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Chapter 919 site of rebellion

A group of people are busy showing their loyalty.

"Everybody taste this. It's very heat relieving. You're all on duty outside. It's too hot."

When Xiaonian saw that his goal had been achieved, he didn't say anything anymore. He helped to share sweets with the twins, talked with them about all kinds of gossip.

"Thank you, ma'am."

"By the way, don't tell Gong ou that I invite you to have dessert when he comes back." When small read while sharing dessert side admonish everybody.

Some bodyguards are shocked.

The servant who had time to work in the palace laughed, "don't you know what the wife means? I know, because the young master likes the food made by his wife so much that no one can share it. "

"Yes, yes. I get angry when I eat the food made by mom." Gong Kui nodded hard as he ate the dessert. "Don't let dad know, or he will be very fierce."

"Yes, we will never let Mr. Gong know."

Everyone answered with a smile.

The atmosphere is very harmonious. The afterglow spreads gently on everyone, and everyone is smiling and relaxed.

When Xiaonian looked at them, he continued to share the dessert on the table. As soon as he handed out a cup of strawberry cake, he felt a chill approaching her.

Her eyelids suddenly jumped.

Why do you have a bad feeling?

When Xiaonian handed out the cake, picked up his cell phone and looked at it for a while, and said, "then you can have dessert here, have a rest in shifts, and I'll prepare dinner."

When Xiaonian was about to leave, he heard a voice that seemed to come from hell. It was cold and gloomy, which made him shudder.

"What do I see here? The scene of the rebellion? "

In a word, a third of the audience dropped their dessert on the lawn and stood there.

Gong Yao and Gong Kui stay in place.

At the end of the road, Gong Ou stood under a tree, leaning against the trunk of the tree. His figure was tall, his posture was lazy and elegant, his hands were in his pockets, his face was handsome and evil, and his black eyes looked at them gloomily.

It's so far away, but everyone knows that the eyes are with judgment.

It's like the God of hell looking at stupid people coldly.

On the lawn, the sound of taking a breath of cool air fluctuates with each other.

When Xiaonian stood in it, she couldn't help but get nervous. After touching it for about two seconds, she reacted, heaped up a smile and tried to walk towards Gong ou. Gong Ou had already walked towards them. Her long legs stepped forward and soon stood in front of her.

"Gong ou, why are you back so early?"

When Xiaonian laughed a little bit.

Gong Ou glanced at her coolly. Instead of staying on her, he turned his eyes to the side of Fengde and the bodyguards. He sneered, "you can't let the young master know; you can't let Mr. Gong know; you can't let dad know. Collective revolt, right? Who is paying for you! "


There was a total silence.

What did Shi Xiaonian want to say? Gong Ou didn't listen to her at all.

Gong Ou's eyes finally stay on Gong Kui's small face. Gong Kui shrinks behind Gong Yao and is pulled out by Gong ou. Gong Ou stares at his daughter coldly, "what's the big deal? Do you know how to shoot videos? "

And make that kind of video to stimulate him.

Gong Kui stood there with a small body. He could not tell whether to praise or scold when he heard the words. He just opened his big eyes and asked, "Dad, am I smart?"


Gong Yao, a stupid sister, is really worried. He rushes forward to take away Gong Kui.

Gong Ou looks at him coldly. "They are all hiding from me, aren't they? Even the two of you can do it? "


Gong Yao stood there expressionless, intentionally or unintentionally wanting to stand in front of his sister.

Gong Kui realized the situation and looked at Gong Ou innocently, "Dad, are you angry? It's just that you're afraid of being fierce. "

"What should I do now that I'm angry?"

Gong Ou's eyes glanced over the crowd.

Feng de and a group of people all bowed their heads and wished their necks had been bent. Some timid servants were scared to kneel or sit on the ground immediately and begged for mercy. "Young master, we didn't mean to. Please don't fire us."

No one wants to lose his job.

And losing a job is not the worst. The young master is a grumpy person who smashes furniture. If he smashes them as furniture, the consequences will be unimaginable.

"Gong ou..."

When Xiaonian came forward to talk, Gong Ou interrupted him again. Gong Ou stood there and looked at all the people, his thin lips slightly open, and his cold and merciless words came out, "don't worry, I know who to find!"


Everyone's heart was raised. Some people were shaking with fear.

Gong Ou slowly walked around in front of all people. He walked slowly, not impatiently, so that everyone was in a panic.

Is it necessary to be so scary?

When Xiaonian couldn't see it anymore, she wanted to come forward and talk but was hugged by Gong ou. She screamed out in fear and quickly caught his neck. "What do you do, Gong Ou?"

"You are the mastermind of the rebellion. What do you say I want to do?"

Gong Ou stares at her coldly, hugs her and walks forward without looking back.

Leaving a group of people looking at each other, Gong Kui stood there foolishly, suddenly grasped Gong Yao's hand and said eagerly, "holy, dad is so fierce, will you bully mom? I'm afraid I'm afraid. "

She doesn't want mom to do anything. She doesn't want mom to be bullied.


Gong Yao couldn't answer. Looking at Gong Ou's back, he frowned tightly. He turned his eyes and looked at Gong Kui. He whispered, "let's have a look?"

"Good, good, I want to protect mom and the baby!" Gong Kui nodded with justice on his face, and took Gong Yao and ran away.

Gong Yao and Gong Kui are running hard, following Gong Ou all the way up the elevator.

Gong Ou holds Xiaonian through a pillar and goes straight to the front of the bedroom. He kicks the door hard.


Gong Yao and Gong Kui walked to the door hand in hand. Gong Yao tiptoed to open the door, opened the door lightly, and led his sister to the door.

When they got to the grand piano, they could see what was going on inside.

Gong Yao hurriedly pulls Gong Kui to the back of the piano and squats, sticking out his small head to observe.

When Xiaonian looks at Gong Ou's cold and gloomy face all the way. As soon as she enters the room, people are put on the bed. She wants to sit up. Gong Ou's knees are against the edge of the bed. Her black eyes stare at her with sinister eyes, "dare to try!"

It's a big fire.

"Don't be angry about it. It will hurt you." At that time, Xiaonian had to lie in bed obediently and began to adopt the soft policy.

"Ah!" Gong Ou said with a cold smile, "I'm not angry about this. Why am I born?"

"I'm just looking after the number of bodyguards increased at home. Everyone is a bit frightened, so I want to stabilize everyone's mood." When small read a pair of black and white clear eyes to see him clearly, "I don't think I did wrong."

She knows that she has no ability, but she will be satisfied if she can help him a little, and feel that she is useful, not just a burden.

Smell speech, Gong Ou is a sneer again, stare at her strangely, "when small read, it seems that you don't even know what did wrong!"

When Xiaonian lay there stunned, "aren't you angry because I make desserts for everyone?"

Gong Ou stood there, the whole person was angry and angry at the moment, "don't tell me, so many desserts are all made by yourself! You don't have to work so hard to be safe! "


When small read hurriedly covers the mouth, is over, says many mistakes.

"It's too much for you, shixiaonian!"

Gong Ou's fingers could not help poking her face. Angrily, he picked up his cell phone and dialed a number. He shouted hysterically, "Feng De, put away the rest of the dessert right away. Whoever dares to take another one, I will chop him!"

"Don't worry, young master. I've put them away."

Feng De is a man of great vision and ability to deal with the aftermath.


Gong Ou drops his mobile phone to one side, turns back and stares at shixiaonian. Shixiaonian is scared and feels that Taishan like pressure is coming down on her.

"When Xiaonian, I was just going out for a meeting. You'll make trouble for me. Today, I'll make a good settlement with you!" Gong Ou gnashed his teeth and roared out. He stood by the bed and reached out to untie the belt between his waist.

Gong Kui and Gong Yao, hiding behind the piano, opened their eyes in shock.

Dad's going to hit mom!

"I'm tired. I'm not comfortable without a pillow."

When Xiaonian lies on the bed and looks weakly at the belt in his hand.

"You deserve it! Who asked you to make so many desserts, or make them for others! " Gong Ou roars, but still throws the belt in the hand, hugs her whole person up, lets her pillow.

That's the real reason for his fire.

When small read thought secretly, looked at him to smile, "I am so tired you are also embarrassed to calculate what account with me?"

"You angered me, made me run back from the meeting, put aside the big things, this account does not count your head who's head?" Gong Ou was cold and angry in his eyes. He reached out and took off his suit and began to unbutton his shirt.

Suspension of meeting?

What time is it now, and he still stops the meeting?

When Xiaonian frowned to sit up, "just for me to make dessert for others, you run back from the meeting? No, who told you that? "

No one should be able to say, who will set fire to himself.

"Ask your baby daughter!" Gong Ou said in a cold voice.

The two children behind the piano look at me. I look at you. Gong Kui looks innocent.

"Little anemone?"

When small read is also a face inexplicable.

Gong Ou unties several buttons that make him suffocate, revealing a small half of his chest. The delicate and prominent collarbone is extremely sexy. He goes to bed slowly, spreads his legs and kneels on both sides of her side. His chest slowly presses down towards her, his hands are on her head, and his eyes are low staring at her. "Shixiaonian, I ask you, what did we say at the beginning?"