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Chapter 1128 hide and seek or play musical instruments?

Hide and seek officially began.

Shi Xiaonian is led all the way by Gong ou, and the wooden stairs are clattered.

"You think of a good place to hide so quickly?" When Xiaonian looks at Gong Ou in surprise, he seems to be walking purposefully.

"Of course!"

Gong Ou takes her hand, approaches a thick gold-plated gate, raises his hand and pushes it open directly.

This is the music room.

The working place for the players to tune and test.

As soon as the door opened, all the staff in the costumes turned around and the music that had been playing stopped abruptly.

"Young master, young lady."

Everyone immediately stood up and bowed politely to them.

Gong Ou played his pinkie handsomely to show them all to leave.

"Yes, second young master."

How dare the staff ask why? They put down their violins and cellos and left behind a large room for them.

The decoration style of the music room is old-fashioned, with large and luxurious space. Like the ancient court, there are all kinds of musical instruments, each of which is of great value.

All around is the most advanced sound insulation layer, from the outside half of the sound can not be heard.

When Xiaonian looked around, "are we hiding here? This is soundproof, but if you drive them out, the adoptive father must know that there are people hiding here. "

On the contrary, there is no silver here.

Not so good, right?

Gong Ou locks the door on her.

When Xiaonian turned around, he saw Gong Ou's tall body lying on the door, lazy and casual, short hair and sharp, a pair of black eyes staring at her, thin lips and evil Qi.

This look

"Haven't you ever played hide and seek? You can't play with the door locked. It's a violation of the rules. " When Xiaonian raised his finger to the door.

Smell speech, Gong Ou disdains ground low smile.

Laugh what?

When Xiaonian looked at him incomprehensibly.

"Do you know why I let Feng de arrest people?" Asked Gong ou, with a magnetic voice.

"I don't know."

Xiao Nian shook his head honestly.

"This old man knows the current affairs best. Don't say that I have locked the door. It's unlocked..." Gong Ou said as he walked towards her, he suddenly picked her up and said in a dumb voice, "he will choose to be blind and go away directly!"


When Xiaonian's feet jumped from the ground, he immediately hugged his neck. "What are you doing? You don't obey the rules to win."

It's no wonder that he offered to bring his adoptive father into the game.

"Oh." Gong Ou chuckles and walks in with her in his arms. "What kind of game do you really think I want to play?"

"Then you..."

Before Shi Xiaonian finished speaking, he was held by Gong ou and sat on an antique piano. Gong Ou stood in front of her and surrounded her with strong arms. Her handsome face approached her slowly. Her thin lips almost pressed her lips. "I want to find a quiet place for you Do whatever you like, save the cat and dog Xia Yu and so on. "

I'm playing games now. No one will come to her.

When she was around Besides him or him, only him.

When Xiaonian sat on the piano, surrounded by his exclusive breath, her face grew inexplicably hot, and she moved back, "it's not good in the daytime, Gong ou, it's really not good."

"When you say yes, read it."

Gong Ou stares at her with keen eyes. She is extremely domineering.

"Gong ou..."

"Every day someone comes to you, not Xiayu, to talk to you about children, but children to play with you. Otherwise, mother will show you flowers and see the sea, and later you will show me stories to children." Gong Ou looks at her discontentedly and leans toward her. "You say, I haven't touched you for days."

"That's how the whole family came out to travel..."

She doesn't want to have private time, but it's normal for you to look for me and me to look for you on this cruise ship.

And she listened to the advice of her adoptive father and had been accompanying him all the time, which was not enough.

"I don't listen to reason. I only listen to you. " Gong Ou suddenly leaned his forehead against her, and breathed thin on her face. "When I read it, say it, I won't listen to the rest."

A wild man.

When small read to hide behind almost lie flat, after all, or reluctant to push him away, gently from the lips murmur out a word, "OK."

As soon as the words fell, Gong Ou kissed her lips and held her face in one big hand.

As hot as fire.

Gentle as water.

When Xiaonian raised his hand and slowly hung it around his neck, and responded to him in a forgetful way.

A long head of tied hair was picked off by Gong ou.

His fingertips went around the hair, slipped over her white neck, and then zipped the skirt down

Gong Ou kisses her lips, does not let go half, one hand raises a side fold good blanket to put to the ground, once again holds when small reads

N long past.

When Xiaonian was lying on a white blanket, her skirt was a little loose, her long black hair was scattered, and her eyebrows and eyes were a little more charming.

So tired.

Knowing Gong Ou has such a heart, she really shouldn't agree to hide and seek.

Gong Ou is satisfied with her food and is in a good mood. Lying beside her, he grabs her hand and plays with it. He kisses her on the lips and asks jokingly, "what's the taste of this hide and seek cat?"

I even asked

"I will never hear these three words again."

When Xiaonian was a little depressed, he didn't know what he thought. When he heard about hide and seek, he could even think about it

"Is it?" Gong Ou turns to her side, sticks his thin lips to her ears, and says, "well I want it later. When I say it, let's hide and seek...... "

"No more!"

When Xiaonian blushed with embarrassment and put out his hand to cover his mouth.

Gong Ou licks it in her palm.

When small read as if by electric shock hurriedly hide hand, bashfully stare at him, "can not say?"


Gong Ou promised to lean against her. He didn't know when he would have another string. He shook it in the air and said in a low voice, "in this way, I won't say hide and seek. I will say play the piano, the violin and the clarinet What do you think? "


Let her die.

When small read speechless ground to turn round, back to Gong ou, ignore him.

The man is more and more active. Besides, she can't even face the instrument in the future.

Gong Ou didn't come here.

When small read back to him some strange, with his character will certainly immediately pull her right past, unexpectedly not.

All of a sudden, there was a slight movement behind.

When Xiaonian raised his ears, it seemed that Gong Ou had risen. What did he want to do?

There was a soft piano sound.

Obviously, it's a very plain tune, but it's played in a dark tide. It seems that there's a great momentum being suppressed. It's especially shocking to people's hearts. When Xiaonian sat up from the blanket, he turned around and saw Gong Ou sitting there, with his violin on his shoulder and his long fingertips gently shaking the strings.

She had never heard such a piano.

Sure enough, different people will have different effects when playing the piano.

Good to hear.

When Xiaonian didn't speak, he sat there quietly and enjoyed Gong Ou's performance. Gong Ou's serious appearance was too sexy and charming. His eyes were slightly low, and his long eyelashes seemed to block all the worries. The high and straight bridge of the nose outlined the deep taste, while the radian raised by the thin lips was full of publicity.

Gong Ou at this time It's really beautiful.

When Xiaonian was fascinated by it, he looked deeply at it, and unconsciously raised the radian at the corner of his lips. He saw that his movements were light and heavy, and the tune followed the cadence.

He seems to have changed the tune of this well-known popular song. It has a different taste.

When small read hard to recall the original tune, but found how can not remember.

Brainwashing was a real success.

After playing a piece of music, Xiaonian couldn't help saying, "listen carefully, I didn't expect you would change the music yourself."


Gong Ou picks his eyebrows.

"Mm-hmm." When Xiaonian nods hard, he's really good at everything.

Gong o put down his violin with satisfaction. "You like it. Then I want it. I say we go back to the room to play the violin."


When I was young, I was full of black lines. Can I not mention these.

"Why, don't you like it?" Gong Ou frowned deliberately and stood up and said, "well, let me see another instrument. How about trumpet? How's Sax? "

Can we stop ruining the instruments.

When Xiaonian was about to cry, he hurriedly stood up and dragged his hand. "OK, stop talking about musical instruments. Let's go out and have a look. We've been hiding for a long time."

"No!" "Gong Ou resolutely refused," only came in three hours, do not go out

"It's been three hours..." When small read helplessly tunnel, "where there is a hide and seek for three hours, the adoptive father's body now which can stand."

"I'll take care of him!" Gong Ou groaned and continued to feel the antique musical instruments on the shelf. "If he's smart, he'll go to a place to sleep and relax."

If you're not smart What's the matter with him? He's in a very good mood.

"Gong ou..."

Shixiaonian holds his hand.

They really have to go out for three hours. I don't know what's going on outside.

"How about the harmonica? I don't know how to play it. In the future, we can say that we go back to our room to learn harmonica. " Gong'ou couldn't show his focus on "musical instruments".


When Xiaonian leaned on his back powerlessly, he moved with him and stopped talking.

Seeing that she said nothing, Gong Ou knew that her spring was stretched to the limit. He went on, and she dared to rebound to show him. She lost her temper.

When you lose your temper, read He didn't want to mess with it.

"Well, let's go out and have a look." Gong Ou turned around, took Shi Xiaonian in his arms and walked to the door. "Now let's go out and win. Do you want to seal the old man's sincerity or take a big risk?"

"I don't know."

When Xiaonian shakes her head, she doesn't want to bully her adoptive father, which is unexpected.

"Let him contact the woman he's been in public." Gong Ou Dao.


Do you want to be so cruel.

When small read a way, "still don't, Yao Yao also in the boat, listen to this more embarrassed."

"What's the matter? She's not Feng De's own daughter." Gong ou, reach out and open the door.