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Chapter 132 is broken by Gong ou

Suddenly, mu qianchu stepped on something and fell down.

Before he fell down, he didn't grab the straw, but let go of her hand and fell on the sofa with sand all over his body.

He always called her a fool.

In fact, he is the real fool.

Mu qianchu lay there, some self mocking tunnel, "look at me, a happy even road will not go."

When Xiaonian was amused, he reached out to him and said softly, "get up."

Muqianchu looks at her hand. Her fingers are white and slender, and the shape of her hand is very beautiful. At that time, she was just a girl in the snow. Her hand was not so big, but she could hold him.

Mu qianchu stared at her hand, dazed.

"What's the matter?"

Asked shixiaonian.

Mu qianchu stared at her hand and said, "if I had a little strength in the snow that year, I would do something."

"What is it?"

When small read doubt ground asks a way, the hand stops in half empty, mu qianchu suddenly pulls her hand, will she a clench next.


when Xiaonian didn't have any precautions, he fell on him with a scream, and the whole person was heavily pressed on him.

He picked up her left arm at the right time so that it wouldn't vibrate a little.

"Is it fun?" Mu qianchu looks at her with a smile, like a naughty big child.

"No fun."

When small read honest tunnel, struggling to get up, mu qianchu seize her not to let, lying in the sand grab a handful of sand on her body, while sprinkling a pity tunnel, "this is not snow, otherwise more romantic."

"You know, don't spill it."

Shixiaonian hides his head.

She didn't think it was romantic.

Mu qianchu is addicted to playing, and sprinkles sand on her, as if to retrieve the memories that belonged to two people.

When Xiaonian couldn't remember, he had to raise his head and grab a handful of sand and sprinkle it on his neck. Mu qianchu lay there and held her tightly.

She lies on his chest again, tightly held by him, and the sand in one hand spills back into the sand.

This feeling of intimacy made her feel the face of gongou inexplicably in front of her eyes

When Xiaonian's face turned white, there was no thought to play. He said softly with a smile, "well, get up, and the people outside know that you are playing with the sand here. How many people's titanium alloy dogs are going to be blind."

Mu qianchu's face is meaningless. "They don't know that the prince of Mu was once blind."

He is known by others as Prince mu; as long as he is known by Xiao Nian, he is only known by mu qianchu.


Smell speech, when small read to lean on his chest, in the eyes of a flash of astringency ran.

Once blind, he was fostered by his parents, which is always a psychological obstacle for mu qianchu.

Mu qianchu lies there, staring at her deeply.

Under the night, her face is particularly delicate and moving. She looks at him. Her eyes are just stained with tears. They are very beautiful. The pale lips are tempting him.

Mu qianchu's throat tightened, and he slowly raised his head to lean towards her.

When small read clearly what he wants to do, subconsciously back to shrink the neck, mu qianchu's hand on her back, continue to look up and lean towards her.


When Xiaonian looked at him in a daze, there was no blush and heartbeat. At the same time, she could not find any reason to refuse.

She gazed at his beautiful face, getting closer and closer to her

Suddenly, the sound of a car in the amusement park at night.

They were blinded by the strong light of the headlights, and they all looked forward to the strong high beam.

"Come on, be careful. Get up."

When mu qianchu is holding him, Xiao Nian stands up from the sand, frowns at the direction of the high beam light, and raises his steps to go forward.

When Xiaonian suddenly realized something, he immediately grabbed his hand, his voice became hoarse and scared, "don't go over."

"What's the matter?"

Mu qianchu looks down at her, her hands are shaking.

Just listen to the whistling sound, the car suddenly drove towards them at a high speed, and the strong high beam lights were shining straight on them.


Mu qianchu holds Xiaonian's hand back quickly and leaves the sofa.

The car also follows the turning direction. It still flies towards them, across the sand, and the tires roll up countless Sands

When mu qianchu keeps pulling, Xiaonian backs away.

The car drove like it was killing them.

Seeing that he was about to collide, Xiao Nian rushed forward without thinking much, stood in front of Mu qianchu, and looked at the dazzling high beam in horror.

Muqianchu looks at shixiaonian in shock. She has no time to pull her back.

The car went crazy.

Then, there was only a loud brake, and the black car stopped abruptly in front of shixiaonian.

The distance between the front and her is less than 20 cm.

There were heavy brake marks on the ground.

When Xiaonian looked at it stupidly, his face was pale and his legs were in disorder.

"Xiaonian, what are you doing?" Mu qianchu responds, embraces her from behind, blames the way, "how can you block in front of me?"

When Xiaonian blurted out, "I'm used to it."

Like when he was young, he couldn't see. She was in front of many things.

She is used to taking care of him.

Smell speech, mu qianchu frowned painfully, "I have recovered my eyesight, fool."

He is a man, and no longer needs her to protect him.


When Xiaonian was still standing there, his eyes were hard to be illuminated by the high beam of the car, and people were pulled aside by moqianchu.

Muqianchu wants to go forward, but Xiaonian's face is ugly when he sees her, so he has to hold her in his arms, pat her on the back gently, comfort her and say, "OK, OK, don't be afraid, give it to me."


the door is suddenly pushed open.

In the night, a tall figure came out of the car, with a strong and gloomy aura, like the devil of hell.

Gong ou.

He stood behind the door, his black shirt almost integrated with the night. On his neat short hair, there was no expression on a handsome face. His deep features were cold with mixed blood. A pair of black pupils were looking at them. Their eyes were sharp, as if they were going to kill.

At the sight of him, Xiaonian opened his eyes in astonishment and his hands and feet were cold.

At that moment, she saw clearly from Gong Ou's face Her dream is broken.

Even if she doesn't want to wake up, someone will force her to wake up. That person is Gong ou.

"You have a good time."

Gong Ou is very angry and laughs back. His thin lips make a satirical arc.

He smiled, but his dark eyes were full of bloodthirsty murders.


When small read in front of Mu qianchu, fear from both feet up.

In her ear, Feng de once told her that Gong ou should not know her relationship with mu qianchu.

But now, he knows it all.

Not only know, but also see her and mu qianchu rolling in the sand.

Gong Ou walked out slowly from behind the door, making a dull sound at every step.

When muqianchu saw Gong ou, the accident in his eyes flashed away. He calmly pushed shixiaonian behind him and looked at Gong Ou lightly. "Mr. Gong, killing is to pay for life."

Gong Ou stares at her and hides behind mu qianchu. Her pupils tighten sharply.

He told her to stop here.

He has been looking around for a long time, but he didn't expect such a picture to meet him.

When I read.

I admire the beginning.


Brother in law.


A good play.

"Come here, shixiaonian."

Gong Ou ignores mu qianchu and stares at the slim figure behind him with a cold voice.

“……” When Xiaonian stands behind mu qianchu and hears the words, he has the illusion of suffocation and can't breathe.

Fear, fear came at her.

But she can't be so cowardly. She can't be so involved.

She moved stiffly out of her feet, trying to stand up, but was stopped by mu qianchu.

Mu looked at her peacefully, then at Gong ou, "Mr. Gong, as a man, should not force women."

Force women.

Does she tell mu qianchu that he has been pressing her?

"What? She told you I was forcing her? She didn't tell you how nice I made her call Chuang. " Gong Ou hates the calmness on qianchu's face, just like a winner.


Smell words, mu qianchu's face turns white.

Seeing his face turn ugly, Gong Ou has the pleasure of tearing his composure.


When Xiaonian was bitterly humiliated, his fingers trembled.

Muqianchu felt that he would hold her hand more tightly. "I don't believe it, Xiaonian. It's OK. Give it to me. "

Xiaonian's face was still pale with embarrassment.

Gong Ou stares at mu qianchu and holds Xiaonian's hand. The wind blows in the night. He looks at him like a knife.

There was a fire in his eyes, and he stepped forward, stretched out his fist and beat mu qianchu's face.


Muqianchu was beaten to turn his head, and his hand was clenched harder.

"Qianchu --"

Xiaonian looks at qianchu in shock.

"Try calling him by name again!" Gong Ou's eyes glared at Xiaonian in a sinister way. The anger in his body could not be stopped. His roar was almost hoarse.

She dared to call her name muqianchu in front of him.

What else did she dare to do in front of him to watch them go to bed?


When Xiaonian looked into his eyes in fear.

"Gong ou, if it's a man, don't involve women." Mu qianchu spits out a mouthful of blood, pushes Shi Xiaonian away and looks at Gong Ou calmly.

Gong Ou raised his foot and kicked him. "OK, I'll kill you today!"

It's a tough one again.

Muqianchu was kicked back a few steps, hands on the stomach, the next second, his eyes also show a ruthless, rushed to Gong ou.

Two men are fighting each other.

When Xiaonian stood aside, he was totally confused.

At that moment, she said nothing.

She watched two men fight to death.

The night is cold and thin.

Mu qianchu's physical strength is not equal to that of Gong ou. He quickly loses the battle and is beaten by Gong OU on a tree.

Gong Ou waves his fist to his face, and his eyes are full of madness.

Mu qianchu's lips are bloodstained.

"Don't --" Xiaonian rushes over and tries to open the palace.

Gong Ou is on fire. He pushes her away with his backhand. His strength is amazing.