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Chapter 345 Gong Ou comes late

"Come on, Miss Shi. If you don't work hard at this time, it's easy for the baby to have an accident." Seeing her powerless, the doctors threatened her.

Hearing this, Xiaonian lay there for a few seconds, then clenched his teeth and tried hard to get up. His thin and white fingers always held the hands of the people around him, and his fingernails sank in fiercely.

"You can, you can."

The voice gently sounded in her ear, encouraging her again and again, asking her to work hard, asking her to refuel.


When Xiaonian is struggling with her will, when the second baby makes a sound, she hears a soft cry.

Both were born.

That's good.

"9:33 p.m. British time..."

Before she heard the doctor's words, Xiao Nian was in the dark. She fainted on the operating table. She had exhausted all her physical strength and had no physical strength to maintain her state.

She was in a coma.

The man next to her is wearing a surgical suit, one hand is held by her and can't be put away, and the other hand is used to wipe Xiaonian's sweat. She doesn't care about the two babies.

"Dragon and Phoenix, one male and one female, my wife will definitely give us a lot of rewards this time."

"Of course, all of a sudden, we have grandchildren. We are great officials of the palace."

"It's a pity that these two children are born out of wedlock. In the future, the candidates to inherit the palace family will not fall on them. Alas."

"There is nothing to sigh about, that is, illegitimate children. That's not much better than us."

"That's right."


At the end of the operation, the nearby medical plate was full of piles of blood cotton, shocking.

The doctors pushed Shi Xiaonian back to the ward, examined her body, injected her with a drop of water, supplemented her with physical strength and nutrition, and the process of giving birth to twins was indeed painful.

And she also suffered a long time before she was born. Her physical strength has already been overdrawn. It's amazing that she can survive until this time to become comatose.

After the doctors arranged for Shi Xiaonian, they all ran to take care of a pair of twins.

After all, dragon and Phoenix are the people who can make him have a bright future.

The young man stood in front of Xiaonian's bed. Under the scar of the eyebrow corner, his eyes were narrow and long, and there was a trace of softness in the corner. He looked at her with low eyes, and his eyes were tender and incomparable.

He sat down on the bed and reached out a hand to caress her pale face. "I told you that it was not appropriate. I had to bump into the south wall to turn around. I had to suffer so much to remember to hate."

For Gong ou, torture yourself like this.

As a result, the man didn't leave her behind. She was too stupid.

There was a bloodstain on the back of his hand, all of which were small and close wounds. When Xiaonian was in production, he grabbed his hand and left it. His fingernails cut his hand like a blade.

He didn't hurt as much as she did.

He stayed at her bedside for a while, and estimated that the time was almost the same. He worried about the long night.

After thinking about it, the young man got up from the bed, walked slowly to the window, took out a small lamp on his body, pointed it at the fog outside the window, and pressed the switch.

He watched the blue light flicker in the fog, controlling the rhythm.

He sent a signal of "action.".

The man lowered his eyes to look at Xiaonian when he fell asleep on the bed. He slowly took off his mask and revealed a beautiful face, "don't worry, I'll take you out and sleep in peace. When you wake up, you won't be in this prison again. "

He took her out of the prison.


It was a quiet night, but under the calm surface there was a strong tide.

The fireworks over the palace Castle kept on going. The media rushed to report and send news all night long. The sea fog was thick and heavy.

In the fog, there was a light passing by.

A row of black cars stopped on the road behind the tower. Gong Ou pushed open the door, stepped out of the car with long legs and looked at them coldly.

The tower is surrounded by fog, like a cloud.

"Is this the lighthouse?" Feng de asked doubtfully, "young master, there is only this tall tower around here, but it's not like it can live."

It's not like it can live.

Gong Ou stood there with dim eyes. There was no light in the tower. It was so quiet that it was just a lonely tower.

"Young master, it seems that this place is not."

Feng de said, "let's go to the other three places. Although we have sent people to go at the same time, if the master and his wife find out about it, we can help if we move and fight."

In fact, Fengde is not a stranger to this place. He remembers that there was a place where the young master asked people to check for no signal before. It should not be here.

We must find Miss Shi quickly. Although the young master swore an oath, with the caution of the master and his wife, we must wait until the day of real engagement to tell the whereabouts to the young master.

Young master obviously can't wait.

Half a year's time, let the whole young master have lost two laps, and then wait, the young master will be crazy.


Gong Ou agreed with him and said in a deep voice. He turned and opened the door to sit on it. Suddenly his body froze.

A faint smell came along with the fog.

It's bloody.

Gong Ou's eyes turned and ran to the tower. He pulled out his gun from his waist. His voice shouted loudly, "take out the gun!"


Fengde and the bodyguards all took out their pistols and loaded them. At this time, they also smelled a faint smell of blood.

There is a situation.

Gong Ou rushed to the front, opened the flashlight on his watch, and saw that the gate of the tower was closed, and there were two white benches outside.

Under his light, only red blood flowed from below, like a small stream on the rock.

Gong Ou's face suddenly turned pale. He raised his leg and kicked it on the door. He shouted hysterically, "I'm going to read it!"

The door didn't open after a kick.

Gong Ou desperately kicks up. Several bodyguards come to kick the door together. The door is finally kicked open. Only one corpse is found behind the door, so it's not easy to kick the door open.

Gong Ou is about to rush in. Feng de stops him and winks at the bodyguards.

The bodyguards immediately went inside with guns and electricity in one hand. They were very careful. There was a miserable situation in the prison. From the door to the room inside, there was a corpse.

It was all shot.

There was blood all over the floor.

Some of the deaths were even more terrifying, with eyes wide open and eyes wide open.

Feng de can't help but take a breath of cold air for such a scene when he is used to it. He lowers his body to test their temperature, and then looks up at Gong Ou who comes in. "Young master, it seems that they are all dead. Their temperature is getting cold, at least for two or three hours."


Gong Ou stood there, his face livid.

"Basically, they are all palace people." Feng de stood up and said that most of these people he knew, and the remaining doctors did not.

It should be an elite group of Obstetricians and gynaecologists that the wife specially invited to take care of her children.

After all, there are no obstetricians and gynaecologists in the palace.


They are all from the palace.

All the people in the palace are dead.

Gong Ou stared at the corpses with low eyes. His face became more and more ugly. Suddenly, he rushed to the inside, pushed open a door and examined it.

"When reading! Time is small! "

Gong Ou roared, his voice was full of never before tense and eager.

She can't be busy.

She can't be busy!

Gong Ou kicks open a door and checks it. Feng de follows him nervously. "Young master, let them search. Maybe the murderer hasn't left yet."

What can I do if I hurt my young master.


He can't wait!

Gong Ou hears Feng De's words on the Internet, kicks open a door with force, and the flashlight on his watch shines. It's an operating room.

He shone the light on the wall and turned on the light.

It was immediately bright inside.

Gong Ou looks around and sees that the operating room is also full of blood smell. The garbage beside him is full of piles of blood cotton. There are still tools left.

It's like it's not long after an operation.

There is no other operation that can be performed here, only the production operation.


She gave birth to a baby?

Looking at the pile of blood cotton, Gong Ou's tall body was shaking, his face was pale, and he pressed his hand on the operating table in time before he fell down.


Why do so many palace people die on the day of their birth? What about her? Where is shixiaonian.

Feng de chases in, "young master."

Then he saw the pile of blood cotton.

"This, this is..." Feng de was stunned.

Did Miss Shi have a baby?

"Look for it! Find me! Turn up the whole tower and look for it! "

Gong Ou shouted hysterically at him. When people ran outside, their long legs stumbled and flustered.

Like a child in extreme fear.

He's going to find her. He's going to find shixiaonian.

He's going to find it.

Gong Ou rushes out of the operating room and runs to the other room. He kicks the door across the body. This is a room. It should be a bodyguard's or a doctor's room, depending on the situation.

But he didn't dare to be careless. Gong Ou opened the closet door and stretched out his hand to pull down all the clothes inside.

No one.

Who killed both the bodyguard and the doctor?

Where is Xiaonian, here or taken away.

Gong Ou walked out of the room and saw several bodyguards squatting on the ground checking the body. His face sank suddenly, "what are you doing?"

"The housekeeper told us to find Miss Shi."

So they turned over the bodies.

"Asshole!" Gong Ou kicks him and stares at him. There's no doubt that the rage in his eyes shows, "she can't be in this pile. She's alive! Find me a living! "


The bodyguard fell to the ground and dared not make a sound.

Gong Ou continued to walk to the room, reached for a door, opened the light on the wall, and the room became bright.

This is a bedroom with a different pattern from other rooms. It is elegant and elegant with soft decoration. It can be a place for a woman at a glance.

There are some brushes and paper on the chest of drawers.

Gong Ou's chest was shaken severely. Xiao Nian lived here.

He stood there, reached out his hand and slowly touched the pens. When he touched them, her fingers shook. She has lived here for half a year.