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Chapter 631 I'sm sorry, madman

When Xiaonian walked forward, looked at the doctor and asked, "how is the patient?"

Ask such words, when small read also some nervous, hang in the side of the hand involuntarily clenched fist.

The doctor looked at her, then shook his head, reached out and took off his mask, sighed, "I'm very sorry, he's suddenly ill, we have no time to rescue him, he's gone."

Hearing this, Xiao Nian's head was blank and he looked at the doctor in astonishment.

People have gone?

How can it be? It's impossible.


Julie stood there crying in agony, hard to accept.

When Xiao Nian subconsciously went to see Gong ou, he saw Gong Ou standing there stiffly, motionless, his face white, unable to find a trace of blood.

For a long time, Gong Ou squatted down slowly. His eyes were staring at the ground without focus. He covered his face with his hands, buried his face in the palm of his hand, and his fingers were shaking.

"Gong ou."

When Xiaonian went to squat beside him, I didn't know how to comfort him.

Things happen so suddenly. Don't say Gong ou, she can't accept it. A living person says it's gone. How could it be so sudden.

On that day, Gong ou and Gong Yu were fighting in front of her. She still remember clearly, just like what happened, how to leave alone.


Gong ou can't even squat down, and the whole person slumps on the cold floor tile, breathing heavily to tremble

"I'm here."

When small read a way.

"I killed him anyway. I killed him." Gong Ou slowly put down his hands. His eyes were instantly red. A tear came out of his eyes. His face ran down. His chin trembled. "I didn't mean it. I didn't mean it."

"I know, I know."

When Xiaonian looked at him, he reached out and stroked his face, his fingers stroked away tears, sad and distressed.

Gong Ou looks at her with red eyes. His body is shaking uncontrollably. He grabs her hand and pastes it on his face. Tears fall down uncontrollably. "I didn't want to kill him. I left a right hand. How could I kill him? He's my brother!"

How could he have killed his brother.

"I'm sure you've got the right balance."

When Xiaonian closed her sour eyes, she didn't know what to say. She was sad about Gong Yu's death and Gong Ou's remorse at the moment.

Of course, she believes in Gong ou. In the past, when Gong Ou's illness reached its peak, he might have been indifferent and out of order. But after four years of training, he was able to exercise restraint in front of her. How could he have failed at the sight of Gong Yu.

Mingming is OK. Mingming is OK. Why do you say death means death.

"But I killed him." Gong Ou holds her hand tightly, and her thin fingers are printed on her thin lips. Tears fall on the back of her hand, and her eyes are filled with blood. "I killed him, I killed my brother, it was me, it was me."

Julie can't cry beside her.

The doctor looked at them sadly and could do nothing.

"Don't do that, Gong ou. I won't blame you." When small read eyes full of tears, worried to see Gong ou, his state let her fear.

"I killed him. I really killed him." Gong ou could not hear what she said, just murmured and repeated this sentence. Suddenly, he raised his hand and bit it down. Within two seconds, there was a bloody exudation between his thin lips.

He is like a crazy wolf. He would like to kill and devour himself.

"Gong Ou!" When Xiaonian exclaimed loudly, he pulled out his hand with all his life, and tears ran down uncontrollably. "Don't do this, Gong ou. I know you are suffering. I know you are suffering, but you don't hurt yourself. Please."

Gong Ou doesn't listen to her at all. He bites his hand to death until the blood seeps out.

"No, Gong Ou!"

When Xiaonian clenched his teeth and pulled out his hand recklessly, she saw a bloody tooth mark on the back of his hand as soon as she took it away.

Gong Ou is like a wild animal with a lost heart. When he bites his other hand, Xiaonian unconsciously hands it over. In the sight, a strange hand is faster than her to Gong Ou's lips.

Gong Ou bites directly.


A low voice of eating pain sounded over Xiaonian and Gong Ou's head.

Gong Ou's body shape froze again, blood overflowed from his lips, and Xiao Nian was stunned. Looking up along the strange hand, he saw Gong Yu standing there, wearing a sick suit, his face faded, his eyebrows tightened tightly, and his eyes lowered to Gong ou.

You know what?

When small read to stare at him in astonishment, don't understand this dramatic scene is how to return a responsibility.

How many times does Gong Yu cheat the corpse to finish?

Gong Yu allows Gong ou to bite his hand and look at him with low eyes. "I thought you and miss Xi had a temper convergence. How could you still be like a little madman?"


Gong Ou sits on the ground, his handsome face is horribly white.

Little crazy man.

Countless memories follow.

"Oh, you're such a lunatic."

"It's not worth money to smash the furniture. What can I do if I hurt myself?"

"Little madman, you are 17 years old. You are an adult. I don't need to worry about you every day. Even if my brother is not here, you should take good care of yourself. Your ability is stronger than mine. You will make great achievements in the future. No matter where I am, I will be proud of you. "

I remember.

It all comes to mind.

It turns out that Gong Yu hinted at him before he left, but he didn't remember.

Gong Ou sits on the ground, calms down and opens his mouth. Gong Yu's hand has been bitten by him with a deep tooth mark.

"Sir?" Julie can't cry. Seeing Gong Yu standing there alive, she is shocked. "Aren't you sick, sir?"

"I said I went to the balcony for a walk, but I was not alone on the balcony. I had another heart attack." Gong Yu stood there, letting the blood ooze from his hands, and looked at his assistant Julie reproachfully. "You yelled at people without checking it out?"

It's ridiculous that he knew what happened when he saw Feng de running out.

"I'm sorry, sir. I made a mistake." Julie quickly apologized and bowed to shixiaonian. "I'm sorry, Mr. Gong, Miss Xi. It's all my fault. I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

Gong Yu is about to reprimand something more. Gong Ou suddenly stands up from the ground, pours at Gong Yu, presses him to the ground, waves his fist, and stares at him with red eyes.


Gong Yu looked at him in silence.

Gong Ou's fists couldn't be smashed down, and his eyes stared at Gong Yu fiercely. Finally, he let go of his hands and fell down slowly. He grabbed Gong Yu's collar and tightly held it. His bloody thin lips slightly lifted and he bit his teeth. "You're alive! Live like this! "

Finish saying, Gong Ou reaches out his hand to wipe his lips, wipe off the blood color, get up from Gong Yu, and walk out step by step, the figure is a little askew.

Don't die any more.

Live as you like.

Gong Yu sat up from the ground, his back to Gong ou, his eyes darkened, and he said, "I'm sorry, little madman."

When Xiaonian stood aside quietly, staring at Gong Ou's back, the red blood flowed from his hands.

Gong Yu sat there, his voice deep and dumb, "I'm really sorry that I know I'm wrong."

With this sentence, tears fell from Gong Yu's eyes, and he quickly reached out to wipe them off, looked up at them, as if the tears would not fall down.


When Xiaonian stood there watching, his mood was also complicated and uncomfortable. His throat seemed to be choked with something, and his eyes were very sour.

She thought that today she really understood the brotherhood between Gong Yu and Gong ou.


Gong Ou is gone.

When Xiaonian didn't leave, he accompanied Gong Yu back to the ward and watched the doctor bandage the wound on his hand.

Gong Yu sat on the hospital bed, looked down at the gauze on his hands, and his voice was deep. "You should also know that our palace family is dominated by our father, who has been busy with the fame of the palace family all his life. In his eyes, the future of the palace family is more important than anything and anyone, so it is very strict with us."


When Xiaonian stood quietly listening.

"My father appreciates Gong Ou very much, but only for his talent and intelligence. Gong Ou has a strange personality since he was a child. He doesn't like his father's praise, doesn't like his mother's obedience, and hates the servants' pointing at him behind his back." Gong Yu said, "only me, he doesn't hate it very much. So, although I'm not much younger than him, he's also my elder. "

When small read stands aside, eyes look at him, listen to him to tell those past events.

"Gong Ou is still close to me, but he doesn't like me much." Gong Yu said with a wry smile, "so, I really don't know that accident will bring him so much damage."

"Gong Ou has forgiven you."

Said Shi Xiaonian, with soft voice and clear black and white eyes.

"I know." Gong Yu's jaw head is red. When he looks up, he says, "Xiaonian, can I call you that?"

I nodded after a second of silence.

"I'm ready to go. I'll never go to England or China again."

Gong Yu said.

"What?" Shixiaonian looks at him unexpectedly.

"I used to shuttle between Britain and China to see you more." Gong Yu looked at her and said, "but now you can see that no matter whether I am dead or alive, it hurts Gong ou a lot. I don't want him to keep looking at me and think of the big lies I told."

"So you have to go, so that Gong ou will never see you again?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"If he doesn't see it, he will be less hurt." Gong Yu said, "I'm not a qualified big brother. I know that he just came out of four years' deception, and I gave him a bigger deception. I really have no face to face him."

When small read frown, want to say something, but feel not qualified to go around other people's decision.

Gong Yu is a mature man. He must have thought about which one.