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Chapter 647 different dreams in the same bed for several days

She looked back at Gong ou, who was still frantically flipping through the books and throwing one at another, when Xiaonian's eyes turned red.

Gong ou.

I'm a little upset. I want to talk to you, but I know I shouldn't disturb you now.

He has his troubles.

She's upset with her.

When Xiaonian takes back his sight, sits quietly on the ground, holds his knees with his hands, and tears trickle down his cheeks.

Xi Yu.

All of a sudden, she missed her brother, her father and her mother, who had never met before.

If she can, she really doesn't want to get involved in the muddy water of the palace, but she has no other way. She loves Gong ou, and she can't bear Gong ou, but Gong Ou doesn't want her.

When Xiaonian sat on the ground, listening to the sound of turning pages behind him, his heart ached.

On this day, Gong Ou did nothing. He searched for books in his bed and asked Feng De to help him find them. He didn't ask her for help.

She watched him as busy as an outsider.

She pulled Gong Yu back, and did not let Gong Ou put down the shackles of the palace, but added a emotional burden to him.

Another day.

Gong Gu is dating. A group of people are sitting in the garden talking happily.

When Xiaonian stood in front of the upstairs window and looked downstairs, she saw Gong Yu walking with a young blonde girl. They talked about something and smiled from time to time.

We had a good time talking.

That's the life that she pulled Gong Yu back. She looked at their figures, and Xiaonian gradually understood what Gong Yu was thinking.

It's a kind of psychology of atonement. The guilt for Xi Yu led her to say that he agreed. The guilt for Gong Ou made him care about Gong's family, even if he escaped all this in his mind.

However, she still pulled back Gong Yu's hard to escape life.

When Xiaonian looked down, he suddenly saw Gong Ou beside a pillar. He stood there, staring coldly at Gong Yu and the girl he was dating. His face was expressionless.

That kind of vision made Xiao Nian's heart prick. Gong Ou didn't quarrel with her, but he had shown that he didn't like her and hated her for bringing his brother in again.

Suddenly, Gong Ou suddenly looked up to her direction, and there was still no expression on her handsome face.


When Xiaonian clenched his lips, he looked at him from afar.

Gong Ou looks away.

Time goes by like this, except for shixiaonian and Gong ou, everyone has a smile on his face. Welcome to Gong Yu's return, and the whole family recovers a lot of anger.

Even Luo Qi is much better.

Gong Yu likes to reward his servants and make them laugh. Gong Ou doesn't have such a way of communication.

Gong Yu chose an aristocratic lady who was inextricably linked with politics from her blind date, and specially held a dance for her at home.

All the young men and women of the same age in the clan were invited to the palace, which was very lively.

There is a bustling palace anemone. It can't be happy. It flies around like a little bird.

On the grass, men and women dance hand in hand. The gorgeous and broad skirts of women draw a beautiful arc. Gong Yu and his marriage partner dance in the front of the crowd. The music is melodious and joyful, which makes the sunshine of this day more beautiful.

It's a happy day.

But Xiaonian didn't know what was hidden behind those smiling faces. She stood outside the crowd and looked at them silently, without any expression on her face.

"Young lady, don't you go dancing?"

Charles asked after Shi Xiaonian, who was wearing a wide pale yellow skirt today. The pearl necklace around her neck was tender and flawless, which made her more attractive.

When Xiaonian silently shook her head, how could she be happy.

"The young lady is so beautiful today. The second young master will surely come to invite you." Said Charles.

Gong ou.

He will not invite her. In fact, she has been in a strange dream with Gong ou for several days. He looks for a precedent like crazy, and studies how to replace Gong Yu, so that he can get rid of the responsibility of his eldest son.

She tried to talk to him, but every time he looked at her there was a certain amount of restraint in his eyes.

He was restraining himself from blaming her.

"Mom, why don't you go dancing?"

Gong Kui ran to shixiaonian in a beautiful skirt, pulled her skirt and asked. Shixiaonian smiled and bent down to wipe off the sweat on her face. "Don't play too crazy, sweat all over your head."

"I'm so happy." Gong Kui took her hand and said, "Mom, go dancing. You go dancing with dad. I see him over there."

Gong Kui clutched her hard and walked to the other side.

On the lawn, Gong Ou is sitting in front of a white round table not far from the crowd. He is like a stranger. Everyone here is wearing gorgeous clothes. Even she has to change into a skirt to meet the guests. Only Gong Ou is wearing a gray household clothes and slippers on her feet. Like the one who just walked out of the bedroom, she looks at the dancing crowd coldly with black eyes.

"Mom, go jump, go jump, I'll go to play with holy."

Gong Kui pushes shixiaonian forward.

When Xiaonian walked forward helplessly, but he didn't come near. Gong Gu, who was dancing, walked towards Gong ou with a glass of champagne, sat down beside him, didn't notice Xiaonian's existence, and said, "what's the matter with you and Xiaonian?"

When they sat there with their backs to each other, they read.


When hearing this, Xiaonian stood there stiffly. At this time, the atmosphere before walking was weird. She had to stand beside the Bush and pretend to watch others dance.


In the happy music, Gong Ou's voice seems cold and out of group.

Mingming is used to hearing Gong Ou's voice these days, but Xiaonian's heart is still stabbed. She looks at Gong Ou's figure.

"I can see that brother is not a fool." Gong Yu took a sip of champagne and said, "don't be angry with Xiaonian because of me. She's all for you."

"I know."

Gongou cold tunnel.

How could he not know that Xiaonian was for him.

"Know you're still like that?" Gong Gu frowned and looked at his brother.

Gong Ou's face is cold, and his black eyes are only indifferent to the people dancing on the grass. "She is my woman, her fault is my fault, I can't tolerate my own mistakes!"

"Gong ou, it's not surprising that Xiao Nian said that. She just said that without binding me, she would like me to come back." Gong Yu looked at him and said solemnly, "it's my decision to come back. It has nothing to do with Xiaonian. I'll feel sorry for her if you make a fuss about it. "


"I already owe her brother. I don't want to owe her any more." Gong Yu said, looking at Gong ou with great concentration.

"Will you die?"

Gong Ou sits there and suddenly asks, a pair of eyes still don't look at Gong Yu.

When he heard this, Xiao Nian stood not far away.

Gong Yu sat there and smiled. He took up the champagne and took another sip. "What do you say? I'll die well."

"It's more painful for you to marry, to have children, to inherit your family business than to die." Gong Ou suddenly turned his eyes and looked at him sharply. He saw him through. "Ten years ago, you just pretended to die. Will you really die this time?"

Originally, Gong Ou was afraid of this.

He was afraid that she would drive his eldest brother to the end, just like the palace baron.

When Xiaonian stood there silently, Gong Yu sat beside Gong ou, took another sip of champagne, and smiled farfetched, "so you are worried about this, don't worry, brother won't die."


"Before it was, your brother and I were too cowardly and made so many mistakes. Now I wake up, don't worry about me." Gong Yu said, clapping him on the shoulder. "I think everything is what I want now. I don't reject it."

Gong Ou stared at him with deep eyes. "OK, you swear with your mother's life."

"Don't be so serious."

Gong Yu still smiled, and he was a little guilty.

"Gong Yu." Gong Ou's black eyes are sinister, thin lips are slightly raised, and his voice is low and indifferent. "You are the most cowardly man I have ever seen. You can escape for more than ten years."


Gong Yu's face was a little embarrassed.

"But you are my only brother, and I will not watch you die." Gong Ou sat there in his home clothes, stretched out his hand to grip his collar, stared at him and shouted, "give me the seat before it's too late! Do you hear me? "

He has been looking for a long time, but has not found a perfect way to replace his eldest son without causing any disturbance.

If you delay, Gong Yu will get married.

Gong Yu allows him to hold his collar, frown slightly, and have a mature voice. "Gong ou, you have to give me some responsibility as a brother. Go back to s city with Xiao Nian. I promise, I will not die. "

"I don't believe you!" Gong Ou sent out word by word from his throat, and his eyes were bright and fierce. "Gong Yu, listen to me and let me out. I won't allow my mistakes to cause unpredictable results!"

A man who has been afraid of pressure for more than ten years, Gong ou can't believe that he can carry his family, he will only carry himself to death.

"There is no unexpected result. You and my brother have joined hands to make a great contribution to the world! That's what father and mother expect! " Gong Yu's eyebrows were deeply wrinkled and his tone was heavy.

"Thick ink and heavy color?" Gong Ou sneers, "I only see your way to death!"

"Gong ou, I'm your brother. I admit you're smart, but don't think you're omnipotent." Gong Yu said.

"I'm not like you. I only use death to solve everything!" How can he rest assured.

"Gong ou, you have enough! You have that IQ management palace, and you don't have that EQ Management! The palace is mine. Don't make any trouble! "

The two brothers began to quarrel. Hearing this, Gong Ou stood up and kicked Gong Yu. He kicked Gong Yu and his chair directly onto the grass.


Loud and violent.

The music came to an abrupt end.

The dancers stopped one after another and looked at them in surprise. Charles and Feng de moved forward one after another.