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Chapter 676 I will not harm you


When Xiaonian frowned, Bei teeth bit his lips, headache and said, "actually, I just wanted to remember what happened that night. I don't know why. I seem to have a little impression that this hairpin has gone off, and it seems that it hasn't, I don't remember it very much."

"Your memories are full of fantasy."

"No, it's true." When small read some anxious tunnel, raised the hand to touch the hair, she is not in the fantasy, but those pictures really past too long, she can't remember can't be real.

It's like a distant picture in the thick fog. She wants to see the truth, but she can't see it clearly.

"OK, even if it's lost, then what?"

Asked Gong Ou coldly.

"Is it possible that I lost my hairpin and was picked up by Tang Yi. She wanted to return it to me, but she went to your room first and fell down." Shi Xiaonian said, maybe only this explanation can make sense.

Wen Yan, Gong Ou's black eyes stare at her quietly, "anyway, you think it's Tang Yi who slept with me!"

At that time, even though she was desperately trying to get rid of herself, now she is still so eager to get rid of herself. What do you mean?

"I didn't mean that."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"What does that mean? Is it fun to use a bunch of imprecise memories to prove that you were not with me? " Gong Ou sneers, turns around and walks away, strides away.

Still angry?

When Xiaonian looked at his back, frowned and called him, "Gong Ou!"

"What to do?"

Gong Ou stops and stands on the stairs. He doesn't look back. His tone is not good. It's cold.

When Xiaonian walked down and stopped behind him, "are you angry?"

"I'm not angry!" Gong Ou didn't reply, and said in a hard voice. At last, he sneered at himself, "if you think I'm angry, I must be sick. I can't control my mood!"

A tone of desperation.

When Xiaonian reaches out and pokes at his back.

"For what?"

Gong Ou sulks, but doesn't leave.

"Gong ou." When Xiaonian stood behind him, silent for a few seconds and said slowly, "I know this is a knot in your heart, but it is also my knot."

"It's none of your business!"

Gong Ou's figure is stiff for a moment.

"Because of a ridiculous incident on the cruise ship seven years ago, you made a rumor that I couldn't even graduate from college as aboveboard as anyone else. Later, I was imprisoned in the palace by you and almost died." When Xiaonian's voice was very low, when talking about this period, his eyes flashed pain, "that night totally changed my life, but I knew that I was an innocent person all the time."


"You just said that even the medicine I gave you didn't matter. I rebounded a little." Shi Xiaonian said, "you should know me, Gong ou. I can't do that."


"I don't want to put you and Tang Yi together. I just want to tell you that I won't do such a thing to ruin my life before I let it go. Now, I will harm no one. Do you understand? "

Shi Xiaonian said, fingertips gently on his back.

Hearing this, Gong Ou turns around to look at her. Her face is not as ugly as before. As soon as he pulls her into his arms, junpang forces her to kiss her on the lips, which is full of possessive meaning and kisses her severely.


He kissed me when I was young.

Next second, Gong Ou reaches out to hold her, voice magnetism, "don't say, want to know the truth is not difficult, wait for that Tang what find out we all know!"

Tang Yi is the key to the mystery door.


Xiaonian nodded and reached up to her back.

"I know you won't hurt me, never." Gong Ou hugged her and said in a low voice.

"Not angry?"

Xiaonian asked with a smile.

"You're going to make me angry. I'm going to die of anger!"


Who is more irritating.

"Go, take you to gamble." Gong Ou takes her hand and leaves. When Xiaonian is stunned, "I won't."

"Don't let you gamble with others, just with me!"

Gong Ou said, holding her hand and walking forward, he asked the waiter to open a gambling table for them. There was a turntable on the green oval table.

The waiter stood beside her and built a pile of chips for her.

"For the biggest, I'll take all the small ones."

Gong Ou said coldly, raising his hand, full of pride.

"What are you doing?" When Xiaonian asked in a low voice, Gong Ou looked down at her and said, "the way to make women happy is to buy and buy. There is nothing to buy on the sea when the cruise ship is on the sea, so I will give you money."


"Come on." People are pressed by Gong ou to sit in front of the gambling table. Gong Ou goes to her opposite side and sits down, and lifts his leg. "What can you play?"

"I can't play anything."

Shi Xiaonian said, just after the voice, the waiter on the side said to him, "let me introduce you the simplest way to play."

"How easy is it?"

Gambling things should be very difficult.

"A card." The waiter took out a card from the pile of playing cards and put it on the table. He said, "guess the color of the card, red or black. The right person gets the chips of the number multiple of the card."


It's really easy. As long as it's not color blind, you can play.

"Come on."

Gong Ou sat there and said to Feng De, who was coming this way, "go and change all the money in the safe into chips."

"That's what you want to lose to me?" When Xiaonian looked at him incomprehensibly, "if you want to give me money, it's better to give it directly."

Why in this way.

"It's written in your own comics. A woman must not accept a man's arbitrary gift casually, but rely on her own efforts." Gong Ou put a handful of chips in his hand and played with them.

"Have you read all my comics?"

I can't help but ask.

"Not yet, but this page." Gong Ou sits opposite her.


It's no wonder that she once wrote this sentence in the cartoon. A woman should never accept a man's arbitrary gift casually.

But she remembered that there was another sentence on the page: unless you are ready to spend your life with him, how much will he give you! Otherwise, who knows which goblin the money will flow to.

Gee, she used to draw comics and write such words.

When Xiaonian recalled that he was very ashamed. He just wanted to say no to Gong ou. Gong Ou had called the waiter with a ring finger and said, "deal."

"Yes, Mr. Gong."

The waiter bowed his head respectfully.

It seems that the card guessing is on target. When Xiaonian looks at Gong ou, he says, "then you don't have to let me. We can do it by our own abilities."

"That's the money you're going to give me."

Gong Ou picks his eyebrows.

"It's OK. I have money. My mother-in-law's family has a lot of money. That day, the finance department made a arrangement for me. I can't count the number." Shi Xiaonian said, think again.

"Well, what kind of bet do you choose?"

Asked Gong ou.

When small read immediately points to the card in the waiter's hand, "guess the color of the card."

“……” Gong Ou watched her silence for two seconds. "What's the point of playing this?"

Guessing, pure luck? Then it's hard for him to lose to her.

However, Xiaonian thought the same way, "just play this kind of game. I'm not very good at other things. It's the simplest and the least technical. You can't let me."

What's on the table is fairness.

Gong Ou looks at her two eyes deeply, jaw head, "follow you. Licensing. "

The waiter came forward, shuffled and shuffled the cards in his hand, and then randomly picked out a card and put it on the gambling table. "Now you can take chips."

Take the chips?

When Xiaonian looked down at a pile of chips at hand, he reached out and took out a "500" chip and put it on the table. Gong Ou pushed forward all the chips in front and pushed forward the "chip pool".


Gong Ou said, black eyes looking at the card.

"Then I guess black."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

The waiter turned over the card. It was black plum 8. He said in a loud voice, "Miss Xi got 8 times the chips in the chip pool."

"I won."

When Xiaonian watched the waiter incredibly take all the chips back for her and start again one by one. It was the feeling of winning money. It was not bad.


Gong Ou looks at her unexpectedly dazed face and hooks her lips. The guy who hasn't won the money.

"Black." When small read a way.

"Red." Gong Ou picks up the rest of her choices.

"Spade J, Miss Xi wins 10 times of the chip pool."

All the chips are put in front of Xiaonian.

"Black." When Xiaonian had a nameless obsession with black.

"Red." Gong Ou's face is not very good-looking, a pair of black eyes tightly stare at the card, waiting for the opening.

"Spade 3, Miss Xi wins three times the chip pool."

All the chips in the chip pool are pushed to Xiaonian's hand. When Xiaonian first tasted the taste of all the chips flying in front of him, his eyes began to shine.

Gong Ou's eyes began to dim.

After ten innings of black cards, Xiaonian has thrown all the negative energy out. A white face is full of smiles. Gong Ou stares at her. Without the previous doting, his lips are slightly open, and his tongue tip unconsciously licks the next row of teeth.

Can he be so unlucky?

He stared at the waiter to take back the card and began to shuffle. His eyes were fixed without blinking, his ears were moving, and he listened to the voice.

He can see clearly.

Gong Ou sat there and closed his eyes. He went through the action of playing cards and shuffling in his mind from the beginning to the present. If there is no mistake, this one must be open


When small read firm and unmistakable choice of black, also more than just a local tyrant, pushing a pile of chips forward.

The guests around saw that it was the husband and wife who had taken up a gambling table. It was obviously a family friendly game, but they were able to sell cigarettes. They all put down their game and watched the color of their two cards.

One of the elderly foreigners has been staring at Xiaonian. He has some doubts in his eyes.

Gong Ou sits opposite to Shi Xiaonian and hooks his lips in an evil way. "Shi Xiaonian, you have chosen more than ten black ones. This one is 80% red. I will give you a chance to change it."