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Chapter 240. I'sm afraid you'sll die without me

"Just... Seven doors? " Shixiaonian looks at him in amazement. Does his tone look so dismissive? "Did you learn more at the same time?"

"Not much, just 14 languages at the same time." Gong Ou said with an ordinary look.

"Fourteen? Then you won't be confused? "

She studies seven subjects. She still understands English. She is in a mess.

"Why confusion?"

Gong Ou looks at her incomprehensibly, with deep black eyes.


When small read speechless, head a crooked, the whole person directly collapsed on the table, the head of the ball tied, let her a face show some lovely pure.

Well, she forgot that he is a genius who has developed N.E system and Mr series robots. Learning is too simple for him. He can't understand her heart, which can't be learned by hard work

"Are you confused?" Gong Ou looks at her with low eyes, and finally realizes the seriousness of the problem. He looks cold and has a deep voice. "Is it difficult for you?"

When Xiaonian fell on his desk, looking at his face, he understood that he said he would not let her learn.

"No, it's just that I haven't studied like this before. It's OK." When small read light smile, she will persist, she will not give up.

"How are you?"


Gong Ou stares at her face and explores the emotions in her eyes. He doesn't see anything special. He throws the books away and grabs her hand. "I don't need to read these books when I come back. I'll cook for me. I didn't eat them at noon."

"You didn't have lunch?"

When Xiaonian was shocked.

"Nonsense, I didn't let you cook and take it with you. What to eat!" Gong Ou said, pulling her out.


When Xiaonian looked at him speechlessly, if she was not there, he would not have to go on a hunger strike if he did not go on a hunger strike.

Shixiaonian is led by him. After walking for a while, Gong Ou is still unsatisfied. He holds her in his arms and moves forward with difficulty like a conjoined baby. "Shixiaonian, I will take all my work home from tomorrow. I can't see you!"

"Why can't you see me?"

"Have you ever seen a man without air?" Gong Ou hugs her tightly, her voice is magnetic.

When Xiaonian was trapped in his arms, the temperature on his body made her feel comfortable. Hearing the words, she couldn't help lifting her lips. "You mean, am I your air?"

"No, I'm your air. I'm afraid you'll die without me!" Gong Ou's attitude is high.


What is Ao Jiao.

Obviously, she is indispensable.

When Xiaonian smiled and didn't tear him through, Gong Ou's strong and powerful arms trapped her tightly. He didn't care about others' eyes, so he hugged her and walked forward.

The servants were blindfolded and left without bothering.

When small read lightly pat his hand, crooked head way, "well, don't hold to walk, so walk to the sky dark also can't walk to the kitchen."

Does he want to eat?

"Then go to the dark! I don't care! " Gong Ou's tone is extremely domineering.

Talking to her again?

When Xiaonian is overwhelmed by his sudden love words, he can't help but smile deeper, and the two go on like this.

Suddenly, a figure enters the sight of Xiaonian.

When small read hurriedly stands straight the body pushes the palace Europe, stands solemnly, the eyes looks forward.

Gong Ou looks forward along her eyes, only to see Luo Qi standing not far away, looking at them disapprovingly.

Luo Qi's beautiful and graceful face was unhappy.

"Good aunt."

When Xiaonian bowed to her.


Gong Ou then reluctantly let go of Xiaonian and instead grabbed her hand and went to Luo Qi.

Luo Qi stood there and looked at it with her eyes apart. Then she went to the sofa beside her and sat down. Looking at Gong ou, she said, "I just looked at your company's information. The market value has evaporated. What are you going to do?"

"I'll let it come back if it evaporates!"

Gong Ou doesn't care about tunnels.

Money comes and money goes normally. It's no big deal.

"I think there's something wrong with the management team in your company." Luo Qi said, "your father said..."

Then Gong ou and Luo Qi began to discuss each other, with various proper nouns in the middle.

When Xiaonian didn't understand, he stood by and looked at them silently. Luo Qi talked about it all the time. He held a small wooden folding fan in one hand and fanned it gently. It was elegant and noble. A smell of flowers scattered in the air with the shaking of the folding fan.

In the face of Luo Qi, who is high and beautiful, there is pressure on Xiao Nian.

I got along well with Gong ou, but now Luo Qi is here.

Luo Qi is almost telling her how far away she is from the top of the palace ladder with her elegant and intelligent every move.

Far away.

She is afraid that she can't match Luo Qi's score in any way.

When small read bit lips, while two people are talking into, quietly back to leave.

As expected, only kitchen and painting are suitable for her.

When Xiaonian walked into the kitchen and began to prepare for dinner, her mobile phone suddenly vibrated. She picked up her mobile phone and saw that it was a text message from a strange number -

Xiaonian! You don't care about your parents. You don't care about killing qianchu. Are you so comfortable living your rich girlfriend's life? Don't you come back from the ghosts of qianchu to avenge you? A few of my films, TV dramas and advertisements have been terminated suddenly. Did you do it? Well, you make me so hard, I won't let you go!


When small read to look at these dense words, eyebrows frown.

Since she has been to Shijia, her adoptive parents have not contacted her again, instead, it is Shidi, who has been harassing her by texting about Mu qianchu.

She set Shidi's number as a blacklist, and Shidi used other numbers to send some vicious words like this.

She has been worried about qianchu these days. She doesn't even have the heart to do the business, let alone the messages.

When Xiaonian deleted the message, he went to Liuli counter and began to prepare dishes.

She peeled off the onion's coat and began to cut it. Her eyes gradually dimmed.

She was lazy to pay attention to eight of the ten words that Shi Di said, but that one "peace of mind" stabbed the softest part of her heart.

Mu qianchu chose to go abroad because of her. She left and then disappeared.

She felt guilty and felt uneasy. She once wanted to have a look at the sea area where something happened in the past, but Gong Ou didn't allow it.

She really shouldn't enjoy the life of a noble family here, but how could she leave gongou? She failed to leave gongou.

It's one thing to feel guilty about qianchu. It's another to leave gongou.

Gong Ou has an unusual paranoia towards her, and she is reluctant to hurt him.

Qianchu, he must live.

The guilt she carries all her life has nothing to do with guilt. However, how could the Millennium school disappear in the world without a few happy days? No way.

When small read secretly thought, knife cut down onion, eyes suddenly wet.

"What are you crying for?"

A voice suddenly rang in her ear.

Gong Ou came over, propped up to the Liuli platform, and stared at her with black eyes.

"I'm cutting onions." When small read farfetched smile, "at night do noodles for you to eat?"

"Yes, so much."

Gong Ou agrees, then draws a big arc with his hands.


When small read no language, he directly burst the stomach.

"Here, I'll help you cook."

Gong Ou is so sticky to her that he doesn't see her for a day. He sticks to her again, embracing her body from behind, holding her hand and cutting with one knife.

This way of doing things for conjoined babies, when and when can they have this dinner.

When small read smile, didn't say anything, obeyed him, he was happy.


For the next period of time, shixiaonian was immersed in the ocean of learning, and the close courses made her feel more nervous than when she was in the college entrance examination.

She has a pile of things in her head.

Luo Qi prepared a lot of teaching courses for her. She wanted to cultivate her into a person who was worthy of Gong Ou from the personal aspect. She studied hard.

When Xiaonian started to lose weight, she lost 6 Jin in two weeks. She was not fat, which made her even thinner.

In order to keep up with the teacher, every night after Gong Ou fell asleep, she would secretly get up to read.

This evening, Shi Xiaonian once again took advantage of Gong Ou's sleep to sneak into his study and turn out an English version of financial management books.

I can read all of them, but I don't understand what they are talking about.

She has no interest in such books at all, but the teacher who taught her said that if the master of the palace family does not have the ability to run a company, how to run a family? How to let the family pass on?


When Xiaonian patted his head and continued to study at the desk.

"Master, I poured you a Book of water." Mr palace didn't need to rest. He came in from the outside. A pair of black eyes scanned her position. Then he put the water cup to the corner of the desk and stood quietly by her.

"Thank you, Mr."

When Xiaonian smiled at it, took a drink from the water glass, and then continued to study hard.

"Master, you are too tired. Why don't you rest?" Mr palace stands aside, sensing her physical condition from the bracelet on her hand, and puts forward conscience suggestions.

"I'm fine. I can do it."

He continued to study and read English in his mouth. Then he said a few words in English and Mr palace from time to time.

In this imperial castle, even Mr palace is more knowledgeable than her.

The R palace is beside her, quietly guarding her.

When Xiaonian looked down at the book, her face was tired, her brow was frowned, and she did not relax. She turned the book, and her teeth bit her lips.

Gradually, when Xiaonian became more and more sleepy, she insisted on reading, and the English words in the book began to twist

When Xiaonian shook her head forcefully, and then picked up the water cup to drink some water. As soon as she held the water cup in her hand, her vision began to diverge.


her hand was not firmly held, the water cup slipped from her hand, and the water was all sprinkled on the table.

When Xiaonian falls on the desk, his eyes are closed and he passes out in a coma.