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Chapter 328 waiting for your man to pick you up

Gong Ou stops abruptly and stares at her.

"Can you stand it?" Mona stood in front of him and asked. She looked at him with blue eyes, reached out and stroked his arm slowly. She stroked her fingertips across the sleeves, with a touch of reassurance. "They look so much like each other, don't they? You can't stand it. You can't stand it. "

I can't stand it.


Gong Ou looks down at her hand.

Her nails were bright red, and her fingers slipped slowly over his arms, as if they were seducing and soothing.

Mona looked at him and hurriedly said, "it's good for you to separate. It's good for her and you, isn't it?"


Gong Ou suddenly sneers.

"What are you laughing at?" Mona stays.

"You've been brainwashing me in this way for a long time, haven't you? A great psychologist. " Gong Ou looks at her with a smile.

He's been in a panic ever since he knew the old stories.

And the woman in front of her makes use of her ability in psychological field, half threatens him, half brainwashes him He constantly hinted that he could not accept all this. He could not let shixiaonian fall into danger.

Again and again.

He is stupid enough to see through everything today.

Mona stood there, her eyes scattered and her smile stiff. "What are you talking about? How can I brainwash you?"


Gong Ou mockingly raises the corners of her lips, and her eyes are shining with frightful coolness. She pushes away her hands. "Lancaster Mona, wait, I will solve you again!"

“……” Hearing this, Mona's face was pale.

Gong Ou turns around and leaves. Mona sees that this time she knows that she can't stop him. Gong Ou is completely occupied by Xiao Nian.

"Gong ou, when you go to find Xiao Nian, aren't you afraid that I'll let you tell master Gong?"

Mona sees no use pacifying and decides to start the threat.

Hearing this, Gong Ou's steps stopped. His face was livid, and he turned to stare at her coldly. His eyes were full of murderous anger.

Mona was frightened and stepped back involuntarily.

"Try it!" Gong Ou almost gnashed his teeth and said, "you see who died first, I promise you won't live until the day when I and shixiaonian finished!"


Mona was completely stunned.

Gong Ou turns and strides.

Mona stands there, watching Gong Ou disappear in her sight, the whole person is ignorant and lonely.

I can't even hold Gong ou. I can't believe that he still wants to be with Shi Xiaonian

Then why does she still have a chance?

She has loved him for five years. Is that all she has to do? Why didn't she show up earlier than Xiao Nian? Why didn't she come to Gong Ou earlier.

Mona slowly squatted down in place, a pair of blue eyes are full of sadness.

She is a psychiatrist. She knows that as long as Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian get back together, she can hardly get in She is not willing, really not willing.

In the huge dressing room, the bathrobe fell to the ground. Gong Ou picked up a shirt, stretched out his hands in a handsome way, put it on, and buttoned it gracefully.

In the mirror, he was tall and tall with straight legs.

Gong Ou takes a tie and puts it around his neck. His long fingers are tied to the tie. His black eyes are deep and his lips are full of a slightly sinister arc.

He dunked his fingers and tied the tie to the simplest knot.

It's a kind of knot that small mind can tie.

Adjusting his tie, Gong Ou's eyes show a touch of satisfaction, which makes his whole face look particularly handsome and sexy. He takes off his suit and puts it on, and reaches for his neat short hair.

"Shixiaonian, waiting for your man to pick you up!"

Gong Ou looks at himself in the mirror. His eyes are clear and full of pretentiousness.

No matter how many obstacles there are between them, he has to deal with them one by one. He will never ask her to get hurt again!

Gong Ou goes out. At the gate of the castle, the water in the fountain dances with the music. Feng de stands beside a konisek sports car and nods respectfully to Gong ou.

"Master, car key."

Feng de hands Gong ou the car key.

Gong Ou grabs the key of the car, opens the door and sits on the driver's seat. He takes up a pair of sunglasses and puts them on. His eyes pass the submissive Feng De, "old man, I find you are very young today!"


Feng de Leng, looked up and saw Gong Ou step on the accelerator, start the car, and the sports car galloped away.

He just saw a smile on the young master's face?

Young master has been gloomy for many days. Is there any good thing that can't happen?

In this way, Feng De's face couldn't help smiling. The mood of the young master directly affects the whole operation of the imperial castle and N.E.

Just be happy.

In the hospital, Xiao Nian was lying on the bed, holding his cell phone in his hand. The voice of Xia Yu came from his cell phone, "Xiao Nian, I'm here with my husband. Do you have anything to eat? I'll buy it for you."

"No, Xiaoyu, you don't have to come here. I have nothing important."

Shi Xiaonian said that she was very sorry and uneasy. She wanted to bother Xia Yu and his wife when she was giving birth. As a result, they were bored with their marriage after only three months of pregnancy.

She was very upset.

"Be polite to us. Have a rest. Let's buy some porridge for you." Xia Yu said that Li Ge was reminding her to look at the road on the phone. Xia Yu immediately said, "I don't know what's wrong with you."

Say, summer rain hangs up the phone.

When Xiaonian was lying in bed, he smiled bitterly at his cell phone and was suddenly shown his love.

It's nice to have brother Li here. Summer rain never needs to see the road.

Shi Xiaonian sat up from the bed, put his cell phone on the bedside table with haggard face, lifted the quilt off the bed, walked to the bathroom, and pressed the tap to wash his hands.

In the mirror, she was haggard and pale, with full patient appearance.

When Xiaonian looked down on his appearance, he was very shameful.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

When Xiaonian washed his face quickly, Suyan went outside and opened the door. Then he saw several doctors in white coats standing outside, all tall.

"Miss Shi, let's give you a routine check."

A male doctor stood there and said.

"My examination has always been done by Dr. Ye." Shi Xiaonian said, standing there looking at several doctors strangely, one of whom was still pushing a wheelchair.

What do you want a wheelchair for?

"Oh, Dr. Ye has something to do. Let's check for Miss Shi." Said the doctor gently.

"Is it?"

When Xiaonian looked at them puzzled, there was a doctor in a big mask behind him, with his head down, and his face could not be seen clearly under his short black hair.

Suddenly the doctor raised his eyes slightly, and Xiao Nian saw a touch of blue.


It's not surprising that there are foreign doctors in this expensive hospital. It's strange that several doctors in the back keep their heads down, as if they are afraid that she will see it.

When Xiaonian sipped her lips, her heart became alert, and she forced up a smile and said, "well, please wait outside. I'll go to the bathroom."

As he said that, Xiaonian would close the door, only to see the doctors suddenly forced in.

"You Help! Help! " When Xiaonian opened his mouth, he shouted. When he rushed in, he covered her lips and didn't let her make a sound.

When Xiaonian opened his eyes in fear and struggled recklessly.

"Hurry up, we don't have much time. The hospital is full of surveillance." The doctor covering her mouth said, a little anxious.

When Xiaonian heard that what he said was English, a pure English accent.

Then someone came to split her neck. When Xiaonian was in pain, he raised his feet and pedaled. He didn't faint her for a while. The man continued to chop her neck without hesitation.

After four or five strokes, Xiao Nian fainted in pain, and the man slowly fell into his arms.

Several men in white coats immediately helped Xiaonian in his wheelchair.


The majestic white building stands in the sun, with a red cross shining brightly.

People came in and out, and the atmosphere in the hospital was peaceful and harmonious.

A burst of emergency brake sounded in front of the hospital door, and everyone turned around, and saw a silver gray convertible super running and stopping in front of the hospital, arrogantly blocking the road, and the man in the driver's seat didn't care, so he opened the door and walked down, striding towards the inside.

He is tall and magnificent, full of a high air, and attracts everyone's attention every step of the way.

Many people stopped for it and watched him go in.

Suddenly, someone took a breath of cold air and looked at the man, who was not sure, "that Is it Gong Ou? "

Words fall, the man has already crossed them to walk in.

Gong Ou strode forward, ignoring the eyes of others, with a handsome face, sunglasses reflecting everything in front of him, and a thin lip with a radian under the high bridge of nose.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the side door of the hospital, doctors hurriedly pushed their wheelchairs to a black business car that had already stopped there.

When I read.

Wait for him. He's here.

Gong Ou's lip angle's radian is getting bigger and bigger. He walks to Xiaonian's ward accurately, reaches out to push the door, and his chest feels a little nervous inexplicably.


Gong Ou pushes the door open directly, leans lazily on the door, reaches out his hand and uncovers his sunglasses in a handsome way. "When Xiaonian, you don't have to hide and cry anymore. Gong Ou comes back..."

Before finishing a word, Gong Ou found that the ward was empty.

Gong Ou purses his lips, stands up straight awkwardly, carries his sunglasses, and looks around at the dark eyes? When I was young

Gong Ou goes to the bathroom. The door is open and you can see it at a glance.

Not in.

Did the woman go for an examination?

Gong Ou frowned and strode toward doctor Ye's office. She opened the door and went in directly. A pregnant woman with a big stomach was sitting there, pulling her clothes up to her chest for examination. She was shocked to hear someone break in and screamed, "ah..."

Gong Ou didn't look at her. He looked coldly at Dr. Ye. "When I was at home, how about reading it?"

"Miss Shi?" Doctor Ye sat there, stupefied, and then said, "isn't Miss Shi always in the ward?"