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Chapter 609 untie the knot before marriage

Four years apart, he forgot how to take care of her.

"It's just a little bit of a hand injury."

When small read a way.

"Go sit on the sofa and I'll blow your hair." Gong Ou said to let her go by herself, but he picked her up, put her on the sofa, took a blanket and covered her, "cover it, don't get cold."

When she regained the care she hadn't had in four years, Xiaonian's heart was warm, and she smiled with great meekness

She sat on a green retro sofa, wrapped in a blanket. Gong Ou stood behind her and blew her hair. Her long fingers were buried in her hair room, asking if she could burn them.

"Not hot."

When small read a way, wrap oneself with blanket, enjoying the warmth that comes back again, finger goes to touch the ring on the hand unconsciously.

She looked down at her fingers.

The thorn that pierces the body should not be allowed to grow indefinitely.

When small read pucker lips, should say? Let her forget it slowly.

Gong Ou blew her hair and put the long hair that fell from her head one by one on the armrest of the sofa. Seeing this, Xiao Nian asked, "what is this for?"

"Store it."

Gong Ou answers.

"Why store your hair?" When Xiaonian looks up in bewilderment, Gong Ou's hair dryer comes to her face, a hot wind blows, and Xiaonian immediately shrinks back.

Gong Ou stood behind her, bent down, with a low, handsome face, black eyes staring straight at her, thin lips slightly opened, and said, "because I'm not going to lose anything as precious."

When Xiaonian's heart beat a little fiercely, "precious things?"

"All about you are precious. I don't want to lose even one hair!" Gong Ou's tone is domineering. His eyes are deep.


When Xiaonian was a little feverish, she had not heard Gong Ou's love words for a long time.

Gong Ou stared at the subtle change of her expression with low eyes. Her thin lips raised a curve and said, "I found that I still like to hold you in the palm of my hand and live happily."

For four years, he didn't know how he survived.


His words are very straightforward. When Xiaonian smiled, he was shocked.

After blowing her hair, Gong Ou really put some of her fallen hair into a box. When Xiao Nian sat cross legged on the sofa, he looked at Gong Ou's figure thoughtfully.

In the end, she decided to pull out the thorn, rather than let it have a dull pain all the time.

"Gong ou, I have something to tell you."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"You said."

Gong Ou closes the box in his hand.

"Yesterday on the yacht, Mona said she had seven women with you..."


Before Xiao Nian finished speaking, Gong Ou's box fell to the ground, and his face suddenly became ugly. He lowered his eyes and clenched his fingers.

When Xiaonian sat there and looked at him, his lips couldn't help but puckering up. He didn't know whether to continue.

Obviously, this thorn can't help but stick in her body, but also in Gong Ou's body.

"Gong ou, I want to say..."

"I'll take a shower."

Gong Ou interrupts her in a hoarse voice, and goes to the bathroom without saying, leaving her alone in the room. Xiaonian leans on the sofa and closes her eyes.

Shouldn't it be mentioned.

It's better to let it go straight.

Gong Ou didn't come out for a full hour after taking a shower. Xiaonian stood outside the bathroom door, his teeth biting his lips. After thinking for a while, she reached out and pushed the door open.

The door was unlocked and easily pushed open.

The light in the bathroom is on. Gong Ou is sitting on the washing table alone, barefooted, with his toes on the ground. He is still wearing the clothes he just wore. He doesn't have the appearance of having a shower. His short hair is slightly messy.

Last time it was a bathtub, this time it was a washing table. Why does he have such a unique style in the bathroom.

When Xiaonian looked at him, "Gong ou, I......"

"You are not allowed to speak!"

Gong Ou sits on the washing table, black eyes look at her directly, and strongly interrupts her words.


When Xiaonian stood at the door and looked at him quietly.

"You said you wanted to marry me, didn't you?" Gong Ou looks at her with a magnetic voice and a domineering tone.


When Xiaonian nodded, she also proposed to him.

"You said the whole world didn't want me, didn't you?" Asked Gong Ou again, blustering.


He nodded again.

"You said it was all in the past, didn't you?" Asked Gong ou.

"Well." Shi Xiaonian nods again and quietly waits for his next words.

"Then what qualifications do you have to bring it up again?" Gong Ou jumped down from the washing table and stood in front of her, staring at her with black eyes, with strong dissatisfaction, "what do you want to do? Break up with me? Fight with me? "

"I didn't."

"Yes, I'm stupid enough to believe Mona's words. I'm stupid. I have no remedy. I'm still playing like an idiot when I'm not cured! You think I'm okay? I know you're the only one in my heart, but I've gone all my life to flirt with those women! " Gong Ou stood there, and the whole man became very irascible. "Now I can't help but kill myself!"


When Xiaonian looks at him stupidly and wants to speak, Gong Ou says loudly, "shixiaonian, you are not allowed to mention it again! I only think I'm stupid enough to die when you mention it! "

He reached for something to fall, and his hands were raised for a long time and dropped again.

Smell speech, when small read even busy way, "well, I don't mention, you don't so excited."

Let this thing go slowly, and slowly fade into their memories.

"You have already mentioned it!"

Gong Ou stares at her.

"I mention it because I want to say..."

"It's hard for you to mention it or not, isn't it? You can't see me like before! " Gong Ou sneers at himself, "when you look at me, you will think, look, this man is not only stupid but also unclean! How could I be blind to see him! "

"I don't mean that."

When Xiaonian realized that he couldn't get in at all.

"You go out! I want a shower! "

With that, Gong Ou turns to the shower room, pulls down the glass door, opens the shower, and the sound of water in the bathroom rings.

The glass door of the shower room is frosted. It's not true. I only saw a tall figure squatting down.

This man really is. He doesn't even take off his clothes and take a bath.

She was so excited that she felt as if she had shared a room with several men.

When Xiaonian thought about it, he walked towards the shower, squatted down outside the glass door, held his knees in his hands, listened to the sound of the water inside, and said softly, "Gong ou, I'm not saying what I want to do today, I just don't want to let this Gedi grow silently in my body."


The only response to her is the sound of water.

"I don't blame you, Gong ou, really." Shi Xiaonian said, "I can't care about it at all, but I'd like to treat it as a thorn. I'll pull it out in front of you, and then the thorn will be gone."


The glass door is tightly closed.

"I really don't mean anything else." When Xiaonian's voice became lighter and lighter, "if you intend to cheat, I won't even talk about turning around, but you're not. You've only suffered for me for these four years, and I know that."

As he spoke, Xiaonian's eyes were sour.


There was only the sound of water on the other side of the glass door.

"Gong ou, don't be angry, will you?" When Xiaonian raised her hand and knocked on the glass door twice, "we are like the plates you broke on the night of engagement. They are broken and stick together. There are cracks, but we are still together, right?"


"In fact, you should be the one to cajole me. How could it become me to cajole you?"

When small read the voice is very low, low is like to say to oneself.

The shower door was opened.

Gong Ou squats there, his clothes are already wet by the water. There is no expression on a deep face. His black eyes stare at her deeply. His voice is deep and dumb. Every word is sent out from his throat. "You will still feel bad."

He looked at her like a child's temptation to adults.


When Xiaonian looked at him in a dazed way, he didn't know how to say it. How could he say it was not painful at all.

"I'm not angry with you, I'm angry with myself."

Gong Ou said, with dim eyes, he reached out and pulled on the glass door.

When Xiaonian quickly reaches for the card, and her wrist is squeezed between the two doors. Before she can feel the pain, Gong Ou quickly pushes the glass door open. His eyes stare at her. "What are you doing, shixiaonian?"

No hands?

"Gong ou." When small read to gaze at him deeply, "this thorn we pull out together good, forget it together."

"You can't forget."

Gong Ou stares at her and tells the truth.

Wen Yan, when Xiaonian's eyes darkened, yes, the more important thing between two people than love is loyalty, how can it be easily forgotten.

But what else can we do if we don't forget, and ask her to give up him? She couldn't do it.

She nuzzled and whispered, "I'll try."

Gong Ou squatted in the shower, his black eyes staring at her, clenched his fists hard. For a while, he whispered, "I can give you what I want when I'm small, but I can't go back."


When Xiaonian squatted outside, there was no light in his eyes, and he held himself tightly with both hands.

She also went back to time, when she did not suffer.

"Give me that thorn of yours." Gong Ou looks at her and suddenly says, with serious eyes, he makes a decision. His fist is clenched with blue tendons on the back of his hand.


When Xiaonian looked at him puzzled.

Water splashed on him and into her eyes.

"Let Fengde find you seven men..." Gong Ou gnashed his teeth and said, "no, a man is good."

When he heard this, Xiaonian's original sad mood suddenly turned into endless anger. Suddenly, he stood up from the ground and stared at Gong Ou angrily, "are you really bad at Gong Ou? You want me to sleep with other men? "