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Chapter 282 better than three months

Gong Ou looks down at her with black eyes, reaching out to touch her soft face, as soft as cream.

This kind of touching makes him comfortable.

Shixiaonian looks at him.

Gong Ou stares at her.

Four eyes are opposite, even the light becomes ambiguous.

In the quiet ward, Gong Ou's breathing became more and more heavy, her face became lower and lower, and her thin lips stopped above her face.

When Xiaonian thought that he was about to kiss down, he heard Gong Ou growl displeased, "Damn it! When will you be three months pregnant? "

"What happened in three months?"

"I can handle you in three months!" Gong Ou stares at her.

“……” At that time, Xiaonian was speechless. She thought what was going on in his mind was these again. She got up from his leg, sat on the bed and looked at him seriously. "Gong ou, I have signs of miscarriage. Although I'm ok now, I think it's better to be careful."

"What do you mean?"

Gong Ou's face turned blue.

When Xiaonian blinked his eyes and said softly, "it's better to have more than three months. It's better to have been Don't do that. "

"When - small - read!"

Gong Ou gnashed his teeth and said, "you don't want me to endure for 10 months? No, plus the recovery period, it's 11 or 12 months! How dare you let me endure for a whole year? "

In the end, Gong Ou almost roared out of his throat.


When small read hurriedly takes a pillow to cover own face.

"Do you know you have no face to see me?" Gong Ou glared at the white pillow and roared, his face full of displeasure


He has been waiting for the first three months of pregnancy to pass, and the result is more than three months? More than that?


Whether she should be so angry or not is not what she would like to be scared. She saw such a horrible picture for the first time, and her psychological quality was not very good.

"When reading! You don't hide from me, you have to give me a confession! "

Gong Ou's whole body is full of anger about to go away and roars at her.

When Xiaonian was yelled out, she guessed that Gong Ou would be angry when she told the truth, but she didn't expect to be so angry.

After thinking about it, Xiaonian put down the pillow, exposed his face, handed the pillow to him, and carefully put on a smiling face, "angry? Smash the pillow for you? "

Gong Ou grabs the pillow and tries to smash it on her.

When Xiaonian hurriedly drew a fork in front of him and closed his eyes. Looking at her on guard, Mona's messy theory sounded in his ear.

Don't be angry.

Don't be angry.

One body and two lives.

Shi Xiaonian waits for the pillow to come over, and even the defensive action is done, but he doesn't expect the pillow to fall. After a few seconds, he opens his eyes to him in some consternation.

I saw Gong Ou sitting there, a pair of black eyes fixed on her, the bottom of the eyes crossed a little depression, and soon disappeared.

The pillow has been put down by him.

"Gong Ou?"

When small read is surprised to look at him, do not smash pillow?

Gong Ou took a deep look at her, then said in a deep voice, "I'll take a shower!"

With that, Gong Ou jumped from under the bed and went to the bathroom in the ward, leaving her with a figure.

Soon, the sound of the water came.

Gong ou

When small read's eyes are full of doubts, he can restrain his anger unexpectedly? Usually he gets angry, she has to coax or hold for a while.

Is Mona's treatment working?

For a long time, Gong Ou came out of the bathroom, dressed in a white bathrobe, with wet hair and black eyes looking at her directly.


Shi Xiaonian got up from bed and smiled at him.

"Well." Gong Ou throws the towel on her hand, and then sits on the chair in a high posture, waiting for her to serve.

When Xiaonian didn't say much, he obediently walked behind him and wiped his hair with a brand-new towel. His eyes turned and asked casually, "Gong ou, it seems that Mona's treatment is very successful. You can control your temper so easily today."

"She has a ghost skill. She quarrels and quarrels in my ear every day. She's bored to death!"

Gong Ou said discontentedly.

"Oh, is it?"

When small read light tunnel, nothing more, just quietly wipe his hair.

Her slender fingers passed through his short black hair. When Xiaonian saw the ring on the ring finger, it reflected the bright light in the moonlight.

The next morning, when Xiaonian was still lying in bed to rest, Gong Ou had already got up.

When Xiaonian vaguely opened it, he saw Gong Ou standing in front of the clothes rack, taking off his suit and putting it on. His arms spread out in a handsome way. His long fingers stretched out from the cuffs, and his clothes were windy.

"How can you get up so early today?"

When Xiaonian looked at him doubtfully and sat up from the bed.

It's not light outside.

Gong Ou turns to look at her, a pair of black eyes stare at her directly, "wake you up?"

"No, just where are you going?"

Xiao Nian sat on the bed and asked.

"It's not Mona. She said that running in the morning can absorb the breath of nature and the spirit of heaven and earth. It's peaceful. I don't know if she's a psychologist or a witch!" Gong Ou said impatiently.


It's treatment again.

"You can sleep a little longer. I'll go first!" Gong Ou went to her bed and said.

"Oh, yes."

When Xiaonian really didn't know what else to say, he smiled and nodded.

Gong Ou leans down beside her bed, and Jun Pang approaches her face. When Xiao Nian raises his face and kisses him, Gong Ou brings him a French kiss.

Intense and crazy.

After swallowing her breath, Gong Ou got up straight and walked outside. Xiaonian sat on the bed and looked at his figure.

This ward is a luxurious suite. When the door is opened, you can see the connected bedroom and living room.

The door of the ward was opened.

When Xiaonian saw that Fengde had already been waiting at the door, with a lunch box in his hand, he said, "master, this is breakfast. Miss Mona is waiting for you at the wharf. Please go after breakfast."

"I'm bored!" Gong Ou looks upset. "Let people get on the car and see if I'm in the mood to eat!"

"Yes, sir."

Feng de nodded respectfully, gave the breakfast incubator to the bodyguards on the side, and the two bodyguards left behind Gong ou.

When small read opens the quilt to get out of bed, walks slowly to the door, looks at the palace Europe's back to leave.

These days in hospital, she watched Gong Ou's back every day.

It's not a good feeling.

"Miss Shi, it's still early, so I'd better sleep more." When Feng de Dynasty, Xiao Nian said with great emphasis.

"Housekeeper." When Xiaonian looked back at Feng De's kind face, "you said just now, Mona asked Gong ou to have breakfast and then go back?"

Isn't she a shrink?

Why do you even have to ask about eating.

Feng de could not understand the hidden meaning of shixiaonian's words, and immediately said, "well, shixiaonian can't cook for the young master in the hospital these days. Miss Mona said she would manage the three meals of the young master. She knows what kind of nutrition is more suitable for the young master."

"Manage three meals? Did she make it herself? "

When I was wondering, Mona couldn't cook.

"Basically, she lists some ingredients and asks the chef to make them, but miss Mona is also learning how to cook with the chef of the palace in the recent evening."

Feng de stood there and said.

When Xiaonian stood at the door of the ward, completely stunned, "you say, Mona still lives in the imperial castle?"

She thought Mona had left.

"Yes, the three meals of the young master must be safe, and all foreign food must be free of any problem before it is delivered to the young master. Miss Mona knows this very well. To save time, she would like to stay in the castle, just cooperate with the chef. " Said Fengde, in a gentle voice.


I see.

She didn't know it before. In this way, every place she and Gong Ou went to did have a charter party first to ensure all the safety.

When small read nods, turns around to walk into the ward, on a face some gloomy.

It turns out that Mona is in charge of the three meals of Gong ou.

Gong Ou's diet

When Xiaonian looked down at her hands, which were cooking for Gong Ou almost every day. She was in charge of everything she ate.

Suddenly it was taken away.

And she's still unconscious.

Although in order to cure the disease, there was something strange in her heart.

These days, Mona takes Gong ou to various places, to the opera house, to the church, to the choir, to the lake fishing, to the temple pilgrimage, to the wharf running and so on

Is this treatment? Why it's more like a date.

When Xiaonian lies on the bed, he looks at the ceiling, and then he can't fall asleep.

In the hospital, the happiest time for Xiaonian was to go to the nursery to see the babies who had not been born for a long time. When they looked at the world with their newborn clear eyes, they would feel very happy.

But this morning, summer rain came to see her with fruit, and then kept talking in her ear.

"Xiaonian, I'll tell you that there are so many bitches now that they can't be defended at all." Xia Yu stood by and chewed on the apple and said, "remember, Xiaomi, the girl who was in the propaganda group, her husband cheated!"


When Xiaonian stood outside the glass and looked at the children inside, his face showed a light smile, and his ears listened to the words of summer rain.

Xia Yu leaned against the glass and bit the apple vaguely and said, "that woman and her husband are colleagues, because after a meal, they added Xiaomi's wechat. They chatted well on the Internet. Just like their sisters, Xiaomi also told her husband's shortcomings, advantages and habits."


"The woman and her husband stay together at work every day. Xiaomi also feels that her husband and she are at ease together. They are on business. Xiaomi doesn't feel anything and doesn't care at all."


When Xiaonian silently looks at the little babies on the other side of the glass, but his ears are attentively listening to Xia Yu's gossip.

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