholic. At

, Xiao Nian threw a sentence in her heart. But when she realized that the workman had spent half an hour everyday to see a painting of her paintings before she contacted her, she had nothing to do with it.

"Knock knock knock knock knock."

Xiao Nian knocked on the door.

Gong Ou looks at her with eyes raised. Her face is cold and icy. "Here you are?"

"Well, here we are."

When Xiaonian nodded, she thought he would deny that he wanted the driver to pick her up. It seems that he was not too inflated.

"I thought about it." Gong Ou's body looks back and black eyes look at her. "Since you are so discerning, you can do everything I ask you to do. I have no reason not to let you come back, but remember, the pattern between us is..."

"The president is up, I'm down." When small read smile toward him, "you rest assured, I remember."

"That's about it."

Gong Ou looked at her, made up and paid attention to her. His eyes turned to her eyes, and his face sank. "What are you crying for?"

When Xiaonian touched her eyes, she made up and could see that she cried?

He is also very strange. He didn't see a ring missing from her ring finger, but he could see that she cried.

"It's nothing. It's just a matter of feeling."

When Xiaonian walked over, he leaned over Gong Ou's back, reached out and circled Gong Ou's neck from the back, leaned close to her, his lips close to his ears, and said, "let's go, have dinner, and dinner is ready."

Her movements are natural.

The fragrance of his body lingered faintly on the tip of his nose.

Gong Ou's throat suddenly tightened, cleared his throat, and said, "eat and talk."

"Don't you like me coming near you?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"Nothing to be courteous, no fraud to be stolen." Gongou cold tunnel.

When Xiaonian sat on the armrest of the chair, the weight of the whole person was on his back, and she looked at him helplessly. Then she saw the restraint in his eyes.

looks exactly like that in the surveillance video.

Before, she thought his eyes were cold and inhumane, but now she found that he could not bear it.

She sighed softly, "what are you enduring?"

She didn't understand.

Mingming says he doesn't change his mind, but he doesn't care about her; Mingming is a workaholic, but he takes the time to see her paintings; Mingming doesn't care about her on one face, she holds him, but he is stretched like this.

She really can't understand him. Before, she was immersed in her emotions and couldn't see the other side of him. Now, she finally saw him.

Those that do not understand let her later life slowly understand it.

"What can I stand?" Gong Ou opens her hand, stands up from the chair and says coldly, "go to dinner."


When small read nods, looks at his indifference back figure, follows behind him to leave.

In the restaurant, Fengde and the servants brought up the dishes, which were excellent delicacies. At a glance, people were moved by the food. The level of palace chefs was getting higher and higher.


When Gong Kui disappeared for several days, Xiao Nian rushed up to stick to her.

When small Niang pulls her to say, "go, I hug you to sit."

The table is long.

When Xiaonian and the twins sat face to face, Gong Ou sat in the main seat on her right hand side, with bright lights, and Fengde and the servants all stood by.

When Xiaonian saw Feng De, who was busy preparing dishes for the twins, he couldn't help but ask him to sit down and eat again. He thought about it or not.

Take your time.

No hurry.

She picked up the chopsticks to eat, and Gong Kui ate and looked at them. Xiaonian asked, "where have you been, mom?"

"I went to my grandparents' house for a few days."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Did dad go to my grandparents' house, too?" Asked Gong Kui.

"Yes." When I read it, I answered it.

Hearing this, Gong Kui suddenly seemed to hear something big. His eyes were wide and round. Looking at him, he said, "OK, you two are going to grandma's house instead of holly and me! You adults are really good at playing! "


Gong Ou is choked and looks down at Xiang Gong Kui. "What TV did you watch? I didn't say don't show her too much TV."

It's OK.

How can this tone sound like an ill bred mother-in-law.

"I'm sorry, young master. I won't let you watch it in the future."

The maids rushed to apologize.


Being stared at by Gong Ou's indifferent eyes, Gong Kui suddenly stopped and played with the spoon in silence, but he was still unconvinced. He murmured in his small mouth, "hum, he ran out with his wife to play and didn't let me watch TV."