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Chapter 198 you come to the door

"Come on, take an umbrella! What are you doing? I didn't see that young master and Miss Shi were so wet! "

Fengde blames the bodyguards for their poor work.

Two bodyguards quickly umbrella Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian.

The little police behind them are all stupid now. He finally knows what the situation is. The pervert in his mouth is Gong Ou! Gong Ou! It's the first person in the legend!

Oh, my God.

He actually saw Gong ou.

The little policeman stood there, his legs were a little weak. He also called pervert. Would Gong Ou deal with him?

Gong Ou stares at Xiaonian and reaches out to take off his overcoat and put it on her.

When Xiaonian looked at him doubtfully, Gong Ou looked at her deeply, "dress me."


When Xiaonian looked at him, he seemed to have come over from the accident just now. His face was not as terrible as when he was in the grass just now.

"Young master, Miss Shi, here comes the car. Please take it in."

Several luxury cars stopped beside them. Feng De quickly opened the door and let Gong Ouhe and Shi Xiaonian sit in.

Gong Ou stares at Xiaonian and starts to say, "sit first."


When Xiaonian carefully looked at him again and made sure that he was normal before he got into the car.

Gong Ou came in, sat next to her, and wiped her face with a clean towel in her hand.

Once wiped, the clean white towel is covered with mud stains.

When Xiaonian embarrassingly wipes his face, raises his eyes and looks at Gong ou. Gong Ou takes her hand and continues to wipe her face without saying a word.

At that time, Xiaonian was still a little frightened by Gong Ou's terrible state. With his physical strength overdrawn, he was very weak in front of him. He said nothing and let him wipe his face.

One towel is dirty. Gong Ou asks someone to take another one. "Another one."

Feng de sat on the copilot's seat and handed Gong ou a towel. Looking at Gong Ou's safety, he said happily, "I'll be fine if the young master is OK. Today is really thanks to Miss Shi, otherwise we are still saving people in the water."

He should have known that the young master would hide himself once he met the scene of the car accident. It's useless to shout. He should search carpet by carpet, so that he would have found it.

Gong Ou wipes her hair and doesn't speak.

When Xiaonian looked at the knife wound on his arm, his brow frowned.

His mental disorder is obviously much more serious than her. She will be well after treatment. He has been piling up in his heart for many years. Like a stubborn disease, it is difficult to remove it.

It's raining harder and harder.

The car slowly arrived at the imperial castle.

When the servants received the news, they were all waiting at the gate. Some of them were holding umbrellas, some were holding hot and cold soup, some were holding towels and bath towels.

As soon as Xiao Nian got off the bus, Gong Oula took him inside.

When I saw the muddy water all over my body, everyone was shocked. Didn't you say that Mr. Gong had an accident? How did it turn out to be such a mess.

"Young master, Miss Shi, the water in the indoor hot spring has been put away."

"Young master, Miss Shi, this is the soup made in the kitchen. It's good for going to the cold and preventing cold."

The servants swarmed round.

"Thank you."

When Xiaonian nods, takes the hot soup and drinks it. The warm soup slides into her mouth, warms her stomach and makes her feel reborn.

It's very comfortable.

When Xiaonian looked up and drank all the soup, then went inside.

"Hot springs!" Gong Ou followed her a few steps and took her hand and went to the hot spring.

"No, I'll just go to the bathroom Ah "

before I finished reading the words, Gong Ou raised him directly and walked towards the indoor hot spring with one shoulder.

"Let me down."

She pedaled her legs, suddenly thinking of the injury on his arm, so she had to stop and let him walk into a gate.

The water in the hot spring has a light heat, with a little taste of Chinese herbal medicine.

It seems that the servants are all ready before they come back.

Gong Ou puts her down and closes the door.

When I was young, I wanted to have a look at the hot spring, and then at gong'ou, and then I went to the hot spring together?


Although she and Gong ou are already "intimate", they are not close enough to take a bath together. Last time he took her place, her face turned red with embarrassment.

"I'll go up and wash." He insisted.

Gong Ou is unbuttoning his shirt. Hearing this, he looks up at her. His eyes are cold and sharp.


When Xiaonian was a little afraid of his eyes, she still regretted the scene in the grass. At that time, she even confessed the scene.

No one in the world should tell her so bloody.

It's a heavy rain, an accident and a wound. Gong Ou stares at her red eyes and roars to force her to say It's kind of weird how you think about this ad.

For a moment, she didn't know how to deal with Gong ou.

"I'll go up and wash." When I read it, I put up my fingers.

"No way!"

Gong Ou is cold and domineering.


"I can't let you out of my sight!" Gong oudao, black eyes staring at her directly.

He looked at her as if he were looking at a habitual jailbreak.

"When small read sipped lips," you and my hand are injured, should go to bandage first

"The herbs of the hot spring are only good for the wound, no harm."

Gongou cold tunnel.

When Xiaonian bit her lips, it seemed that she could not escape. She asked carefully, then Can you promise not to touch me in the bath? "


Gong Ou replied quite simply.

"Then I won't do it. I'll go."

When Xiaonian turned to open the door, before he touched the golden handle, Gong Ou fished it back. Gong Ou held her tightly and stared at her with low eyes. His voice was deep and wild. "Do you want to go when you come to me?"


"You really think that you can come here if you want and leave if you want?"

Gong Ou holds her up and throws her into the hot spring pool without taking off her clothes.


a loud noise.

When Xiaonian fell heavily into the warm water, splashed with countless water, she sank into the water and then came out again, spitting out a saliva, "poof."

Gong Ou stood on it, stared at her with low eyes, then took off his shirt, revealing a solid and sexy body.

When Xiaonian turned his head and didn't look, he shrank into a corner of the hot spring pool and stuck it firmly there with his back to him.

With only one sound, Gong Ou came down.

The next second, her people were turned, when Xiaonian leaned in the corner, Gong Ou stood in front of her.

The Milky pool water flowed between the two.

The heat slowly dispersed in the air, lingering around the two people, lingering vaguely.

"Say what you said at the overpass today!"

Gong Ou stares at her and asks with a cold face.

When small read shrink in the corner, can't see his mood is good or bad, only light tunnel, "I said, do you want to say?"

"Then you say, when can you speak?"

Asked Gong Ou in a cold voice.

"After hypnotherapy." Maybe her mental disorder is not very serious. If she can take the right medicine, she will naturally get better.

Wen Yan, Gong Ou's eyes flashed fierce light, and the dark pupils stared at her, "that is to say, I as a treatment element let you do well?"

“…… Yes. "

He nodded honestly.

"That is to say, I am the one you trust the most in your heart?"

"Yes." Otherwise, she won't be good, will she?

"Then why don't you just talk to me?" Gong Ou pinches her chin, and there is a trace of anger in her eyes. "Do you want to say the first sentence to Mu qianchu? Right? Do you just remember him? "

When Xiaonian was pinched and hurt by him, "let go, no, don't think about it."

"Obviously." Gong Ou pinches it hard, black eyes stare at her, and there is a strong grudge on her face, "otherwise, why do you go to see mu qianchu today? Why didn't you talk to me before today? "


"You still want to cheat me, don't you? I just came back all the way thinking, you are here to play me, because I've been admiring for thousands of years, so you're here to play me, you want to play my feelings, play me around! " Gong Ou stared at her, almost gnashing his teeth, "you don't love me at all! You want to cheat me! "


When Xiaonian listened to this, he was going crazy.

Paranoia is terrible.

At the beginning, when he thought that she loved him, what she did, he thought it was the performance of loving him; now, he thought that she didn't love him, so what she did was to trick him and cheat him.

She really bothers him with this paranoia.

"When do you want to play with me, do you want to throw my heart on the ground and step on it once, pick it up and step on it again until I'm not as good as dead?" Gong Ou stares at her, with a crazy paranoid light in her eyes. "Now, what are you going to do when you come back? Do you want me to sleep with you once and go to sleep with mu qianchu? Completely driving me crazy? "

When he heard this, Xiaonian was stunned and looked at his face in amazement. "What do you say?"

"What, I got it?" Gong Ou thought that the astonishment on her face was the stupefaction after being exposed by him, and he could not help sneering, "OK, come here, you come here, I will not sleep for nothing!"

Then Gong Ou lowers his head and forcibly kisses her mouth.

When Xiaonian leans in the corner, she can't retreat. Gong Ou kisses her mouth recklessly, crazy and arrogant.

What did he think of her?

No sleep, no sleep?


when Xiaonian didn't know where she came from, she stretched out her hand and slapped it hard on Gong Ou's face.

Gong Ou is unprepared. He is hit too far. His thin lips are slightly open. He looks at her sullenly. "Dare you hit me?"

"Just hit you what? What is "no sleep, no sleep", am I a Ji female? " Xiaonian glared at him angrily and shouted at him with all his strength.


"Don't talk first! Let me finish. I'm fed up with your paranoia! There must be a bottom line to speak, and I have dignity! "

When Xiaonian shouted louder than him, his face was angrier than him, and his eyes were round.


Gong Ou covers his face with the back of his hand and stares at her like this. He really quiets down and listens to her alone.