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Chapter 969 small thoughts of moqian's first enlightenment

"I have to deal with the worst. "The voice of Mu qianchu is dignified.

Now everything here depends on him.

When Xiaonian stood there quietly listening, I didn't expect that as soon as Gong Ou left, something happened to them. So many people and children, she couldn't watch anyone hurt any more.

"If it was Lancaster, it would have been a long time ago." Said Lori.

"There is a possibility that they are not sure where we are. Shooting is just a test. They want us to show them our flaws." The heavy voice of Mu qianchu came.

It's a big possibility for me to tighten my lips.

"Then how did our position leak? No one has gone out. They are all staring at each other. There is no signal here. How can Lancaster find the approximate position? " Asked Lori.

"I can't think of that either." Mu qianchu said, "and this is not the most important thing now."

There is no time for them to think about what happened, they can only solve it.

"In that case, do we have a good move or not?" Lori asked, "don't do anything. What should we do if the other party really calls?"

Words fell, and the room was silent.

When Xiaonian didn't know what they were thinking, for a long time, mu qianchu's voice sounded, "is Xiaonian's operation imperative?"

She stood at the door, stunned, wondering why mu qianchu suddenly mentioned her.

"What do you want to say?"

Asked Lori.

"If Xiaonian's operation had to be done, her body would be very weak. Then we can't do anything. We can only spend it here, step by step." "I don't need to think about anything," said Mu.

When hearing the words, Xiao Nian was stunned and his eyes were dim.

It turns out that unconsciously she has dragged people down again. It turns out that she really can't think or do anything.

She turned and left.

The stars are dense at night, the sky is dark, and the air is cool.

When Xiaonian walked on the lawn in the night and looked at the broken walls from a distance, there were a few fireflies flying there.

The night wind cooled her skin.

Suddenly, there was a cape on her shoulder. When Xiaonian caught hold of the corner of her dress, she was stunned. After her death, she thought with a gentle low laugh, "how about not falling to the ground?"

Just now, the tone in the room was so heavy. It would be relaxed. It was just for her to see.

When Xiaonian turned back, the light of the ground lamp was not strong, and fell on two people, mu qianchu's outline was cast a layer of shadow, his facial features were three-dimensional, a pair of eyes were narrow and long, and the color of the eyes was light, which was very good-looking.

It's just that his face is also bruised and swollen.

"Your face..." When Xiaonian looked at him anxiously, and then said guilt, "it's because of me that I'll hurt you..."

The smile on mu qianchu's face was deeper, pointing to the injury on his face. "You don't even have to blame this on you, do you? I'm going to fight him. It's none of your business. "


"You're also involved in the eruption? Because you're breathing? " Mu qianchu calmly looked at the front and said with a light smile.

When Xiaonian pulled his cape, "I don't know if the volcanic mountain has anything to do with me, but everyone here is here because of me, and you may be here because of me at any time..."

"Everyone is voluntary. Dr. Luo owes a debt of gratitude, I owe a debt of guilt, and the rest of us take a high sum of money. Everyone knows that it won't be easy to come here, but they all choose to come here. It's not so great mostly because of you." Mu qianchu said, "what you mean to everyone has not reached that share."


When Xiaonian stood there and looked at muqianchu, muqianchu didn't look at her, unlike other people always staring at her, as if they wanted to see into her mind.

His words somehow eased her.

She looked at him. "I haven't listened to you like this for a long time."

Because of her parents' affairs, she has been cold for a long time. Now she gets along under the same roof every day, and she doesn't listen to what he said.

She is always trapped in a siege.

"Would you like to listen to me now?" Asked mu qianchu.

"I don't hate it," he thought

So honest.

Mu qianchu chuckled and said, "doctor Luo's report says that you are facing it, so when you think of abortion, do you really face it?"

"Isn't it?" When Xiaonian's eyes were dim and his voice was low, "I'm looking for a way to be good for everyone."

She didn't want to hurt anyone.

"Is it? Then you come with me to prove it. "

Mu qianchu suddenly raised his hand and accurately grasped her wrist and stepped on the lawn to walk forward. When Xiaonian looked at him in amazement, her wrist was tightly clenched, so she could only follow him away.

Listening to the wind, mu qianchu walked towards those old broken walls. From afar, Xiao Nian saw those childish graffiti in the night.

Subconsciously, she wanted to escape. "Where are you going to take me to qianchu?"

When Xiaonian broke his hand, but he held it tighter. Mu qianchu rarely took her to the broken wall with a strong hand. "When you were a child, you would use the right way to express your sadness, that is, to paint on the wall. How could it get bigger and bigger?"


When small read bite lips.

Mu qianchu suddenly mentioned her childhood, but now she is not a child's childhood.

Muqianchu took her to a piece of wall, which was just her random graffiti when she was a child. It seemed that muqianchu was also there, and he accompanied her until very late.

"You said you were facing it. Why have you been here so long? You have never been here before?" Asked mu qianchu.

She explained palely, "I only liked painting when I was a child..."

"In that case, Gong Ou would not try to move these walls here." Mu qianchu stood there and said, "he knows that you will be sad and let you doodle, but you have accumulated all the sadness in your heart, like snowball, which is accumulating more and more."


When Xiaonian stood there in silence.

"Xiaonian, you are never in the real face, you just closed yourself." Mu qianchu said her symptoms word by word.

When small read back a step, lean to a wall, Zheng Zheng ground looks at mu qianchu.

"Xiaonian, you've always been brave. You've survived so many things before. There's no reason for you to fail this time." Said Mu qianchu.


When Xiaonian stood there in silence, without saying a word.

Only the wind blows at night.

The firefly circled and flew away.

Unable to hear her voice, mu qianchu suddenly smiled again, raised his hand to touch the wall in front of him, looked at one side with a dull eyes, and said, "have you forgotten all the previous sorrows? Let me remind you that I often come here. The graffiti on this side should be that year when you were scolded by your adoptive father in public. So many relatives and friends are here, you are just helping When there is a little noise in the dish, he will scold you so much that he won't let you eat. "


"Later, if you can't sleep, I'll accompany you to draw. You drew a black old witch on the wall. No, it's an old witch with a sharp nose and black eyes. It's very scary. But in the end, you wrote a sentence at the bottom. I love you, Dad. "


When small read low eyes, at that time she was still hoping for family happiness, parents care.

Mu qianchu touched the painting on the wall and said, more and more he said, more and more devoted, he walked towards her abruptly, took her hand and went to the side. "There is also this wall. You painted it in a mess. You were in a mess at that time. You don't think what you painted before is as good as it is now. It used to be so childish. "


"I also remember the paintings here. There was a time when I went back to Mu's house to celebrate the festival. You were not happy. You went to paint alone. In fact, I was behind you at that time."


"Please, Xiaonian, why do you draw me like a clown? Don't you always say I'm pretty? Why did you draw me so ugly at that time? Don't say you're not upset because I left. " Mu qianchu said with a smile, reached out to touch the wall, and gushed.

When Xiaonian stood there and looked at the smile on his face, his eyes couldn't help but get wet.

She didn't recall how miserable and strong she was when she was a child, but the paintings mu qianchu pointed to were all wrong. Maybe in order to enlighten her, he asked people to teach him to remember these paintings on the wall, and even went through the positions here and again.

But just when he brought her here, he went around a wall, so the next pictures were all wrong.

He said so much and so much, but none of them matched the content of his mouth.

"I have to say that this painting is the best. The little princess inside is really beautiful." Mu qianchu touched the wall and said.

When Xiaonian stood there and looked at him like that, his nose was sour and astringent. He put out his hand to cover his mouth and didn't make a sound.

"You see, what happened to you when you were little is not more annoying than now? But how well you handled it then. "

Mu qianchu said with a smile, he stretched out his leg and kicked the side of the kick. He didn't kick anything. The smile on his face cooled down slowly. He kept kicking and kicking until he realized that he was completely wrong. His face suddenly turned pale, and he stumbled out.

When Xiaonian follows.

Mu qianchu felt the wall and walked a lot. At last, he found a bag full of spray cans on the grass beside the other wall. He picked it up and handed it to her. His smile was embarrassed and pale. "Don't you mean you're facing it now? If you can really face everything, let out the feelings in your heart. "

When Xiaonian looked at the bag in his hand, saw that he had no bright eyes, couldn't help turning his head, and the water light in his eyes was even worse.

"Xiaonian, you can do it." Mu qianchu holds the bag persistently.

When small read silence.

"Don't you want to draw? OK, I'll show you. You hate yourself the most. How about I paint you as a witch? " Mu qianchu said with a smile, picked up a pot of lacquer and circled around it for several times. Finally, he felt for a wall to spray. "This is a new wall."

It's a graffiti wall.

When Xiaonian wants to talk, mu qianchu has opened the lid and will spray on the wall, but the nozzle is aimed at himself.

"The first thousand!" When Xiaonian finally can't stand to hold on to Mu qianchu