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Chapter 149: first onset of pneumonia in Muqian

"By what?" Gong Ou continued to step on the footprints with her back, and her voice was extremely overbearing.

He asked not why, but why?

He is good to her. Why doesn't she let him?


Shi Xiaonian can't speak. He looks down at his neck.

The temperature in the early morning is very cold. She feels cold in her windbreaker, but Gong Ou's body is obviously sweaty, and the color of the collar edge is a little dark.

When small read bite lips, don't let oneself think.

But she knew clearly that some things were slowly changing in her heart. She didn't want to, but she couldn't control them.


Gong Ou finally stepped on two neat footprints on the beach with her back.

When Xiaonian looked at it, she thought that it must be a straight line to measure it with a ruler.

She wants to come down. Gong Ou refuses to let her go. She still carries her back to the wooden house.

It was not until the bedroom prepared by the resort that Gong Ou let her go, and the whole person fell on the bed with a long sigh of relief.

"Pour me a glass of water."

Gong oudao, black eyes look at her deeply.

"Oh, yes."

This is probably the most willing time Gong Ou asked her to do something.

She just pressed his arm. His whole arm felt stiff. It can be seen how tired her back was.

When Xiaonian went outside and poured a glass of water, he went back to his bedroom. Gong Ou was already sleeping in bed.

He lay there, and went to sleep like this, with his thin lips closed, his eyes closed, his breath even, and his brows slightly frowned.

He is very tired.

When Xiaonian understood, she put down the water cup, took out a clean quilt from the cabinet, covered it for Gong ou, and then turned around and walked out.

He is very tired.

She was not sleepy at all.

When Xiaonian went out, she heard a helicopter sound in the sky. She looked up.

Feng de was not far away from the helicopter when he was making a phone call. He was commanding the people on the helicopter. "We must take all the portraits of the young master and make them beautiful."

What a noisy voice.

When small read walks over, cannot help but way, "Gong Ou is still sleeping, won't this disturb him?"

The beach was empty and quiet, and the sound was particularly loud.

"The young master said that the young lady would be able to take aerial photos as soon as she woke up." "If it doesn't take too long, the painting will disappear on the beach," said Fengde


When small read Zheng Zheng.

Gong Ou said that she would take aerial photos when she woke up, but she didn't do it last night Is it because she's still sleeping?

Why does he do so much.

Such a despotic man would be afraid to disturb her to sleep.

When small read bit lip, look up to helicopter direction, eyes astringent, turn around ready to leave.

"Miss Shi, do you want to rest?" Feng De's voice rang behind her.

When Xiaonian stops, turns his head and shakes his head, "what's the matter?"

She has had enough sleep.

Now I'm awake. It's all because of the shock that Gong Ou brought to her. She doesn't know how to face it.

"If Miss Shi has enough rest, go to learn the knowledge of diving. Your hands should be good in these two days. After learning, you can go to the sea with the young master." Said van der.


I nodded.

The person who taught her the knowledge of sea diving is the staff of the resort, which is a five-star resort with professional sea diving teachers.

There is only one student in the classroom.

The teacher taught her on DVD, one-on-one.

There are several staff around the service, from time to time small read fruit, cake, milk.

It's all VIP service.

When Xiaonian sat there listening to the teacher's explanation, his attitude was very serious.

An hour later, seeing that she knew something about the deep sea, the teacher called for a pause and took out the DVD.

The TV screen turned blue.

The class is also a blue screen.

"Is there no signal at the resort?" When small read casually asked a sentence.

You should play TV after you exit DVD mode.

One side of the staff is a young girl. Hearing this, he immediately told Xiaonian, "yes, I don't know what happened. I must go down to Mr. Gong's list. The signal of our resort is gone. No TV can watch it."

Another girl followed and said, "besides, I'm afraid that we will disclose the whereabouts or photos of Mr. Gong, and all our computers and mobile phones will be handed in. Mr. Gong has also sent people to search to make sure there is no electronic device that can communicate with the outside world. "


Shixiaonian was shocked. She didn't know there were any more.

"It's smothering us. Miss Shi, you said that now who doesn't need a mobile phone? It's OK to brush the news." The young girl has a sad face.

Another girl begged to look at Shi Xiaonian and put her hands together. "Miss Shi, can you talk to Mr. Gong for us? Give us back our cell phones anyway? We have signed a confidentiality contract to ensure that nothing is leaked!"

Said, the two girls also raised their hands to swear to her.

At that time, Xiaonian was begged by the left and right sentences of them, but he laughed and said, "well, I'll talk to Gong Ou later to see if he is willing to accommodate. But I don't guarantee success. "

After all, Gong Ou's character and temper, no one knows what can be said.

"Miss Shi is sure to succeed. Mr. Gong loves you so much and feeds you personally." The two girls flattered her desperately.

n. E president Gong Ou's feeding of her meal has spread throughout the resort.


Does it hurt her?

Gong Ou does hurt her, but she really doesn't want him to.

"By the way, Miss Shi, I always think you are familiar. It seems that you have met somewhere." One of the girls looked at her suspiciously and looked at her seriously.


When Xiaonian sat in his seat, he was silent.

"Ah, I remember!" The girl clapped her palm and looked at her in surprise. "You are the sister of didi when you are a big star, right? When the flute wedding has burst out your picture! "

"Yes, I am her sister."

When Xiaonian remembered that she had taken a picture that time, which can also be remembered.

She can only admit it.

"My God, Miss Shi, you are much more low-key than your sister. You are Mr. Gong's girlfriend, but you never said it in front of the media." The girl said.

In such a comparison, what's the man for Shidi.


When I was young, I was sensitive to the three words "girlfriend". What kind of girlfriend is she.

She lowered her eyes and looked a little stagnant. She didn't say anything and didn't explain. The explanation would only embarrass her.

"By the way, speaking of your sister, recently, that mu..."

The girl gushed and was interrupted by a voice.

Feng de stood at the door of the classroom and said, "Miss Shi, the aerial film has come out. Would you like to have a look first?"

When small read Zheng Zheng Zheng, then nodded, "OK."

She stood up and walked out.

Feng de stood at the door and looked back at the two talkative girls. His face was heavy, then he read out.

In the cabin study.

Feng de turns on a laptop to shixiaonian.

When Xiaonian was shocked again, the aerial video was much more shocked than it looked on the beach.

What shocked her more than the portraits she painted were the two rows of neat footprints like parallel lines.

Aerial photography recorded all footprints for a long time.

So many footprints.

She didn't know how Gong Ou kept up.

She couldn't bear to look at those footprints again, which he stepped out with one foot on his back.

She turned away her eyes. Outside the door, she saw Feng de talking to a bodyguard. She looked serious.

When Xiaonian went to the door, he asked, "what's the matter, housekeeper Feng? It's not something. "

Feng de seldom shows such a look.

"It's OK, just arrange the security work of the resort." Feng de turned around and smiled at her. She was very kind. "Did Miss Shi see the film?"


"How is it?"

When small read a meal, just answer three words, "very good."

She didn't know how to evaluate the film.

"Miss Shi thinks it's good. The young master must be very pleased. It seems that there is no need to make up the picture." Then you're busy. I'll go down and arrange work

With that, Feng de went into the cabin and took the notebook away.

When Xiaonian was standing under the eaves of the wooden house, her eyes turned. Was she suspicious? She always felt that Feng De's just look was not right.

Two seconds later.

She knocks on her head. What is she doing? Has she been with Gong ou for a long time, and has she been assimilated? Even more suspicious.


City, President's office of Morse group.


Mu qianchu is sitting at his desk, dealing with business affairs. His face is so pale that he has no blood color. He loses a little bit on one hand.


Assistant Alan is reporting to one side, hear this fierce cough sound can not help but frown, look at moocchio worriedly, "moocchio, you still go to lie down, pneumonia to recuperate, how can you double your work like this?"

In the past month, Mu group has been attacked and various negative news has come.

Muqianchu had been injured, but he didn't come out to preside over the overall situation after lying in the hospital for three days. His health is getting worse and worse, and now he is suffering from pneumonia.

Without rest, muqianchu can only sleep for two or three hours every day.

"It's OK, you go on, there's still one day to open the market. How many ways can traders raise the share price?" Asked mu qianchu in a weak voice.

"Not sure." Alan shook his head. "The other side is coming to break up the Murdoch group, and the trader can't help it."

"At present, the most important thing is to find a way to improve the image of Mu group."

Said Mu qianchu.

After he released the news of breaking up, the negative news of Mu group went up.

"I'm afraid it's hard."

Allan said, frowning all the time.

Muqianchu took up the water glass and drank a mouthful of water. He coughed a lot and his face was pale and weak.

"Mr. mu, you really can't go on like this. Take a rest. Health is the most important thing." Alan could not help standing there.

Mu qianchu's illness has been delayed for a month.

If it goes on like this, pneumonia will easily turn worse.