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Chapter 575 drunken twins

Gong Ou drinks a cup of coffee, puts the cup aside, and looks at him coldly with black eyes. "Do you mean someone stole your medicine? Do you hide a lot? "

It's really for the old.

when Xiaonian understood what "medicine" it was, he was shocked and stood up from the sofa, "adoptive father, didn't you say it's gone?"

"Me." Feng De's face was embarrassed. "I've lost face enough to do such a thing. How dare I let you know that I've made many more."

It's all right. The medicine is gone, and he has no face.


He made it himself.

When small read helplessly extremely, "those drugs are not what good thing, took very easy to have an accident."

"That's what I'm worried about. I'm afraid that people with ulterior motives will commit crimes." Feng de said anxiously that he knew he didn't deserve this kind of medicine. Now it's all right. Something important has happened.



When Xiaonian bit his lips, what should he do now?

Gong Ou stands up, picks up the remote control and quickly adjusts his fingers. The TV screen immediately shows a frame by frame monitoring screen.

Imperial castle is too large, too many people, some of the internal corridors are installed with monitoring.

Gong Ou presses the remote controller several times to enlarge the monitoring picture of a certain corridor.

"That's the corridor to my room." Feng de understands Gong Ou's meaning, which is to see how many people have entered there today to lock in the target.

Gong Ou browse at double speed.

There are a lot of people going in and out there. They are all servants below. When they are transferred to rengong'ou, they slow down. Feng de immediately records.

No matter what, we must catch the man who stole the medicine.

Otherwise, I don't know what happened.

When Xiaonian stood there and watched, Gong Ou suddenly stopped the surveillance video, only to see two children walking in the corridor, Gong Yao and Gong Kui.

Gong Kui looked around stealthily, and what twinkled in those big eyes was the look of doing bad things.

"What happened to Miss Xiao Kui?"

Feng de was also shocked.


When Xiaonian was standing, he suddenly remembered that Gong Kui asked her today if she would love to do something.

These two children are not going to Fengde's room to steal medicine.

Before I had time to think more, Xiao Nian turned around and ran.

Gong Ou stood there, his face suddenly darkened, his long fingers clenched the remote control, and he smashed it hard to the ground. His black eyes stared at Feng de coldly.


Feng de stood and understood that he had made a big deal. His wrinkled face was pale.

The remote control fell to the ground and split.

Gong Ou turns and leaves.

When Xiaonian rushed upstairs, he saw the maid and asked, "where are Xiaokui and holy? Have you seen them? "

"They are in the bedroom. They have a great time."

Said the maid with a smile.

Very happy?

When Xiaonian was stunned, he rushed to the children's room recklessly. He saw two children in their pajamas jumping and jumping on the bed. Both of them were red cheeked, panting and not tired. They continued to jump, laughing loudly.

"Little anemone!"

When Xiaonian rushed to the bedside worried.

“mom!” As soon as Gong Kui saw her, Xiao Nian jumped at her happily, and stood in front of her, smiling with innocence. "Mom, I'm a little apple."

When Xiaonian didn't respond, she just heard a "bang". Gong Yao also jumped in front of her, holding her face in a pair of small hands and showing a sweet smile to her with a red face, "I'm a big apple."


When Xiaonian looks at Gong Yao stupidly, is this her son?

"I am the apple." Gong Kui looked at Gong Yao angrily and said angrily.

Gong Yao didn't have the usual mature appearance. He thought with a crooked face and smiled foolishly, "well, you are an apple, I am a pear."

What kind of apple pear.

The faces of both of them were so red that Xiao Nian was worried.

Gong Ou comes in, his brow suddenly turns when he sees this scene, and his face becomes very bad.

"Xiaonian, let me come." Feng de rushes in from the outside, rushes to the bedside, grabs Gong Kui's hand to pulse for her, and grabs Gong Yao's hand to pulse.

Two minutes later, Feng took a long breath. "It's OK."

"How is it?"

He asked nervously.

Feng de stood aside, gasping, "they should both eat very little, no problem."

"It's so red you can tell me no problem?"

Gong Ou stares at Feng de gloomily.

Feng de buried his head lower. "Young master, it's like this. I controlled it carefully when I made the medicine. It's not like some medicines circulated outside are too dangerous to human body. The main ingredient of my medicine is alcohol."

"Alcohol?" When Xiaonian looked at Fengde and asked incomprehensibly, "what would that do?"

"That kind of medicine, at least one and a half of which should be taken to produce the effect of ecstasy, is the amount I gave you last night, but you haven't finished it."

As a result, Feng de looked at the two children on the bed and said, "Miss Xiao Kui and master holy take a very small amount of food. Now they are equivalent to drinking wine by mistake and getting drunk. Fortunately, both of them are not sensitive to alcohol. I'll go and mix some antidotes for them now. "

"Not yet?"

Gong Ou stares at Feng de coldly.

Feng de was stared by Gong ou with a chill. He dared not say anything and ran outside.

"Hahaha, hahaha."

"I want to be a big tiger."

"Well, I'm the elder sister of the big tiger."

The two children are crazy in bed again. They rush to be tigers and apples.

Gong Ou stood by and looked at him, while Xiaonian looked at him. "Help me to hold them down. It's easy to fall on the bed."


Gong Ou goes over to pick up Xiao Kui.

"Hello, I'm a little apple. I can roll and roll." As soon as Gong Kui is carried to the ground, he will lie down and roll around Gong ou.

"Get up, Xiao Kui."

Gong Ou reaches for her.

"Hee hee." Gong Kui is lying on the ground smiling happily, looking up at Gong ou, "Dad, you hang me on the tree, I want to grow into a big apple."


Gong Ou stood and reached out to lift her from the ground. Gong Kui was picked up and fell down again within seconds.

Two adults take care of two drunk children. Gong Ou squats down and grabs Gong Kui. She falls to the ground again.

It's very noisy.

Shi Xiaonian is also in a hurry to take care of Gong Yao. In her impression, Gong Yao has never been so "lively".

Gong Yao's face tilted to her. "I'm going to hunt, I'm going to ride an elephant!"

"Well, ride the elephant." Shixiaonian followed his words and said, "you'll be quiet for a while, and your head will sweat."

She didn't do that last night. Maybe the two children were never drinking, so she had a big reaction.

The adoptive father said that nothing should be nothing.

"I can fly. I'll fly with you."

Gong Yaohong smirks and pulls Xiaonian around the room. Seeing this, Xiaonian is worried. He grabs Gong Yao's hand and asks anxiously, "holy, tell mom, what's wrong?"

"I'm fine." Gong Yao's mouth was clear and his big eyes blinked at her. His smile was so big that he was not as sweet as a boy. "Mom, I choose you."


What's her choice?

When small read stupefied.

"Because you will collect my things well, because you will cover me at night. I think you are very nice, and I like to stay with you. Fly, I'm a big plane, I want to fly to the blue sky! "

Gong Yao said and clapped his little arms for a flying posture.

When Xiaonian stood there bending over, stunned for a second to understand what Gong Yao meant by choosing her. She asked that if he had to choose to follow Gong's family or her, he never responded positively. He would only say that staying at Gong's family was the right choice, and she could not give anything to twins.

Unexpectedly, the promise in Gong Yao's heart turned out to be her.

When Xiaonian looked at his son in disbelief, he looked like a bee flying around the room, with a smile on his face.

She always thought that her son had little affection for her.

I didn't expect that he analyzed so much and finally chose her. At that time, for the sake of Gong Ou's illness, she exchanged Gong Yao and Gong's family for the peaceful life. Xiaonian's eyes showed guilt.

Sorry, holy.

Shi Xiaonian said secretly in his heart, on the other side, Gong Ou's head began to ache, and he repeated his actions to pull up his daughter.

Gong Kui pulled Gong Yao and said, "holy, we are apples. We want to go back to the trees!"

"Yes, yes."

Gong Yao nodded continuously, and Gong Kui and Gong Kui climbed onto the chair, laughing while climbing. The chair was crumbling.

When Xiaonian and Gong Ou look at each other, Gong Ou holds down the chair.

Feng de came in from the outside, holding two drinks on his hands. "Young master, the drinks for the wine are ready."

"Here you are." Gongou cold tunnel.

The drink kept him waiting too long.

"OK." Feng de immediately went over and handed the drink to shixiaonian. He asked Gong Kui to feed him. Gong Kui shook his head. "I don't want to drink it. I don't want to drink it. Apple doesn't drink water!"

"If you don't drink, you have to."

Gong Ou twisted his eyebrows, but he didn't realize that his tone had become fierce and domineering.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou a little surprised, he took the drink and said softly to the two children, "aren't you little apples? A small apple needs to drink energy water to become a big apple. "

"I want to drink, I want to drink!"

Smell speech, palace Kui immediately raises small hand obediently to drink down beverage.

Gong Yao stood by, smirking at his sister, and said seriously, "I don't drink, I can grow up with apple fertilization."

I know a lot.

When Xiaonian was about to find an excuse, Gong Ou grabbed the drink from Fengde and put it in front of Gong Yao, saying coldly, "this is fertilizer. Drink it."


When I was young, I said nothing.

Gong Yao looks at Gong Kui and the drink in front of him. After thinking for a while, he holds the drink cup and drinks it.